Planning for the Illegal Immigrant Invasion ~ VIDEO


CentralCentral American Invaders Invasion IMG: Fox News
Planning for the Illegal Immigrant Invasion

USA – -( As of Tuesday, the caravan of now more than 7,000 Central American invaders trekking through Mexico toward the United States was roughly 1,000 miles from the nearest point of entry. A second group of roughly 1,000 is also seeking to join them.

They may still be weeks away from our border, but this leaves little time for President Trump, Congress, and all Americans who care about our national sovereignty and the rule of law to solve three incredibly pressing challenges. I discussed these on Monday on Facebook.

First, we must determine – and do – what we can right now to end this invasion before it reaches our doorstep. Second, we must develop and execute a cohesive, efficient, effective plan for preventing these invaders from illegally crossing our border and swiftly deporting those who are successful. Finally, we must fix the debilitatingly stupid amalgam of immigration laws, policies, and court rulings that enable and encourage migrants to band together and stage these types of illegal invasions.

Newt Live: The Caravan Invasion


Should we fail to solve any of these problems, our already dysfunctional immigration system will be further crippled, our relationships with Mexico and our Central American neighbors could be severely damaged, our border will be overwhelmed by droves of new migrants, and America will become significantly less safe.

If this caravan is allowed to get through, the next caravan will be even bigger – and the one following that will be enormous. According the Gallup World Poll, 29 percent of people who want to migrate from Latin America and the Caribbean want to make the United States their permanent homes. That is 37 million people who want to come here. We must demand and ensure that they do so legally.

The clearest answer to alleviating this issue while the caravan is still in Mexico, is for Mexico to stop it. President Trump has already made clear that securing the border is more important than our recent trade agreement with our southern neighbor, and Mexico should take him seriously. Many of the members of this caravan forced their way through the Guatemala-Mexico border. They are already in violation of Mexican law, and Mexican law enforcement should take action.

Furthermore, we should not underestimate the degree to which human traffickers and transnational criminal gangs, such as MS-13 and other cartels, are involved with this invasion force. Mexican authorities should also be seeking to weed these elements out of this migrant army – and dealing with those who may have legitimate asylum claims through the Mexican system.

Our neighbors must understand that while they did not assertively deal with this problem at their southern border, they will own the problem if it gets to their northern border.

This relates to what we must do if or when the caravan is allowed to arrive at the U.S. border.

President Trump should instruct the Attorney General to issue a clarification to define the qualifications for asylum. Asylum is meant to provide protection for people who are fleeing real persecution and human rights abuses, such as genocide. Simply being from a poor country that lacks opportunities does not qualify someone for asylum.

We already have approximately 750,000 backlogged asylum cases, and some of those cases date back to 2014. These invaders should be screened (preferably in Mexico) so they never enter the U.S. system.

The federal government should also immediately begin coordinating with local and state governments along the border to develop an organized, completely nonviolent system that can deter these migrants from crossing into the United States and process and return those who do within a matter of days – not weeks, months, or years. I know Texas already works with federal officials to prepare for mass migration events. Other border states should follow suit (if they don’t already) and begin preparing now for this caravan’s potential arrival.

If we are serious about preventing this caravan invasion from being imitated, we must overwhelm them, stop them in their tracks, and quickly return them to their home countries. By my estimate, we should have four to five U.S. forces for every member of the caravan. If we want to protect our country, our border, and our rule of law, we must mobilize so much force that we don’t have to use it.

The news media should be allowed to cover the preparation and the overwhelming response to the caravan, so the members of the caravan – and every potential caravanner across Central and South America – will see that their plan will not work.

These first two problems are urgent and difficult. The third problem is just as urgent – but it is an order of magnitude more challenging. That is figuring out how we must fix our failing immigration system so that this type of situation doesn’t arise again.

Our immigration system has been completely broken by Democrat-backed laws that make it easier for immigrants to flood our system and stay in our country while their cases take years to process. It has been further hobbled by activist judicial rulings that have tied the hands of border enforcement officials and prevented them from keeping track of those who cross the border illegally.

Once we deal with the immediate problem of this invasion caravan, Republicans and the White House must work to fix our broken immigration system once and for all.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

P.S. My new book, Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback is out and available for order.

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Newt Gingrich is well-known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in forty years. After he was elected Speaker, he disrupted the status quo by moving power out of Washington and back to the American people.

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Robert J. Lucas

Author Tom, Please educate me on your statement “This is not an invasion”…

Wild Bill

@RJL, “This is not an invasion… ” is just like Tom is not a low level propagandist paid by a Soros or Bloomberg or Clinton shell corp, per response. Although an expert, he does not seem to know the difference between invasion and infiltration.


Infiltration denotes secretive action, doesn’t it?. Nothing secretive about this business.


