New Jersey Democrats Introduce Bill to BAN Your Current Rifles as “Assault Weapons”

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New Jersey Democrats Introduce Bill to BAN Your Current Rifles as “Assault Weapons”

New Jersey –-( With the take over of the New Jersey Governors office by rabid gun banning Democrat, Phil Murphy, the first attack on NJ gun owners rights and property, of what will be many, has been launched.  The proposed bill would ban most all the rifles and shotguns you currently own and legally bought under the current NJ laws.

Sponsored by state senator Senator Nia H. Gill this bill would “strengthen” the State’s current assault weapons ban by revising the definition of an “assault weapon” to include: rifles with detachable magazines and one military style feature; semi-automatic shotguns with one military style feature; and semi-automatic pistols with one military style feature.

You can read the bill here:

The current definition of an assault weapon sets forth a list of prohibited firearms and specifically includes any firearm that is “substantially identical” to any of the enumerated firearms. Under State regulations, a semi-automatic firearm is to be considered substantially identical to an enumerated firearm if it meets certain criteria. This bill codifies these regulations while expanding the number of firearms that would be considered assault weapons by adding criteria and reducing the number of criteria that must be met from two to one. For example, under current regulations, a semi-automatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least two listed criteria would be considered an assault weapon.

These criteria include:

  • a folding telescoping stock,
  • a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;
  • a flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor;
  • and a grenade launcher.

Under the bill, additional criteria are added including a thumbhole stock and a second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand. The bill also requires that only one criteria be met, rather than the currently required two.

Now is the time to start calling. Ask them for a no vote once in committee. Law and public safety committee members.

  • Senator Linda R. Greenstein (D) (Assistant Majority Leader) DISTRICT OFFICE ADDRESS: 1249 South River Rd. Suite 105 Cranbury, NJ 08512 PHONE NUMBER: (609) 395-9911 FAX NUMBER: (609) 395-9032
  • Senator Patrick J. Diegnan Jr. (D) DISTRICT OFFICE ADDRESS: 908 Oak Tree Ave. Unit P South Plainfield, NJ 07080 PHONE NUMBER: (908) 757-1677
  • Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R) DISTRICT OFFICE ADDRESS: 36 East Main St. Somerville, NJ 08876 PHONE NUMBER: (908) 526-3600
  • Senator Joseph P. Cryan (D) DISTRICT OFFICE ADDRESSES: 985 Stuyvesant Ave. Union, NJ 07083 1120 East Jersey St. Elizabeth, NJ 07201 PHONE NUMBERS: (908) 624-0880 (Union) (908) 327-9119 (Elizabeth)
  • Senator Declan J. O’Scanlon Jr. (R) DISTRICT OFFICE ADDRESS: (Temporary) 32 Monmouth St. 3rd Floor Red Bank, NJ 07701 PHONE NUMBER: (732) 933-1591
  • Senator Nicholas J. Sacco (D) DISTRICT OFFICE ADDRESS: 9060 Palisade Ave. North Bergen, NJ 07047 PHONE NUMBER: (201) 295-0200
New Jersey Oath Keepers
New Jersey Oath Keepers

About New Jersey Oath Keepers

NJ Oath Keepers is a Constitution Education Outreach, Public Safety, Civil Rights and Anti-Terrorist Group that is composed of Current and former Military Members, Police, Reservists, Sheriffs Officers, Firefighters, First Responders and concerned citizens that have sworn an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

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My handle is tomcat and has been for a long time. I did NOT post a comment to this article today and I don’t know who is using my handle. This joker called someone and “asshole”.


