Sturm Ruger Shareholders Vote to Create Gun Violence Report

Ruger Redhawk Revolver 357 Magnum with Beautiful Wood Stocks
Ruger Redhawk Revolver 357 Magnum with Beautiful Wood Stocks

U.S.A.-( Sturm Ruger shareholders voted Wednesday to require the gun makers board of directors to create a report “on the company’s activities related to gun safety measures and the mitigation of harm associated with gun products,” according to internal Sturm Ruger documents.

The board of directors must provide “evidence of monitoring of violent events” that are associated with the sale of their firearms along with methods of producing safer guns. The report must also address the companies “reputational and financial risks related to gun violence in the U.S.”

Colleen Scanlon, senior vice president and chief advocacy officer for Catholic Health Initiatives, pushed for the study. Catholic Health Initiatives is a major shareholder in American Outdoor Brands which is the parent company of Sturm Ruger.

“We as shareholders are saying that gun violence is significant enough that you, as a gun company, need to address what your responsibility to gun safety is,” Scanlon told CNNMoney.

Catholic Health Initiatives along with 11 other religious organizations that own stock in Sturm Ruger drafted the proposal. The board of directors and the CEO, Christopher Killoy, of Sturm Ruger were not happy with the proposal suggesting that the shareholders were not acting in the best interest of the company, but he stated that Sturm Ruger would fulfill the request.

“The proposal requires Ruger to prepare a report, that’s it, a report,” Killoy told the shareholders at their annual meeting. “The shareholders have spoken, and we will follow through on our obligation to prepare that report in due course.”

“What the proposal does not and cannot do is to force us to change our business, which is lawful and constitutionally protected,” he said.

Killoy went as far as claiming the proposal was the work of the anti-gun lobby that wants to shut down the gun industry. He was worried about the backlash that the study would have on Sturm Ruger.

“What [the report] does not do and cannot do is force us to adopt misguided principles created by groups, who do not own guns, know nothing about our business and frankly would rather see us out of business,” Killoy told the shareholder at the meeting. “The proposal also cannot change what Ruger is about and what we stand for.”

Scanlon also would like to see Sturm Ruger focus on smart gun technology. She spoke about the gunshot wounds that hospitals treat in the Catholic Health Initiatives network. She believes smart gun technology would cut down on criminals getting guns although she did not address how new technology would be used to prevent criminals from getting gun.

Critics of the smart gun technology argue that it is cost prohibitive and doesn’t work. They say that a malfunction at a critical time could cost innocent lives instead of saving them.

This study isn’t the first time Sturm Ruger found itself on the anti-gun side of the debate. Back in 1989 Ruger pushed for a federal magazine size limit. The company at the time was under the control of Bill Ruger.

William B. Ruger
William B. Ruger

The best way to address the firepower concern is therefore not to try to outlaw or license many millions of older and perfectly legitimate firearms (which would be a licensing effort of staggering proportions) but to prohibit the possession of high capacity magazines,” Bill Ruger said in a letter to Congress. “By a simple, complete and unequivocal ban on large capacity magazines, all the difficulty of defining ‘assault rifle’ and ‘semi-automatic rifles’ is eliminated. The large capacity magazine itself, separate or attached to the firearm, becomes the prohibited item. A single amendment to Federal firearms laws could effectively implement these objectives.

Bill Ruger left the company in 2000 and died in 2002. This time it looks like it is more of the shareholders using their power to push forward an anti-gun agenda than the company itself. The Catholic Health Initiatives and the other groups seem to be acting as a fifth column within the share holder’s group.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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I didn’t leave the Catholic Church … it left me … and it’s been a long gradual process. I was privileged to be on the flight line at Andrews AFB when Pope John Paul arrived. Back then, I was a rock solid Catholic and he was my personal hero. It seems to me that the Catholic Church was at its absolute Zenith back then. Today, I hardly recognize what used to be my Church. If you know anyone who has (retired military) Tri Care Plus, I may need advice to find a new provider. I pay a pretty penny for… Read more »


You’ve got to be kidding me!

Duane A. Webb

So, Colleen Scanlon is the problem.

Pete Wheeler

You cant blame ruger these comments are ignorant. You got killroy saying that he does not support it and will not change and who says what type of report will be put forth have a little faith bill ruger doesnt run the company all you guys bitching bout ruger probably has 20 smith and wessons with hillary holes so misguided


When did it come about that a religious organization could gamble with moneys that come to them through the collection plate. The Catholic Health Initiative has strayed from the original meaning and purpose of religion. When you add that to the pedifiles and other misgivings maybe the Catholic Church should step back and look at their position as a parishioner would.