This is not an invasion, you idiots. Like so many other times, you’ve been frightened into following this ridiculous conservative republican agenda to give everything away that you have for the purpose of fighting ‘the enemy’. fear fear fear….just like your cowardly scoundrel of a president, who is afraid to shake hands with another human being. oh, yeah… be afraid. Invaders don’t tell you they’re coming, and they don’t apply for entry. SMH


Tom, tom… it’s not a reaction of fear to this wave. It is a common sense realization that there are negative social and economic effects that come along with the entrance of illegals into the nation. Demonstrable economic detriment to our working class with the introduction of workers who are willing to break laws and work cheaply. Invasion needn’t be a strategic movement (look at how biologists describe non-native organisms moving into new environments as “invasive species”.) GIbbon described the barbarian “invasions” as more than military incursions, citing the appearance of masses of indigents at the frontiers, begging for admittance… Read more »


@Tom………. We are just like Europe. For years they had a slow trickle of M.E. Muslims and Nirth African Muslims. Until about 3 years ago when MILLIONS invaded all at once. All demanding welfare and Sharia law, and to hell with the indigenous white Europeans. They trashed neighborhoods, created no-go zones, raped thousands of women giving them AIDS, beat up the white kids in the schools, pushed and shit all over the streets, stole everything that wasn’t nailed down, and otherwise made a complete “clear and present danger”. Now it’s our turn in the barrel, their puppet masters think. For… Read more »


Just to be clear, Article I of the USC addresses the LEGISLATIVE branch of the Federal Government. EXECUTIVE powers and duties are enumerated in Article II. What Lincoln did during the War Between the States was UNCONSTITUTIONAL it is up to the Legislative branch to decide when to suspend habeas corpus, not the President.

Dan SanMartin

Believe it or not everyone is racist! I grew up in us, was born in Puebla ,Mexico, I heard lots of complaints about gringos, they stole Texas so forth… I suffered child abuse, theft, jail and general Harrasment by the ( racist) father. I assimilated, is why we fought like cars and dogs. I despise their beggers, social Mexican way they actually want mexico uber alles! They want us to speak Spanish and get the hell out of the way. They resent communicating in English. This is nothing short of invasiom- weren’t they waving flags? And burning our flag please… Read more »




Taking the above statement as it stands, the following question comes to mind. If, as the writer notes, “..American citizens need to arm up….”, what the hell is it that we are getting from the very expensive federal government we pay so dearly for?


Nothing. We get nothing from the politicians except their strategy of Divide & Conquer. The 2 party system is corrupt on both sides – 2 sides of the same coin. Face it, there are only a handful in either party that truly care about this country. The rest of them (2/3 are former lawyers) don’t give a damn as long as they get their benefits afterwards. THESE are the ones we need to arrest and remedy according to the Constitution for treason. Do we really think the GOP will”save” us? I don’t, even though I have been forced into voting… Read more »


Another essential part of this, and even for persons/citizens/VOTERS who don’t live in border states is to BADGER your representatives and senators and DEMAND them to take action to stop this invasion.
DEMAND that they work with the interests of U.S. citizens in mind.


Someone from the U.S. can go to Mexico and get arrested for little or nothing and then play hell getting out of their jail and coming home. This mob can travel the whole country and not get turned back or arrested. Let’s think about that a minute and try to determine the difference. I think the wall is the answer and don’t bother to put any doors or gates in it. I could care less how Mexico survives, no skin off my nose.

American Patriot

That group of invaders is less then half the 5.56 ammo I have…..Maybe it’s time to rotate my stock pile!


The government of Mexico need to be given an ultimatum…either stop this invasion to the USA and not let them travel through Mexico, or the USA will stop any goods imported from Mexico. No produce, no manufactured goods, nothing. Trucks will be stopped at the border and turned away. Stop all tourism to Mexico. Executive order to stop the sending of money to Mexico from anyone in the USA. This is not immigration…this is an invasion that need to be stopped.


Oh by the way, the opening photo showed nobody “marching”. Who is it that is providing the transport?


We may soon see whether of not our national government is worth anything near to what it costs the taxpayers. I wonder as to exactly what value our government might display.


why is not is the united nations setting up refugee camps? in the nations that have these problems? why do WE not shut down the border on the south border and cut ties with mexico?


Because this is the “Kalergi Plan” in action. Google it, this is nothing new. Europe had it done to them with the turd world invasion of millions and millions of Muslims. Now it is our turn, and the same entities behind the financing of the European Muslim Invasion are now funding the American Invasion by turd world South American countries. And if you want to know who is behind it, all you have to do is google “Mrs. Specter From Sweden” and you can hear her blathering about their plans from her own mealy mouth. Welcome to how the world… Read more »

Paul Fitch

It is “Do or Die” time. This invasion MUST BE STOPPED by any means necessary. Once they cross the border, it’s over for us as a country!


