McCutchen Firearms’ Launches .50 BMG Uppers

MF-50M magazine-fed .50 BMG upper puts safety first
MF-50M magazine-fed .50 BMG upper puts safety first

TAMPA, FL-( McCutchen Firearms has released two precision .50 BMG upper receiver assemblies for AR-15s, featuring the proprietary Mechanically-Assisted Pin Safety (M.A.P.S.) system. The MF-50 has been released in both single-shot (MF-50S) and magazine-fed (MF-50M) versions.

“We think we’ve created the perfect product for shooters who’ve been wanting to own a .50 BMG that is more affordable, more accurate and safer than ever before,” according to McCutchen Firearms President, Andrew McCutchen.

McCutchen, a mechanical engineer with 15 years of product development experience, and his team of engineers and machinists, developed the.50 BMG upper assemblies and the M.A.P.S. safety system, in response to consumer demand.

“Our market research indicated that many shooters want an affordable .50 BMG rifle, but hesitated in buying .50 BMG upper assemblies for their AR-platforms out of concerns about the quality, accuracy, reliability and safety of products that are currently on market. The MF-50 is the result of our team analyzing some of the best ideas that we’ve seen and adding over a year of our engineering and manufacturing expertise, to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.”

The patent-pending M.A.P.S. system features a mechanical interface that both blocks the firing pin until the bolt is in battery and also provides a mechanical assist in driving back the firing pin, after firing, thereby addressing two known safety issues that exist with other .50 BMG upper assemblies on the market.

“Nothing beats a great day at the range shooting a .50 BMG, accurately, safely and affordably,” McCutchen concluded.

The MF-50S and MF-50M are 100% made in the USA and are in stock and ready to ship
The MF-50S and MF-50M are 100% made in the USA and are in stock and ready to ship

The MF-50S and MF-50M are 100% made in the USA and are in stock and ready to ship. Both the magazine-fed and single-shot versions are available in two barrel lengths and with two different brake options. They are also available as a complete rifle for those that don’t want to sacrifice their AR-15 lower. For more information, click here.

About McCutchen FirearmsMcCutchen Firearms

McCutchen Firearms was founded by a team of engineers with the goal of developing a more accurate, more reliable and safer .50 BMG bolt action upper for AR-15s. Our Design, Development and Engineering team has worked on projects ranging from bolt action rifles for Winchester to guided tactical rockets. Our in-house CNC machining group’s quality has been recognized; producing a range of parts for SpaceX and Kennedy Space Center, and suspension components for formula racing.

The McCutchen Firearms 50S and 50M are built on years of experience working in the .50 BMG rifle market, and testing and optimizing the design. Machined and built right here in America by the McCutchen Firearms machining team with the #1 goal of producing a precise and reliable product.

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fraudulent web site, blocking comments.


You sure?


You get a free non serialized ar 15 lower since the upper is now the gun?


The technical specs are listed on the website under the uppers if you go into one of the specific uppers, they have a description, features, specifications and what’s included. They are custom designed and manufactured at the McCutchen Firearms production facility. Barrels are 4140 and have a custom black nitride Teflon finish on them. They are chambered in-house using a precision alignment technique that aligns the chamber perfectly to the bore. It’s a high volume 6-port brake. Less than 1 MOA accuracy. It looks like these were redesigned based on the Zel Custom uppers that they acquired.


Any reviews on accuracy?


No actual technical info. No mentions of stainless or 4150cmv
Or if its nitrided, type of muzzle brake. Not even on the manufacturer site do they go into detail. My guess would be they just produced a knockoff of what’s already out. And why the AR15 lower and leave out the AR10. With a $2600 price tag there’s a lot left to be desired. With a barrel life of a few hundred rounds the only thing that would make it long lasting is the cost of rounds even if reloading. Pass


Is barrel life of only a few hundred rounds true because it’s a 50 cal or because of what this barrel is made out of? I’m trying to figure out where you got your info from because I would never spend that much for some ting that will wear out so qui c k.


I have run 5000 plus rounds through my 50 bag and barrel is pristine yet.