Second Amendment Rights Under Assault in Upcoming Midterm Elections

USA – -( As the November elections approach, USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt is urging supporters of the Second Amendment to stay engaged politically and show up to the polls in November, particularly as anti-gun, liberal billionaires like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are spending millions of dollars to mislead voters and attack candidates who support the Constitution. The Bloomberg-funded, “Everytown for Gun Safety,” announced it is spending over $15 million to defeat 15 pro-Second Amendment members of Congress.

Writing in the Washington Times recently, Schmidt warned voters about the scare tactics from anti-gun groups:

“The strategy is clear: Prey on the fear that there is a mass shooting around every corner, and nothing can be done to stop it, except eradicating all guns, forever. That’s why is of the utmost importance that those who value and want to protect the Second Amendment participate in the elections this fall to make their voices heard.”

“The good news is that despite the best efforts of Mr. Bloomberg and his billionaire friends, there are actually an increasing number of Americans who support the right to bear arms and are embracing their right to self-defense,” wrote Mr. Schmidt. “The number of Americans who have applied for concealed carry permits has now reached 18 million, a 60 percent increase since 2014.”

Tim Schmidt
Tim Schmidt

“Many new concealed carry permit applicants to identify as Democrats, which shows that the issue of the Second Amendment is truly bipartisan,” Schmidt continued. “The desire to protect oneself and family appeals to all Americans and cuts through party lines. We see that every day at the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, where we proudly have tens of thousands of members from both political parties.”

Mr. Schmidt’s full Washington Times op-ed can be found here.

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These Bill of Rights haters try to confuse the issue by injecting terms relating to hunting and target shooting and “who needs such a weapon ” etc. They try to present an argument that “we don’t need this”… the Bill of Rights is just that: Rights and NOT Bill of Needs. They use false fear to upset voters, they lie and even admit they lie. They said they want victory in their proposals “at any cost & by any means”. Don’t be fooled by these liberals


Dan Green:

Who is using the “automatic weapons” you mention for hunting, and where, I wonder. So far as I know, nowhere in the U.S., or do you have special sources of information? I find myself curious. By the way, this is my second response to your post, the first one not yet appearing, perhaps lost in the coils of The Internet.


Yes, our Second Amendment rights in particular and constitutional rights in general are under attack. That said, people, go out and defend your rights, lest you awake to find them gone, a result of your inattention.

Dan Green

BULLY, When do true hunters need Automatic weapons to hunt with. There are too much pressure and power located within the NRA. I hope and pray they Are STOP

Wild Bill

Green, How do you get “BULLY”? He wrote nothing bullying. Surely you can think of a more fitting epithet or do the morning propaganda sheets direct use of the term bully? On a personal note, you may want to clean up those punctuation, capitalization, and spelling skills because what you are doing now detracts from your prevarications.

Patric E Salada

Who said anything about Hunting??? There is too much power and pressure from some half witted Billionaires that are trying to take our rights away. If you are OK with that, then move under their roof…Me I Choose to defend Myself and My Family every way possible. That means, when you break into my house while I am Home, you best pray to whatever God you follow, that I only Grab a Gun To defend my Home, and not any of the hundreds of other weapons I have to choose from.


Exactly where does the rubbish you write about “automatic weapons” for hunting come from. Please inform me, and thank you.


Dan Green –
I have hundreds of friends that hunt and not a single one uses an automatic weapon to hunt with. You would be stupid to use one, the more bullets you put into an animal the more you destroy the meat. Ideally you only want to put one shot into an animal to take it down to if you fail to take it down the first. Obviously you don’t know anything about hunting so it’s best not to talk about something that you don’t know anything about.


Before taking keyboard in hand, think just a little about what you are saying, especially regarding YOUR comment on, reference to AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, otherwise known as MACHINEGUNS, which nowhere in the U.S. are legal hunting arms, the cost, availability and restrictions on acquisition thereof, which I presume you know nothing about, being another matter entirely.

Dennis Coates

The liberals will be called terrorist pigs, they will be targets and we the free will use any and ALL means to take them OUT permanently. We will NOT give our rights away to anyone. Come for them you will surly die

rich z

In my part of this state ,N.Y. we can only get a sportsmens permit , meaning, I can carry to and from a range THAT’s IT This Is sick . How will I protect myself and my family when we have this kind of game playing


An armed citizenry will never be unwillingly forced into railroad boxcars at gunpoint.

Wayne Clark

I know I’m beating a dead horse here but I can’t get excited about the “good news” of increased concealed carry permit applications. The states are STILL making money off our unalienable right to own & BEAR arms! When is the push for not stepping on our Constitutional rights going to be the priority? I mean…I’m extremely happy more people are exercising their right to carry…but it’s a RIGHT, NOT A CHARGEABLE PRIVILEGE! Everyone that is not prohibited from owning a firearm, should be able to carry without a permission slip. I’m looking intently for that candidate that actually fights… Read more »

Wild Bill

@WC, No, not wasted. Your point is well taken. You know how to vote then, right. Take every family member that can vote with you. Maybe there is some older person that would like to vote but can not get out. Maybe there are some young persons that would like to get involved in Conservative politics. Steer them to the Republican caucus.
Throw a celebratory barbecue after voting! Make defeating fascism in the US a fun event.

Wayne Clark

I appreciate it W.B. Yes, I proselytize the Republican stand at every opportunity, along with pointing out the misleading of the left. I’ve lost friends & family over this but if that’s what it takes to fight to keep my rights intact, so be it. I am seeing a correlation between another time that pitted brother against brother. This one though, is going to,affect our future generations to come, as well as our next move now. I say Republican stand but in actuality, it’s a human rights stand. It just so happens the Republicans ideologies are closer to what is… Read more »


Persons of little character, or honor disobey their oath. U.S. Congressman and Senators take an oath to uphold and preserve the Federal Constitution. Any person advocating gun control, gun registration, etc., of law abiding citizens, does not deserve to be an elected representative.. Citizens must demand that elected officials are bound by the chains of the Constitution. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242 Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution… Read more »

Dan in Detroit

They’re coming after my Walthers? In my Michigan? “from my cold dead hands.” We have been working hard to make guns open and accessible to people of all races/colors/creeds. There is a lot of open ridicule for politicians that are openly anti-gun, and given how many single black mothers have started lawfully carrying to defend their families, the dems will have to start abandoning this issue if they don’t want it to bite them in the butt. A lot of people woke up when the Detroit police announced they finally got “priority” 911 response times under an hour – by… Read more »