3D Gun File Ban, Defense Distributed Call-to-Action ~ Video


USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- As you may be already aware; Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, after legally committing files to the public domain through a license from the U.S. Department of State, has been ordered shut down defcad.com by a federal judge in the Western District of Washington.

We at Ghost Guns believe that distribution of code is expressive speech, it is information freely communicated, a mountain of knowledge in digital form for free men.

To us, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed rightfully believes you should have access to that information, he has and will continue to pave a path for you, for me, and for anyone else to freely access it, for we can only take comfort in Liberty when we are free to practice it.

We ask everyone, to take a stand against those who believe freedom is subjective. That information should be limited and controlled. We ask that people donate how they can to the Defense Distributed landmark legal case that was brought on by politicians in over 20 states.

3D Printed Ghost Guns
3D Printed Ghost Guns
Defense Distributed
Defense Distributed

Our right to bear arms is only second to the right to share knowledge of arms amongst ourselves. The outcome of this case will echo the very foundation of who we are for decades to come, let the echos be of your voice.

Kyle Martin, President – Ghost Guns

Donate: https://defcad.com/

  • 6 thoughts on “3D Gun File Ban, Defense Distributed Call-to-Action ~ Video

    1. I agree with @Mark. What I find hilarious is that now that Cody has been prevented from giving away the files he’s selling them on his site for “pay what you want”! The Liberal heads are exploding all over again. If every person who has a copy of these files then posts them on sites all over the internet or, if you have the resources to, say, offer ten thumb drives to folks for a dollar each if they’ll email you their address, we could make the biggest laughing stock of the Attorney’s General who want to stop freedom of speech.

    2. Cody Wilson has stood up against the corrupt government. The GOP could learn a hell of a lot from him. Too bad they’re always trying to fill their own pockets. we know the left won’t do anything other try taking away our God-Given rights. Hopefully, most, if not ALL of Trump’s recommended candidates will listen to the people who elected them, rather unlike the current RINO’s and others who keep quiet while getting paid behind our backs.
      Cowards is what come to mind when describing Washington, DC’s politicians, judges and the rest.

      1. @Mark, You are right! Pres. Trump can only drain the bureaucratic part of the swamp. Only We the People can drain the legislative part of the swamp. Join Team Trump and stand up for the national anthem.

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