MKS Supply, Hi-Point Firearms & Inland Mfg. Refuse to Sell to Dicks Sporting Goods

Dick Sporting Goods Boycot Bans Ar 15 Rifles
MKS Supply, Hi-Point Firearms & Inland Mfg. Refuse to Sell to Dicks Sporting Goods

DAYTON, OH, –-( MKS Supply, LLC, exclusive marketer for American-made Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing, values the customers that it proudly serves and the God-given freedoms that they enjoy. Because the right to keep and bear arms was recognized by our founding fathers to be a fundamental right, they ensured its protection under the Second Amendment.

Just as we show our commitment to our customers by standing behind our products, we believe it is equally important to show our commitment to our customers by standing behind their Second Amendment rights.

In recent months, Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field and Stream retail stores unrelated to Field & Stream Magazine, have shown themselves, in our opinion, to be no friend of Americans’ Second Amendment.

  • We believe that refusing to sell long guns to adults under age 21, while many young adults in our military are not similarly restricted, is wrong.
  • We believe that villainizing modern sporting rifles in response to pressure from uninformed, anti-gun voices is wrong.
  • We believe that hiring lobbyists to oppose American citizens’ freedoms secured by the Second Amendment is wrong.

Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field and Stream, in purportedly doing all of these things, have demonstrated that they do not share our values.

MKS Supply, Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing are standing by the American people by refusing any further sales to Dick’s Sporting Goods & Field and Stream stores.

We are proud of our products, we are proud of our customers, and we are especially proud of the freedoms secured by our great U.S. Constitution. We are committed to all

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Todd A Williams

As with people as well as businesses, you have the freedom to choose to do what ever you want to do but what you don’t have is the freedom to choose the consequences.

Ron Phil

Very well put. Hopefully Dick’s and all companies they are a part of are boycotted. Putting every last CEO decision maker out of a job.


Good choice. Sometimes it’s not about making more money, it’s standing up for what is right. No company, especially a national one, should try to leverage their faith or believes on us. Unless Dick’s shoots from the hip and makes company wide decisions in “panic” during staged events, this was nothing more than an attempt that backfired hugely to make them seem like “the good guy” and get something publicly accepted for all of the other companies to follow. I’m glad the public has made our stance clear.


I hope every firearms manufacturer refuses to sell to Dick’s. e also need EVERY supplier, even fishing lure companies to do the same. These guys don’t buy direct from the manufacturers, they buy from the distributors. It is these distributors we need to put the pressure on.

Ron Phil

Very well put. Hopefully Dick’s and all companies they are a part of are boycotted. Putting every last CEO decision maker out of a job.


Looks to me like Ed Stack will end up holding his Dick’s! I hope the shareholders loose their collective a$$e$ on their shares of stock!

American Patriot

Let’s just hear about who IS still selling to Dicks & Field & Stream and put pressure on those folks.


We sell almost every type of firearm at Gander Outdoors (relation in name Gander Mountain), our prices are excellent. We support the 2A and the Constitution. We will be selling suppressors in about six months. That should make the liberals heads explode.


I own two Hi Point firearms and love them.
I messed up my pistol, and called the factory to send it back for repairs.I wanted an estimate for the repairs.
I told the guy there that the problem was MY FAULT, and he just kept telling me “send it back” !!
They fixed it for free, test fired it to be sure it was fixed, then send me a free mag for my touble……


I will never spend a penny at Dick’s sporting goods again!!!!!!



Marc DV.

Every Manufacture out there sooner ,
or later is going to Quit selling to DICKs.
So How about No More Who’s not selling ,
to Dicks articles ! We’re getting tired of them !
Yes some newcomers will get their first glimps
of whats happening. But enough is enough !
So Dicks,,,,,Just get it over with and file bankruptcy

Johnny B

I’ve bought at Dick’s twice, a Mossberg 500 and some ammo. Never been a big fan of them and will never darken the door there AGAIN. Hope they enjoy the ‘profitability” of turning customers away. Liberal morons…


HOOOO-RAY !!!!!!!
Everyone should get far away from Dicks, and never return…

Howard Luken

Wow, lot’s of comments on this one. I never bought diddly from Dick’s or Field and Stream or any other of these big chains because they’re all way overprices selling chinese made crap to dumb people. Look closely at many items at these stores and you will find gobs of crap that simply have a fancy label on them. Identical stuff can be had at Walmart or discount places. It all comes from the same damn factories in china and elsewhere. The hysteria around gun control versus gun rights has been artificially created by a certain tribe who own everything… Read more »

Bruce Godown

Great decision on boycotting Dicks. I have a hipoint 9mm carbine and love it. I have contacted high point on a couple of occasions about some questions I had about the rifle and your representatives have always been a pleasure to deal with and are a asset to your company. You’re website is easy to use and you don’t charge for shipping

Hugh Bennrtt

I wish to remind misty rivers that by federal and state law any conviction of a year and a day means the loss of the right to vote and possess a gun. There is a few processes to clear wrongful convictions. To Mr. Watson the courts have so far upheld the rights of refusal of service on religious grounds,
but the fourth federal district court in San Francisco tried to rule as the British courts did and got over ruled. Please remember to educate your self and vote.


