Mueller’s Reported NRA Tax Probe Should Widen Rift with Informed Gun Owners

Who thinks “Deep State” Mueller’s loyalties are to the Constitution? (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

USA – -( “Robert Mueller’s Democrat investigators likely acquired NRA tax filings in expanding witch hunt,” Gateway Pundit reports. He’s commenting on an assessment by “legal experts” published by McClatchy that “it would be routine for Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, who are looking at the NRA’s funding as part of a broader inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, to secretly gain access to the NRA’s tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service.”

That would be a surprise no one, at least to those who have kept an eye on Mueller’s decisions over the years.  What’s clear is that the self-proclaimed “Republican” is a creature of what is now being called the “Deep State.” His regard for the Constitution, and particularly for the Second Amendment, seems to be that they are inconveniences to be disregarded or obstacles to be gotten around.

“Does that only apply to a U.S. citizen that’s overseas, or does that apply to a U.S. citizen that’s here?” Rep. Kevin Yoder asked then FBI Director Mueller about an order from Attorney General Eric holder authorizing the assassination of Americans fighting on the side of “terrorists.”

“I’d have to go back, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not,” Mueller replied. Watch for yourself.

Think about that and what it means about any orders he – or those working for him whose careers depend on carrying them out – would not obey. It makes it fair to ask if the so-called “Deep State” succeeds in its coup against the duly-elected president and if patriots refuse to accept that, does Mueller think assassinating them would be Constitutional? And do his supporters think his hedging was in any way excusable?

Also seemingly not an issue (at least with the media): As head of the FBI, Mueller was a key Obama administration player during Operation Fast and Furious.  The Bush appointee was asked to stay on beyond his 10-year term just as things were starting to heat up on investigations by the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Significantly, Mueller made it clear he did not approve of the Heller decision, telling the media the Supreme Court ruling “may harm efforts to deter violent crime in communities and college campuses.”

Apparently believing himself more qualified than the Founders to determine what is “necessary to the security of a free State,” Mueller instead endorsed so-called “gun-free” campuses and asserted “I tend to believe weapons harm people and more often than not they harm the people carrying them.”

But not, of course, if they are in the hands of the “Only Ones” approved by “monopoly of violence” beneficiaries like himself. Mueller offers nothing to substantiate his absurd bias, because it’s not founded in reality.

When you think about the power Mueller has commanded and now holds, that’s unacceptable.

And it’s no surprise his “brother in arms” James Comey, is coming out against the right to keep and bear arms. Does anyone really believe trying to drag NRA into the “collusion” conspiracy theory is simply a coincidence?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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willy d

SenorT I have a personal T for you, GET A REAL LIFE!!!! If you want to live under a Commie country where you have no rights GO FOR IT BUT NOT HERE IN THE U.S.A. Been there and have seen it even with our flaws and scandals we have managed to keep fools like you from totally destroying this country and will continue to do so!!!!!!!!


Was it not Obama that sent $143 Billion in cash to Iran! I wonder how the liberal professors will spin that one!


It was there money from before the revolution. The Shaw paid for military jets that we never delivered. Part of the nuclear deal was to return it to them.

Douglas Kuykendall

Booniesdad you read what you want it to read and what is not there.Has not been nobody on here saying you can walk in an buy a full auto. I stated that you can own one.Now back up an read it again.There is a one time fee ,no yearly fee as you stated as far as federal goes.Now maybe you live in a communist state,I do not,there for I may own one an your communist state you live in Doesn’t allow you to own one.Send fed 200.00 ,two sets of finger prints,three passport size pictures of yours truely. Takes anywhere… Read more »


