Oregon Gun Control Ballot Initiative Introduced ~ “Assault Weapon Reduction Act”

By John Crump

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Oregon Gun Control Ballot Initiative Introduced ~ “Assault Weapon Reduction Act”
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Ever since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida the anti-gun groups have been out in force to try to strip people of their god given right of self-defense.

They have paraded many student pawns out on that national stage to promote their gun control agenda. They have been using emotions as their facts to try to persuade the public to give up their rights.

Not only is this Astroturf campaign going on at a national level, but it is also going on at the state level. One of the places we see gun control being pushed is in Oregon. An interfaith group has submitted a ballot initiative petition that, according to them, would prevent mass shootings.

What Initiative Petition 43 would do is ban most semiautomatic rifles and nearly all pistols. The initiative states any rifle capable of accepting a magazine and one of the other cosmetic features listed in the initiative would be banned and labeled an “assault weapon.” Also, if the rifle is less than 30 inches, it would be considered an “assault weapon.”

Any pistol that is capable of accepting a magazine that holds more than ten rounds would be an “assault weapon.” This initiative would ban virtually every semiautomatic pistol since all can take a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. It will not matter if the owner has a magazine over ten rounds. Just the fact that the pistol is capable of using a larger magazine would be enough to ban them.

All magazines that hold over ten rounds would also be banned. The initiative refers to these magazines as “high capacity.” The group seems to have borrowed text from a similar bill (H.R.5087) that was introduced in US House of Representatives by Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I). We have also seen similar measures with the word for word same language pop up in other states such as the bill introduced in Minnesota by Rep Linda Slocum.

The initiative would also ban most semiautomatic shotguns. The initiative would ban any semiautomatic shotgun that holds more than ten rounds or takes an external magazine. Any shotgun with a pistol grip or without a fixed stock would also be banned.

Residents would have 120 days to transfer their firearms out of the state, turn them over to police, or register their guns. Residents who don't get rid of or register their guns would be committing a felony. There is no word on how police would enforce the law.

One of the leaders of the interfaith group is Alcena Boozer. Boozer is the Reverend at St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church in Portland. She has praised the Black Panthers and Malcolm X for the positive things that they did during the 1960s. St. Philip the Deacon is connected to the “Urban League of Portland“. The Urban League is a member of the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.”

Another leader of the interfaith group is Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana at Beth Israel in Portland which preaches Reform Judaism (also known as Liberal Judaism or Progressive Judaism). Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana writes reviews of science fiction shows for Variety. Beth Israel is also pushing their congregation to take part in “The March for Our Lives.” They are going as far as canceling their services that day to “take to the streets of Portland” telling their members that they must “pray with their feet.”

The final leader is Rev. Walter J. Knutson of St. Mark's Lutheran Church. Rev. Knutson has been a pastor of the church since 1945. Out of the three congregations, this is the only one that seems not to be overtly political.

The initiative would need to get 88,000 signatures by July. This feat might seem like a long shot, but this campaign has the full weight and check books of the Urban League and the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” behind it. And they intend on using school students to gather signatures. Gun owners must stand vigilant against encroachment of our rights.

Request for comment from the leaders of the interfaith group were not returned.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at www.crumpy.com.

  • 42 thoughts on “Oregon Gun Control Ballot Initiative Introduced ~ “Assault Weapon Reduction Act”

    1. This I political issue not gun control should watch out who you vote in for office. Guns are here to stay citizens might not have them but criminal will.

    2. How do we organize tondefeat this measure
      That is the first and only step to take st this point

      The 9th Amendment States (basically) If we forgot any rights then this amendment covers them

      Oregon will be California’s hat if this gets to the ballot and passes

      Once the second is infringed there will be no one able to stop
      take away the 1st

      5,000,000 AR’s in The US
      137 school mass shootings since 1980

      Let’s say an AR was used to kill the 297 students and teachers in those shootings.

      That means only .9999726% of the LEGALLY owned AR’s in this country have been used in these shootings.

      We have to stop the insanity and stop ballot measures like this

    3. Or, you can do like I did an Oregon native after 60 yrs, move to Idaho. Here our state has laws on the books that protect not only the 2A, but all the accessories that can be added to an AR platform if the Federal government decided to ban them. Bump Stock, binary trigers, detaching magazine, etc. Oregon ,Washington, California are lost, period. Vote with your feet, or accept defeat. Or prove me wrong and elect a Constitutional governor and legislators!

