Legal Guidance: What to Do As NJ Police Come for Your Gun Magazines

Editors Note: New Jersey readers if you had not turned in all your standard gun magazines, that hold more than ten (10) rounds, by December 10, 2018, the state of New Jersey has made you a felon. You are now a criminal under the law.

Standard Capacity Magazines Ban
New Jersey’s Standard Capacity Magazine Ban

New Jersey – -( Gun rights attorney and Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs board member Evan Nappen, Esq. has issued legal guidance on how to handle potential efforts by police to enforce the Murphy magazine ban.

Entitled “Knock! Knock! Show Us Your Glock,” the insightful guide by Nappen covers what to expect and how to protect yourself if the unthinkable happens. Click here to view the guide online. Please share this link far and wide among gun owners.

In the meanwhile, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is gearing up for further appeal of the legal challenge against the Murphy mag ban. Please watch for upcoming alerts on the litigation as it continues.

Knock! Knock! – Show Us Your Glock

What to Expect & How to Protect Yourself from the Murphy Magazine Ban
By Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law

The Murphy Magazine Ban WILL be enforced. It is only a question of what degree it will be enforced against honest gun owners.

“The New Jersey State Police corresponded with Breitbart News on December 11 and refused to rule out house-to-house enforcement of the state’s “high capacity” magazine ban.”

Possession of any magazine holding over 10 rounds that works in a semi-automatic firearm is now a felony-level offense with a penalty of up to 18 months in prison. There is no “grandfather clause.” If you are convicted, you lose your gun rights for the entire United States. These standard capacity magazines, which have been turned into contraband, are commonly being called “Murphy Mags.”

There are four basic levels of potential enforcement. The question is how aggressive the anti-gun-rights Murphy administration is going to be in enforcing the Murphy Mag ban. Here are the four possibilities:

  • Police Raids: House-to-house searches of suspected possessors.
  • Police Investigations: Interrogation of suspected possessors.
  • Demand Letters: Intimidating official letters sent to suspected possessors.
  • Random Prosecutions: Randomly prosecuting anyone caught possessing.

Police Raids

Many gun owners are very concerned that the police will be coming door to door and searching homes. It is unlikely to happen. The State Police claim to have “no plans” at this time to do this. However, it is not an unreasonable fear, considering the extremist left’s fanatical hatred of gun owners. Ultimately New Jersey’s zealous anti-gun-rights Attorney General could order the State Police to act. To say it will never happen would be foolish. Although a search warrant is normally necessary, house-to-house searches have happened without warrants if there are “exigent circumstances.” Approximately five years ago, this was done in Boston when the police were looking for a terrorist suspect. Here are some reasons/scenarios why it might happen in New Jersey:

  • Some highly publicized mass shooting occurs, and the knee-jerk, politically expedient reaction is to go after Murphy Mag possessors.
    Murphy’s failure to aggressively enforce his ban gives his political challengers the opportunity to call him out on it. There is already pressure on Murphy to explain how he intends to enforce the ban. Breitbart News also reached out to Murphy’s press secretary, Daniel Bryan, about enforcement of the ban. He confirmed that the Governor “…had not ruled out house-to-house enforcement of the ban either.”
  • New Jersey has a computerized database of registered gun owners & their registered handguns which includes make and model. Many of these handguns came with Murphy Mags. For example, 15 round magazines came standard with the Glock Model 19, Beretta Model
  • 92 and SIG Model P226, just to name three commonly possessed handguns.
  • New Jersey has a long history of abusing gun owners, creating “gun law victims” (destroying people’s lives with arbitrary gun laws) and undermining Second Amendment rights.
  • New Jersey has a liberal news media which actively acts as the propaganda arm for the anti-gun-rights movement.
  • New Jersey law enforcement will obey orders and enforce the law, rather than lose their jobs & pensions.

In 1990, the Florio Administration explored going after “Assault Firearm” owners under the newly enacted “Assault Firearm” law, which included a “large capacity ammunition magazine” ban. They tried to quietly sneak through an Administrative Code provision requiring the filing of the Certificate of Eligibility with the police on private sales of long arms. This would have cured the break-in establishing the chain of possession. I helped to kill it by successfully challenging the code modification as being outside the statutory law. The Florio Administration abandoned their scheme. Since then, the Murphy Administration has eliminated private sales via newly passed legislation.

There are other important differences between the Florio Ban of 1990 & the current Murphy Mag Ban:

  • There are substantially more, commonly possessed, standard capacity magazines that hold over 10 rounds, than over 15, that fit readily identifiable, registered handguns.
  • There was no reliable pre-existing computer database in 1990.
  • In 1990, there was not the intense fanatical hatred gun owners that exists today.
  • There was no windfall of Bloomberg money for anti-gun extremist candidates in 1990.

What to Do If the Police Raid Your Home?

A right given up is a right lost. Do not consent to a search without a warrant. Never physically resist. Do not sign any documents or statements without an attorney’s advice. All citizens have a Fourth Amendment right to a warrant being issued before their person or premises are searched. Exceptions exist regarding the necessity for a warrant, and a large body of law exists as to when a law enforcement officer has probable cause for a warrantless search. However, whether probable cause for the warrantless search exists or not, one should never consent to a warrantless search. The key here is never consent. Warning: Even if you are not home, the police can search your home based on the consent of your spouse, roommate or a guest. If a law enforcement officer insists on searching your home, do not resist the search. Just make it clear that you are not consenting to this search. Additionally, do not sign any consent form or for that matter any document without the advice of your attorney. Law enforcement officers cannot get a warrant simply based on your refusal, nor can they punish you for not giving consent to search.

