Devil Is in the Hidden Details of Florida Amendment 13 ~ VOTE NO

Opinion by Marion Hammer

Ban Everything
Devil Is in the Hidden Details of Florida Amendment 13 ~ VOTE NO

Florida – -( Words have meaning. Amendment 13 to the Florida Constitution has “hidden words.” These words are hidden from voters. These hidden words will not be on your ballot, but if Amendment 13 passes they will go into the Constitution.

A circuit court judge actually called Amendment 13 an “outright trickeration” and an attempt to “hide the ball” from voters.

The actual amendment that would go in the Constitution contains the words: “The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida.”

Nowhere in the amendment is “humane treatment of animals” defined. Therefore, it is left entirely up to radical animal rights organizations and their sympathizers to define those words. That is what they intend.

If this amendment were really about greyhound racing or wagering on greyhound races, why did animal rights radicals carefully craft and insert hidden language in the amendment?

If, as some have claimed, those words mean nothing substantive, why are they there?

Do they really expect intelligent people to believe they want to insert words that mean nothing in the Constitution?

Make no mistake, these extremists will use those “hidden words” to ban common, traditional activities involving farm animals, pets, working dogs, cattle dogs, medical support animals and wildlife.

That’s why extremist animal rights leaders like Marty Irby, the executive director at Animal Wellness Action in Washington, D.C., are trying to divert attention away from the hidden words and make NRA the issue.

Marty Irby even mounted a blatant political attack on the NRA in a desperate attempt to focus attention away from the hidden agenda of Amendment 13. (October 17, 2018, in TC Palm)

Animal rights leaders are in a panic. Their attempt to use hidden words to establish a legal foothold in the Florida Constitution that they can use to bring lawsuits to ban legitimate activities, like hunting, fishing and farming activities has been exposed.

They don’t want people to realize that greyhound racing is camouflage designed to help hide their complete agenda.

Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer

In fact, the list of some of the activities animal extremist organizations find objectionable is huge and includes hunting, fishing, farming, animal husbandry, marine parks and more. That’s what this is really about. Some groups even claim animals shouldn’t be owned as pets because it’s inhumane.

If you own a pet, drink milk, eat meat, eat fish, use animals to work on your farm, hunt, fish, train dogs, raise cattle, horses or other animals, or take your children or grandchildren to petting zoos to learn about animals, then you should be alarmed. Amendment 13 could be used to take all of that away from you. Vote NO on Amendment 13. The devil is in the hidden details.

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

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willy d

@BruceWarner; You are right, I have been involved with Greyhound Rescue for over 15 years, these people are real nut cases!!!! Just trying to talk to them YOU JUST WANT TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE!!!!! To just stretch their necks; They are after it all when you really get in to it, Just like the Demo-Rats they don’t want to show their true Agenda!!!

Bruce Warner

Through Amendment 13, Grey2K, a radical, out of state animal rights group with close ties to the domestic terrorist group Animal Liberation Front, is attempting to ban greyhound racing in Florida, a longstanding tradition dating back to 1922. Grey2K does not care about greyhounds. They’ve never done anything to support greyhound adoption, something the greyhound racing industry wholeheartedly embraces and funds. Nor do they care about the economic welfare of Florida residents. Grey2K produces slanderous television advertisements using stolen video footage that has been altered and photo shopped. If successful, they will undoubtedly target horse racing, hunting, fishing, zoos, farming,… Read more »


humane as defined by d-rat d-suckers?

willy d

I have had discussions with some of these people about Greyhound racing, they are using anything they can to do away with it! They are working on the care of the dogs, I have been involved with the Greyhound rescue for almost 20 years and the treatment when the dogs has greatly improved it still needs more, that said if you want to get your blood pressure up look at the care of your Race Horses, that will get it there! Care has to be taken when going after the treatment of the animals, but when they get after it… Read more »


I think some of the above posters are missing the point. The current Judges on the court probably would not expand the meaning of the amendment, but, activist Judges would. This amendment IS a time bomb waiting for a majority of leftard Judges to be appointed to do the dirty deed of interpretation. Can you GUARANTEE that there will NEVER be a leftard majority on the court???

This type of changing of meanings is exactly how the Federal gubmint has gained much of its size and power over the last 200 years.


You better take a GOOOODD look at the documents of “peta”. You beed to look at this group BEFORE you vote “yes” on this bill.


A vote for Gilum ,socialist -communist is a vote for destruction and over taxation of Florida residents Tax and spend -and spend and tax Spend /steal the Second Amendment is all the Democrats commies want to do

Lil Stevie Grabmaczyk

You’re kidding, right?

Fish size limits didn’t end fishing, but somehow, greyhound racing will? Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

This is just another political backroom deal that we’re all sick and tired of. Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, US Senator Matt Gaetz, former Governor Mike Huckabee, Lara Trump, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, actor Rainn Wilson, Florida Rep. Carlos G. Smith, and more support #YESon13.


Moronic liberal idiocy spew warning !!


Yup, they always, always resort to that. Blind to the fact that most rational thinking people can see the industry for what it is. Parasites, plain and simple.


Absolute rubbish and lies. All this nonsense has been debunked by the state Supreme Court.