    4. It will only be solved by the side with the most guns and the willingness to use them.

      If you aren’t willing to use them now, you probably won’t use them later when the troops are throwing fire bombs into your home.

      They want you DEAD now.
      Using the Ballot box just legitimizes killing you later.

      5% compliance rate in NY.
      Zero enforcement.

      1. @Hypo, there is more to logistics than just “the side with the most guns”. Three days of no food and organization falls apart. Three days of no water and you die. Transport, clothing, replacement personnel, replacement firearms, ammunition, glass, and on and on. The trick is to get the libtards to revolt during a conservative administration, so that we can use the federal logistical system to kill them.
        If the socialists revolt during a liberal administration, then they will use the federal logistical system against us!

    5. They did the same restrictions in California with the Ten rounds in a magazine before the tragedy in San Bernadino. The two terrorists did not give a CRAP that they were not following the law, because Criminals will kill they way they want, with any weapon that suits them! I am speaking the truth when I state that I was a INNOCENT VICTIM OF VIOLENT CRIME while living in Oxnard, California in 1981. Their weapon of choice was a 18″ Pipe wrench and they attacked me when I was asleep. There was not a bone in my face larger than 1/4″ , my entire face and skull was smashed to bits! The injury is called la forte three head trauma, some how after dying three times I lived through this! This can happen to ANYONE! We cannot give up our gun rights! They will use bombs, machettes, knives, arrows anything to get the job done. Those that say they can’t do this that it is against our constitution. Thee state of California and Oregon took away our 1872 mining rights of Gold Dredging because they feel we kill fish??? Among other LIES and not enough people came forward to help the Miners stop this stupid prohibition, so in niether state can we dredge for gold. We know that taking away our rights to guns will do NOTHING to solve this PROBLEM!! There is one more important thought that I have pertaining to these IDIOTS who belong to Religious sects and churches, is that they have now become political and once they do this they cannot be tax free under the IRS laws. We must demand that these churches who stated there opinion and started this movement be stripped of there TAX FREE STATUS. PLEASE COMMENT! Get GUN OWNERS VERY UPSET about this WE MUST DEFEAT THIS, these Liberal IDIOTS are just that GUN GRABBING IDIOTS. They sre just as bad as those Stupid RADICAL Enviromentalists, which are also Liberals!

    6. The rest of the world doesn’t have this problem. Only in America do we have people worshipping guns as graven images. The constitution explicitly couches the right within the raising of a militia. Scalia et al chose to expand the specificity. Keep the right within the expressed limits of the constitution and very few Americans will object to this right.

      1. I think they should make law against people like the sheriff in Broward county. And then open threats too like many of the Muslim threats against this country. And then the gun free zones that give these killers their pick of easy targets. Tons of stuff we can do. Taking away guns and all these other threats remain. Get real.

    7. I think that the powers that be,don’t want to take responsibility for what they have caused,in 1985 they took the psychiatrist out of elementary schools,and closed state mental hospitals this is why we are dealing with all this ,it’s just easier to blame the gun

    8. Rev. Elizabeth Larsen is the current leader of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Knutson retired back in the 1980’s.

    9. Thank you my brothers in arms and guardians of the 2nd Amendment. I’m a native Oregonian of 53 years and have seen this beautiful state infested with the flood of gun grabbing, fanatical, and highly brain dead liberal Californians push their hidden agendas; it makes me physically ill.
      I’m a father, US ARMY veteran, and guardian of the 2nd Amendment. I will stand and fight this tyrannical gun confiscation to the end. I’m a NRA and OFF(Oregon Firearms Federation) member and will defeat this violation of my civil rights.
      Black Guns Matter, but Ant-Gunners Don’t. Thank you again my brothers in arms for all your support.

    10. There is already a reduction in “Assault Weapons”, because an “Assault Weapon” does NOT exist, except in the UNEDUCATED minds of Anti-American’s.

    11. Bloomburg bought another anti gun bill (universal background checks) last electioincycle in Oregon….. any bets his contaminated paws are all over this one too? Someone should look into whether that “religious group” these three twits are part of receives anuy money from Bloomie, SOros, or similar.

