Anti-Gun Dick’s Sporting Goods Reports “Deeper Than Expected” Losses

by Chad D. Baus

Goodbye, Dick's. And good riddance.
Anti-Gun Dick’s Sporting Goods Reports “Deeper Than Expected” Losses

USA – -( Fortune magazine is reporting on the “tumbling” stock price of Dick’s Sporting Goods, a company which recently made headlines for having decided (again) to stop selling modern sporting rifles in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, FL, and for discriminating against military-aged persons under 21 who wish to purchase a firearm.

According to Fortune, Dick’s is experiencing “deeper than expected” losses and sinking stock prices.

From the article:

Only weeks after winning accolades from gun-control advocates for ending sales of assault rifles at its Field & Stream stores, Dick’s posted a deeper-than-expected sales decline. Its stock sank the most in four months Tuesday in the wake of the quarterly report, which reflected struggles with excess inventory and deep discounting.

Shares of Dick’s fell as much as 7.3 percent to $30.19 in New York, the biggest intraday decline since mid-November. They had climbed 13 percent this year through Monday’s close.

“There’s going to be some pushback and we expected that,” CEO Edward Stack said in an earnings call with Wall Street analysts. “There are going to be the people who don’t shop us anymore for anything.”

Stack went on to say the decision is “not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint.”

Which are, you know, the kinds of things people who invest in retail businesses want to see.

Notice also what Stack isn’t expecting. He’s not expecting a flood of new customers who support the company because of their anti-gun policies. That’s because while anti-gun forces own the media and anti-gun billionaires invent astroturf gun groups, the millions upon millons of actual Americans, represented by grassroots gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA), love the Constitution are voting with their pocketbooks.

There is a vast difference between groups such as the NRA or BFA, made up of millions of individual paid members, and groups which espouse a gun control point of view and claim to represent a majority of the country, but which have very few, if any, actual paid members.

In 2005, I was priviledged to sit down with University of Toledo Professor and author Brian Anse Patrick to discuss this abstract, invisible “majority” anti-Second Amendment groups claim to represent.

Patrick, who I am sad to report passed away in December of 2016, had also recently met with the OCAGV’s executive director, Toby Hoover, in her Toledo office while preparing for an upcoming book.

“When I asked about membership,” Patrick said, “Hoover answered the question by asking another question – ‘how does one define membership?’ Well, apparently they do it by fiat – claiming to speak for an abstract public.

“Last Spring I read a news media piece in which Hoover criticized the Ohio CCW law on its first anniversary because only 45,000 or so people had obtained permits in the first year. This, said Hoover, indicated that the law was bad because such a small portion of the public was thereby represented. However even this 45,000 dwarfs OCAGV – which appears to have no tangible, mass membership at all – even though it claims to speak for millions.”

Professor Patrick then cited J.M. Sproule’s Propaganda and Democracy.

“Sproule has an interesting discussion of these abstract publics – made up by interpreting attitudinal survey data and constructing these interpretations as a “public” when in fact no such public may exist. My impression is that the coalition is made up of several religious/neighborhood organizations that are similar in make up – a small paid professional staff that claims to speak for an abstract, invisible public. It’s a social work missionary model. Overall the coalition seems a top-down affair, functioning more or less in the model of missionary or social work, than any kind of mass membership grassroots citizens group.

“I don’t know if OCAGV has only two members,” Patrick told me, “but its primary, perhaps sole manifestation as an organization or coalition seems to be two professional staff members in the basement of a church in downtown Toledo: Toby Hoover, the executive director and a secretary/receptionist.”

“Those of us fighting for gun rights have all the same advantages we’ve always had,” BFA Executive Director Dean Rieck observed in the wake of the Parkland, FL-inspired media onslaught. “Real people. Lots of people. Cultural traditions. Patience. And to top it all off, we have practical, proven solutions. Those who want to do something that will actually help reduce the bloodshed should be listening to us.”

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Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He is co-founder of BFA-PAC, and served as its Vice Chairman for 15 years. He is the editor of, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website.

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I wonder how many anti gunners really shop at sporting goods stores after all as long as china supplied Amazon and REI are in business there is no chance of any of them going to Dicks or Cabelas


We have a Dicks about 7 miles from us. A bunch of us 2nd Amendment supporters were at their store to protest their decision when we were approached by a Lesbian group that wanted to support us with our Ban against Dicks’. Yup.


check executive stock selling. Also if short selling is increasing.


Will they follow the same path as Sports Authority


Actually the sports authority stores here in Texas still sell those mean ole black rifles so I continue to do business there.

Mike Christie

Sounds like they stepped on their DICKS.

