We Are Losing Congress Unless Gun Owners Become Gun Activists


Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer
Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer. the leaders of resistance against the American dream.

Buckeye, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- I hate being forced to break the gun rights battle down on party lines. All Republicans aren't supporters of the Constitution and the right to arms, nor are all Democrats enemies of our rights, but the fact is, Republicans, as a party, have embraced the idea of God-given rights that include the fundamental natural right of self-defense, and Democrats, as a party, have embraced a view of rights that are granted by an expanding State, where protection is left to police, or for those so entitled, armed security details.

Even if an individual politician stands with gun owners, if the politician's party doesn't, then having that politician in office can be damaging to rights. Even if they have the integrity to defy their party leadership on gun votes, every additional Democrat in Congress puts Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that much closer to being Majority Leader and Speaker.

Picture this: Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as Senate Majority Leader with Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. How do you think that would play out for your rights?

In the House the scenario is just as dire with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Speaker, and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) leading an anti-rights, rogues gallery in the House Judiciary Committee.

At a minimum, having a Democrat majority in either House guarantees an absolute halt on any forward momentum on human rights issues.

The House runs under “simple majority” rules, meaning that not only would Pelosi control the agenda and what comes to the floor, but as long as she can wrangle one vote more than Republicans do, she can pass legislation. A Democrat majority in the Senate would mean that Chuck Schumer could – and undoubtedly would – put an immediate stop to all of President Trump's judicial appointments, especially any appointment to the Supreme Court.

And while Schumer and his Democrats have used long-standing filibuster rules to effectively block almost everything Republicans have tried to pass through the Senate over the past year, they have also demonstrated a willingness to throw those rules out the window if it suits their objectives – as they did with the so-called “nuclear option” doing away with the filibuster for judicial appointments. So there is nothing but tradition standing between Chuck Schumer and simple majority rule in the Senate. And Schumer and company have made it clear that tradition is of little importance to them.

Right now, many Americans are frustrated with Congress for their failure to get things done. Most of that frustration is falling on Republicans who campaigned on promises to repeal Obamacare, close the borders, reform immigration, and reduce taxes and regulations, along with promises to restore gun rights. Most of those objectives have been effectively blocked by Senate Democrats – with collusion from some Republicans – but Republicans have failed to make a strong, visible effort, and they've failed to clearly pin the obstructionism on the Democrats. Rather than push the legislation that they promised to their constituents, and forcing the Democrats to actively fight it, Republicans have tended to look at vote counts and conclude that they can't win, so they don't even try.

The legislative result might be the same, but the perception of the public is that Republicans aren't doing what they promised.

Republicans should have a huge advantage in the Senate elections, because there are many more Democrat-held seats up this cycle than Republican-held seats, and many of those seats are in states where Trump won majorities. I examined that more closely a few weeks ago in this article. But with the resignations of several Senate Republicans like Jeff Flake of Arizona and Steve Corker of Tennessee, the advantage is waning. And while most Republicans are not lamenting the departure of these senators, they will certainly lament the resulting imbalance if Democrats win a majority.

Human Rights
Who Needs The Second Amendment?

On the House side, Republicans are in a more precarious position as many have announced that they will not be seeking reelection. Many of these retiring representatives happen to come from districts that Hillary Clinton won last year, so there is much speculation that these are rats fleeing a sinking ship.

If these politicians are bailing because they fear defeat at the polls based solely on Clinton's numbers, they are being foolish.

Perhaps reelection will be harder for some, thanks to the way the media and Democrats have energized their base with their endless moaning and gnashing of teeth over President Trump (not infrequently encouraged by the Presidents own antics), but presidential election numbers are a poor indicator of voter inclinations for congressional races, especially after a race as negative as the last one.

A much bigger factor will be what voters think when they start noticing more money in their paychecks next month, thanks to the Republican tax reform.

For those who care about the right to arms, the time to start getting involved in politics is right now – not in November, or October, or July.

Right now you can begin learning about candidates, volunteering for campaigns, and getting involved in your local party structure. Campaigns and the parties are always struggling to find more volunteers, and by getting involved now, you will get a better footing, be recognized by candidates and leaders, and position yourself to not only make a difference in elections, but also to have a politician's ear once they are in office.

Get together with a shooting buddy, and make it a team project. Start with your state or county party, and get involved with your local club. Check with your Secretary of State to see if there are open Precinct Committeeman positions open in your area, and fill the vacancies.

Vist NRA Political Victory Fund website and volunteer: https://www.nrapvf.org/volunteer/

Volunteer to man a candidate's or party table at area gun shows. That usually comes with free admission, and a great excuse to go to every show. It can also position you as a politician's go-to guy on gun issues. Most of them don't really understand our issue as anything other than a political point, so even the ones already on our side often need to be educated.

As Tip O'Neil used to say, “All politics is local,” and getting involved in local politics really does make a difference. Don't wait for Election Day to do something. Get involved right now, and make a real difference, because if we lose Congress, we lose rights.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

  • 14 thoughts on “We Are Losing Congress Unless Gun Owners Become Gun Activists

    1. well.
      this might surprise some of you?
      and WHEN the time COMES and they come for OUR ARMS, GIVE THEM BOTH BARRELS.

