Million Plus NJ Gun Owners Defy State Law, Refuse to Turn Over Banned Gun Mags

Over one million New Jersey Gun owners defy Governor Murphy’s gun magazine ban & turn in demands of what some estimate is easily more than ten million now illegal standard capacity gun mags.

Fuck New Jersey
Million Plus NJ Gun Owners Defy State Law, Refuse to Turn Over Banned Gun Mags

New Jersey-( New Jersey’s standard capacity magazine ban is now in effect making New Jersey’s one million gun owners criminals in the eyes of the state. But in an act of mass definace, New Jersey residents refuse to comply.

Any magazine holding more than ten rounds is now illegal in the Garden State. The standard magazine for an AR-15 holds 30 rounds. Glock 19s, which is the most popular pistol in the United States, holds 15 rounds. Anyone who is possession of larger magazine is committing a fourth-degree felony.

Anyone caught with one of the now banned magazines in their possession faces up to 18 months in prison and up to $10,000 in fines or both for each magazine found.

The bill was signed into law last June by Gov. Phil Murphy (D). Residents had until December 11th, 2018, to turn over magazines to police or sell or store them out of state.

Pro-gun groups sued New Jersey to try to prevent the law from going into effect. Their attempt on blocking the law failed in a federal appeals court. The three-judge panel ruled that a law limiting the number of rounds a magazine holds did not violate the US Constitution and did not put an undue burden on New Jersey gun owners.

“New Jersey’s law reasonably fits the State’s interest in public safety and does not unconstitutionally burden the Second Amendment’s right to self-defense in the home,” the court wrote in their decision. “The law also does not violate the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause because it does not require gun owners to surrender their magazines but instead allows them to retain modified magazines or register firearms that have magazines that cannot be modified.”

AG Gurbir Grewal applauded the ruling on Twitter stating: “This just in: for months, individuals have been challenging NJ’s limits on large capacity magazines—a sensible law to address mass shootings. Today, the court of appeals upheld the law. Big win for public safety and law enforcement safety!”

Residents of New Jersey on various message boards have called the magazine ban unenforceable. Some were going as far as laughing at Gov. Murphy and his attempt at regulating magazine size.

New Jersey is not saying how they plan to enforce the ban on standard capacity magazines. Gov. Murphy’s office referred AmmoLand to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office. The AG’s office refused to comment.

Sharon Lauchaire, Director of Communications for the Office the Attorney General told AmmoLand: “We do not discuss law enforcement strategies.”

AmmoLand’s sources within the New Jersey State Police that spoke on a condition of anonymity stated that they had not received any guidance on how to enforce the ban from the AG’s office. They said that there is currently no plan to investigate gun owners suspected of having the now banned magazines.

According to the source, the plan that has been discussed among officers is only to file charges against people who are guilty of other crimes. This plan might change once superiors give guidance on how to enforce the ban.

AmmoLand reached out to several local police departments in New Jersey to see how they plan on enforcing the ban and what the turn in numbers have been? Much like the New Jersey State Police, none of these departments have a concrete plan on how to proactively enforce the ban and none had a single report of magazines turned over.

From all Reports, NO Mags Turned In,  Governor Murphy & His Law are Joke

AmmoLand also asked the Governor’s office what Gov. Murphy thinks of users on the internet saying that the ban is unenforceable and laughing at the Governor’s attempt at regulating magazine sizes.

Gov. Murphy and his office refused to comment on these gun owner’s opinions.

AmmoLand also asked Gov. Murphy’s office about the number of magazines turned in by New Jersey residents. Once again AmmoLand was referred to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office.

In this case, Lauchaire would not offer a comment and referred AmmoLand to the New Jersey State Police. Lauchaire stated she was aware of AmmoLand’s previous inquire to the State Police on the number of magazines turned in meaning that State Police contacted the AG’s office about our request for information.

The New Jersey State Police have not officially responded to our request on the number of magazines that were turned over by citizens.

