Texas Car Show Killer, the “Security,” “Protection,” & “Safety” Myth ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- From a friend in TX, last week:

“I attended a local car show yesterday.

Without warning, a man drove his car into a group of pedestrians. Many dove out of the way!

One hapless pedestrian was run-over and died at the scene.

The perpetrator then went on to drive into several parked cars.

An off-duty State Trooper, and several others, guns in hand, got the driver out of the car, onto the pavement, and in handcuffs. These heroes probably prevented much additional mayhem!

I saw the man who was struck. There was a tire-track the entire length of his torso. His skull was crushed. His injuries were obviously non-survivable!

Our local (typical) media reported that this culprit had a ‘medical condition.’

Yes, don’t they all!

In fact, he is a convicted felon in state prison, but freshly out on parole. His record includes illegal drug manufacturing, DWI, burglary, et al.

Typical career loser who should have been kept in prison!

As you say, there is no ‘safety.’”


Prisons only “work” when violent felons are kept in them. Every day felons are locked-up is yet another day they aren’t murdering innocent people.

But, we keep shoving them out the door, because turning them loose makes liberal snowflakes “feel so much better”

The foregoing is the predictable result!

“Security,” “protection,” and “safety” are mostly myth, as we see!


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American Patriot

Liberals need to keep the criminals out of prison so they can be violent that way its easier to call for gun confiscation because nobody can be trusted with any weapons except LE, judges, elected politicians oh and Hollywood elite. After all criminals are really just liberals anyway that claim mental health disorder when their caught (like we don’t already know that) to get a free get out of jail card.


Prisoners should definitely be made to work to pay for their incarceration. The taxpayers should not have to foot the bill while the criminal sits in prison doing nothing except learning to be a better criminal in alot of cases. As for the death penalty there are alot of crimes where there is no doubt of guilt. It could be the person admitted to the crime or they were caught red handed on video or some other way. The parkland school shooter would be a perfect candidate for execution. We know he did it so why pay his way for… Read more »


Couple of thoughts: 1) restitution to the individual(s) harmed is currently non-existent. In fact the criminal often reaps financial gain – via book/movie deals or lawsuits against the victim. Not to mention free room and board. 2) As Tionico points out, if we as a society are bearing the costs (incarceration, prosecution costs etc.) we as a (supposedly) civilized society need to have a system in place to recoup at least some of those costs. Road gangs come immediately to mind. Locking the bad guys up serves two purposes a) keeps the bad guys from committing further crimes and b)… Read more »




because the humanists have dictated that, no matter the consequences of one individual’s actions, society will pay the price for his evil action.. by being fleeced for the cost of “prosecution” and incarceration for some arbitrarily established period of time. The perp never reallly pays anything… all HE has to do is wait out his time, perhaps seething with increasing anger and hatred, biding his time till he gets out.. to go do some more evil. That system, as we see daily, does not work. The biblical prescription WORKS….. many wil laugh at the old “eye for an eye tooth… Read more »


Tio… Yes, restitution should indeed be the primary prescription for justice to be served. However, there’s a problem with the current understanding/interpretation of the “eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth” dogma. That doctrine was NOT originally put forth as a requirement. It was initially issued as a limitation. In those biblical times, any response (no matter how severe) to any crime (even a simple insult) was widely considered appropriate. The “eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth” instructions were meant to restrict punishment and make it fit the crime. Under the new paradigm, any punishment for criminal action was to be “appropriate” to the extent of the actual crime,… Read more »

1776 Patriot

There is no security or safety in life that you count on except for that which you provide for yourself. Never has been, never will be. Stay strong, stay vigilant, train well and keep your powder dry.


It’s just suicidal listening to the liberals. They talk and act in a way that puts normal, common sense people in danger constantly. Wanting more illegals for their vote, not caring about all the violent ones that kill or injure American citizens. They don’t have enough common sense to know that the second amendment is the ONLY reason they have a first amendment. If we had no guns we would be dictated to not asked if the government can.
And anyone interested, http://bit.ly/2qTH35o .


Since cars are NOT protected by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, I say let’s outlaw them immediately, then we will get rid of tens of thousands of deaths each year and hundreds of thousands of injuries. Let’s let the brave Berkley clear thinking all American students know of this new anti-car movement right away since they care about lives so much…

Clark Kent

So ex-convicts are not able to have medical conditions? How about dropping the other shoe with some FACTS, John? I will be waiting……


Okay, how about background checks BEFORE you can purchase or rent a car or truck, Clark Kent? Felony conviction? No two or three ton deadly weapon for you! Felony conviction? No driver’s license for you!

I’ll be waiting………..


Clark, Why are you so ready to defend evil? Evil acts driven by medical conditions are no less horrific than those that arent. A man is dead! The perpetrator should have been incarcerated. Mental illness or not.

Marc DV.

The system isn’t perfect but ! ( here it comes ) If The Death Penalty was in Play and Usable for Violent Crimes , It May Stop some of it. Plus we wouldn’t be warehousing these Parasites . ( yeh yeh yeh what if their innocent ) 3yrs from date of conviction (all ya get) to prove otherwise , then Ole Sparky has ya ! Also .. Fentanyl is so deadly (choice drug of most) use it for Lethal Injection or Lethal Inhalation . I understand they use it to cut drugs cause it’s cheap ! So Let them have… Read more »


Zackley ! 100% correct.


Remember the case that’s been making the news; the Golden State Killer? Following your philosophy the guy who was convicted, wrongly, of two of those murders, and who has spent the last FORTY years in prison would have been executed. No coming back from that, no redress, nothing. That should make the case to every single person that we need to outlaw the death penalty. Let them rot in prison for life but NEVER take the chance of executing an innocent person.


Not so. INCLUDED in the justice system would be a method of accountability to those who are involved in wrongly prosecuting innocents. Part of the biblical model was that NO DEATH PENALTY sould be assessed eXCEPT upon the testimony of two or more witnesses WITH CLEAN HANDS. This would preclude the use of “paid informants” who get reduced sentences or leniency for squealing on others. HOW many of those cases have involved false testimony made up to satisfy the requirement they “help” LE convict someone else? Most. AND how’s about dirty prosecutors getting prosecuted themselves when theyrailroad someone later proven… Read more »


IT may not actually stop murder but it will keep one scumbag from doing any more. Because we all know many of those scumbags will eventually be let out Ther potential votes for the libs.