Mr. Trump, having dealt with repulsing this invasion, must then replace the wimp Sessions with at AtG who WILL investigate the roots of this treasonous plot to invade the USA, and bring charges against all those involved in the planning and execution of this act of war. Go and read the definition of “treason” contained within the Constitution. I’m certain FedGov will not have any trouble finding sufficient volunteers to fill the firing squads that will be needed to execute the sentences of those convicted. Benedict Arnold, by comparison, was a good guy working for our best interests in contrast… Read more »


Mexico let them in to their sovereign (big fat joke, that, eh?) territory KNOWING their intention. So it is THEIR problem now. I’ve driven the entire length of Mexico in a private car. At the border between any two states, there was a checkpoint, staffed by armed military. Almost all of them are at isolated chokepoints on the highways, no avoidoing them, most times I did not even see them until I was rught up on them. IF Mexico are intelligent about it all, they will stop these busses and convoys at those chokepoint checkpoints, turn them about, and place… Read more »


Mexico let them in to their sovereign (big fat joke, that, eh?) territory KNOWING their intention. So it is THEIR problem now. I’ve driven the entire length of Mexico in a private car. At the border between any two states, there was a checkpoint, staffed by armed military. Almost all of them are at isolated chokepoints on the highways, no avoidoing them, most times I did not even see them until I was rught up on them. IF Mexico are intelligent about it all, they will stop these busses and convoys at those chokepoint checkpoints, turn them about, and place… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

I have been on the Texas border soon after fellow U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, (A fellow U.S. Marine) was murdered because of the Fast and Furious murder, doing whatever I can with whatever resources I have to insure that nobody, I mean nobody comes into my country dictating to me or my fellow citizens what they’re gonna do. I gave up much wealth and opportunities as well as many good years of my life to do whatever I cam to aid in turning back the scourge that attempts to enter my country and bring harm to my fellow… Read more »

Jack Jones

Thank you


The Constitution mandates that the MILITIA can and should be called out to “Repell invasions”. The MILITIA is all able bodied persons of American Citizenry between the ages of xx and xx ( got to check the actual ages specified). They should be down there with you in very sizable, armed numbers.. Trump should be calling out the MILITIA right now, just like the governors of the various states should be doing. Are they derelicting their duties ? And he should be putting the National Guard down there also. They need to be highly mobile so as to be able… Read more »

Robert J. Lucas

Asylum takes place in the first Country they step foot in not the Second Country.
Immigration needs to be done legally through the channels that are available now.
An Invasion force against the United States should be met with Military Force…



250 savage guy

On tv churches in el paso said they would welcome these invaders with open arms and help them get apartment and jobs! Can you believe that? The news said a few weeks ago that homeless rate has doubled here. A lot of the homeless are our veteran s. But the Demo-craps could care less about homeless veterans and unemployed Americans. They are more concerned about keeping their jobs and transforming America from land of the free to Amerika. land of the oppressed! I’ve read that if all the estimated 10 to 30 million illegals were deported that there would be… Read more »


They are coming toward the USA under a foreign flag which is an invasion and needs to be met with the full force and power of our military. Our armed forces are task with defending our country against foreign invasion, see Article I,Section 9 [2] also, for Executive Branch power in reference to Invasion. We have legal means for persons to immigrate into our country and any other method of entry is illegal by definition and should be stopped by any force necessary to .stop it.


A simple solution is used in Japan. There they deal with all massed demonstrations with water cannon trucks. The demonstrators usually lock arms to create a solid mass but the Police water cannon trucks quickly wash them away.
I have been there when it was done and it worked very good and washed away all the ambitions of the demonstrators. Line up the water cannons and I promise you will be in control. A great NON lethal way of controlling large crowds.


Burning the U.S. flag on the way to the U.S., shouting anti U.S. sentiments…..NOT COOL ! WE do not want you here in the first place.
Place our military on the border and BUILD THE DAMN WALL !


To believe Mexico will stop this invasion is tantamount to believing in pink unicorns. Trump MUST and can, under his executive powers, declare this an invasion, maybe even an act of war. NO lawyers should be allowed to be at the borders because anyone with half a brain KNOWS any claim for asylum will be FALSE. This has NOTHING to do with immigration and EVERYTHING to do with an invasion sponsored by Soros et al… If Trump expects us to vote GOP in November he’d better send more troops and not let 1 person across. There are plenty of non-lethal… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

Newt, we cannot have “completely non-violent” rules of engagement in countering this invasion. The presence of so many young males requires the ability and the readiness to deal with violence as they attempt to bypass checkpoints, or are detained by law enforcement, either before or after they cross into the U.S. That has been the modus operandi of these crossers, particularly the cartel and criminal aliens. – When I had a group of former military members down on the AZ and NM border areas in 2011 on protection details for local residents, there were numerous cases of violent individuals being… Read more »