If a search is done in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, the court will suppress the evidence obtained, and the State will not be able to use it against you in a criminal prosecution. When you consent to a search, anything found may be used as evidence — evidence against you — whether there was probable cause or not! Although you may feel that you have nothing to hide, consider that you may inadvertently possess contraband which you believe to be legal, or that a friend may have left contraband in your car, house, or borrowed clothing.

Police Investigations

There is much more of a chance that the police will investigate based on information gleaned from the computerized database of registered gun owners and their registered handguns. It is a relatively simple task for state or local police to look at their database of registered gun owners with their registered handguns and start knocking on doors to talk to suspected possessors of handguns with standard issue Murphy Mags (such as Glock 19, SIG P226, Beretta 92, etc.). No warrant is necessary to investigate. Talking to suspected possessors at their homes will possibly lead to more information justifying a search, seizure, and arrest.

What if the police want to talk to you?

If police knock on your door, do not open the door, ask them through the closed door if they have a warrant. If they don’t have a warrant, do not allow them into your home. Do not answer any questions. Simply say “I do not want to talk to you” and do not talk to the police. The Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and against self-incrimination is one of the most important Constitutional rights. By remaining silent, a person is not assisting the State in its case against him or her. This is the purest form of self-protection. It is something everyone should do, whether the person believes him/herself innocent or not. You cannot be punished for a refusal to answer questions. Basically, only a court can order you to answer questions. Remember, anything you say can be used against you. For instance, merely affirming that you still have the registered handgun, could lead to being searched and arrested. Lying to the police is a crime, but remaining silent is not. So, stay silent!

Not giving consent is not probable cause for a search. Some people feel that if they do not consent to the search, then the officer will think they are guilty of hiding something. Some people are afraid of the improper question: “What do you have to hide?” The proper question you should ask yourself is: “Why does this law enforcement officer feel it is necessary to invade my privacy and conduct a search without a warrant?” This mindset properly shifts the burden to the police. Remember, the Fourth Amendment is there to protect our privacy.

Always remain polite when asserting your rights, but the key is to assert them. Do not be embarrassed or intimidated into giving up your rights. If you give up your rights (apart from making defending you that much harder), you will have substantially increased your chance of becoming another victim of New Jersey gun law.

Intimidation Letters

Law Enforcement agencies might choose to send intimidating letters demanding information based on the computerized database of registered gun owners and their registered handguns. The letters would go to suspected possessors of handguns with standard issue Murphy Mags. It is a simple matter today to send letters via a database. This type of intimidation letter is often used to collect taxes. Any information gleaned could then be followed up with further enforcement actions.

What if you receive an intimidation letter?

Generally, you have no obligation to respond to questions in a such letter. Contact an attorney as soon as possible for specific advice regarding such a letter.

Random Prosecutions

There is no doubt that enforcement will occur by way of random prosecutions. Police will find Murphy Mags due to Red Flag Laws, Domestic Violence Laws, Duty to Warn Laws, safekeeping seizures, house fires, home inspections and the endless other ways that contraband items find their way to the authorities. You can be sure to see criminal charges on these Murphy Mags. This is the default setting for minimum enforcement.

What if you are the subject of a random prosecution?

If you are charged with Murphy Mag possession or any other criminal offense, contact an attorney as soon as possible for specific advice and representation.

Action Items:

  • Make sure that your friends and family are aware of this potential threat.
  • Make sure that your friends and family are aware of the implications of talking with the police and consenting to searches.
  • Make sure that you do not have in your possession any Murphy Mags or other prohibited items.
  • Make sure that you, your family and your friends have the mindset to stand on your rights


Please forward this article to every gun owner you know, and if you don’t already receive alerts from ANJRPC, please subscribe to our free email alerts for the latest Second Amendment breaking news and action alerts.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol ClubsAbout ANJRPC:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Second Amendment advocacy organization.

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long read but really explains the situation. Countdown to Civil War On January 26, 2018, Daniel Greenfield gave a brilliant speech in South Carolina in which he argued that politics make civil wars – not guns. “Guns are how a civil war ends. Politics is how it begins.” What does that mean? “Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can’t settle the question through elections because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in charge. That’s the basic issue here. Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other… Read more »


Lot of good intelligent comments, too bad you use a keyboard so well, but cannot get off your ass to make changes and vote!!!!!!!!!


Most if not all on here do vote! Are you projecting or pissed?

Heed the Call-up

Matt, one, I don’t live in NJ, and, two, like most us here, I do more than just vote. You are barking up the wrong tree. Besides, in NJ even the “Republicans” are pro gun control.

Wild Bill

Bla bla bla! How are you going to get the libtards to fire the first shot?!


Trump is now bragging about his promise to the American people to ban bump stocks ? Looks like the old saying is still true , “The lesser of two evils , is still evil” . Whats happening in NJ will soon happen nation wide . All talk and no action , makes servants out of Patriots . Good Luck boys .


Banning bump stocks, an accessory that is not approved nor installed by the gun manufacturer or the seller of the device is not an imfrigement on the 2nd amendment. CONFICATING GUNS OR LIMITING OWNERSHIP IS. Stop the hysterics and anti Trump crap and concentrate on what is actually important.


Sorry Bob, but you are woefully ignorant if you truly believe this. If what you say is to be believed, then sights, trigger kits, slings, ammo, magazines, and many other items are just fruit for the taking and anyone protesting would be engaging in hysterics.

Wild Bill

, None of that verbiage is in the Second Amendment. Arms consist of parts. If you advocate that the government can ban one part, you unleash the government to ban any or all parts. Reductio ad absurdum. And why would you want to give a government more power over your? That is like saying, “Please, please, enslave me!”

