Gun Owners of America Statement on Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

No Notoriety Don't Glorify Killers
No Notoriety Don’t Glorify Killers

Springfield, VA – -( Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt stated the following after the tragic shooting at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas:

“Everyone at Gun Owners of America grieves with those who lost loved ones. Our prayers go out for families of those affected. It’s heartbreaking to see innocent lives lost.

“Sadly, the media is focused on this shooting, and they continue to do so because they will use it to advance their gun control agenda. Some outlets are continuing to cite the fake number of mass shootings in 2018, which was refuted by The Washington Post after the tragic Parkland shooting.

“Unhappily, the mainstream media has ignored potential mass shootings that were stopped by armed personel, such as the school resource officers who stopped shooters in Maryland and Illinois.

“Gun Owners of America remains firmly committed to protecting our Second Amendment rights and urges Congress to pass the ‘Safe Students Act’ to repeal gun-free schools, and for Texas to pass Constitutional Carry.”

Erich Pratt, or another Gun Owners of America spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Newsroom.

Gun Owners of America

About Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no compromise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul.

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The justifications given during these debates do not help the cause. Reminding people that other massacres were carried out using handguns makes it more likely they will be included in any new attempts at restrictions. Reminding people that we need weapons for government resistance efforts, unfortunately paints you as a paranoid lunatic. We need to keep reminding people that law abiding citizens, that comply with all current conditions, have the right to own whatever they want. If you want to own a tiger, submarine, castle, machine gun, rocket car are all possible. As long as they are owned/used responsibly. Better… Read more »

Dr. Pat Hayes

Want to stop all the shootings……get rid of ALL DEMOCRATS!!!

Dr. Hayes

Want to stop all the shootings……get rid of ALL DEMOCRATS!!!


Can we do that by shooting AT Democrats? At least until sanity is returned to this country’s political leadership…

** Don’t get your panties in a wad… that statement was (at least partially) in sarcastic jest. **

Don Smith

Yep. What Douglas said.

Mark John Walkker

God filled, righteous people whom love and cherish humanity and life, (the living in Christ Jesus) they do not need laws. They know what is right, and what is wrong. That is a a FACT. Laws written by man are for the Godless. Many a fool (scribes) of today, do in fact continue to write these laws, for the lawless. These are known as the “Reprobates”. Have a look see for yourself. Written so very long ago. And here we are…This has been going on for thousands of years. The days of the wk, dates on the Gregorian Calendar, the… Read more »


Laws merely prescribe punishment for wrongdoing. Laws do not in any way prevent wrongdoing.

[That is an absolute and immutable truth, and nothing (and no one) can (or ever will) change that fact… despite stupid Liberal arguments to the contrary.]


Gun laws, There are 111 pages ,and counting, in N.Y.S. 110 and counting should be thrown OUT along with the people who wrote them.


Agreed! If what I have read is correct, there are OVER 2,000 gun laws which LIMIT the Second Amendment on the books. How many laws are on the books to LIMIT the First Amendment? ONE? – – Do not yell FIRE in a large assembly!


Nope. Even that is misleading. Simply making the statement is NOT, by itself, illegal. The founding fathers all agreed (as has the Supreme Court) that punishment is only meted out if – IF – harmful consequences result. Only harm (not words alone) is prosecuted. Example… if I were to inaccurately yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater (for instance), and all the people simply looked around and saw no smoke, and no one panicked – they simply told me to shut up and then continued to watch the movie – I would not be arrested for simply making that statement. The… Read more »




The simple solution does not exist, but the best start on reducing the affects of a mass shooting is to have everyone who wishes to be armed is armed 24 hours of the day, no matter where they are. No “gun free zones” ANYWHERE. We need to address the morals issues plaguing the country, not the gun control issue.


All that and reverse the indoctrination inflicted by “publik eddykashun” over the last fifty years. We are experiencing the results of that deliberate and incremental attack on our values and history.