The very heart of your writing while sounding agreeable in the beginning, did not really work well with me after some time. Someplace within the paragraphs you actually managed to make me a believer but only for a while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your jumps in assumptions and you would do nicely to help fill in those breaks. In the event you actually can accomplish that, I could certainly be amazed.


i remember the good ole days of jim florio and his push for a ban on certain imitation assault rifles while limiting magazine capacity down to 15 rounds. we don’t want to take away your guns we just want to pass this “good sensible” gun legislation. roughly a year later reports stated that gun violence in new jersey dropped dramatically. amazing since the imitation assault rifles were never really in the equation due to their large size. when Christie was in office the new jersey dems tried to further reduce magazine capacity to 10 rounds with more restrictions as to… Read more »


Phil Murphy and any other gun grabbing politician or judge has zero legal standing to usurp our natural and constitutional rights to gun ownership. Should these clowns succeed in pushing this illegal law, we gun owners will need to organize and openly protest this violation of our sacred rights. I recommend an organized March in Trenton with our guns openly strapped to our shoulders – paint a bright line in the sand for all to see. Let them know we are done being pushed around by radical leftist fascists.


I have come to the conclusion that the GGT’s ( Gun Grabbing Traitors) are using previously secret technology to create these MKUltra hypnotized mind controlled robots to carry out these horrific crimes for the purpose of causing people to have knee jerk reactions and “give up their liberties for some perceived safety”, and it seems to be working very well down there in Florida. Listen to this : just after this last massacre, Cruz was reported to say that he was following the orders he heard in his head. It was also reported that he had been enrolled in the… Read more »


When I go to the court house, I go through a metal detector manned by an armed guard. I go to the Airport and it has armed guards at metal detectors. Go to the stadium for an Eagles game and they have metal detectors at the entrances. No shootings at these places. WHAT?! NO FREAKING WAY!!! But I’m supposed to believe that banning the law abiding citizen from having access to certain types of guns and magazines will make schools safer? I was born at night but it was not last night. You wanna make schools safer, get metal detectors… Read more »


Assault weapons have been banned in nj for more than 20 years and no one freaked out over it or took issue until propaganda of the dems wanting to take away their guns started. Starting a rumor that nj wants to take away assault rifles suddenly when theyve been banned that long already and no one noticed or cared is just making trouble. A terrorist is someone who insites terror in peoples minds to eff with their heads to try and force them to think like terrorist. Youre either am idiot who didnt do research before writing this and just… Read more »

Ben Bauer

The facts are simple those who are out to commit a crime evidently do not follow laws. There for gun laws only apply to those who chose to follow them. So the claim that these people are “trying to make every one including your children safer” is either misinformed or completely oblivious. The only thing that laws in my home state of new jersey do is restrict the actions of my fellow law biding citizens . For example Chicago has one of harshest gun laws in all of the united states but has one of the highest shooting rates in… Read more »


Dude those leftist communist are passing state laws that are violating 2nd amendment rights which are Federal rights that are granted to you guys by the United States Constitution. You guys should get some good lawyers and take them to the US.supreme court for violating the states 2nd amendment rights and rights of the citizens to defend themselves. Someone needs to put a stop to these communist leftist cockroaches this is how they start first they take your guns and then they take total control of your lives property and money and then finally they own you. New Jersey please… Read more »


@lori I guess you voted for the commie you have for a governor. Lets face it, New Jersey is a place to be from not currently living in. What flavor kool aid did you consume that gallion of?

Wild Bill

@lori, There is no such thing as assault weapons. That is a propaganda term. So called assault rifles are select fireable on full auto, and are subject to the National Firearms Act, already. This is not about kids dying. This is about punishing the law abiding and Civil Rights. Apparently you are against Civil Rights. You are either a propagandist, a useful idiot spreader of propaganda, or a hard core enemy of American Civil Rights.


You know what? I am Russian who was burn in USSR. Now I am a US citizen. I was really happy about that for a moment. Until I realized what you’ve done to your country and what you all become… It used to be a free country once but not anymore! Neither in NJ nor in Commifornia nor in any of those “blue” states for that matter. Oh, wait… There is Massachusetts state where people are still allowed to carry handguns to protect themselves! How is it even possible? Is it because they are not “democratic” enough? Or is it… Read more »

Frank Segal

Let’s get this straight the kids in schools getting shot is a problem of not protecting them like government buildings and politicians,every one knows this but the progressive liberal democratic scum that’s bring down this country don’t care ,it’s about power and control you spit on the constitution and the 2nd amendment ,you progressives are just a bunch of watered down maxists with no idea what your doing to America and this state I live in is getting worse ,don’t worry about high taxes,anti job growth or car insurance prices oh no lets persecute law abiding gun owners with measures… Read more »