Robert taylor

Such a well written summary of where we have been and where we are at as a country . I have been preaching to those that will listen this very same thing for years .( those that care and will listen ) . Not so eloquent as this but still with the same message .Great post and so well done . Thank you for laying it all out in such a complete manner . To bad we cannot share this to provoke thought if possible in the blind followers of socialism.

The Green Watch Dog

Thanks Matt as our votes do count when we support the candidates that will make a change in office, and retain the ones that have. Just like our illustrious President has done. What the pro gun activist can do is get out and educate the public of our constitutional rights, the important of fire arm safety, etc. Partner with organizations, such as the NRA, in holding meetings at local libraries, colleges, hold town-hall meetings, etc. Become involved.

Heed the Call-up

TWGD, you are preaching to the choir on this site. I would believe, based on posts, that most of us are more active than most. Doing more than voting and participating, etc.


You’ve got to be kidding…the president who circumvented laws and congress to make owning a bumpstock a felony and the NRA who has been behind every major gun control law to be passed in this country. Please do some more research. I do believe however in what your saying, it’s just Trump and the NRA are not the ones to get it done for us.

Wild Bill

, no Trump and Congress sent the issue to the BATFE to do the dirty work. Dirty world is exactly why Congress unconstitutionally cedes its exclusive legislative authority to agencies in the form of “rules with the force and effect of law” FDR came up with the idea and the double talk to fool the American people. Congress, presidents, and unelected corrupt bureaucrats love this scheme.


We are the people we don’t have to follow any laws we feel are not just and are unconstitutional . We also have the right to abolish any and all forms of government we feel are unjust . But nj residents let this happen without a fight. Bc for se reason the people of this country think the government has all the power . This is outlr country not theres they try to pull this threw the whole country . And a war they will get. We need to throw out these liberals and not let the government dictate what… Read more »


Make the effort to find out where your legislators, attorney general and law enforcement officials live. Do a roll by to ensure they live there. That is your right as the one paying their salaries…

Darron Clark

There has to be a line drawn in the sand. The first time someone is victimized by this law the rest of the gun owners should bear down on those responsible and let them know, quickly and briefly, how wrong they were. Good Luck.

Michael karpes

On your double stack Glock mags.. install rivet in the 14th indication hole.. limits the mag to 10.. works for .40 and 9mm we Canadians have be having to do this for a long time


I’ve got a feeling that in a pinch, a drill would fix this quickly. But until then, it’s “permanent.”

The Green Watch Dog

Heed the Call Up,
I am very well aware that one cannot legally smoke left handed cigarettes and own a weapon. To do so, as you commented, is a federal offense. For me,I am a happy person all the time 🙂 Having Mary Jane around, she would just get in the way. I am neither a 25 or 6 to 4 type of person.


Do not resist? What do you think the colonials did over 225 years ago?

Jan PT

Guys: oilcloth, plastic bin, a shovel and a patch in the woods.
A boating accident, report to insurance but do not claim.
A polite “no” to LEO.
If TSHTF, then you are good to go.

Wild Bill

Now a certain Civil Rights diminishing, free lunch dog has decided that he is the judge of what words are ugly and who has anger issue. Typical “I tell you what to do” libtard. Merry Christmas patriots, and to all would be socialist oppressors a long dirt nap.

The Green Watch Dog

For Ron and others, Please try and not use mean and ugly language. It seems many on this website have big time anger issues? I use yoga to reduce stress as this helps. The way I see it, no one has knocked on doors, taking their weapons or magazines away. If we disagree, then be polite and try to understand each other in a constructive way. Here in my state we can get medical left handed cigarettes, but I want to keep my guns, so this is not an option for me. The GWD.


@The Green Watch Dog Don’t watch the news much do you. The police kill a man in NJ (I think) while kicking in his door to take his guns.
You may have some good advice, but you really need to get out more!
No no mean or ugly language, just a fact!


It as not NJ. It was Maryland.


@rds Guess that’s why I said I think!

Heed the Call-up

TGWD, if you are using marijuana and are a firearm owner, you are committing a federal felony. The Maryland police recently killed a firearm owner in his home that was “red flagged”.

We don’t anger issues, we just dislike those who believe we shouldn’t have the Constitutional rights they don’t like or don’t believe in. In the USA, we are protected by a Constitution that protects and guarantees our “natural”/inalienable rights, regardless of your beliefs.

Heed the Call-up

TGWD, “I am neither a 25 or 6 to 4 type of person.” What does mean? Never heard that expression before.



I believe it is from a song. “25 or 6 to 4” written and performed by a once famous and popular band, “Chicago”.

Cannot describe the meaning. But, if you can find the lyrics that may explain it to you. BTW….always found the tune enjoyable. Never worried about the meaning of the lyrics. Have a good Christmas !


25 or 6 to 4 was not a drug reference, but a reference to the time on the clock at the point he looked at the clock while writing the song. The song is about writing a song in the early morning hours. Not drugs.


Thanks for that info.


Yes they have taken guns in other states, they killed an old man becaus he would not turn in his guns,


May they burn in hell forever, and their names be associated with TREASONOUS SCUM forever. Let the same happen to their issue down to the 70th generation.


Time for a Purge of politicians. We put them in we can take them out


Damn right it’s time to get these politicians out of office. Also any law enforcement or any part of these corrupt organizations need to say they will not comply with such laws if they follow such orders they are part of the corruption in this country and they need to be dealt with. See France standing up well time for Americans to get a set and stand up for the Constitution and stand up for our future generations because what will be next is our guns than well it doesn’t take a genius to know what’s next .

