Here’s THE Best .22 Rifle For Every Budget! Henry Arms TV ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Our newest episode of Henry TV features a truly affordable classic. Take a deep dive with your host 22Plinkster as he unpacks everything that makes this rifle so special.

Just like all of our other firearms, it’s made in America and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee making it an unbeatable value and something you can be very proud to own.

The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, , and one of the most popular .22’s on the market today. The reason for its popularity is because it shoots great, looks great and is remarkably affordable – about half the price of the competition’s rifles.

The Henry Lever Action rifle features an extremely attractive American walnut stock, the quality of which can only be found on guns three times the price. The action is exceptionally smooth, so smooth many first timers remark that they cannot believe the rifle has any internal parts. You simply have to get one into your own two hands and cycle the action a few times to see for yourself.

The Henry Lever Carbine .22 rifle features a large loop lever that is perfect for individuals with larger hands or when wearing gloves in cold weather. It has a compact overall length of 34″ and a 16 1/8″ barrel.

The Henry Lever Action also features side ejection, an adjustable rear sight, a hooded front sight and a 3/8″ grooved receiver for mounting a scope. The blued steel barrel is machined with state of the art multiple groove rifling. The result is a highly accurate shooter.

The barrel length is 18¼”, overall length is 36¼” and it weighs in at a very comfortable 5¼ pounds. The easy to load tubular magazine can handle 15 rounds of .22 Long Rifle, 17 rounds of .22 Long and as many as 21 rounds of .22 Short, making it a viable alternative to a semi-automatic .22. And, a lot more fun to shoot.


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About Henry Repeating ArmsHenry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms is one of the leading firearms manufacturers in the country and the leading lever action manufacturer. Their company motto is ‘Made In America Or Not Made At All,’ and their products come with a lifetime guarantee backed by award-winning customer service. The original Henry rifle played a significant role in the frontier days of the American West and is one of the most legendary, respected and sought-after rifles in the history of firearms. The company’s manufacturing facilities are in Bayonne, NJ and Rice Lake, WI.


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william d krueger

both are great guns just dif styles

Dr. William Capps

Why argue apples and oranges? Besides, neither is as reliable as my 50 yo Remington Nylon 66! Read its story sometime. All these are fun gun and to each his own! DrBill


I would take a Henry anything, over a Ruger anything, anytime, or any where.

Twoa Oneron

Pick your sport, I’ll best you with my Rugers any sport, all day, everyday.


Ruger 10/22 is THE best .22 rifle for ever and ANY budget….. PERIOD ! In the stock configuration or any of the hundreds
of configurations you can buy OR make it into. With the Henry lever action, THAT is what you have at all times PERIOD, a lever action rifle. Henry builds nice weapons but NOT “THE” best .22 for all budgets. More fun to shoot ? Uh no.


@Rock – Wrong, you can change the cocking lever for the large ring, you can put a scope on it and you can’ get the receiver cover engraves (something you can NOT do with a 10/22).
I own both and the 10/22 has gone to the grandson when we go shooting.

Twoa Oneron

You must be joking? Try googling engraved 10/22 there bud, you’ll meet the amazing talo edition available with several different engraved stocks. Ruger out performs but a long shot…. pun intended.


@Twoa Oneron – So you can do the stock, Henry can do the stock and receiver cover! Two’s better than one!


No comparing it to the Ruger, changing a lever or even possibly engraving (which by the way, can also be done on the Ruger even better due to the receiver material) is a joke when compared to the endless possibilities of the 10/22. AND the 10/22 will be about $20 to $30 less than Henry’s SALE price to start with. Bought my 10/22 when I was 16, I am 64 now and it will still out shoot or keep up to the Henry with ZERO problems. Henry’s are nice, not worth the high price for a name as far as… Read more »