Clark Kent

What are ‘pedifiles’? Maybe you should step back and look at a dictionary.


Back to your closet clark, you forgot to zip up your pants.


Colonial Girl we haven’t heard from you in quite a while so I assume you were not available or you got enough of the trolls.
I think you need to rethink your reply to C.K. I heard he doesn’t wear any pants and they keep him locked up most of the time so he can’t get near any little girls. What a waist of air space, typing space and phone booth space. In fact he totally without value.

Wild Bill

Hey CG, long time no hear from. Welcome back.

Paul cormier

Maybe you should return to the planet Kypton CLARK Kent !


Religious groups, churches, unions, non-profits, and all types of organizations invest the money in their trusts or similar assets to grow those funds. There is nothing illegal or unethical in doing so. The issue that comes up is when one of these groups intentionally uses a large stock share to force the company into action that is highly likely to adversely impact the company, particularly when it appears this is done for purely political purposes.


It would not surprise me in the least if these groups bought large shares of stock in Ruger and other publically traded gun companies for the express purpose of doing these sorts of stunts.


Zackley…. I believe you hit that nail right on the head !

Mark Woodward

“Back in 1989 Ruger pushed for a federal magazine size limit. The company at the time was under the control of Bill Ruger.”

That’s the EXACT reason that I’ve NEVER purchased and WILL NEVER purchase ANYTHING produced by Ruger. Bill Ruger was a sellout to the cause and attempted to exempt Hi-Cap mags for the Mini-14 from the proposed ban. GOOD RIDDANCE to him, he was a subversive pox on the firearms industry!!!

Clark Kent

Now THAT will show them! NOT!

John Dunlap

Bill Ruger has gone under. It’s a very different company today, like the transitions Smith & Wesson went through.

Mark E Woodward

Bill Ruger “dirtied the diaper” of his company forever by proving he was little more than the typical gun banner who had a big financial stake in saying what the Libtards wanted to hear just to save his sorry ass and company. Now that he’s assumed room temperature and is taking the “long dirt nap”, if the ‘Tards destroyed his company tomorrow I personally wouldn’t consider it to be any big loss and probably his much deserved comeuppance. Nor do I buy S&W anymore since their sellout or Springfield products since they continue to saw the bayo lug off all… Read more »

John Dunlap

You must have a lot of antiques in your gun cabinet. I literally can’t think of a publicly traded company that hasn’t engaged in some sort of PC virtue signaling at some point, usually because the officers are terrified of the shareholders’ reaction to profit fluctuations. A few have questionable origins or associations (the three founders of HK were all designers at Mauser Oberndorf in the late 1920’s. There is no further record of them until after the war, when they surfaced around 1950 making appliances, and shortly after received permission from the provisional government to make arms for the… Read more »


The two “choices” at that time were either limit the mags OR have the semi autos banned completely. The government demanded SOMETHING ! The mag limit WAS in reality the only way to go, the guns could still be produced and marketed by ALL manufacturers. A weapon with a 10 round mag is far better than a 30 rounder and nothing to put it in. You can say what you want and such, but Bill Ruger actually did us all a huge favor, as bad as it obviously was taken by some, we wouldn’t have what we have now without… Read more »


That would be Luke 22:36 by the way.



Florida John

Not often that I am compelled to respond with a correction, but Sturm Ruger is a independent stockholder-owned corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol RGR). I should know as I own some shares. American Outdoor Brands is the new corporate name of Smith and Wesson Holding, traded on the NASDAQ exchange. American Outdoor Brands was adopted as a new name when the company went on a buying spree, acquiring Thompson Center Arms, Crimson Trace, Schrade Knives, and several other black rifle makers. If we want to influence Ruger, buy a few shares of their stock (it has… Read more »


What will they do when their actions ruin the value of the shares they hold. Makes no sense.


Ruger needs to change their bylaws to prevent shareholders from passing resolutions that the management deem are detrimental to the company. Since the horse is out of the barn, Ruger should include every case where a legally armed citizen defended their life with their firearm. This information is readily available. Just google it. Get from the NRA. Get from Freedom of Information Act. It will be a very lengthy report.


The problem with that is the share holders OWN the company. The board serves at the will of the share holders.