Lloyd Stolworthy

That’s what the Sherrif in Seattle did, he refused to inforce the new laws against gun owners.

Clark Kent

Seattle? WRONG!!!!

George L Damron

We already had a Chance in the Midterm Elections and still they get Voted back in thanks to the Anti-Gun Liberal Socialist/Communist !! Pro-Gun Groups and Advocates, needs to grow some Balls and Take a Stand !!! Red Flag Laws are being pushed as Well !!! Every Citizen in New Jersey needs to Storm in masses to all of the Political offices and Courts as well as the White House and the Supreme Court !! We can Stop this Bullshit with Mass Protest !! Considered Voting and Supporting Article V Convention of States !!!

Jon wrston

Get a patison campaign to put a new law on the psllrt to over turn this law find s middle ground and put period drive keep the old law and pit several thing in like Vandal carry hanfsto tack Washington State new long gun law,and put assault weapons under permit tuft background Checks. Alsow allowing some none lethywrspons to be sold in New Jersey. Under the Helger vs District of Colembis 2018& MacDonald be The City of Chitcarho in 2010 to over turn its gun law. We need to find middle ground and fight them and say IG these people… Read more »


Ironically, the government and their goon soldiers have made themselves into criminals by committing treason by breaking your Constitution (which they swore to uphold) yet they want to ARREST YOU for upholding it.


The HolyCrow

And our esteemed founders knew it would happen someday so they inserted Article 6 ( The Supremacy Clause ) into the US Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land. The Supremacy Clause states that any law that does not comply with the Constitution is null and void from inception and nobody has a duty to enforce or obey it. So, all they are doing by writing these illegal and unconstitutional laws is just showing how stupid and evil they are. And very soon they will be taken to task and charged with TREASON, since they are waging a… Read more »

Uncle dave

Satanic? You are starting to understand! Yes, it is all part of the classic struggle between good and evil.


Great article, thanks for the thorough analysis. From what I see this article is written to owners of handgun “Murphy Mags”. What about rifle platforms who were allowed “15/30” magazines for ar-15 and other rifle platforms? I think there are some other implications or nuances that should be explored.

The Green Watch Dog

Calm down “The Holy Cow” . I am simply expressing my rights for me as Americans born in this country have theirs.
This is why this country is so great! I’ve researched those convicted of treason, and I am having difficulty in finding any recent cases. Can you share with us recent court cases? As stated I support our amended rights, I just don’t have the number of guns, or their calibers, others have. I do not own any magazines, so that is not an issue with me. The dogs are my protection currently sitting on my green couch.

Wild Bill

Hey Free Lunch Dog, there is no such thing as an amended Right. The Constitution was amended to include a list or recognized Rights, Rights are complete, permanent and preempt all governmental action toward a person. Rights have been described as a shield behind which one can stand and not be touched.
For example: if there were only one person left in the United States that wanted a gun and every judge, every bureaucrat, every politician and everyone else was against him, that person could still own a machine gun and everything needed to operate that machine gun.

Fed up

In theory, you are correct. In practice, illegal law upon illegal law, immoral, bought and paid for politicians, compromised judges, ignorant, go along police lackeys… these creatures are paid to trample rights daily – it’s a large part of their job function. Add a willing media apparatus whose sole function is to spout the approved narrative and the constitution and the enumerated rights there in is just a piece of paper.

Peaceable citizens will have their liberty disrespected until they decide to go after the source of the issue.

Gil Crawford

One bullet from a bad guy will take care of your “protection sitting on the green couch.”


Ron, actually, your comments on that story did get published, so, no you didn’t *need* to post them here. Why would you believe your posts were censored there, but wouldn’t be here? Same site, same posting criteria.

Although, I do agree with what you did post there.

They don’t appear when I look at ‘comments’. Actually there are none that do.Perhaps a problem with my connection.
Oh well,thanks for letting me know.


The tree of liberty must be fed with blood of tyrants. (not a quote but close enough)

James Smalley

NOT close enough. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of PATRIOTS and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” tHE ORIGINAL MAKES IT PERSONAL.

Quintessential Phorto

“Never physically resist.”

On the surface, that’s obviously cogent advice.

Further on, however, a revolution is by definition physical resistance. There comes a time when it’s submission or liberty, and ‘never physically resist’ is not an option any more. If we allow the Leviathan to pick us apart piecemeal, mounting real resistance will become impossible.

Lexington and Concord. Lessons. Not a stretch.


I am afraid Illinois is next DemocRAT socialist Governor and legislature run by CHiraq!!



Donna Simek

I am so, so, happy that I moved out of shit hole New Jersey, and now live near Austin, Texas, the land of the free. Here, if you have a license you can open carry. Texas is freedom.


“Here, if you have a license you can open carry. Texas is freedom.”

Freedom does not require paid permission from your employees to do what you already have a right to do.


Then you should have been out wirh the reast of us, before, and while this is going on, obviously we have fewer and fewer freedoms, just saying. It is a right not a privilege, now welfare is a right ans gun ownership is becoming a privilege, help sove the problem.


As a LEO in another state I can’t believe any LEO worth his salt would even think of raiding fellow citizens homes to uphold a Mickey Mouse Law such as this. I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter I believe everyone has the right to protect themselves. I would turn in my badge and gun if I was ever forced to be involved in this. All it takes is a couple bad LEO’s to make all of us look bad, I have always lived by the motto, treat everyone with respect if you want respect back regardless of race, religion… Read more »

Ronald `

I was an officer in a small Illinois town and my cousin grew up almost next door to me , we played cowboys and indians and cops and robbers and went hunting together, To get to the point he became a cop in Oakland,Ca and was very antigun. I believe he would bash in any door to get those nasty hi cap mags away from us gun owners(orders are orders)!!!!!