Heed the call-up Were there any takers for that $20,000 M-16? Also, I continue to wonder regarding as to wether or not there was any electoral retribution for our “friends” who seemingly were asleep at the switch respecting the Hughes Amendment voice vote. As memory serves, the late Arlen Spector, a supposed friend, was otherwise occupied with the impeachment of then Federal Judge Hastings of Florida. By the way, I continue to wonder about all the foolishness over and about automatic weapons, aka machine guns, when there is no record of a legally owned machine gun ever having been improperly/illegally… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Alan, I don’t know, I wasn’t interested in buying, I was only curious about the cost. It was after reading comments to a story on a crime committed with a firearm and idiots railing about AR-15s being “assault” weapons and that we aren’t be allowed to own automatic weapons, and calling for the return of the “assault” weapons ban. I decided to do some research. I don’t know if there was any retribution at the polls back when the ban was passed. I don’t believe we had as much power then, which is why it got through congress to begin… Read more »


Keep your powder and primers cool and dry, your arms well maintained.


come & take them, d-rat d-suckers


Heed the call-up:

Re the current situation with automatic weapons, aka “machine guns””, pre 1985 examples re still saleable, as you noted, though I suspect at bumped up prices, courtesy of compliant congress critters who ok’d The Hughes Amendment. By the way, re that screw-up by our “congressional supporters”, I wonder if any paid the price for their actions in the following elections.


Mueller turns Hillary loose and now he’s going after the NRA? This sounds like something that would have happened in Nazi Germany!

willy d

YES LETS enjoy the fireworks tonight and continue this fun tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Al Pambuena

I think we all know by now that this Mueller investigations main objective is long gone…and the original intent of the Mueller probe is to continually upset and harrass the trump administration thru the 2020 election….and to keep finding things with anything around trump to prosecute and meddle as long as he can get away with it…those that keep advocating for Mueller to continue are somehow fooled by rosenstein dogma to continue…it’s obvious that there is an open conspiracy between Mueller..rosenstein…Comey and others to keep up the pressures against anything trump….it’s all out in the open since Mueller has never… Read more »


This article is pretty much geared for the NRA faithful. One sided world view full of contradictions with what we know about gun violence in america. Wow.

Terry Wayne Holliday

There’s no such thing as gun violence as an inanimate object cannot be violent. People on the other hand are violent. If there are no guns mobs criminals will do to you what they will with their bare hands, they don’t need guns to steal, rob and rape; guns just gives them more power.

Jim Hovater

What do YOU know about ‘gun violence’? What the CDC or the AMA tells you? Or do you get your iñfo from Bloomberg? Me? I’m a former LEO. I know what I’ve SEEN…and it’s NOTHING like the drivel that the MSM attempts to portray as truth.

Heed the Call-up

Ochwill, the contradiction is that anti-gunners blame criminal activity on those that aren’t committing it, law-abiding citizens. We firearm owners aren’t the problem, it’s the criminals. No matter how many laws you pass, there will always be criminal activity. How long has murder been illegal? Why do we still have murder? Most states don’t even have the death penalty anymore, yet you believe a few more years in prison will stop crime?


ochwill: “NRA faithful?” I’m not even sure David Codrea (the author of the piece in case you missed it) is an NRA member, much less one of its “faithful.” You don’t give a single example of any contradictions that the piece is “full of,” or of what you claim to know about “gun violence.” David is a Second Amendment advocate, well-known to other 2A advocates for more than a decade. We who know his work, trust him. You come with your biases, and we come with ours. I see no contradictions in what I read here, and I’d say that… Read more »

Bill Hutchison

I already knew he was something like a socksucker.

John M

My cats are smarter than John Smith and his loser following. Get out of Mommy’s basement.

Woody W Woodward

Mueller and his ilk are the alligators that must be removed from the swamp before any serious draining will ever take place, These individuals are the real people of power in all levels of government. They believe that they can do pretty much what they damn well please and that there’s nothing mere citizens or, for that matter, anyone else can do about it.

James Higginbotham

what NEEDS to happen is, Trump needs to first DRAIN THE SWAMP, THEN KILL ALL THE CREATURES.

Wild Bill

@WWW and JH, Decommissioning the Federal Bureau of Narcotics kept the federal bureaucrats in line for fifty years. Now, it seems that the bureaucracies have forgotten the lesson. This would be a good time to decommission the FBI for their corruption, as a lesson to the other federal bureaucracies.

