Lies the Left Says About the NRA, and Why the Truth Matters

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Lies the Left Says About the NRA, and Why the Truth Matters

U.S.A.-( A year ago or so terrorists were targeting military recruitment offices. The NRA offered to provide free CCW training to the men and women staffing the recruitment offices. You may remember the anti-gun lefts response. They said “what does the NRA know about guns? They’re a political arm of the GOP.” The anti-gun left does not know who or what the NRA is. So they and their friends in the media simply get it wrong when they bash the NRA. Their perception is so far from the truth as to be laughable. Below is a quote from our FNRA Facebook page. One of the politer ones.

No one is going out to do things they don’t feel are right. It’s just that right now the NRA is a juggernaut that isn’t about learning to use your rifle anymore. It’s transformed into a huge political behemoth that drags the unwitting along with them. If the NRA were more friendly (like you are) maybe they would try to help ban bad guns and not throw up a bunch of subterfuge…

You get the idea; usually, they just call us baby killers and terrorists or NAZI’s and then delete their phony Facebook profile. This person spent some time with us and hopefully learned something.

The anti-gun lefts’ belief that the NRA bought the election for DJT, that the NRA is a tool of the gun industry and that the NRA makes their money selling guns. These are all lies.

Let’s start with the first lie, how the NRA bought the election for Trump, and include how their money buys politicians’. The fact is the NRA simply does not spend enough money to truly matter. Yes the NRA spent $30 million on exposing Hillary Clinton’s gun grabbing policies. Please note I did NOT say supporting Trump. Please WATCH his video; this is the type advertisement the NRA ran. Yes, it uses fear, but it is also brutally honest.

The fact is Hillary in speech after speech called for draconian gun control. Not on her web page but in her speeches and town halls. We LOVE and thank all the people who posted videos showing Hillary calling for gun bans and then posting them online!

While $30 million sounds like a lot; Hillary raised (through the campaign and special interests) $800 million dollars. This compared to $400 million for Trump. So the NRA’s opposition to Hillary represents 3.75% of her total budget and less than 8% of Trump's total budget. The NRA didn’t spend enough money to swing the election. Of the $1.2 BILLION spent on the election by both candidates, the NRA’s cash involvement was statistically insignificant.

The 2nd anti-gun lie is easier to expose. The NRA does not sell guns. Period end of story. I’ve never been in a gun store with an NRA branded gun from the NRA…never not once. Why? Because the NRA does not sell guns.

Gun manufacturers have their very own lobbying group. So think about it this way. If the NRA was all that powerful and so all-reaching why would gun makers need their only lobbying group? The NRA accounts for about half of monies spent on gun rights to Congress. While the anti-gun left will recoil at this number, Lawyers and Attorneys spent 600% as much as the NRA to influence Congress. The top 10 spenders make the NRA’s contributions (again) statistically insignificant. Lobbyists spent $3.6 BILLION in 2017. The NRA’s contribution was less than 1.5% of that total. Who knew?

So, what is the mystical power that the NRA wields? They speak the truth, and they speak to and for 120,000,000 gun owners in the US. The NRA EDUCATES with fact, not with propaganda. It is AMAZING how powerful the truth can be. You on the left might try it sometime. But then for you, this is NOT about the truth, it is about getting and keeping your favorite politicians in power. You see that is where we differ. For American gun owners, it is about preserving OUR rights; we could not give one good crap about YOUR politics.

About Don McDougall:Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 21 thoughts on “Lies the Left Says About the NRA, and Why the Truth Matters

      1. Mr Edward, no, we are not baby killers, that was the term for military members that served in Vietnam and abortion doctors. There may be Vietnam veterans and abortion doctors that are NRA members, but most are not. If all you can come up with is an ignorant ad hominem attack, it just shows that you are a hoplophobe that has no rational basis for opposing our rights.

        If you are able to verbalize a rational argument for opposing our rights, we are willing to entertain and debate it.

    1. It seems to me that those who blame the NRA for gun violence should be consistent and also blame the AAA for drunk drivers and the NAACP for the Crips and Bloods.

        1. Doc, “did you got (sic) to high school, idiot. (sic)”. Apparently you did not even get out of grammar school.

    2. Once Upon A Time: Years ago The NRA used education and attraction to bring many a Kid into the world of Firearms. Thus they brought me in at the age of 12, or 54 years ago. Today I am still a Gunner, but The NRA has lost their way blinded by The Buck. They could return to their Roots, but first they have to forget about Power & Money. They could really make a difference if they went back to what Worked, and forget about the drum they have been pounding for to long now. Will they do this, Will You? I have as I will never walk Lock Step with anyone. Free Your Mind. Dave

      1. Do you support and participate in Friends of the NRA events? We raise $60 million a year for youth training, We support law enforcement, and women’s programs too. If you’re looking to teach the 2A and introduce kids to the shooitng sports we’re here waiting for your help.