You would give up you badge now if you really cared about the constitution. You literally stomp on it every day with the extortion of innocent people for victimless crimes. So PUHLEEZ drop the whole good cop act. You’re a criminal. Take off your bloody blue costume.

Herb Davis

you are an Idiot, get off your high horse and support tour local police, most are actually good guys and put their life on the line to protect idiots like you.


There are no good cops.

Wild Bill

@BW, or just ask the person if they have anything, and when they say “no” the search is over. “OK, thank you. I will just return this warrant to judge Soandso, as served with no results. You may want to remember his name for the next election. Fellow gun owner.”
Police have to be smarter than the idiot superiors, who would expend police lives foolishly.


Great article. Every American gun owner should keep a copy of it. Here is a micro example of what total bans on guns on a national level will be like. There would be three types of guns in the eyes of the authorities. White Guns, which would still be legal, Black Guns which would already be in the hands of criminals, and Gray Guns, which would be in the hands of otherwise law abiding people who have refused to surrender them under a ban. The thing about Gray Guns, or in the case of New Jersey, Murphy Magazines, is that… Read more »


Although that would never happen… The idea is solid. I’d love to see the judicial gridlock that would create. The courts are already backlogged as it is. That would overwhelm the system. The serious criminal cases would be delayed even further. I’d be curious to see how voters and taxpayers would appreciate that.


All well good and unless you are one of the first few hundred….that is a permanent record

Jack Mac

Hey all, I just looked how to pronounce Molon Labe and found several anti-gun violence blogs. Libtards?-these people have the mentality of a maggot. Molon Labe is Greek for come and take them, does anyone know Greek for “wait we will bring them”? We will suffocate wasting our breath trying to talk these things into reason.


Author: TheHolyCrow Comment: How come this lawyer doesn’t say anything about charging these TRAITOR POLITICUANS with treason, sedition, breach of Oath ? With all those law books on their shelves, there must be at least a dozen felonies these scumbag politicians have committed. Oor maybe the people of These affected states should break out their arms and their now “illegal” magazines, and go march on the State House. Maybe it’s way past time to do that ? And give them a 10+ bullet salute. Just saying, there are options on the table. I do believe you are trying to be… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Ron, actually, your comments on that story did get published, so, no you didn’t *need* to post them here. Why would you believe your posts were censored there, but wouldn’t be here? Same site, same posting criteria.

Although, I do agree with what you did post there.


@Ron….Well, if you are too chicken sh*t scared to stand up for your rights, and the rights of future generations, then just pull down your pants when they knock on your door and spread them wide for your complimentary cavity search. For me, I consider them TRAITORS, or maybe even foreign troops posing as Americans. They would be waging war against me and our Supreme Law of the Land, under color of law. They would be enforcing null and void laws, with the agenda of turning Americans into serfs who must submit to cavity searches whenever they knock on your… Read more »


I don’t know what your talking about. Chicken SH-T ABOUT WHAT?


The advice cited was written by one Evan Nappen Esq a very successful gun lawyer here in NJ. I think what he sated is food for thought and perhaps slightly leaning to instilling fear in we who have to remain in this totalitarian state, run by libertard Dems. But here is the question that needs to be asked. Where were the millions of NJ gun owners and NJ hunters in November when every vote counted? I went to Trenton to protest earlier in the year and the Dems did not get my vote. If “We” as gun owners had stuck… Read more »


As a former resident of the peoples’ republic of new jersey, reading this article at my home in a southern state, I just wonder how new jersey voters could elect this turd as governor. Murphy has given sanctuary to illegals including MS13 and other violent gangs while infringing on the rights of legal citizens. What kind of weapons do Murphy’s security detail carry and how many rounds do they hold? How many new jersey legislators and state troopers own these banned magazines? How many of these officials have surrendered the banned mags? Remember, they can’t confiscate or prosecute you for… Read more »


There is your in: require ALL civilian law enforcement, which includes state AND federal, to surrender their illegal magazines. Go after them first, maybe even have them “swatted.” LEOs like to pretend they are not civilians, even though they are. This law violates not only the 2nd Am., but the 5th’ s takings clause as well. SCOTUS needs to rule definitively on this matter, before people on both sides of the badge start getting killed.

Charles Shumaker

Resist, resist, resist, from the ballot box to the battle field. Fighting tyranny on every level is every man’s responsibility. “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” Emiliano Zapata.

Phil in TX

I am reminded of a former co-worker that repeatedly used to say “They can’t do that here” or something very close to that. I wonder what he is saying now.

Phil in TX


I’ve had customers in my shop before when the discussion turned this way who literally said, “Nnoobody’s gonna take your guns.” A steady, constant diet of misinformation and the drip, drip, drip—take a little here, take a little there…It takes hold of the unwashed, the purposely miseducated. I have some young and old friends on the local police forces. I wonder what they would do if the law, their career, their insurance, retirement, etc. sends them to my porch. California, New Jersey, (fill in the name of your state). This is NOT alarmist talk, if it’s not here, well it’s… Read more »

Mike in a Truck

I wont die on hill 300 to save the fifedom of New Jersey.They voted and got what they voted for. But here is a tale and in it the people of N.J. are the only ones that can decide if its right for them: Long ago there was a country.This country was ruled by a vile evil King.The king would send his High Sheriffs out across the land to seize the crops of the peasants as taxation.They took 75% of the harvest, leaving the peasants with barely enough to subsist on.If that particular year had a bad harvest the High… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Haven’t heard from Henry Bowman recently.