W. E. Morton

I’m just a bit curious here – did Mueller’s last name originally have an, “umlaut”, over the, “u”? The socialist out there are calling POTUS a fascist, while he is being investigated by people who are not only incompetent, but biased. I wonder, Mueller being a, “third”, how far back one would have to go to find a Hitler sycophant?

Heed the Call-up

So, it is clear by the admission that they did not follow judicial law on killing US citizens abroad that all those involved committed treason. Too bad nothing will come of it.


John Smith:

Regarding the last portion of your comment, reference to I believe it was 7 states currently having banned “assault weapons”, do you find the definitions thereof strangely, possibly even dangerously elastic?


Right here are in the comments mentioned are the reasons that congress has an approval rating in the teens. There are a few good ones that believe in the Constitution and try to make all these corrupt employees do their job and quit trying to take the country over. Mueller think he is the king of this country and he has a real power trip going. He will ruin anyone he can to get his ideas across. Rosenstein is just a puppet for him and doesn’t count because he can’t. Congress could shut this money hungry loss of our rights… Read more »


Next “discovery” might well be to the effect that the NRA was to blame for the early 20th century earthquake and fires that wrecked San Francisco.

John Smith

Poorly educated gun owners who only believe what ‘they are told’ by sources like Breitbart and Fox News. Our talent is in our universities and colleges, hospitals, professional offices, city population centers which lean liberal. It is unfortunate most of the rural flyover areas are not taught basic skills in critical thinking, research, data analysis… you know stuff that back up facts! People in these areas are generally conservative and react on emotions from things they are told. By the way in the Heller vs. District of Columbia case in 2008 conservative Antonin Sacalia wrote that guns like the mx-16… Read more »


What is a “mx-16?” M-16’s and M-4’s are not allowed in civilians hands in all the states. You talk about conservatives not backing up their assertions with fact when you don’t know the difference between an AR-15, which is not an assault rifle, and the above-mentioned military rifles. By the way, Flyover county produces all the food.

Douglas Kuykendall

You CAN OWN a m-16 an M-4 ,BAR or what ever else you want.Let’s get that right.


No, you can’t. Obviously you’re anoyher if the thoroughly brainwashed and non thinking liberals who can’t comprehend reality and do nothing but obediently spew back the fictional propaganda you’ve been fed by your handlers.

Douglas Kuykendall

It’s obviously your talking out your ass,because you can own ANY full auto you want.You definitely need education on the matter period.

Wild Bill

@Bonniesdad, Perhaps I am misunderstanding. What makes you think that one can not own a fully automatic firearm?


I understand that you are of the opinion that the ownership, possession of automatic weapons, aka machine guns and or selective fire capable firearms are verboten. If you are speaking with reference to state law, please so say, and you also need to be specific, as to which states you reference. In Pennsylvania, where I currently reside, the ownership, possession of fully functional machine guns is perfectly legal, according to state law. If you claim or infer that the ownership, possession of “machine guns” is forbidden to civilians by federal law, you are flat out wrong. Check the relevant federal… Read more »


No matter how many times you repeat a lie it won’t make your claim magically come true. You’re clearly too stupid and brainwashed to understand reality. Call up from mom’s basement where you live and let her know you need professional help.

Heed the Call-up

Bonniesdad, automatic weapons are still legal to own and purchase in the USA. You really need to learn the subject matter on which you are posting. The 1986 ban on automatic weapons only prohibits the purchase of automatic weapons manufactured since 1986, those weapons manufactured “pre-ban”, 1985 and prior, were grandfathered in and are legal to purchase and own. This fact is just one example as to why we can’t allow non-firearm owners to make laws regarding firearms – you are ignorant of not only current law, but also anything firearm related, and refuse to learn.