Dick’s are Dicks. Never bought there, never will.


Dick’s failed Business 101.When you are in the business of retail, you sell to anybody that is legally qualified to buy your product. There are only two kinds of people in retail, Green’s and Red’s. Greens buy and Reds return. If you say that only certain kinds of Greens can buy based on your opinion, then you are being retarded, and you should not be in retail. Dick’s is headed for bankruptcy because of very retarded leadership.

Jeffrey Parry

Field and stream said they were going to destroy their ar 15s. Are they going to turn around and claim a loss on there taxes for destroying them so they get paid for them by the government.

Donald Baker

That would be tax fraud. They need to be monitored and reported to the IRS

Gary Fowler

Never DICKS again.

Douglas Kuykendall

They need to do the same thing to Walmart,They are just as guilty

Peter J Hammond

Soon the only thing Dicks will be selling is Yeti coolers! MAGA!!!

Missouri Born

If the owners of Dick’s are going to be that close minded then they should get completely out of the firearm and ammunition business and stick to selling to soccer moms and kids.
Leave the big boy toys to other retailers who appreciate their customers and have stayed away from political correctness.


I don’t normally endorse boycotts. Businesses are free to make whatever decisions they choose. However, Dick’s took it to another level of disdain and doubled down when they hired three anti-gun PR people. That’s the proverbial straw that…..well, you know. Now I do endorse a boycott on them for everything, not a battery, pair of tennis shoes, basketball, nothing. If we ALL stick together we can make them go the way of the pony express – – out of town with nothing left but a cloud of dust where they used to be. An added benefit is demonstrating to the… Read more »

John Mark McNair

My local Dick’s never had anything I ever needed to begin with. The only time I bought anything there was when I received a gift card for there and was not very pleased with the purchase. I decided when they first showed their true colors(democrat blue with a yellow stripe in the back) that I would never set foot in the door again!


Thank you Hi-Point Dick’s is way overpriced Sporting Goods store anyway! Never shopped there myself anyway! Just recently purchased 2 of your Firearms the 9mm carbine which is awesome and the 45 automatic handgun just fired them both Tuesday carbine very very accurate. And this comment is coming from a Ruger man all my life still have them but I will continue to shoot Hi-Point.


Some businesses “get it” . . . as for those who continue to do business with Dick’s, the gun-buying public should avoid their products, WHEREVER they’re sold. Perhaps Ammoland should step up and publish a list of gun companies who continue to sell to Dick’s?


Dicks is off my list!!

Matt in Oklahoma

Good for them. Now everyone need to stop buying from them.

Wild Bill

@MiO, I agree. The AntiSecond Amendment crowd has invented the technique of using financial pressure to eliminate Constitutional Rights. We need to make an example of Dicks and Citibank so that other businesses see that nothing but bad will happen to them, if they do what the left wants them to do.

Paul A Robbins

Thank you for standing up for our 2nd amendment righys. I no longer shop there myself.


I’ll consider a Hi-Point for my next purchase. I will not consider Dicks or Field and Stream for any future purchases.

Misty Rivers

Cry me a river. There are other manufacturers. If you support the second amendment then why aren’t you fighting for non violent convicted felons that have had their rights taken away?

Tim Cox

because the law says convicted felons lose some of their rights because they committed a felony, simple solution, don’t commit a felony, Hi point is simply stopping sales to a company that dosnt want to support the 2nd which is their right same as hi point has a right to not wholesale to them same as I don’t want to do business at Dicks even though it probably will not effect their bottom line it makes me fell that I am doing my part for what I believe in

Mike Clement

Absolutely, I am so glad to see manufacturers standing up for our rights and pushing back against these whiny liberals! It is time they learn that their dumb decisions to appease the 1 percent is going to hurt them.


Edward Stack owns 59 percent of this worthless company. So he can make stupid decisions all day long. Tell your friends not to shop at Dick’s. Post on social media. High prices and do not support the Constitution.


Boycott Dick’s. It is as simple as it gets. This is especially true for their Field and Stream stores.


If you believe in in the Constitution, don’t buy anything from Dick’s ever. You have that right. Big liberal corporate leaders do have the right to make choices for themselves but nor their share holders or customers. So let them know that you object by buying products elsewhere. When the CEO BONUS GETS AXED due to poor sales that will surely send the message. The bonus is all they really care about.

Take back the country you once knew!


Bye-Bye dicks.


I firmly agree with your decision. As a business you reserve the right to sell to whom you wish for whatever reason. I do caution business to carefully consider the purpose of being a business before involving politics into business. Companies exist to make money by providing products that citizens are willing to buy. By doing so they provide jobs to citizens and economic growth to their country. When business engage in politics they risk alienating customers and putting their reason for existing at risk. However, in the end it may be to business’s interest in getting involved in certain… Read more »

Don Watson

Hi John,
I would agree with you 100% but I am reminded of a case in the UK last year. A Christian couple owned a bakery and was asked to make a cake for a gay couple, they refused on their grounds of being Christians.

They were prosecuted in Court on the grounds of discrimination against the gay couple and were found guilty.
We live in sad times.

Scott Bocci

That happened to a couple in Oregon too. They lost their business and everythinv they had worked for.