BC rules the wind

Solid reference. People in NJ might start pulling Billy Dells.


@Mike…Sounds like the moral of the story is if you are a bad guy and take advantage of your power over your fellow man, that you will GET IT IN THE END !!! Yes, I like that story.


May God help all our LAW ABIDING brothers and sisters in New “J’ERMANY”…GIVE NO sanctuary or quarter to the Domestic Enemy Combatants and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL invading force under the FALSE FLAG of LAW…

Adam Powell

I don’t know, I would remind them of their oaths. Refuse to comply unless there was a warrant. If not I would call my lawyer, 911, put them on conference call over speaker and prepare to defend my home and liberty. At some point enough needs to be enough.

James Wagner

Rent a storage building in a out of state friend or relative’s name and store your mags and anything else there. At home have your legal guns and parts.


why haven’t you guys already turned on California legislative in droves and took back from them, your Cali?


Good advice.

dava golino

supreme court, so called judges do nothing about hearing 2nd amendment cases. The President made a statement,” to take the guns first and sort out the legal stuff after the fact”… as far as the Gitmo and other jails BEING UPDATED, more than likely the are for all the legal gun owners of the newly festering, state level RED FLAG LAWS THAT ARE RAPING the constitution in those states. Remember the FISA documents ? They ARE NOT GETTING RELEASED, UNDERACTED, BECAUSE THE QUEEN of the EU controlled England DOES NOT WANT HER PET LORDS GETTING IN TROUBLE for meddling in… Read more »


Americas only hope right now is Brent Kavanaugh.


Yea,right. B.K.?




@EagleNester How about Alexander Solzetnitzen ? Didn’t he write about how they all were so pussed off at themselves for doing nothing when the goons came for the guns ? Didn’t he write that he wished he had a hot poker to shove in the eye of at least one of them, so that the rest would think again about obeying illegal laws ? Any LEO’s who would value their salary and pension over the oath they took is nothing more than a durtbag TRAITOR like Murphy, with his sanctuary city and his Goldman Sucks background. And that goes double… Read more »


Never EVER give up your guns!!

Clark Kent

Tough talk for a putz who would fold like a cheap accordion at the first hint of trouble. How old are you, twelve?


So come on over and sneak around my back stairs and you will find out how old I am. And bring your friends, too. They can try the front door.

Wild Bill

Now Clark, what do you know about him, to write that? Not the first thing. You do not even know his age.
MCAHNY, patriots.

T For Texas

The same Brent Kavanaugh that coauthored the unPATRIOTic ACT?! You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking. The Founders would’ve been shooting by now.


We are like Spain c1935. God help us if we become Spain c1936.


All of the options are horrifying. That this could happen in the USA is unthinkable. Where are our reps at GOA, SAF, NAGR and NRA that we pay to save our rights? Folks in other states prepare for this to come to you. If this is allowed it will spread across the country.

Reginald Hafner

They cannot vote for you all. Get off you ass ad vote the democrat socialist bastards out.

Ansel Hazen

All of these organizations need to stop spending their members money trying to solve this via legislation and the courts. Start funding militias in every state. #HeedTheCallUp


“Never physically resist.” 19 April 1775….Lexington Green and Concord Bridge. Perhaps those subjects of the Crown who PHYSICALLY opposed the Lobsterbacks of King George III, should have followed the same advise of the lawyer writing this essay. Keep bending over and grabbing your ankles. Instead, “…. the shot heard ’round the world” was fired in defense from tyranny and oppression. It all started over firearm confiscation as the King’s men were coming to confiscate muskets, ball & powder of American colonials. The time is coming to “physically resist”. Enough is enough. Hemp necklaces for the legislators who committed treason creating… Read more »

Mr. Walkker

Maybe tie up some “Loose Ends”? Maybe.. for some projects one would need a large round 5 ft long wooden tree stake, A roll of #10 Bailing Wire, An old tee shirt, A garden hose, 5 ft of length, some old camp stove with old fuel in it. A rusty old Hay Bailing Fork, 100 ft of 1/2 inch braided Line, a step ladder, Hmmm….many of these items can be found at a local Farm and Ranch Co-Op, Sun is slowly setting, Time may be short, Best get those Work Horses down to the Creek for some “watering”. Best to… Read more »


Go to New Jersey! They’re going to need your leadership


How come this lawyer doesn’t say anything about charging these TRAITOR POLITICUANS with treason, sedition, breach of Oath ? With all those law books on their shelves, there must be at least a dozen felonies these scumbag politicians have committed. Oor maybe the people of These affected states should break out their arms and their now “illegal” magazines, and go march on the State House. Maybe it’s way past time to do that ? And give them a 10+ bullet salute. Just saying, there are options on the table.



do you have a junker standard capacity magazine? adopt Mike Vanderboegh’s “toys for totalitarians” approach. mail it to some gun banning moron in the legislature, then call a “tip line” and turn them in for possessing it.


I love that idea, I wish I did that. That would be an excellent outcome for passing a stupid law.

Wild Bill

warhorse, I don’t know what “standard capacity” is, but I do like the Defy, resist, evade, smuggle, and sabotage. This is just a suggestion: The NJ police have huge budgets, so they are the target. Divest yourself of the magazines that they would be after, give them away, sell them on “gunbroker”, or what ever. Lure the PD into violating your rights (e.g. tell your Ex or the dumbest libtard that you know that you will never comply.) But don’t do it in a way that can be recorded, and don’t go over board. When you see the flashing lights… Read more »


One problem with that approach: ever hear of a drop-gun? The corrupt NJ police aren’t above “planting” a high-cap mag, or other contraband, in your house to “prove” your guilt. Don’t fool yourself, this is no longer the “land of the free.”