      SO.. they will be using school kids to gather signatures? I believe one must be at least 18 to do that. Funny, they will use these kids to help ban guns, but they’ll also promote no gun sales for kids this age.. up to 21. Might be an idea, for thos who still live in that state, to challenge the signature gatherers on the age issue.. anyone looks younger than 18 should be required to verify their age. If they are under, there is some law viiolated, and none of the signatures that one gathers can be submitted.

    12. I was born and lived in Oregon for over 56 years, I told my wife if it passes we’re moving. Too bad it was a beautiful state, but all the mexifornian’s moved to portland and screwed it up.

    13. Failure to register will be a class B felony, punishable up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000. Our Orwellian nightmare is here folks. The ignorant think that they are protecting themselves, when if fact they are eroding their Constitutional protections, opening the Pandora’s Box for governmental intrusion. If this passes, we’ll see other legislation, maybe banning certain types of religions, making participation in those religions a class b felony too. They just are too ignorant to see the long term implications of their madness.


    15. If any of these laws pass my hope would be that we could fight them in the supreme court as they violate the 2nd amendment period. State laws should never exempt or violate the national constitutional law or rights. They are the highest law of the land and no law should eradicate or be placed above them.

      The 2nd makes no limits as to color, size, scary looks, length, style, it doesn’t care if you can mount a bayonet or if the gun goes bang when you pull the trigger. Let’s hope good people prevail and that they can see that this is nothing short of a gun grab that is too extreme to even worthy of real merit. These proposals are not a good starting point for real discussion they are just too extreme to be a starting point of debate.

      We do owe it to our children to find ways to make our streets and schools safer. We need to listen and talk with others to find solutions to the problems we see. If we don’t work with others we will eventually lose some of our rights, but the problems will only be solved if we don’t look at the gun at the problem its only a symptom of greater problems like mental health, better background checks, proper training and storage, better school security, and social issues to complex to write here in a few short paragraphs.

    16. Well, for Oregonians, the entire spectrum of deep liberal thinking is a way of life in the Portland Metro area. That region of the state has gone wildly Left in one or two decades, an alarmingly amazing feat. Unfortunately, too many Oregonians, true Oregonians, citizens, are non-committal, disinterested, or have drank the kool-aid of lies and deceit from these imported liberals. From the uber-Left governor on down through the congressional delegation, we moderate and conservative Oregon citizens haven’t got much of a foothold anymore. Our state has been stolen out from under us. Something very, very bad is coming to Oregon, and it appears soon. I wonder if we will sleep right through the transformation into a California II.

    17. The Kalifornya retrovirus is obviously spreading northward. We should have built a wall around that despicable state years ago. Quarantine!

    18. I Read it in full……. they are morons at the very least !, These folks need to leave Oregon for some place they could turn into a Jim jones Resort then fill up on some Kool Aid ….. they are way out in LEFT,LEFT FIELD !

      1. It’s not, but that does not matter. This same system of changing laws state by state is going on in every state at the same time. If I’m not mistaken Bloomberg has said that changing gun laws on a national basis was a loosing game and they would have to do it state by state. If you ask me this is a country wide corodinated attack on our rights sponsored by Bloomberg using the blue states as test cases to see what will stick.

        Here in New Jersey they just introduced a bill that would classify any semi automatic firearm that has a place to put your hand forward of the action as an assault weapon. Should this law pass it would outlaw all semi auto rifles and shotguns. Here in New Jersey a bill like this is just rubber stamped since we are out numbered 3/1 by anti gun voters. Houston we have a problem.

      2. You can submit anything to the state for the ballot if you have enough signatures… thats how.

        1. @Robert, You should submit a ballot initiative for term limits on judges, bureaucrats, governors, and legislators. Another good ballot initiative would be the Peoples’ Right to Recall judges, bureaucrats, governors, and legislators. And one sanctioning any business that uses financial leverage, no matter how slight, in an attempt to impact state and federal Civil Rights. What a hobby that would make!

          1. There are already term limits for governors and legislators (and in some states judges also). They are called elections and are held on a regular basis. The REAL problem is that most citizens can’t bother to get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

          2. No schools, no courts, just the gun. And a whole lot of uneducated people shooting each other. Oh, wait. we’ve got that already. seems a few of them are commenting on here too.

            1. Although a couple years older, I am the same as you are. Father, US Army veteran, (help us if we have to send the current breed of candyasses to war), life member of the NRA and FFL holder. Fight we will.

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