    3. Using the word Draconian is a word that gun owners and believers of the second amendment should never use, this word was first used publicly on a regular basis by Hillary some years back when her husband was president if memory serves me.

    4. The NRA has had some eighty-four years to get the NFA repealed, and has not even tried. The NRA has had fifty years to get the GCA repealed, and have not even tried. Both are clearly unconstitutional for a number of reasons. No contributions for the NRA, nor does the NRA need a contribution from me… they have their own stock portfolio.
      I am sending my contributions to GOA, JPFO, CCRKBA, and my local Texas State Rifle Association.
      Anyone know where I can buy 6v golf cart batteries that do not have electrolyte in them? You know, the electrolyte comes separate

      1. @W. Bill you might try Interstate Batteries they make their own and may still put the electrolyte in at their store.
        Texas sure did a number on the package bomber, didn’t they? It is a real credit also that they didn’t call for a law banning packages and taking brown wrapping paper and packaging tape. They kept everything quiet until they surrounded him. I didn’t hear of any LEOs that hid outside until the problem stopped, either. Snowflakes didn’t get a chance to get their panties in a bunch and spout off in front of the camera.

        1. @Tcat, Thank you. I’ll try them. You got to love Texas police. They really know how to entertain!
          My county sheriff deputy comes around once a year, just to remember where I am. He says he has a policy that if people don’t shoot at him, he don’t shoot at them. Most humorous.

    5. A lot of people forget or Don’t what to remember all the good things the NRA has done. Like training military snipers during wars. Training police. Teaching young people and young adults how to use and Respect firearms. If it was not for the NRA, most younger adults would not know the breech end of a firearm from the muzzle end. If it was not for the NRA, this country would now be like the United Kingdom and Australia. That’s why I am an NRA “life Member.

      1. I disagree, just in the last 10-20 years the NRA have had 5 Million members, they were mostly around 2 -2.5 Million members before that. The other 120 – 150 Million gun owners has made a difference in gun ownership and teaching family and friends about gun ownership. I have not been a NRA member since the early 90’s because of the “compromises” the NRA sold out the 2nd Amendment on. I know folks including myself that has helped folks who had no knowledge of firearms safely become gun owner for decades. I’m not Saying the NRA hasn’t done some good things, but their “compromises” they have been involved with hurts, if not cancels out the good they did do. NRA’s slogan is “The NRA and their members are freedoms safest place”. I think that ALL of the law abiding Citizen Gun owners are America’s freedoms safest place.

    6. What Edward says. It’ working with our youth.
      In re the NRA: I’ve been one of their staunches apologists, defending them from the attacks from… gun owners!
      And while their support for the bump-stock ban stuck in my crawl, it is their latest policy of supporting ERPOS that has really drawn my ire.
      These represent on of the gravest attacks on constitutional protections of privacy and gun ownership and should be opposed.
      Now when someone gripes about the NRA, I grind my teeth and keep mum. I’m hoping the election will bring people with stiffer spines and more sense to the board.

      1. Truth does matter, the NRA has “compromised” on our 2nd Amendment rights before and now, they are willing to compromise on our 4th, 5th, 6th And 14th Amendments by openly supporting these ERPO’s / “red flag laws” or extreme risk protection orders allowing the police to temporarily take away guns from people deemed by a judge to be dangerous, often after a family member or acquaintance rasies concerns.Without the accused even being represented. Due process is after the fact. The NRA wrote the unconstitutional NICS and now supports expanding it. They openly supported GUN FREE ZONES, saying “it was a ‘reasonable’ Compromise on the 2nd Amendment. “Does that make you “grind your teeth and remain mum”? The NRA has been more about their own interests than the 2nd Amendment and that’s where they need to be brought to light. Friends or, a paid for lobby group like this, who needs Democrats.

      2. Just Jim; I have to agree with your comment. It is a CRYING SHAME that the NRA has been diluted to the point where they would support an attack on WEAPON OWNERS across America. These WEAK people who agreed with attacking the Second Amendment must be CRITICISED and called to-task. The NRA “heads” must again never give an inch to the ANTI-gunners, ANTI-Americans or “nwo”, “cfr” “trilateral” controllers.

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