Heizer PKO-45 Named to American Rifleman’s Editor’s Picks ~ VIDEO

Heizer PKO-45 Handgun
Heizer PKO-45 Handgun

Pevely, MO – -(Ammoland.com)- Heizer Defense, known for their innovative line of powerful pocket pistols, is pleased to announce that the PKO-45 was recently included in American Rifleman's Editor's Picks for 2018.

Heizer was honored to be included in the Editor's Picks list for 2018. “To be recognized by a respected publication like American Rifleman is quite an honor,” says Eric Polkis of Heizer Defense. “We are thrilled that the PKO-45 made such a positive impression.”

Heizer's PKO-45 is an innovative pistol built thin and light, making it perfect for concealed carry. With a 0.8″ wide flat profile, the PKO-45 features a fixed barrel and weighs about 25 ounces. It has a USA Aerospace stainless steel frame and barrel with five-round flush fit or seven-round extended magazines.

You can see the Editor's Pick listing for the PKO-45 here.


Heizer DefenseAbout Heizer Defense

Heizer Defense is an affiliate company to Heizer Aerospace, which manufactures fracture-critical components for aerospace companies, NASA and the military. Established in 1962, Heizer Defense Engineers apply this same military technology to create high quality firearms.

For more information on Heizer Defense, visit www.heizerdefense.com.

  • 10 thoughts on “Heizer PKO-45 Named to American Rifleman’s Editor’s Picks ~ VIDEO

    1. This is most definitely an up close last chance to live till dinner time gun. It most likely kicks like a mule. I have a Double Tap .45acp and it will bite you when it goes bang, but I believe that if and when the time comes that I need it to survive that I will not even know it went bang, much like when you shoot at that nice buck and don’t feel the recoil and maybe not even the noise. When someone has you on the ground and is kicking or pummeling you, that’s when these guns come in to use. My Double Tap isn’t my primary gun it is my back up last ditch chance to survive gun. Fits nicely in a belly band, or ankle holster. the belly band, being in my opinion, the best for use when driving, as you can leave one button on your shirt undone and it is right there for car jackers or other attacks while seated and seat belted in a car.

    2. Now, if Heizer Defense would design their firearms to look like garage door openers, wallets, smart phones, pocket Bibles, or other flat things that a person normally carries and incorporate a push button trigger, then they would have something! There could be a market for single shot, disposable, .45 caliber lip stick containers, juice boxes, mittens and thermos bottles as soon as the next election cycle is over.
      Long stem rose box shotguns, .17 caliber umbrellas rifles, single shot .45s dressed up as a snickers bar in a proper wrapper.

    3. I believe the magazine is only for storage on the extra rounds that have to be manually inserted/removed for each “single shot” firing… Fits the folding credit card gun in the nitche of NOT FOR DEADLY GUNFIGHTS ! I wonder how much the editor was paid to name this the “Editors Pick”…

    4. Did I miss something? Pic caption says “single shot”, while text mentions 5 and 7 shot magazines??

    5. They could have found a better guy to play the customer then the dummy on the left. wow, , wow, makes sense, what a slob.

      1. Agreed. I learned the hard way with no one around to teach me. Small pistol = great in theory. I’m much happier with full size guns.

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