Wild Bill

@Bonniesdad, Maybe they will drive down the price of RGR shares and Bonnie can buy some shares to fund her college education.


Bonnie was our little rescue dog who passed away a short while age, just after her 15th birthday. My concern is that this may be a new assault on gun rights from the anti-gun crowd. By buying enough stock in publicly traded gun makers they could essentially cripple manufacturing, or drive prices so high that only the most wealthy (in particular the liberal “elites”) could afford to purchase a gun.

Wild Bill

@Bonniesdad, I am so sorry for your loss. It was noble of you to give her a loving home.


Thank you for your kind words. She was a special girl and we do dearly miss her


I depends how many shares are held by the Executives. They probably have Treasury stock which can be issued to execs as bonuses to increase ownership. Only stupid people give controlling interest to outsiders. Been there, done that.


Ruger has always screwed gun owners and this move puts them squarely in the anti-gun camp. Of course these shareholders are shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak, by forcing their company to report on gun violence. Ruger will always be the first to cave in to demands to limit 2A rights, and produce products that do not enhance safety, but are politically correct. Mark my words that it will be Ruger that will be the first company to produce and market a firearm with smart gun technology and anit-gun LE agencies will grab them up. I own two… Read more »


Alinsky’s strategy was to infiltrate the churches replacing Christian theology with collectivism rooted in their gospel of pragmatism. It’s worked well for them. Suggested book: “Progressivism: Destroying America.” By James Owsteowski. Great understanding of the background of it’s origins and philosophy.

Rob McDermott

“Catholic Health Initiatives is a major shareholder in American Outdoor Brands which is the parent company of Sturm Ruger.”

That’s news to me.


This makes me wonder if this isn’t a new tactic from the left: buy controlling stock in the gun makers and then ruin the companies. This could only work for publicly traded companies, but it is concerning.


It would not surprise me in the least if this was a new tactic.

Bob Daye

Buy shares, you only need one to vote.


Voting is done by the number of shares you hold. If you have one share you get one vote. If you have 10,000 shares you get that many votes.


Sounds like it may be time for Ruger to take some of the extra millions it made during the NomObama era and do a stock buy-back!

Erik Killmonger

Well said. The 2A community needs to develop a financial statergy to deal with this nonsense and several large banks trying to push the antigun agenda. They bastards are messing with my Investment.


Yes, DON’T mess with my Redhawks!

John Dunlap

Some supposedly Christian groups have adopted an unpleasant mixture of pacifism and secular leftist/collectivist ideology. You can’t really call them Christians anymore. It really doesn’t matter what this silly report will say; it is obviously a first step toward forcing the industry to develop and market so called smart gun tech, regardless of the cost or viability, and to force changes in what products can be made available to civilian customers. If the strategy succeeds with Ruger, it will be applied across the industry. I expect that if we want our heritage to survive much longer, gun owners and Constitution… Read more »


John: That May be difficult to do and the best approach may be as mentioned previously, a stock buyback and, eventually, privatization of the company. In the vernacular, this ain’t gonna be easy, but it may be the only way to keep the antis from infiltrating. Of course they could take a note from the NRA playbook on how to close things down so tight that change or a coup is virtually impossible. Say what you want about where they are now, NRA has found a model to keep Wayne, Chris and the power structure elite in place. In any… Read more »

John Dunlap

You’re most likely correct, but how would a buyback be structured? The money has to come from somewhere. There also may be a legislative/regulatory solution. Suppose that church groups which participate in the stock market were to lose their tax exempt status? That might dampen the enthusiasm for this new strategy. Of course, that opens another can of worms, but we’re fighting people who follow the Alinsky playbook, as has been pointed out by others here. We’re going to get some chaos and collateral damage no matter what we do.


Alinsky’s strategy was to infiltrate the churches replacing Christian theology with collectivism rooted in their gospel of pragmatism. It’s worked well for them. Suggested book: “Progressivism: Destroying America.” By James Owsteowski. Great understanding of the background of it’s origins and philosophy.


I’ll keep my 40 year old 10/22 but new Rugers will not be considered. Social justice convergence kills companies.

And how these “investors” are not violating their fiduciary duty to their own owners by deliberating destroying the companies they invest in is incomprehensible.

Get with your legal department Mr. Killoy and figure out how to buy out or disenfranchise these shareholders or take the company private. Otherwise Ruger will be put of the firearms business within the next 5 years.

Clark Kent

Stick to predicting lottery numbers; you will have better luck.