Hello Friends! Let’s have some clarity – A prohibition against civilian ownership of “traditional” firearms for law abiding citizens is a wholly un-American position. The absurdity comes from the absolute refusal to make or recognize the need for a different set of rules for “military grade” semi-automatic assault rifles. What’s the difference? There are mechanical grey lines for sure, but as a wise man once said about pornography “it’s hard to define, but I know it when I see it.” (Please, no comments that an AR is merely a scary looking Rem 700, it insults all our intelligence). Somehow, full… Read more »


Sir, (Paul) it sounds to like you are still condoning the ban of military firearms for civilian use. In the first place you should research and find out the true purpose of the second amendment. That amendment to the constitution was so that the PEOPLE would posses equal or better arms than the government army, That means, if you can afford it, you are allowed to own it. The 1968 Gun Control Act was modeled on the Nazi Gun Control Act of 1938. It had nothing to do with protecting the people but to disarm them. I am sorry that… Read more »


@Paul First don’t call your adversaries friends because you know you are not our friend. Next, you spout about owning a lot of guns but don’t need an AR but I need to remind you that this one did not involve an AR, it involved the types of guns you say you have. Lastly, you can write paragraphs about all this but it is very obvious you are as full of sh!t as a Christmas turkey and as snowflake as they come. Go pester someone else, we are on to you. Does it make you giggle when someone replies to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@tcat, nice of him to figure out, for me, what I need and don’t need.


The founding fathers were all adamant (see Federalist Papers, etc) that citizens MUST have access to weapons “suitable for war.” The 1968 Gun Control Act – among others – is in absolute violation of the founders’ specific intent… it is thus unconstitutional. Period.

Next discussion…

Wild Bill

@Paultroon, We have read, heard, and rejected all your propaganda before. Your writing is replete with old gun ban notions and recently coined gun ban phrases, which give you away for the low level disinformation specialist that you are. For example: Military grade weapons. This recently coined phrase implies much but is in fact empty. The world’s militaries do not limit themselves to semiautomatic weapons. And the weapons of the United States armed services are all provided by the lowest bidders.
How much do you get paid per response, Paultroon?


I guess we need to count Beretta 9mm and sig 320s as “military grade” weapons… It’s not like every weapon out there has roots as a gun carried by the military if it wasn’t specifically carried by them. I love how the assault weapon ban exempts the ranch rifle by name but bans the AR. The guns are identical in they are semi auto,detachable mag,and shoot 223 ammo. The only thing that makes an AR more effective than some guns is the detachable mag it has but so does every semi auto pistol ever made and you can stick those… Read more »

Wild Bill

If the anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights crowd gets away with banning so called “military grade” anything then everything will become military grade all of a sudden. This is just another made up propaganda phrase to use in obtaining power. Then there won’t be any limits on government.


Wild Bill did you notice that Paultroon shoots “dear”, maybe the FBI need to talk to him. He said there was no correlation between shooting kids and abortion and I think age is the most prominent factor. At the end he says he knows we all agree with him. I do agree with him that he is located right under a pigs tail, or Hogg.


He is located right under a hogg with the tea bag his mouth. He’s mumbling.; )


– I disagree! After they ban “military grade” semi-automatic rifles what’s next? This is incremental destruction of the 2nd Amendment. It all started with the Gun Control of 1968. I was already walking this planet when they foisted that one on the American people.


The highest casualty school shooting was Virginia Tech and only handguns were used. Semi-automatic rifles are the most rarely used weapons in the event of a murder. And if you know a little about recent gun laws there already was a federal assault weapons ban for 10 years and it did not prevent any school shootings. In fact, school shootings spiked drastically after the assault weapons ban of 1994. States that still have assault weapons bans are not seeing any decrease in school shootings whatsoever. It appears that a shotgun was used in this school shooting, which is a devastating… Read more »

Ed Cargill

Who the hell are you to dictate what choices I make in weaponry? It is you who do not understand the difference between a military grade M-4 and a civilian AR-15. When I was in the military I took training in communist block weapons. I found the AK-47 to be a superior weapon of war than our counterpart, the M-16A1. Yet no one has said a word about these or the ” ranch rifle” which in caliber is the same as an AR-15,but is in its appearance patterned after the M-14 also a superior weapon to the M-16 & AR-15.… Read more »


I would like to suggest the substitution of “conventional” in place of your chosen “traditional”.

Missouri Born

Hey Paul how many kids will be tucked into bed tonight that their mothers had them aborted at planned parenthood?


When do we hold the parents responsible.
As the news reported the SantaFe shooter used his father’s guns.
I feel gun safety in the house is as important as in the field.
Texas has laws in place of accessibility of firearms of minors in the house.
So many school shooters have simply walked out of there home with weapons.