Look you bone head! This goes beyond the 2nd Amendment, this is a matter of rights under our constitution! The second amendment is just an obvious avenue of attack by the socialists (Democrats/liberals). What about the 1st amendment. Do you really think you have the right to free speech anymore? You don’t! The political correctness the socialists have shoved down the throats of all the mindless drones in this country has already taken a toll on your rights to free speech. You can’t say much of anything anymore because if it offends ANYONE, you are now labeled as racist or… Read more »

Scott Plummer

Politicians who are anti gun are anti us constitution and thereby need to be removed in any form possible. They hate your freedom and the fact your firearms make you that way and therefore need to remove them. Unless you wish to be controlled, do something now before it’s too late. We need a mass protest in favor of the second amendment with everyone who possess a firearm to converge on Washington in one large gathering and then see how many cowardly delusional anti gun people sho up to counter protest. We all need to contact every politician that we… Read more »

MIke Brown

The incremental pIan is their real agenda. I grew up in California. When I was a kid in the early eighties I had plenty of teachers and other influential people around that were clearly conservatives. I used to strap my .22 rifle to my handle bars and ride over to my buddies house and he did the same. People would see us and they would wave and say hi and tell us to be safe but nobody even raised an eyebrow and we would shoot all day or until we ran out of ammo. Flash forward about 3 election cycles… Read more »


Listen brother it’s sad how residents there have had the leftist communist take their gun rights and other freedoms away. It’s time for the residents of the state of NJ to get a set a balls and get there gun rights back. It’s time to vote in new politicians or find lawyers to fight these stupid state laws on the Federal level. You need to remember the US constitution and the second amendment guarantees us our gun rights. So the Federal supersedes State law. I’m sure a good second amendment lawyer will tell you that. So if I was NJ… Read more »

Frank Segal

I agree with you 100 percent and let me tell you and everyone else the RINOs we have in this state have made it a leftists shot hole as much as Christe held the line on gun grabbers he didn’t even try to reverse the anti 2nd amendment laws on the books like mag restrictions open and concealed carry rights flash hiders and certain weapons bans and the real truth is states rights are important but when the law abiding people of NJ and other blue states lose the 2nd amendment rights and have more restrictions placed on them when… Read more »


We are the last free country in the world, who have not lost our rights to bear arms. There is a higher agenda at play. And one that has to be played out. We all at some point will have to comply, at some time in the future. The land lords of this country, will make it happen. Its enforced by one dictator. I hope that i am not around when it happens or my children. Yes i say fight and not give up, till the end for one day, we will all be free

Wild Bill

@Trin, the 2018 mid term elections will be critical. Flood the primaries and vote for the uncorrupted candidate not the party hack.


Someone once said that a country can survive its morons, and its fools, and its ambitious thieves, but it can’t survive its traitors who whisper their venomous lies in the alley ways and the halls of power alike. Anyone know that statement ? People need to know about it.


Can we please stop calling this gun control? It’s not.
It’s gun OWNER control.

Vom Brunhaus

Oldvet Scumbag Gov. Murphy NJ has stated publicly hes gonna turn New Jersey into another California , starting with making it a Sanctuary State !


if commiefornia divides into two states Trump’s wall needs to be built east and north of the shore counties. That would be a real bonus to the conservative people of the state and to the country. Make sure moonbeam is on the other side of the fence.


Saying that a gun causes crime is the same as saying that forks & spoons make people fat. It’s utterly ridiculous. Also, when was the last time you strolled down the toy isle in Walmart or in Toys R Us & saw toy revolvers, pistols, rifles???? YEARS.. It’s been slowly happening but most people haven’t noticed. It’s here & biting us in the ass. One thing the leftists forget (or ignore): A GUN ON A TABLE IS JUST THAT- A GUN ON A TABLE. What they need to focus on is the person behind the gun. However, they are narrow-minded… Read more »


They are approaching this issue the same way that they are the drug and overdose problem. New Jersey, and some other states, are offering help for the addiction but not thinking about what finally got this person to this.


