Barnaul, Superior Russian Ammunition Now Available in U.S.

Barnaul 7.62x39
Barnaul 7.62×39

U.S.A.-( MKS Supply is the first U.S. company to start working with Barnaul to import/market and sell a wide selection of Barnaul branded ammunition in the U.S.

Barnaul has produced high-quality ammunition for more than 70 years. It has been used all over the world, and the company currently produces a variety of privately labeled ammunition sold in the US market by multiple US companies.

Barnaul is one of the few privately owned Russian ammunition companies approved to supply ammunition to the Russian Army. Its high standards and extreme quality control measures have also earned Barnaul the privilege of supplying the Russian Special Forces with its superior ammunition.

The Barnaul brand is new to the U.S. market, but it is known worldwide for providing premium ammunition at an affordable price. Barnaul uses steel casings and evolutionary machining techniques to produce economical ammunition in both polymer and lacquered finishes, while not compromising quality.

MKS Supply (exclusive marketer for both Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing) will initially import the following Barnaul ammunition: 7.62×39, .223 (5.56×45 NATO inclusive), 6.5 Grendel, 5.45x 39, .308 (7.62×51 NATO), 7.62×54 rimmed, .30-06 Springfield, .45 ACP, and 9mm Browning/Luger/Makarov. Many of the listed calibers will also offer various bullet weights and bullet configurations, including FMJ, SP, HP, FMJBT, HPBT, and SPBT.

Barnaul .223 (5.56x45 NATO inclusive)
Barnaul .223 (5.56×45 NATO inclusive)

Barnaul branded ammunition will be available through retailers nationwide beginning the first of December. Drop by the MKS Supply booth 16144 at the 2019 SHOT Show to check out this ammunition, Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing.

Pricing on all Barnaul products will be very competitive.

About MKS Supply, LLC:MKS Supply

MKS Supply insists on high quality, reliable firearms. We insist on guns that are easy to own and service. Most of all, we insist on value.

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Hopefully it is lacquered and sealed. It would be nice if they had the milspec option in which it comes in spam cans and crates.

Scott Morgart

I can not speak about the ammo but I can say this about MKS SUPPLY, they are the worst company to deal with. For months I ask have called email text and sent up smoke signals about obtaining a stock for an enforcer carbine and not once have they answered my call messages or return my emails. I will never give that company any of my hard earned money

Kara Boesenberg

I found your comment shocking, we pride ourselves on customer service! Please please please email me as soon as you get a chance so I can get this sorted out right away!
Kara Boesenberg
email me at: [email protected]

I am the VP of sales and marketing and I will absolutely make sure we get this figured out ASAP!! Also gives me opportunity to see where the ball was dropped!!
Thank You!

Norm Miller

Is the tokarev 7.62×25 available orwill it be? A lot of us would like a source…price?

Jodi Rife

I have to admit it will be nice to have some 9×18 makarov that’s not Tulammo. I guess I might need to purchase a cz82 or another mak. Stoked to say the least.


When will the 6.5 grendel ammo be up for sale?

What weight and type bullet will it have?

What price point and how many rounds to a box?

Will the bullet be a true .264 cal/ 6.5 mm bullet or will it still use a .262 cal bullet like the wolf 6.5 grendel smh ammo?

Scotty Gunn

9mm Browning/Luger/Makarov.
9×19 is “Luger or Browning”. 9×18 is “Makarov”


9mm Browning is .380. 9mm Luger is 9X19.

Phil in TX

Being a cartridge collector, I have been seeing the Barnaul headstamped 7.62X39 cartridges around for some time. There may be others in my collection as well, but the AK cartridge stands out in my memory. Upon checking my database, I find that the “6n3” Barnaul headstamp is from Monarch branded ammo sold by Academy Sports & Outdoors stores. This “new line of ammo” may be actually Barnaul branded ammo, but I suspect it will be the same as the Monarch brand sold here previously. BTW, I have 9mm Luger, 5.45X39 mm & .223 Rem in addition to the 7.62X39mm in… Read more »

Don Bailey

, I’ve had much success on the range with Monarch ammo in brass in several calibers. There have been quite a few who have said good things about the Monarch in 7.62X39 in steel for their Ruger American Ranch Rifles.


They need to also load brass cased ammo. “MKS Supply, exclusive marketer for HI POINT”, must not have very high standards OR they have to be desparate….

Dave in Fairfax

Ever owned one? Shot one? Right.

Ansel Hazen

Any commercial ammo I buy had better be able to give me at least 10 more reloads from it so steel cased Russian crap gets a fat nope.


Yes in fact, they do work. Just do NOT impress me what-so-ever.. Heavy, cumbersome, very cheaply made. GREAT gun for those looking for a v-e-r-y low priced gun. Not my cup of tea Dave.

Lost in North Tennessee

I too am looking forward to seeing this ammo for sale! Not to be a “Debbie Downer”, just wondering how long it takes for the House/ State Dept to get it banned. You know it is Russian ammo after all….


Happy to see this.


I say go for it. For those that call the Russian Ammo garbage, ask any one since WW ii to todays Middle East that has been on the receiving end of this ammo. This ammo may not work in many of the US made chambers due to the Ak’s, Simonov’s and other Eastern Blok firearms having not as great a tolerance. However in the US we have many shooters using the surplus 5.56 ammo because it is cheap in their 223 chambered firearms with problems. 5.56 chamber is not the same as the SAMMI 223 chamber. If you have an… Read more »