New Panteao Instructional Videos from Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle: Combative Shotgun
Mike Boyle: Combative Shotgun

Columbia, SC-( Panteao is happy to announce the release of two new video titles from instructor Mike Boyle. Mike Boyle has been a firearms and use of force instructor for 37 years. He served with New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement where he held the rank of Captain. He was the primary trainer of his agency for 22 years and is certified instructor in multiple firearms, chemical agent, impact weapon and empty hand disciplines. Mike has been an assistant police academy director and an adviser to the Police Training Commission on firearms training issues. He continues to maintain his certification as a police academy rangemaster and firearms instructor and his responsibilities include providing basic training as well as instructor level courses.

Make Ready with Mike Boyle: Combative Shotgun

The first video released is Combative Shotgun. When it comes to self-defense with a firearm, the most overlooked weapon is the shotgun. The reality is few weapons can match the lethality of it. As far back as World War I, the shotgun was feared in battle by the enemy and today it continues that reputation of being a fight stopper. In this video Mike Boyle reviews the history of the use of the shotgun in battle, types of shotguns, modifications, ammunition capabilities, patterning with buckshot, priorities, conditions of readiness, shooting positions, injured operator, low light shooting, stoppage reduction and transitions, home issues, multiple targets, and more.

Make Ready with Mike Boyle: Low Light Threat Management

Mike Boyle: Low Light Threat Management
Mike Boyle: Low Light Threat Management

The second video released is Low Light Threat Management. Concealed carry and self-defense doesn’t happen just during the day. Being able to defend yourself in low light scenarios is a critical skillset. In Low Light Threat Management, Mike Boyle reviews the importance of training in low light, human performance in low light, gear, hand-held and weapon mounted lights, lasers, night sights, conditions of readiness with a flashlight, shooting drills, and more.

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