Jim Macklin

Sports Authority here in Wichita still sells all sorts of firearms. But I prefer to spend my limited funds at a local store that is all guns and ammo and related stuff like knives, reloading tools and ammo varieties. I plan to win the lottery and go back to work testing guns and writing reviews. Might even build a range and gun store and carry the stuff I like. I’d have a special for school teachers and police/security officers for SBR suppressed in 5.56 or 300 BLK. Training, tactics, and my own personal background check system. It won’t ask sex,… Read more »


I would love to shop your store

Richard Hilton

GOOD !! serves them right you should know you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


I have a Dicks 5 minutes from me. Parking lot is always nearly empty. I’ve been there twice in 10 years. On my second visit to buy some 9mm, the sales rep gave me a box of 9mm+P. He commences to tell me that the two are the same. I never went back!


Action backs words. For all of you (including this contributor) immediately contacted multiple contacts at Dick’s and (1) termed my account, (2) termed my Rewards program fob, (3) provided them with the average value of purchases per month & year which will now be directed elsewhere (e.g., Cabela’s, etc) as well as informed them of my termination of any and all email notices. Period! (Oh, & made sure we didn’t hold, or plan to hold, any stock in this anti-2nd enterprise. As a final note to all friends & family members that may have missed Dick’s announcement, we made sure… Read more »


Make sure you take them off your email subscription, they will see a decline off revenue in that way .
I wrote them and said I will go to Big 5 sporting goods before I buy anything at Dickaroos !
Have a awesome empty store day Dickaroos , but the truth be known I’ll they will do is close down the shooting area
And put in some more sports bra’s .
Dumbass’s . I hope your stocks fall to 1.00 a share . And the CEO . Sits on the corner someplace asking for hand outs
From former customers!


Big 5 is anti gun as well. I’ll let you look on it up if you’re interested.

Ben Miles

From my house to Dick’s is about a 6 mile drive. From my house to Bass Pro is about a 40 mile drive. Because of Dick’s dick headed policy that is anti-American, anti-Constitutional and just plain ignorant from a business stand point, I nor any member of my family (we have discussed it on the phone), which live in California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, North and South Carolina and Tennessee, refuse to ever spend another penny at Dicks!!


Hey Dick’s “YUCK FOU”


A trip to DICKS was a bi monthly payday trip for ammo, possibly a gun, clothing, etc…. Most goods , as stated , are overpriced, but we supported the business. DICKS no longer exists to my family. Any other store jumping on the “screw the law abiding citizen” train will also disappear. Same goes for those stores and shops who discriminate against CCW holders, such as Target, Starbucks. No longer exist. I hope your snowflakes, libs and Dems can support your earnings and stocks, cause WE the law abiding citizen are done with you. DICKS, appropriate name for it’s owner,… Read more »


I plan to go by and pick out about $200 worth of merchandise, go to the check register, then tell them this is what I would have purchased and then leave it.

Brett Shipman

Cabelas has not stopped selling MSRs because there not Dicks

Shane Mccubbin

Hey its their loss. They should of thought about the majority of people that do stand up for the 2nd amendment and would be upset for banning semi auto rifles. I do agree they are overpriced on most all products including ammo and guns. Also with this ban i no longer shop with them, no more business from me. Guns dont kill people. Ive never seen a gun get up and start shooting at me. If dicks is worried about school shootings they should pay for armed officers to be present at schools and buy them metal detectors in all… Read more »


How can Dick’s be so F@#$ing stupid. Even on the Roseanne comeback show last night there was a scene where Roseanne, representing proud pro 2nd A Conservatives, tells her very libtard now 40 year old daughter, Darlene, that she has a good (bleeding) heart and wants everything for everybody … but that she’s just terrible at math. I guess there’s something to that, then…

Jacob M. Opperman

I have only been there twice and was not empressed and will not be. They are over priced with there products. They are just like so many other stores any more. There prices are so marked up on there products from over seas it is stupid. It is just like all other products that are made in other countries that it is not worth it. I wish we would get a government in power that would stand up against any company who’s headquarters are here but makes there product over seas. Tax them till there is no profits left and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JMO, I don’t know there are a great number of Americans that do not want to be put back to work. They call themselves Democrats.


Boycott Dick’s


Good. F-’em.

We used to buy certain camping gear, clothes, and gear for our sports team from Dicks. That stopped.


How can there not already be a shareholder class action for breach of fiduciary duty. He openly admitted “not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint”.

He and the board of directors made a political decision to the detriment of their business and thus the shareholders.


You have to admit they gave Dick’s Sporting Goods an appropriate name.

Jim Macklin

I was in a local Dick’s to buy a grip exerciser. It was the only place that carried the type I wanted. Prices are high and guns were in a small corner with fishing tackle.
I asked the salesman “is this a big Dick’s or just a ordinary Dick’s?”
I don’t think he got the point.Even if it cost a little extra, patronize your local GUN STORE or they will go bankrupt.

Marc Disabled Vet