Don’t Believe Fake Polls about the “Gun Control” Views of NRA Members

By Marion P. Hammer

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Don’t Believe Fake Polls about the “Gun Control” Views of NRA Members

Florida – -( and again national pollsters insist on reporting how NRA members and other gun owners feel about gun control. Don’t believe a word of it.

None of these pollsters has access to NRA’s membership list. NRA strictly protects its membership list and doesn’t give it to mainstream media types, pollsters, solicitors or anyone else.

It is a private list and always has been. Anyone who claims to have access to NRA’s membership list is not telling the truth.

Pollsters simply ask people they survey if they are NRA members or gun owners. However, they have absolutely no way to determine whether the information they get is accurate. So despite their claims, they can’t accurately say how NRA members or gun owners feel about gun control.

In gun control polls conducted by national pollsters, it is folly to believe that gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership, gun ownership, or their views on gun control. NRA members and gun owners aren’t inclined to share their personal information with people they don’t know.

No one wants to be put on any kind of list of gun owners and that absolutely applies to lists created by pollsters for anti-gun clients. It is folly to believe gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership or gun ownership. It is even folly to believe the majority of people, whose privacy is interrupted by a pollster, tell pollsters the truth about anything.

The media love to cite national polls that claim NRA members and gun owners support gun control. That’s because they’re trying to push a gun control narrative, and the “poll results” fit their political narrative. But that doesn’t make it true.

The only legitimate poll of NRA members ever done was a national scientific survey commissioned by NRA. It surveyed 1,000 randomly-selected NRA members across the country and found that NRA members are united on today’s issues.

  • 92 percent oppose banning the sale of firearms between private citizens.
  • 92 percent oppose background checks on the sale of firearms between private citizens.
  • 89 percent oppose banning so-called “assault weapons.”
  • 93 percent oppose gun registration.
  • 91 percent SUPPORT laws to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illnesses.

That is the only legitimate survey of NRA members in existence. It was conducted to expose the bevy of pollsters reporting false survey results.

NRA members and other law-abiding gun owners know better than to believe anything they read, see or hear in the mainstream media about NRA membership views or gun owner views on gun control. You should too.

Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer

About Marion P. Hammer

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida. She represents both organizations in Florida.

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I am former military, the son of a field grade officer, retired Police Officer and I can tell you “ochwill” would not make a pimple on the a$$ of any military member. Semper Fi to all.


Oh by the way, regarding polls and pollsters, the following questions must be posed and addressed.

1. Exactly what are the questions asked?
2. Who controlled the makeup of the questions?
3. Who controls the evaluation of responses?
4. Who was questioned, how many were included and how was the listing of candidates for polling composed or determined?


I’m a Life Member of NRA, and have so been since 1975. While, in my view, the NRA and actions taken, along with others not taken is questionable to say the least, some of it’s leaders have been even worse than that. That said, the story of Gun Control is a packet of lies, as are claimes for or of it’s worth and efficacy. In simply terms, the varied faults of the NRA aside, Gun Control was, has been and remains a fantasy.


Ochwill could be another psycho class trying to ruffle our feathers to get a one sided poll of gun owners. College professors do this to justify their existence because they are nut cases.


I love how liberals always want to talk but when they say “talk” they mean “they talk, u shit up and listen””. We dont have a gun problem in our country, we have a culture, ghetto, or black problem. However you want to label it. If you take away black on black murders and shootings, we have comparable statistics to countries with stringent gun control. So , to all the gun grabbers, i invite you to start your campaign by entering south Chicago and confiscating the ILLEGAL firearms there. Get back to us (or have your nearest relative) and let… Read more »


I wish I could give a little size 10.5 love to the hiney of every “reasonable” gun owner who thinks AR-15s and other “weapons of war” should not be in citizen hands. The 2A is exactly about putting “weapons of war” into citizen hands. It is all about allowing citizens to own and bear a modern, military-capable musket of the day, like an AR-15. The 2A is an individual right. I don’t care to hunt animals. I don’t care about skeet or trap shooting. I do care about being a sheepdog to my family and defending my country against enemies… Read more »

Jerald schmaltz

I agree that fake,phony,frauds like brian mast should be voted out. What a loser he is. I support the 2nd just as written. These libs are commy traitors.