Since you’re setting up a trap for them, why not have hidden cameras set up? If you have 2-3 per room, you’re certain to catch them planting the mag. Then you go to court, they claim that they found the magazine, you pull out the video feed and they’re done! I’d imagine there should be some pretty severe penalties for false accusations and planting evidence, assuming the judge isn’t totally corrupt.

Wild Bill

@AnCapRick, Excellent suggestions! Wish I would have thought of that.

Wild Bill

, All too true. And difficult to disprove, but not impossible. When planting evidence, they have to get it right or it won’t fit in front of the jury.

Crai Rusin

They do that here in NY, too. The cops can legally own these things. Not all cops are oath keepers or give two hoots about theConstitution. They simply follow orders or willfully work against the innocent.


I feel like these Traitors have been given orders to kill if possible and plant evidence to justify it. No amount of legal action will stop this from continuing as they are mostly in control of that end. We must switch from defense ( because we’re losing there) and go on the offense physically where they are weak. They have already violated the United States Constitution and continue to violate it making forced action necessary. In the end there will be only one thing that stops this. We need to act as a group throughout the United States before taking… Read more »

Clark Kent

Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.


it will weigh less than 13 ounces, so use stamps, and print the label with an inkjet, don’t write it. No return address.

Use a burner phone for the tip call. Or a publically accessible one.

There are two sides to every conflict.. they want a war, let them have one. Our way.

Brian John

The Tree of liberty is getting thirsty !

Ansel Hazen

And our Founding Fathers would be shooting by now. #HeedTheCallUp

Some guy

“A man’s natural rights are his own, against the whole world; and any infringement of them is equally a crime; whether committed by one man, or by millions; whether committed by one man, calling himself a robber, or by millions calling themselves a government.” Lysander Spooner No Treason The Constitution of No Authority


How is it that Fourth Amendment Rights and Fifth Amendment Rights are recognized by th Court but not our Second Amendment Rights?

Craig Rusin

They won’t be…all rights will be ignored, especially in a state that is so liberally controlled in the courts. Ask those here in NY that have been destroyed by these laws…


Get ready Colorado–new Democrat governor (incredibly liberal) and new democrat house and Senate–supported by all the liberal trash that ruined California and moved to Colorado for the marijuana and freedom from government–but over the last 8 years they brought their garbage politics with them–next up: Texas and Arizona (Arizona already actually–just elected a Marxist to national office).

Reginald Hafner

Not only that Denver is full of fagots including the governor elect, the are communist maggots.

Heed the Call-up

Reginald, you might want to tone down the rhetoric, there is a firearm organization called Pink Pistols, and it isn’t a woman’s group.


As a gun owning, CCW holding, gay female republican, I too agree. Not all of us are leftist lunatics.


Rhetoric ? Hafner is correct ! You ? Just keep on grabbing your mangina ! Too late for emasculated males as yourself to grow a pair.

Heed the Call-up

Dan, you are also quite mistaken. I am by far emasculated. I was only trying to let Reginald know how wrong he is without being demeaning or otherwise negative. I just wanted to bring him back to the real world. There are gays, etc, that also believe in self-defense and the RKBA. Not surprising since they are more likely to be violently attacked for who they are than most other people. I knew a gay man that always carried do to his being threatened in his home town. I believe self-defense is a right for all of us, as is… Read more »


Reginald, not disagreeing with your viewpoint, but a “fagot” is a bunch of sticks.

Frederick Peterman

I thought that a small bundle of sticks gathered and suitable for campfires and fireplaces was spelled with 2 g’s.


Nope. It’s in the dictionary.

William Moser

2A advocate, non gun-owner here. Cali. is not far from NJ with uber-Leftist Dems +Gavin Newsom controlling the entire State.

Already firearms are limited to the well-off. Gun-obstructing pols and celebs have armed security for themselves of course.

I’m wondering if massive civil-disobediance, as in CT, might ensue but the writer points out that even sympathetic L.E. may ‘flip’ rather than lose jobs and pensions…


Every homeowner should have a ‘slick’. A slick is what a spy would call an easily accessed hiding place. For example, you can hide a micro SD card behind the hinge of a door. If you have a drop ceiling, lifting the tiles can give access to the space between walls and studs. Tie a 9 foot string with a steel washer on one end to the mag. Drop it down inside the wall. When you need to retrieve it, fish for the washer using a magnet on a string. Stoves, washers and dryers have removable panels behind the controls… Read more »


They have what they call (gpr) ground penetrating radar and a portable wall penetrating radar.

Heed the Call-up

Russ, does it identify parts of the appliances Whoopi’s suggests using? Though some of his suggestions I believe are also well-known to LE, but like our border control, they can find everything.

George L Damron

Not a good idea to post this on the Internet, if they don’t know where to look, they will now !!!


REAL GUN CONTROL THAT WOULD WORK THE BEST!!!! Gun control doesn’t work, just look at how well the criminals in Chicago obey the gun laws. Gun control that would really work would be, if you use a gun for any crime, you go to prison for life! You’d get no visitors, TV, Magazines or books, radio, coffee, work out rooms, etc…! That’s just to name a few things you’d never get again, and you’d get nothing but the gruel for food! No special religious food objections allowed! The only time you’d get a visitor would be when you’re on the… Read more »

Wild Bill

@grizzman1, would that be malum en se crimes or malum prohibitum crimes, as well?

Thomas S.

But you forget who decides what a “gun crime” is. Carrying one concealed innocently in New Jersey might get you the punishment you describe.

