Uinta Trading Co Is Calling All Brands And Affiliates To The Marketplace

Uinta Trading Co Is Calling All Brands And Affiliates To The Marketplace
Uinta Trading Co Is Calling All Brands And Affiliates To The Marketplace

Salt Lake City-(Ammoland.com)- Online marketplace for the outdoorsman, Uinta Trading Co is calling for brands, craftsman, and individuals looking to sell their products to other freedom loving Americans. In conjunction with seller outreach, Uinta Trading is also looking to create partnerships with Affiliates that are established content creators within the outdoor space.

Uinta Trading Co is a veteran-owned company that is focused on maintaining a simple and reliable place to buy and sell products that are relevant to quality-minded outdoor enthusiasts. The marketplace is a platform where brands can sell any federally legal product without fear of being shut down or adversely affected by arbitrary rule changes or shifts in the political landscape.

Sellers on Uinta Trading Co have no enrollment fees, no monthly fees, and a flat 10% referral fee for orders generate on the marketplace. As a brand integrates into the marketplace, they manage their product pages and will have the option to fulfill their own orders or they can choose to have Uinta Trading inventory and fullfilled orders for them.

Sellers on Uinta Trading are part of a collaborative atmosphere of content creation, joint promotions, lead generation, and a powerful affiliate network.

Sellers can learn more and apply here.

The Uinta Trading affiliate program is designed to be a reliable income source for established affiliates that are creating content in the outdoor space. The program is a combination of a standard profit share system and a collaborative workspace that allows affiliates to work directly with vendors to create additional revenue opportunities. Affiliates on the Uinta Trading program have real time monitoring of sales, an account dashboard where they can create customized links, codes, or access the collaborative workspace.

Commissions are set on a tiered structure to reward highly productive affiliates with more earning potential. The tiered commissions range from 5% up to 20% with additional earning potential from vendors in the collaborative workspace. Top Affiliates will also take advantage of bonuses based on total sales for each fiscal quarter.

To ensure an honest and transparent environment, Uinta trading uses a 3rd party program to track and pay out commissions owed to affiliates. All payments are automated to ensure all commissions are consistently and accurately paid on time.

Affiliates can learn more and apply here.

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Dave in Fairfax

I don’t know about the finance numbers compared to other places people have been selling and now can’t. I’ve never looked into running one of those business, but it looks like a direct challenge to the players who just decided to close out the gun related businesses on their on-line platforms.
About time people started businesses to cover the financing, insuring, and selling sectors of the trade, since the mainstream groups have shown to be unreliable and bow to public opinion.
Hang together or hang separately.