Lionheart Industries Regulus Beta – Video Review

Lionheart Industries Regulus Beta Photo: Graham Baates Model: Tyra Jones
Lionheart Industries Regulus Beta
Photo: Graham Baates
Model: Tyra Jones

U.S.A. –-( Lionheart Industries has recently released their long-awaited Regulus line.  We’ve shown you what’s different about the American-made Regulus in comparison with Lionheart’s imported LH-9 series in a previous article.  Part of what makes the Regulus an attractive design is the pistol is modular.  Two different frame shape and size options combine with two different slide lengths, each having threaded and non-threaded-barrel options.  In a previous article we tested the Alpha full-size frame with a short slide and non-threaded barrel.  Mullet-style a la Glock 19X.

In this piece we’ll look at the more compact and flat back strap Beta frame with a longer slide.  This configuration applies better to the carry market as it’s usually the stock of a pistol that needs concealing.  Barrel length can effect comfort, but I’ve found it not to matter as much as concealability of the stock.

The Beta frame is just slightly shorter than the Alpha.  While length can help with conceal-ability, it is the flat back strap that really sets the Beta frame apart.  The omission of the palm swell on the Regulus Beta gives the gun a significantly smaller profile and feel.  Overall grip size shrinks almost out of range of my banana hands, but fit very nicely in the hands of our model Tyra.  It’s also worth noting that although Tyra was new to shooting she found the Regulus to be comfortable in the hand and while firing.  All controls remained within reasonable reach for her.  This is a factor that I sometimes forget when my mits swallow up mid-sized or smaller guns.

Those familiar with the LH-9 line will find the following differences in construction as listed on the Regulus product page.

  • Tru-Axis Precision Barrel made from stress free steel available in 4.1″ or 3.7″ and threaded or non.
  • Two frame shapes and sizes available.
  • Gold, Black, or Grey Titanium Nitride Coated barrel.
  • 1911-style sights.  Novak, XS, and other options available
  • Index Notches on frame to assist with productive training and developing the same grip every time.
  • Elite Series Cerakote available in multiple colors
  • Double-Action Plus Indicator on the base of the hammer for quick condition indication.
  • 18-round extended magazines

As with all pistols the Regulus Beta went through our basic three-part test.  A full magazine plus one in the chamber of standard 115gr range fodder to test magazine reliability and get a feel of the gun’s general behavior.  Second is the, “What’s for Dinner?” test.  This battery tries a variety of rounds from 165gr down to 65gr including hollow points, full-metal jackets, and truncated jackets.  Aluminum, brass, and steel-cased ammunition was included as well.  Steel expands a little less than brass and aluminum a little more; their inclusion takes a look at the pistol’s extraction abilities.  Lastly is the subjective “field accuracy” test which admittedly has a huge human error factor.  On this particular range day the human was not doing so well.

See the results in the video below.

The Regulus is a built-to-order pistol.  Upon ordering you’ll have your choice of frame size and color, barrel length and color, grips, and threaded barrels or non.

About Graham BaatesG B Guns

“Graham Baates” is a pen name used by a 15-year active Army veteran who spent most of his time in the tactical side of the Intelligence community including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the local 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel on the side. Visit Graham on Youtube .

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Mike McIntosh

Dbl action is great, handle looks big, I’d like to try this pistol


looks like a clone 98dac arcus to me.

Lou Bethel

Looks like a nice Korean based with USA subsidiary product.


Again, Lionheart is a 100% American owned company, based out of Renton, WA.

American company, with American workers/owners, using American materials, creating guns in America = AMERICAN FIREARM MANUFACTURER.