Douglas Kuykendall

Nothing magical about it.If you knew what you was talking about,you would know it to be true. You must be a dumbass left wing liberal who knows everything about nothing an nothing about everything.Go crawl back under your rock

Heed the Call-up

Alan, yes, legal automatic weapons are very expensive, since there is a limited supply of them. I recall reading a while back that there are fewer than 500,000 registered (required for legal ownership) in the USA. I, out of couriosity, had recently looked to see just how expensive. I found an M-16 selling for $20,000.


These constant posts by the brain dead who think you can just walk in and buy a fully automatic weapon are beyond tiresome, and I’m fed up dealing with idiots. The process to be able to purchase a fully automatic is extensive, expensive, and time intensive, and can often take more than a year just to get through the background check. There are any number of seemingly arbitrary reasons the ATF can turn down an application. Even if you get through the process, each purchase requires additional costs and paperwork which will take some time to process, and the purchase… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Bonniesdad, Listen up, brother, I am pretty stupid and brainwashed myself, but if do the BATFE paperwork, pass the FEEBEE Nat. background check, and I pay the NFA transfer tax, even I can own fully auto firearms, destructive devices, and firearms noise reducing mufflers.

Heed the Call-up

Bonniesdad, you initially stated that we cannot legally purchase and own automatic weapons. At least you are now honest in admitting that you were wrong and that we are “allowed” to purchase own them. We never stated it was easy. Even in my post I stated their are not many legal automatic weapons in the USA and that they all require to be registered. I also mentioned that they are expensive to purchase. They are also expensive to operate, given how quickly they can go through ammunition.


Utter nonsense. Merely because you claim the folks in the “flyover states” are ignorant does not mean it is true: because it comes from the mouth of a fool. Your bias to the mid-West (which is what it’s called by the way idiot) and your “labeling” shows your true ignorance. The Bill of Rights is clear: ..”the right to bear arm shall NOT be infringed.” Get a copy and read it, and let it soak in fool.

Wild Bill

This John Smith is obviously writing for the purpose of getting responses. That is how trolls get paid. He may be a soros/bloomberg troll level propagandist.

Jim Hovater

John Smith(might as well be John Doe) is most likely a Russian provocateur.

Wild Bill

JH, What makes you think so. Is there some common fingerprint or clue? Tell me more!

Sgt. Charles Treadway

John Smith: I would be very careful about throwing the term “Uneducated Gun Owners” around. when it is the Free Range Moron’s advocating gun control that can’t tell the difference between a BB gun and an AK-47. Also there is NO talent in any of our Universities or College’s, when 98% of those graduating can’t tell you what country, Mount. Rushmore is in. And you are totally wrong in the case DC -v- Heller. As Justice Scalia ably articulated in Heller, the Second Amendment was designed to protect what Blackstone called “the natural right of resistance and self-preservation.” Without access… Read more »


@Sgt CT,


John, plain and simple, your are another dumb ass liberal who can;t realize you are a DEM puppet. The difference in a rural flyover citizen and you is that we can thank for ourselves and don;t rely on liberal college professors personal opinion of reality. Some of us are smart enough to challenge them and then again some people just suck their thumbs. You likely thought obama was a good president!


John Smith, Sir if you were as elite as you believe yourself to be the constitution would be easy for you to comprehend. Do you understand the word infringed? How about the word neccesary? These words are clear and straight forward. How do you think the USA has remained strong and free enough to support cities, universities, hospitals and professional offices? By force sir! Force intellegently applied by the good folks from fly over country. You are just one of the many braying asses too ignorant to know when he is blessed.


Troll alert! This post dosen’t dignify a response.