When are they going to blame the students who tormented this kid and made him a loner why is nobody talking about that !!!!

Leon Measures

We grieve for Santa Fe Texas. EVIL is among us! We need to be prepared to meet evil with deadly force. Train and arm some of the faculty, advertise the fact, and evil will go to a “This is a gun free area.” Whatever became of common sense?


Common sense is only “common” to those who actually HAVE it. Which leaves the Liberals out, entirely.


God bless and comfort the survivors of this tragedy. The Texas authorities are enacting ways to stop the nuts from getting into schools and they are being proactive on safety programs. Not like the Florida shooting where they immediately blamed the gun and enacted laws accordingly. Hats off to Texas for using sense in dealing with this tragedy.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, And no one jumped to blaming the inanimate object for the tragedy, either. This kid has been caught, will get a fair trial and what ever the proper result may be.
haying going well. must run


Wild Bill… The specific “inanimate objects” in this case are causing the Liberals and their Media propaganda outlets a real conundrum. The firearms used were a shotgun and a .38 Special revolver – NOT semi-auto rifle and pistol – which puts the Liberals’ in an untenable position. They must either remain silent about this particular shooting incident (which makes their eyes bulge, their tongues fuzzy, and their teeth itch!) or they must publicly admit that their end plan actually IS confiscation of all firearms, after all [but they do not yet have sufficient public/political support to do so]. I pity… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘You can not legislate against a madman’ – Winston Churchill. Nice try; no cigar.


AND the fake superthing spews a load once more.


GOD BLESS ALL OF THOSE WHO WERE AFFECTED BY THIS INCIDENT. If we had politicians and school administrators that were really concerned about the children instead of their damn salaries this type of incident would be few and far between. The normal citizen is afraid to look or say something because they may get sued. Can any amount of money replace the child lost to this type of activity NO. So get off your butts and REQUIRE those who can make a difference DO SO. We started by electing an American for president in 2016 so let us continue and… Read more »


The fact that this American is someone you can be proud of is one scary thought. History will judge him to be the weak, lying, incompetent imbecile that he is and his supporters the duped fools that they are.

Clark Kent

You mean Obozo?

VT Patriot

Still upset that hil LIAR y didn’t get the election. If she had, we wouldn’t be on this site.
Why are you?
Did your ‘security puppy’ die? or did you kill it?


Your sneer is dripping.

The fact that President Trump is neither a career corruptocrat politician nor a member in good standing of the globalist (socialist) elite rankles you? The fact that he’s carried through on so many of his campaign promises in spite of opposition from the bureaucracy, judiciary, and both parties in congress irritates you?

You’d rather have a return of “o”boy, a hildabeast presidency, or perhaps a rino in the mold of mccain?


I know one thing that won’t be advanced – the ages of these children.

Tonight, lets all make sure we tuck our AR-15s into bed. Perhaps read it a nice book. Clearly, these things are more important and loved than our children.

We all will be judged by our actions. Evil wins when good men (and women) do nothing.

A. White

That’s exactly a ‘Sheople’ thing to say. Baaaahhhh!!!!!


I guess; so tell me – where is the Shepard protecting the flock? Don’t look now, but there are hundreds of dead kids scattered across our country. Someone is not doing their job. And the someone is us, the adults, the parents.

Whatever, 3 week’s from now there will be another dozen dead kids; and a week after that maybe 10; and a month later maybe 27; and on and on and on. Sleep well.


Open your liberal eyes!
This president has done what he said he was going to do. (What got him elected)
OB could not up empyement in 8 years after following Clinton’s 4 years. Magically Trump did it in a year.
PS all races benefited


You are correct.

Let’s pull down the “Gun Free Zones”. Now and start saving lives. Let’s stop glorifying the shooter and get his name and photo, off the sir.

ALL of which is PROVEN to push the next shooting. Create legislation that will financially hurt news agencies that repeat the killers name, after the first day. Presently over 21,000 gun laws on the books and counting.


Terri: Out of pure curiosity, where did you get your 21,000 gun laws number? I have been searching for how many ILLEGAL ANTI-Second Amendment laws exist.

Richard L

This being a “Gun Free” zone. Why do you ask stupid questions?