NRA life member here. The only reasonable gun control is an instant background check at point of sale; other than that nothing. Gun control in unreasonable and does not work. The 2nd is very clear that we the people have the right and it shall not be infringed. The federalist papers support the fact that the arms are to be the same arms used in military service. I support all small arms being legal with no restrictions including NFA items. I support permitless carry. If you can legally own a gun you should be allowed to legally carry it. I… Read more »


Just as an FYI: Background checks have never been shown to be effective in preventing criminals from obtaining firearms or preventing crime. What they are good at is delaying law abiding citizens from obtaining firearms and putting them into a de facto registration. In addition, they presume you are guilty of a crime until you are proven innocent! All that is why we should not be in favor of them and should let our elected officials know the facts.


Interesting point. I’m not ok with any tracking or registration defacto or otherwise. I don’t believe any records of sale should be kept or any other info either. There are however people who should not own guns… mental patients, current violent criminals, mentally defective individuals. I don’t know the right answer but what I do know is that my definition of reasonable is a hell of a lot different than a liberal’s definition.


All of the military and ex-military gun control advocates are shills. Funny how a little cash can turn them.

Suckers. You took an oath to defend the Constitution, not fascist interests. Advocating interpretation of the Constitution for any small interest is treason.

13b Cannon crewman

I think your full of shit. Every Marine I know that is no longer serving has bitten my head off for using the term ex-marine. So calling yourself and ex-marine I have to question whether you served at all I also have to ask you who’s paying you there isn’t a member of any branch of of the military that I have ever met that takes your position so again I think you’re a fraud and or on the take.


he said ex Marine OFFICER !! a 90 day wonder ,liberal arts fool.

Heart of texas

Took my grandson shooting today for his first time. Neighbor happened to see us loading the car and asked him where I was taking him. He showed her the Crickett 22 that we were taking (all the grandkids shot that rifle first) and she made the comment that he should not be using “a weapon of war”.
I laughed at her, went back in the house and brought out my RPR with suppressor attached. She shook her head and went back in her house. We won’t be speaking again I think.


useless twat


from an nra member: gun control = ahole


The anti-gunners always trot out their favorite gun control Fudds.
There is that one gun store owner who is for gun control
We now have a Florida Rino politiciannamed Brian Mastwho is a wounded veteran and has declared that AR 15’s should not be in citizens’ hands.
We need to vote out RINO’s like this person


There is a lot of credible gun violence data out there to read an understand which doesn’t stipulate anything about whether those involved are or are not NRA members. The purpose of this article however is to mislead and reinforce the erroneous belief that public opposition to the bra’s guns everywhere agenda aren’t real. They are. And until NRA advocates can carry on a polite logical discussion about this, they’ll continue to loe supporters, which they are. Extremists may be duped into joining but public opinion is changing based on increasing knowledge about gun violence in america. And no, I… Read more »

Boris Badenov

Let me put this in simple terms, something you might figure out. YOU ARE A LIAR and full of $HIT. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how I know this, you really aren’t all that smart so I’ll check back in a few years.

Don McDougall

86% of ALL gun deaths are gang and drug related. 53% of ALL shootings are by black men under the age of 30. That means more than half of all shootings are done by 3% of the population.

The AD variant is the most common th at Camp Perry AND the most common modern hunting rifle!

Facts trump your opinion.

13b Cannon crewman

I think your full of shit. Every Marine I know that is no longer serving has bitten my head off for using the term ex-marine. So calling yourself and ex-marine I have to question whether you served at all I also have to ask you who’s paying you there isn’t a member of any branch of of the military that I have ever met that takes your position so again I think you’re a fraud and or on the take.