Sorry, but physicians, physicists, and many others in the science fields tend to lean overwhelmingly toward the conservative side. Like every non thinking and thoroughly brainwashed liberal you are obediently and faithfully parroting the fictional propaganda you’ve been fed. You have proven, yet again, that liberals are incapable of logical or rational thought. Your handlers have indoctrinated you well.


f all of u libcom anti-2a d-rat d-suckers

willy d

This B/S investigation we could have used all of that money on something more constructive rather than pad all of their pockets, which in the long run is they are going to throw up their hands and say no fowl and nobody goes to jail, makes you think boy they played us for a bunch of fools one more time!!! The biggest thing that you have to face is that all of the dorks in D.C. HATE TRUMP he is not one of them, he is a businessman and not a politician and that annoys the hell out of them!!!!!!… Read more »


willy d: You are absolutely correct when you used the word EMBEZZLEMENT. I still say that each of the ACTORS in the “mueller” cabal MUST REPAY every cent they were paid in this ILLEGALLY started “investigations”. After they are FIRED and arrested, they should FOREFIT any and all “benefits” they would normally get.

Jim Hovater

Keith is another Russian bot.

Mike Benard

Mueller’s track record needs much scrutiny. For example, why hasn’t the press updated viewers/readers on Mueller’s EIGHT year investigation of the Anthrax scare (5 deaths) following the horror of 911 (in 2001)? Results: No indictments, one suicide (of Dr. Bruce Edward Ivins, a “suspect” never charged, who was harassed by Mueller in what the FBI jokingly called “bumper locking”). In addition, Mueller destroyed another man’s life (Dr. Steven Hatfill), who was investigated for SIX years, never charged, then dropped. According to the Los Angeles Times (LAT) in 2008, “FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told reporters: ‘I do not apologize… Read more »

Dan Schwager

John just watch the NEWS who reacts with EMOTIONS are the Democrats and its the ones on the coast and big cities that are out of touch with the facts.


The NRA need to add a R to the National Russian Rifle Association. Trump’s a moron I suggest you deal with it. The Othe Keepers werent so crazy about interference once they learned the Patriot Act could indeed be used against then. Don’t you just love conservative laws made by conservatives that screw conservatives? Hilarious.

Heed the Call-up

No, we were and are not in favor of the “Patriot” Act. I believe it “screws” us all, not just Conservatives. I gather you were okay with Obama re-upping and enhancing it and the NDAA, though, right? Because you believe it only affects “Conservatives”? What US citizens, including an innocent minor US citizen, did Obama have killed overseas, Conservatives? All without a court convicting them, even in absentia. Your attempted ridicule displays the ignorance of your post.

Jim Hovater

Komrade Keith is a Russian bot.

Jim Hovater

Keith is a Russian bot.

James Slemons


Sgt. Charles Treadway

The Constitution’s Appointments Clause, Article II has been violated by Mr. Rosenstein & Mr. Mueller. Mr. Rosenstein can only appoint an inferior officer that he is personally to manage & supervise. Instead Mr Rosenstein has left him alone giving him a wide scope of power making Robert Mueller the most powerful prosecutor in the US today as he investigates a President of the United States. Only a principled officer can have this kind of power and a principled officer can only be first nominated by the President & confirmed by the Senate. The Founders clearly stated in the Appointments Clause… Read more »

Wild Bill

SGT Treadway, You are exactly correct. If you were in my BN, I would have you promoted immediately! Note: Four of Muellers subordinate attorneys have be recorded as using AUSA identification credentials from the Eastern Dist of New York. Those four attorneys do not and have not ever been hired by the AUSA of EDNY. Mueller is either hiring for the DOJ, which is also beyond his authority, or those four attorneys have acquired and used federal credentials wrongfully. I doubt if Mueller is ignorant of this. We need to appoint a Special council to investigate Mueller.

Sgt. Charles Treadway

I was not in a BN. I’m US Marine Corps, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, MAG-16, HML-267. MOS 2111 Armorer.
Graduate of Cornell Law School, Class of 1978.