Ansel Hazen

Absolutely correct Paul. And who to blame? Folks like you who think the gun is to blame. The real problem here is gutless legislators and gutless school employees. We need to END GUN FREE ZONES!!! (As well as throw Joe Biden in jail for his 1990 legislation creating them) School personnel who won’t carry a gun to protect their kids shouldn’t be allowed to teach. Kick them out and replace them with teachers that have the guts to stand up and stop the evil when it starts. If we do that it won’t be very long at all before this… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Paultroon, I think that you are saying that it is the adults’ and parents’ job to protect children from deadly threats. So is that just in the home or out in public, too? Is that twenty-four hours per day or just school hours? Wouldn’t armed adults and parents out in all of the public, 24/7/365 per day be the best way to give children the protection that you advocate?

VT Patriot

Paul, and how are adults, parents etc. supposed to ‘do their job’? Offer cookies and milk to the maniac that brought a shotgun and revolver into school? Tell you what, I’ll bake the cookies, and you an bring them to this poor, angelic kid that seems to have lost his way. I’ll watch from a block away and cheer you on.



As long as there are “gun free zones” there will be massacres of those who are disarmed by governmental fiat, done by those who ignore such niceties as law.


So far, the “shepherds” are prevented from protecting the flock by “gun-free zone” legislation (unconstitutional legislation, but for practical purposes enforceable at state level) that was enacted by retarded Liberal politicians. And yes, as long as those laws remain on the books MORE dead children are indeed in our country’s future. You are quite correct that adults (especially parents) must “do their job.” Elect sane and honest politicians who will correct the laws, elect responsible school boards who will provide active (not passive) school security, and become responsibly armed to actively protect your family members… all of which would inarguably… Read more »


Hey Paul. In those 3 weeks there also will be about 150,000 (on aveage) violent crimes prevented by the use of a gun. This stat from the CDC report that osamabama squelched for 8 years.


Paul….. What an idiot you are! You would not ackowlledge truth if it hit you in the face.

James Merritt

He did not use an AR-15, or even a semi-automatic rifle. He used a shotgun and a revolver that he stole from his
dad. The Gun Free Zone did not work, it never does. Gun control will never work because only law abiding people
obey the law. Criminals don’t care about the law. The shotgun and the revolver did not load themselves, they did
not take themselves to school, they did not aim themselves and pull their own trigger!!! Stop blaming the tool for what
an evil person did.


You need an optorectomy – it will improve your sh!ty outlook.

Vincent Brady

We, as good men, can do nothing because the law says it is a gun free zone. Good men obey the law and can only teach our children how to survive. The evil is the 1990 gun free zone law that put targets on our children’s backs and accounts for 98% of the mass shootings!


I know one thing that won’t be advanced – the ages of these children.

Tonight, make sure you all safely tuck in your AR-15s in bed. Perhaps read it a nice story. Clearly, these things are more precious than our children.

We all will be judged by our actions. Evil wins when good people do nothing.

A. White


Wild Bill

@A. White, The Paultroon is only a libtard socialist, if he is not proud of a president that thinks of Americans first. As to weak, lying,incompetent imbeciles, the Paultroon has no accomplishments to point to, thus he is less than weak, lying, incompetent and imbecilic. All he has is an unfounded opinion.

Elm Creek Smith

The shooter in Santa Fe, Texas used a shotgun and a .38 Special revolver, not an AR15. Since you can’t blame your boogie man, who or what will you blame?

Clark Kent

Nothing more important than passing on my Constitutional rights to my kids and grandkids. We will all be judged by our actions. Focus on the OPERATOR, not the OBJECT. Evil wins when clueless people do the wrong things. P.S. ‘You can not legislate against a madman’ – Winston Churchill.


Son, there are few people who I’ve heard that almost get it like you do.
Where do these murders take place?
In areas were people like you stop people like me from protecting our familys and our kids. An ar 15 is just a hunk of metal unless there’s a finger to pull the trigger. I’ll tuck my kids in with the knowledge that I have ample means to protect them.

Douglas Kuykendall

Well this fruit didn’t use an ar15,so I don’t know why you would even bring that up,unless you’re an liberal snowflake.The POS used an 870 rem(That is a pump action) in case you didn’t know,also a 38 revolver.The Liberals started all this shit in the late sixties an it has only gotten worse.They took prayer out of the schools and anywhere else they could do away with it. You beat your kids ass they holler child abuse.They taught them to disrespect their country,parents an all elders.Look at all the tv shows that kids disrespect their parents and elders.Even some of… Read more »