Socialist Democrat Agenda Played Out In Attacks on White South Africans ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( “The Agenda”

“Arms are permissible, when there is no hope except in arms.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

Our liberal “mainstream” media, corruptly motivated only by grievance and identity politics, have piously declared that reports on recurring, fatal attacks on South African farmers by ANC-sponsored thugs (their version of ANTIFA) are all untrue!

They point out that such barbarous attacks are reported mostly through Afrikaner agricultural organizations, and otherwise only mentioned (inappropriately) by our “misinformed President.

These are the same voices who naively denied reports of generalized persecution (murder) of Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. They self-righteously assured us that the ongoing Holocaust was/is all in our imaginations.

Many still do!

Media in RSA(Republic of South Africa), like that in Nazi Germany, are intimidated into downplaying farm attacks. With a few exceptions, liberal media over here won’t report them either, because of their perceived obligation to defend Marxists no matter where they are, and no matter what they do.

Armed (at least for now), private security response-teams always arrive at sites of farm-attacks hours before RSA Police. They see the hideous carnage firsthand! When RSA Police respond at all, it is seldom within twenty-four hours of the first, desperate call!

Marxists, since 1917, have never hesitated to use lethal violence to intimidate critics and political opponents.

Over here, we see black-clad ANTIFA thugs, enjoying the (barely) covert support of the DNC, being likewise slowly transformed into politically-approved, arcanum enforcers of the leftist ethos, as across the nation, old-guard Democrat elected officials (who had at least a modicum of personal dignity) are being swept from office by openly-socialist/Marxist, self-proclaimed “revolutionaries.”

Some such “modern Democrats” (Maxine Waters, et al) are even now, unapologetically calling for open violence against political opponents.

As the Democrat Party continues its relentless march toward Marxism, most professing “liberals” will blindly follow, and ANTIFA will be only too happy to carry out their violent agenda- first secretly, then openly.

Will we see RSA-style “farm murders,” based on ethnic and political profile, break-out in rural areas within CONUS?

When it happens, you can bet our corrupt media will never report it. And, when such stories can’t be suppressed, our media will predictably jump to the defense of Marxist thugs.

Between now and then, cunning crypto-Marxists (masquerading as “progressives” and “liberals”) will continue to work relentlessly to disarm their future victims, much as they’re doing in RSA, much as they did in Russia in 1917 and in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

They mean to “rule!”

“Those same hands, which once screwed-tight our chains, now hold out their palms in ‘reconciliation’

‘No, don’t!

Don’t dig up the past!

Dwell on the past, and you’ll lose an eye,’ they shout,

but the proverb goes on to say:

‘Forget the past, and you’ll lose both eyes.” Solzhenitsyn


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Great straight forward article John Farnam. The ground work is being laid for this in our own country as we speak. Black reparations are merely a door opener for this.


Nelson and Winnie,the necktie (tire) burners. They were just the greatest thing to help S.Africa along.
And…they get to be praised! Hero’s!!! Ya’ll know what I mean.


Doug Casey of “The International Spectator” did an excellent article on this a couple of weeks back. Real eye opener. The black Africans don’t even see it as a loss. They figure that before, less than 20% of the land is owned by them and afterward they will own 99% so they see it as a win, even though the land will be unfarmable.

Joseph P Martin

You don’t hear much if anything from the mainstream media (fake news industry), but they can’t print enough if it’s blacks being murdered by whites. This is what the liberals and left (Democrats) would love to see happen here in America; it’s ANTIFA’s wet dream.

BillyBob Texas

Stupid black Africans do not have the knowledge nor the inclination to make the farms work. They will take the productive land – screw it up – and it will return to the wild….and the poor black Africans will go hungry, soon. Merely read the EXACT same history of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. EXACT same. Turned the fertile bread-basket of Africa into worthless land….and the people starved. Did I say due to the stupid black Africans? It’s a shame.


See how wonderful democratic socialism can be! Have your land taken with no compensation and maybe get killed in the process. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you if you allow the socialists to get into office.


I’ve heard this is a huge issue for quite some time. This lawlessness perpetrated by liberal propaganda is a big distraction serving a hidden globalist agenda. The SA’s are not farming the land effectively, and they are letting the farmland go to waste. The efforts to educate and train black SA farmers have largely failed to yield productivity. Who will feed the people?


Their Government is stealing White farmers land. They are out to kill ‘whitey’ (genocide) and have all black rule.
It’s absolutely horrible what is happening down there. Whites can’t even leave the country. Rape and murder. (sounds like some of our cities) The media? What good are they?

Clark Kent

Even if the media were to report the situation it would not make any difference. The whites are vastly outnumbered and the government has given the green light to land confiscation. Only a matter of time before the whites are slaughtered (if they are stupid enough to stay).