The New NJ Governor campaigned on his promise to sign any and all gun control bills sent to his desk.

Remember folks, SCOTUS needs two new justices to insure our Constitution is not trampled on,
to hear the RTKBA case today would be a mistake and that is why the court refuses to hear it.


That only applies to Americans. You don’t think ILLEGALS obey the law.


Oh heLloyd NO. Our Constitution protects them, but they are “exempt” from our laws. Go figure.

gary van meter

do you remember what they did in Colorado ,they recalled those who tried to mess with our guns. I think the people of new jersey should do this. it would send a message to the rest. DO NOT MESS WITH US .


None of this will ever stop…
Until they live in the same FEAR (of loosing something) you do of loosing your 2A rights.

Good Luck


We don’t want you coming to Texas and voting these gun grabbing assholes in office here like you did there. STAY AWAY! We already have enough in office now that we’re fighting trying to get the gun grabbers out that lie to you to get in office and then they do an about turn on you when they get in. Like Gov. Abbott. He down right ignore’s the peoples voice that injoy’s the second amendment. We the people will remember these back stabbing politicians when it comes time to vote.There should be some kind of punishment for these politicians that… Read more »


i just wanna note that three of you said you would murder people…

i believe in the 2nd amendment.

I also think its insane if you actually believe America is about to be invaded… and that all democrats have a communist agenda. there are good people on all sides of the political spectrum.

How about an open dialogue? certainly we can all find some common ground.

Jerry G

Right. Common ground. That’s what people say who want to get all infringy without seeming so. There is no common ground between “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in.”, and “shall not be infringed”.

How about working on the real problems, the reasons lunatics (religious and other) and a$$holes go nuts and kill people (with any manner of weapon, from fists, to firearms, to trucks, or whatever). Much harder, right? So easy to demonize a specific tool to make it look like your virtue-signaling has any other purpose.

Wild Bill

@Skip, the anti-Civil Rights people are not interested in a dialoge. They are interested in making you and your children into low paid serfs. America is being invaded already by illegal aliens from every country in the world, and socialists, foreign and domestic. As to murder, define your terms. Nothing wrong with killing the enemies of our Constitution, foreign and domestic. Most of us are bound by oath to do it, Skippy.


@Skip…Obviously Skip, you have no clue as to what has happened in Europe during the last few years. I’m talking about MILLIONS OF FIGHTING AGE MUSLIMS who have just walked into various countries such as Germany, the U.K., Sweden…all at the invitation of the International Globalists, a bunch of Bolshevik/Commie/Whatever’s. And if Hillary had been elected, she had her marching orders from the likes of Soros and The Rothschild. You don’t think that would have been an invasion ? Already in the USA we have over a dozen Muslim no-go zones where there motto is “We are not here to… Read more »


The USA “No-Go” zones do not exist. That is just a right wing propaganda story to scare the uninformed.


@D.B. What are you joking? Take your a$$ into one of the hoods and see if you still have it when you exit. The you post something from snopes and that is another joke. They are left wing posers and no one with any sense believes what they say. You have bared your face as a TROLL and your thoughts are B.S.


there are NO “Muslim NO GO Areas” in the US, you stupid asshole. stop spreading hysteria.

Jim M

Where are my posts???

Wild Bill

M, Have you checked the pasture? My apologies! I could not restrain myself.


Well welcome to the NY SAFE Act – WEST of the HUDSON EDITION! The second amendment is now nothing more than an Australian type “allowance” of whatever low capacity sporting arm a communist totalitarian is comfortable makes the American citizenry HARMLESS ENOUGH to be no threat to their tyranny and atrocity! SUPREME COURT??? – WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??? If the Supreme Court does not reign in this rogue political party and save the US Constitution – trouble is coming. American gun owners are NOT going to surrender their effective firearms, that enable the capability INTENDED IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT,… Read more »

Jim M

I hate to say it, guys, but this was totally predictable. Any and EVERY Democrat-controlled state is going to do this sooner or later. New York and Connecticut did it first, than California and Massachusetts copied it. In New Jersey it was only a matter of time until the Fat Man sang. What’s worse is the fact that the Federal courts have completely refused to enforce Heller. ALL of the Communist gun-grab legislation has been upheld so far. ALL of it. At this point Heller is a dead letter. The people who are ruling on these cases think that the… Read more »


If at all possible vote with your feet. Move to a firearm friendly state.
Also three states have no wage tax Texas, Tennessee and Florida.
I know Texas and Tennessee are doing good as far as jobs go.
Check them out what have you got to loose ? And think if you do relocate you will reduce the tax base that the liberals count on to support their voting blocks. Are you tired of supporting their parasites yet ?