      1. James, your opinion counts, but it is as flawed as your syntax. Trump is a vile and repugnant son of a bitch whose only concern is not you, me or the USA but only cold hard cash. Why can’t you on the right see that? Why does your love of rights and country make you blind to his greed and sense of what’s decent?

        1. The Clintons don’t believe in cash? Check out the Clinton Foundation. Millions obtained through illegal activities and treasonous acts. These people are criminals and traitors of the highest order. I notice you didn’t mention them in your comment. If she was elected, you’d be “gunless” and soon. And by the way, we don’t apologize for loving our rights and country.

    2. It is really scary to think what is going to happen if the GOP manages to screw things up and Chucky and crazy Pelosi are in charge. Hold on to your a$$ because everything else you have is gone. The GOP has brought this on themselves with their bickering and fighting and going their own direction. McCain calls himself a maverick, to me he is a moron. The democraps march in lockstep because the get the daily memo that tells them what the program is for the day. I don’t understand why the repubs can’t act together and get something done. They just want to stage their individual programs and to hell with the agenda for the taxpayers. Time for the grandstanders to go back home and preach from a park bench.

    3. Waaah waaah waaaah. Democrats win when “principled” people sit on their hands because they “don’t like” a candidate.

      Y’all just did it in Virginia, learn from this mistake.

    4. They are losing themselves. It’s not a lack of activism on gun owners part. It’s the actions or inactions of the politicians.
      The NRA huh. Didn’t they just sell us out on bumpfires after promising to never again do so from the 90s?
      The issue isn’t gun owners it’s some of you all stuck on stupid.

    5. It’s too bad to think about, but the LibTards have a good chance to regain control of Congress due to our Trump-hating RINOS and the party’s inability to govern. If this happens, welcome to the New World Order and kiss the 2A goodbye. Pelosi was correct when she stated, “Republicans do not know how to govern”.

    6. Democrats have not sabotaged the GOP agenda. Other Republicans have actively sabotaged that. If the GOP loses control of congress this year it will be because of the things they have done.

      In every case where the GOP has failed, it’s because of other Republicans. Repealing the ACA? It wasn’t Democrats that sank that. Can’t get funding for the wall? It’s not Democrats holding that up. When the GOP majority has been mostly aligned, they have been able to pass their agenda. The so-called tax cut, that was recently enacted was the result of a mostly united GOP. Getting Gorsuch appointed to the SCotUS was the result of the GOP Senate majority changing the rules to allow a simple majority to make that vote stick. Further, the GOP Senate majority has managed to confirm Trump nominees despite Democratic objections.

      The GOP losing control will be solely because the GOP has failed to govern and the head of the GOP is a person completely unqualified to hold the office of President.

      1. @twidget, I don’t believe in democrat versus top anymore. I don’t believe in lib versus conservative exists anymore. I believe in voting for the not corrupted yet candidate versus the hand picked, word mouthing, party favorite candidate.
        Flood the primaries.

    7. Talk about a losing battle. As the former chair of the local republican party in the commie state of VT, I left the job. There were typically 4 people showed up for meetings. Whatever we did was surpassed by the packed town hall when the demonrats had theirs. Any moves we made was completely ignored. Being conservative was something you did not want to advertise. We now have a ‘republican consevative’ governor. We might just as well endorse the ‘Bern’ as most of the people in this state did. We still have the best gun laws in the country, but only because the state constitution has the sentence of the 2A as part of the original constitution. The leftys have their annual anti gun rallies held in front of the capital every year. We can’t seem to match their #’s at all.
      Like whistling in the wind.

      1. Gee, sounds like Californicate! Our legislature is 2/3rds demonrats, therefore the GOP here is proverbially peeing in the wind. Henceforth, now a sanctuary state, and more anti gun bills headed to committee. What GOP we do have, a fair amount of them are pro gun! But, when the deck is stacked you, well you kinda fold. A school friend of mine now sits in this states assembly, and he is constantly writing along with other conservative members, bills that make sense. But instead, what do we get, socialist bills granting more entitlements to their precious uninformed non English speaking voters. Look at the anti gun laws being enforced, or soon to be enforced, along with ‘gunmageddon’, ab63. I finally stopped trying to help those that passed muster for my civil rights and gun rights. All I can say is watch out! Californicate politics have consumed the west and slowly rolling east.

        1. I don’t know any of our GOP legislators who have folded. They continue to vote, for example, in support of the Constitution and the rights of the people. It’s just that, as you say, we are outgunned.

          I want to know when the USDOJ is going to investigate political conditions here and bring charges against all who would violate their oaths of office to “….protect and defend/preserve the Constitution of the United States and the State of California….”. What they do is criminal. The oath of office does not grant them the right to represent only those who agree with them, not to pick and choose what parts of the constitutions to uphold. That oath was a binding contract with the legal residents of this state and they have broken that contract.

          I would also love to see Moonbeam and gang sued for violating the “Americans with Disabilities Act” since the legislations they have rammed through have denied so many disabled people of arms which are suitable for their use. Imagine a Little Person only having a double stack pistol, or a “full length” long gun to choose from to defend themselves in their own homes let alone away from home. Imagine the same of an amputee or any other disability.

    8. As I stated before, gun owners have, typically, been among the laziest when it comes to political activism. Most consider that if they send in their NRA membership that’s all they need do. That is why we’re losing this battle.

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