Mike in a Truck

Its becoming increasingly clear ( to me) that we are on the verge of (un) civil war in this country. On one side we have what I call the Originalists-those of us that believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written are guarantees from God not man.On the other side we have the Progressives(Bolsheviks) -who think the Constitution is a living document and should reflect whatever whims the masses think it should be at any given moment. Mixed into all this we have the corrupt ruling political class which includes the even more corrupt law enforcement class. I do… Read more »


I agree, the only peaceful way. Now how do we make this happen?

The Green Watch Dog

Agree on asserting your rights not to search premises without a search warrant. Trying to grasp why law enforcement would want to search without good cause. If my neighbor was planning to cause great bodily harm to others, I would more than welcome that they demand to search anything they own. I see it more as safety precautions for the public. As for a magazine holding more than11 bullets, I would pay cash for the item. But since I don’t own any this issue is mute.

Heed the Call-up

TWGD, these citizens weren’t planning on doing harm. The law changed, and now they are felons. They don’t need “good cause”, nor, based on this law “probable cause”. The gun registry has already identified them as possessors of firearms that have magazines that can hold more than ten rounds. When they decide you should only be allowed one round, will you then just bend over as you are requesting the rest of us do now?

The Green Watch Dog

For me I will not be violating the law as I do not own a weapon that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. I would not go through the legal expense, nor be one that knowingly violates an existing law.
Reading through some of these comments clearly are illegal actions within our legal system. Some comments even go as far promoting a come and get it attitude. Disturbing comments!

Kenneth Waggoner

And some people are sheep.

Heed the Call-up

TGWD, that was not the question I posed to you. I asked, when they decide you are only allowed one round, will you then comply? At what point are, non-sense, unjust, unconstitutional laws too much for you where you will resolve to not abide by them and just say no? New York State found out after the “SAFE” Act was passed how compliant people are to unconstitutional laws – not very. However, unlike NJ, they don’t have a registry, so they don’t know who is breaking their unconstitutional law. So no raids, no arrests, nothing. They expected over one million… Read more »


@The GWD, obvious infiltrator…It will be even more disturbing for the TRAITORS who attempt enforcing illegal laws at our houses. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and Article 6 (The Supremacy Clause ) states that any laws that do not comply with the Constitution (The 2A in this case ), are null and void and nobody has a duty to ENFORCE it or OBEY it. Any one who attempts to enforce those laws is a criminal and a TRAITOR and deserves what we will give them. We learned our lessons very well from what Solzhenitsyn wrote. We… Read more »

Get Out

GWD, Didn’t you on another forum advocate that you would like to “splinter down doors and stick your knee into the back of non-compliant gun owners” if they don’t comply with these unenforceable knee jerk gun laws?

The Green Watch Dog

No I did not write that. What I did write is similar to this: “Lets splinter down doors and stick a knee deep into the back of criminals who are a known threat. For example, one who is in a stand off for brandishing a weapon in a robbery”.
If it is a 77 year old grand mother or a snotty nosed 15 year old kid, both could be a threat to others.

Wild Bill

@GO, apparently the free lunch dog does not believe in the Fourth Amendment or Sixth Amendment either. Splintering down someone’s door is a really good reason to have unlocked, high capacity, bump stocked firearms at hand. Every specious libtard “reasonable restriction” unmasked in a single statement.
Who is a “known threat” without a trial? Known to whom? Don’t we get a trial and a jury anymore. Apparently those who would disarm us know everything already.

Get Out

GWD, both you and I know that’s not your true statement. I’ve seen some of your other anti-gun posts on here and you’re getting whipped by these gun owners just like you did on the other forum.

Wild Bill

@Heed, Certain commenters, here, think that anything done by a legislative body is “law”. And that is what the socialist city people want everyone to think. Just forget that stogy, old Bill of Rights.
I also see by other writings that he poses hypotheticals, wherein he knows what is in other peoples minds. Most humorous. Merry Christmas and a Happy New forty round standard magazine.

Heed the Call-up

WB, I am willing to abide by “reasonable” laws. In Virginia, we are allowed to carry mags in handguns in public that do not exceed 21 rounds. Most handguns do not even have standard magazines of that capacity – to me, that is reasonable. We are still “allowed” to possess “high-capacity” magazines and use them, on private property and at ranges. I have not researched whether or not there is any mag limit on rifles, but I know that the standard capacity (30 round) mag for the AR-15 is legal. I don’t own a rifle, so I haven’t bothered to… Read more »

Robert Messmer

The only “reasonable” gun law is the one in compliance with the 2nd Amendment. The one you cite is therefore not “reasonable” as there are no such restrictions listed in the 2nd Amendment.


If you KNEW that neighbour was planning some evil act, it would be incumbent upon YOU to NOT wait for da gummit to act, but to take actioin YOURSELF. Remember, it states very clearly in that pesky Second Article that “the security of a free state” rests squarely on the shoulders of WE THE PEOPLE. Your attitutde is part of why we have come to this sorry pass. And it is NOT up to you to “welcome” them searching your neigbour’s place. It IS up to him to resist that, unless due process has been followed. Do you see this… Read more »

Jack Mac

Really! Would not you prefer the threat be dealt with. That’s the one making the threats. These persons of threat can be detained or placed under surveillance. Making threats is generally unlawful. You cannot grasp LEOs not considering any cause is a good cause. Can you visualize government directed armed thugs doing what they desire. Would not you desire preventing this? What is mute about government wanting absolute power over us (including you). I cannot grasp or want to visualize what may happen if people came to get my guns or parts of, but my being killed could happen. Then… Read more »