Jim M

Gun Control Laws Are Bills of Attainder/Bills Of Pains And Penalties There are two federal “codes” in the books that make each and every politician, judge or LEO that tries to or succeeds in depriving any U.S. citizen of any rights, privileges, or immunities that are secured by the U.S. Constitution. Whoever does so is guilty of a felony punishable by ten years to life in prison, or the death penalty if anyone is injured due to their actions. The first is: Title 18, USC, Sec. 241, which protects ’The People” from politicians that “conspire” to deprive them of… Read more »


M.,,,,I do believe you have unearthed a truly valuable nugget. I will be devoting time this weekend to studying the link you have provided. Everyone here should. Perhaps we should all once again call all those public safety members and cite these laws to them. Perhaps Sen. Gill would withdraw her bill if we gave her office a call also. Perhaps.


Keep your powder dry!


I will tell you all again. These people need to be charged with TREASON ! They know exactly what they are doing and it is TREASONOUS ! This bill that Sen. Gill has proposed is targeting “assault rifles”, the type that can be used with effect if we are invaded and attacked by Commie/Bolshevik/Whatever dirtbags who want to make slaves of us. Less than 2% of gun crimes (about 240 per year) are perpetrated byj users of “Assault rifles”, so even if they confiscated every one the dent in gun crimes would be negligible. Far more deaths are caused by… Read more »


They are a bunch of leftist communist racist scumbags this how they start. First they take your guns and then they take total control of your lives. That’s why I moved the hell out that state they’re totally communist. It’s a shame my kids and my ex still live there. I just feel sorry for my son he loves his guns. He is in to airsoft now but in the state I live in now I have 2 AR-15’s that he shoots when he comes down to spend time with me but I told him don’t be surprised if they… Read more »

Gala Poola

We saw this coming. These guys are like heroin addicts on an 8 year withdrawal. Christie was no friend of 2A freedoms but he was the only thing standing between gun owners and new dumb laws. Now that this new guy is in it will be a gun control free-for-all. Dems have the senate, assembly, judiciary and now the governor’s office. We are totally out numbered here.


You have no clue what you are up against. They are going to kill you. Giving up your guns or not…. makes no difference. They are going to kill you. Bolshevism NEVER rests. See you in Heaven. God Bless.


The oathkeepers have not killed these peopel?


We are not criminals. Yes, I own weapons, legally bought at Hinterland and I don’t think this new bills are going to do something to fight real crime. Why should we be punished and billed for something completely protected by the Constitution of the United States?


It seems there is a collusion among liberal communist Democrats in the Blue states to disarm Americas and burn the Bill of Rights. Each of the states with oppressive and unconstitutional gun laws are using almost the same model and language. If gun owners fail to stop the Democrats from taking the House and Senate in this years mid-terms, you can kiss your President Trump goodbye and along with that, your guns. I hope you all understand the utter seriousness of this, and feel that saying you would fight or in some way resist will save your rights. So far,… Read more »

Robert L

We have lost the fight. Before too long, all guns will be outlawed everywhere. It is only a matter of time. Look what happened in New York, California, and Illinois. I’m from Ky and I would never go to any of those states with a gun. The laws are very strict and confusing. The anti-gun disease is spreading.


Ky is a good spot to be if u love your 2-a.It looks to me like it will become the DIVIDED states of America,and our second amendment rights will play apart one day.Keep your powder dry.


I would love to see some bonafide research and report about the rates of incarceration for individuals using firearms in the commission of a crime. In these states that ban the “weapon” is there an appropriately harsh criminal justice system? My guess is generally “no” ….