Robert Stephen Campbell

Wouldn’t someone who had been a Marine, but who had a dishonorable or other than honorable discharge, be an “ex-marine”? 😉

Uncle T

A Marine no longer on active duty is a Former Marine while Ex-Marine is reserved for those separated under any discharge other than honorable. So for someone to call themselves an Ex-Marine means either they’re lying or are proud of a less than honorable discharge. Claiming that a basic AR style rifle is a modern Infantry weapon just bolsters the view that he is lying. He does seem to hit all the Anti-gun Pro-tyranny Anti-civil rights Pro-crime talking points though. As a retired Army SFC, I can attest that having 3 round burst or full auto as an option beats… Read more »


sorry cupcake the only thing the NRA consistently opposes is the communists lefts push of bull shlt laws that are worded so loosely that if made into law, the only people who would have a gun to carry would be the criminals, if the AR15 is such a great killing machine and a weapon of war name ONE country that issues them to their armed forces, its hard to carry on a polite logical conversation with people who are not polite or logical, an AR15 is no more a weapon of war than a semi auto shot gun, some gun… Read more »


You are completely wrong. The vast majority of NRA members do support the universal recognition of the 2nd Amendment and that is must not be infringed. This article is not misleading, it just disagrees with your opinion – as do over 90% of NRA members. In case you haven’t noticed, and you obviously haven’t, NRA membership is growing at a very high rate.

Patrick Sperry

I was born, and raised on Camp Pendleton. Never did I ever once see, or know a MARINE CORPS Officer that had such poor spelling as well as grammar. I think you are a poser, period.
That said, you are an example of illogical thinking.


Well, “sir”, I was a Marine grunt as well. I hope you aren’t any officer I served under. The oath I took means something to me, Evidently it means nothing to you. ANY firearm can do a lot of damage. That’s why we train. That is the only gun safety that makes common sense!! You cannot legislate against evil. You can only impose legal consequences to evil behavior. ALL of these proposed legislative actions are designed to placate voters and more insidiously, disarm and control the population of The United States for the globalist agenda. Have you no sense of… Read more »

13b Cannon crewman

He’s like The nit wit they trotted out to show us “full semi automatic”

Charles H Treadway

ochwill: You were never a Marine, you want to know how I can tell? First, true Marine’s NEVER refer to themselves as ex MArine’s, once you earn the title, you are a Marine. Second to be an Officer, you must be a college graduate, your sentence structure and spelling tells me you never went to college. Infantry Officer, along with Marine is a title and is always capitalized. Not (ex MArine infantry officer) Now as far as your claim of an AR being a modern infantry rifle, your wrong. It is nothing more then a modern sport rifle. It has… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Ochwill, you must be one of the duped extremists you are posting about. You couldn’t be more wrong. The tens of millions of AR-platform rifles owned by private citizens in the USA are not being used to commit criminal acts – FBI crime stats make that quite clear. That one crime stat alone points to the fallacy of your post. Also the commentary that you are posting about is from an NRA past president, which includes poll data on real NRA members. I would suspect she knows what she is writing about, you clearly don’t. What “common sense” gun control… Read more »


That you would come to this forum and steal valor by pretending to be a Marine officer is beyond disingenuous – it is cowardly, insulting and thoroughly offensive. We can all see through your meager attempt to add weight to your uninformed, myopic, woefully wretched attack on the Constitutional rights of US citizens. A Marine officer has sworn to, trained to, and, for a time, dedicated the entire purpose of his life to protect those rights. By veiling your lame argument under the shroud of being that man, you frame yourself among the most cowardly, reprehensible type of liar; the… Read more »

Randolph J Duke

ochwill – a former Marine calls himself and ex-Marine….my BS meter went to the full BS mark. Try again and portray who you really are – an anti-gun troll who makes comments on sites like this.

Me – 30 year US Army retired Colonel. I have worked countless time with my Marine brethren and never have I heard a retired or veteran Marine address themselves as ex-Marines. Semper Fi to my brothers in arms.

Randolph J Duke
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Scotty Gunn

English isn’t your first language, is it? How is George Soros doing, by the way?

Wild Bill

@ochroid, You write, “… data out there to read an understand which doesn’t stipulate anything …” None of the Marine Corps officers that I have met ever had such difficulty with the English language, nor would they presume to dictate what Constitutional Rights that Americans should have.
When you write, ” I’m an ex MArine infantry officer…” you do mean United States Marine Corps, right? you don’t mean the Djibouti Marine Corps or the Haiti Marine Corps, do you?


I am USAF also and I concur with your statement.