Wild Bill

@SGT Treadway, Well… I can see that you did not waste your time at Cornell. Keep making those excellent statements of the law, and I think that we can get over that Marine Corp thing.
Wild Bill
LTC, IN, AUS (ret.)
and UVA ‘ 86


You’d think if he’d spent his time well at Cornell he’d know the difference between a “principal” officer and a “principled” officer. I thought George Conway (aka Mr Kellyanne) had the best commentary on the constitutionality of Mueller’s appointment: It appears that the NRA got cozy with a Russian gun rights group that may have really been a long play by the Kremlin for influence in the US. If the NRA took Russian money, wittingly or unwittingly, and it furthered their $30M spend to get DJT elected, wouldn’t you want to know that? I continue to be amazed at… Read more »

No Bull

How many billions of dollars are we going to waste while allowing this azzhat to continue his attempts to undermine anything that is not Hillaryleftist? There has to be a way for Congress to say ENOUGH! Charge this traitor and all his cohorts with treason and deport them to a certain resort on Cuba.

Leo Smith

renew membership for 100 years… Got it.. Mueller is a Terrorist, NRA members can get a target with his likeness on it for free .

Douglas Kuykendall

This all started with weasel Sessions.He should have never been AG.The first thing he did was to shove it up Trumps ass an breaks it off. This so-called Russia investigation should have never been started. Muller needs fired an this waste of money shut down.Then you go 1/4 way down every dept An bust every one back and put all new people in charge.That’s cleaning the swamp.

Jim Hovater

I agree. I’m from Alabama and had high hopes for Sessions. We need someone like Trey Gowdy as AG.

Jim Hovater

Mueller’s ‘investigation’ has so far-exceeded its original scope that it is unrecognizable. From this point on Mueller should be considered an ‘Enemy of the State’ by all Americans.

Wild Bill

, All true. Sessions should pay with his job. Rosenstein should pay with his job and be the next one investigated by a special counsel. Mueller will keep the investigation going until the day that he dies because the government has given him, and pays for, his very own law firm of high dollar democrat supporters.


I do believe that Trump is giving Muller all the rope he needs to hang himself. When the time is right Trump will shitcan Muller.


Maybe some of the pro gun people on the right will finally rethink believing the federal government can or should assassinate or arrest without warrant anyone who is believed to be aiding terrorists – aka the patriot act and the ndaa that both Obama and bush rammed through the congress. Maybe they will stop putting so much blind faith in the fbi and cia. Maybe they will realize that these agencies are controlled by people who detest the deplorable types in flyover country who dare to criticize them or arm themselves. Maybe they will realize the fbi was never going… Read more »

Jim Hovater

What makes you think ‘rednecks’ are the only ones that own ARs and shoot? I’m a former LEO, current firearms instructor and 3-gun competitive shooter. I also have 5 degrees, and teach.


Settle down there Jim, I think that was just a little sarcasm aimed at the Dancing FBI agent that went bar hopping, doing his unimpressive dance move, that ended badly for another bar patron, when he dropped his weapon, and picked it up by the trigger, wounding said patron.
I will say Jim, you have very impressive credentials.

Heed the Call-up

Trumped, none of us believe the straw man you posted, and I bet the majority of firearm owners are not “rednecks”, since if that were true, there would be over 100 million of them.


Seriously, get your sarcasm detector recalibrated. Trumped is a modern-day Swift.

I will add, I hope this teaches some of the NRA’s own swamp denizens that capitulation on “minor items” like bump stocks doesn’t buy them any credit with their enemies, while it riles their supporters.

Heed the Call-up

Henry, the first part of his post was not facetious, he may have meant the ridicule to be humorous, but that was not the point of his post. I never thought the “Patriot” Act and NDAA were good, nor Constitutional.

I, too, have disagreed with the NRA’s stance on recent issues, wrong for firearm owners and wrong for all citizens. I certainly wished we had better candidates for our elected positions, but we always must vote for the best of the worst. His second paragraph was also disparaging, but he was ridiculing those agencies, not firearm owners in that part.

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, gentlemen, With so many arrayed against us trying to take our freedoms, we should not be squabbling among ourselves. Happy Independence (from that rat shit little island in Europe) Day! Come on over to my barbecue!


Couldn’t pay your taxes last year again?