I just dont get how we lost any semblance of balance in Crappyfornia about firearm ownership. Where did all of this hate come from? Where did this agreement to ignore constitutional limits on these restrictions? Why did it become ok to lose rights and freedoms? I dont know what happened in the coastal counties to create this hypersensitive crowd of people who are literally afraid of life and the sight of a firearm. Is America getting dumber? My daughter that I take shooting all the time comes back from college in Commiestan and proclaims all firearms should be confiscated so… Read more »


I may be incorrect but I think the problem in commiefornia stems from the immigrants from the south and from the west coming there but wanting the same old $h!thole they left. They wanted the fame and fortune of the U.S. but don’t have even a clue as to what a Constitution or Bill of Rights are. You have to be smarter than the kid before you can teach them anything.

VT Patriot

My question is: When or how long will it be until mentioning or even having a picture of such ‘deadly weapons’ will be a crime. I grew up as a kid in North Jersey, but I don’t recognize it any more. Such a shame.
Fortunately, my family brings their kids up here to learn how to shoot, and learn the safety and fun involved in this sport.


The only good Dem/Lib is one that has been vaporized… Wouldn’t want to be one, and everyone WiLL already know who they are, if the SHTF thing ever happens.

K. Vorwerk

These Dems are like Nazis of old. Take away all weapons owned by civilians and hunters. This way it makes it easier to subjugate anyone that stands in their way. Keep it up and there will be another American Revolution .

Paul Powell

An armed man is a citizen, a disarmed man is a subject, what the demoncrats want are nothing but subjects they can push around.


The Commiefornia disease is spreading. Pretty soon you will also have a Roster of approved weapons, and registration of anything the overlords deem scary. Good Luck. restricted Ammo along with a registration to purchase ammo is next. Good luck.

Leo Smith

The First Idiot that tries to turn me into a criminal will make his own wish come true.And then be buried.

Wild Bill

@Leo S, If you are really set on killing someone, then use your car. If you shoot or stab someone, the anti-Second Amendment @ss holes will use it against us. If you use your car you are a motorist, not a murderer. Having said that, I prefer that you would write letters, contribute money, help us flood the primaries, and help get our Second Amendment Civil Rights back.

David Scanland

if there’s only one way to take this old marine weapons!

Bill Walters

Today, Rush Limbaugh suggested that the residents of New Jersey should consider moving out of the state based on the new governors progressive plans. That is exactly what I am going to do!

Wild Bill

W, Texas is calling!


Tennessee is also a nice place to live.
No State income tax. And low Property taxes.


I already did.


They’re copying the dummies in California.


So, based on ‘semi-automatic pistols with one military style feature’ that would then ban ALL semi-automatic handguns (“a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon”)…based on their definition.

Rob J

WA state is fighting this same exact thing. Our AG Bob Ferguson has re-introduced an AWB, other legislators have introduced “high capacity magazine” bans, etc. The latest scheme is to register, for a fee, all AWB and “high capacity magazines” that one owns. Less than three months following a pitiful election turn out in a swing district giving control to the Dems, we are seeing an abundant and renewed assault on our 2A rights. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Get out and vote, no matter if you believe you can win in your district. Write your legislators at… Read more »


That’s because the a**holes from California invaded your state.

Sucks and I have worse b.s. here and thats why I am leaving in 24 months


“…cold, dead hands.”


I fear that the Commie/Bolshevik/Whatever’s have control over most of the voting apparatus. They make sure that only their friends get elected, and you can see this with all the career politicians that get re elected term after term no matter how much most people hate them. Do yourself a favor and google ” Cynthia McKinney and the Pledge” and she will tell you exactly what is going on. Our govt has been taken over by a foreign country that owns the printing press. They can electronically transfer large amounts of digital dollars into the foreign accounts of all the… Read more »


@THC….And they have everyone brainwashed, even themselves, that they are the descendants of Abraham, and are the fulfillment of prophecy. What a scam they have pulled on most of the world. When Jesus was asked about what it would be like before his second coming, he replied “Be careful that no one deceives you”. In other words, watch out for liars and phoneys, and lying phoneys and phoney liars. John 8:44 !