Two sources from within the State Police, who spoke to AmmoLand on condition of anonymity, told AmmoLand News that they both do not know of any magazines turned over to their agency and doubted that any were turned in. They also stated that the State Police also engaged the AG’s office for guidance on how to respond to inquiries such as ours. They were unaware if the Attorney General has returned to their request for guidance.

All the local police departments that AmmoLand contacted stated that they have not had any magazines turned into them.

AmmoLand has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with The New Jersey State Police to get an official count of the number of magazines turned in by New Jersey citizens. We will update the story if our FOIA request is fulfilled.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Has anyone noticed that they never go after criminals with large capacity magazines? Hummm.


Citizens, not subjects need to take over the county governments and then declare their county a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County that does not have to comply with state infringements and violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Fuc$ NJ, NY and California and the rest of the shi$ hole states.

Eva Swayne Davis

The only reason you see all of these women in office is to grab guns….women are weak minded and the deep state know this so they are using them to get their agenda of one world take over…I was raised with 8 brothers so I’m different but women of 2018 are wimps….


So because I have a sister and not 8 brothers, I’m weak minded? F-off, sweetheart.

Wild Bill

@jenny, Actually Eva, your sweetheart, stated that “… women are weak minded…” without reference to sisters or brothers. She implied weak mindedness was gender based. If you read carefully, Eva stated, “I was raised with 8 brothers so I’m different.” She did not say how she was different.
You, jenny, added in the sisters and brothers as an origin of weak mindedness, she did not. Neither of these are logical arguments.

Nita L

I knew what you meant Eva. I’m a woman, conservative , raised with 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and knew how to handle weak minded anyone at an early age. Ignore them, or knock some sense into them. But, that was then. I’m 63, and just as tough, but calmer. However…yes, lib women are weak. In their mind and soul. Remember Feinstein saying when good people lay down their guns criminals will too? Lmao..if that’s not proof of not only a week mind but pure stupidity too. It’s they, these kooky lib women who side with criminals over patriots. Too bad… Read more »


As a woman I have to agree with you to an extent. I am a woman and I think the 2nd ammendment is 1000% necessary and I am a member of the NRA and will fight to keep my guns. I’m not a hunter or anything like that but we all have a right to protect our families. I could never in good conscience vote for any of these women (cant call them ladies) or men who do not uphold out constitution. No all women are weak minded. But we do have MANY men and women who are very dumbed… Read more »


If 10 rounds is good enough for ‘the citizens’ then it should be good enough for the police. It should not ‘burden’ the state’s agents any more than it would ‘burden’ an individual.

Arthur Nicholas

I dare New Jersey to enforce this law.

Marat K

My name is Marat but people call me mike . I was born in the soviet union and live in russia before moving to The US . . I’m also an ex Marine. This is crazy. One million people is an army. A lot of them are ex military..And they probably have another 1 million of supporters, like me and a lot of ex military men and women although .Who is the law the government or the people?. This governeron can go f….k himself, if people have the license to own a firearm what difference does it make how many… Read more »


sorry for my english I’m still working on grammar. I could barely speak english, when I joined the Marines Corps


commie nj judges pulled “public safety” concept out of their a**


Exactly, I wrote a comment about that. I was born in soviet union, Moved to united states in 1997. I’m a combat veteran, an ex Marine. I don’t want to write something that would get me in trouble about this peace of shit, but I think he should resign and move to cuba, north korea, venezuela or russia. I think he will be treated well in those countries, he will probably get a a free apartment in russia and make a lot of money. Once they take your guns that’s it , this country will slowly turn into police state.… Read more »

willy d

@ blkcandywarez; The judges have the new Constitution it is locked up so we can’t see it and they pull it out to justify anything that goes against it then quickly put it back and lock it up until needed the next time!!!!!!!


“New Jersey’s law reasonably fits the State’s interest in public safety and does not unconstitutionally burden the Second Amendment’s right to self-defense in the home,” the court wrote in their decision.

Hmmm, I didn’t even know that the 2A mentioned self-defense in the home. These judges must have access to some completely different version of the Constitution.


Just the tip of the iceberg for the folks in NJ.

willy d

@SS; SO TRUE, and PA with WOLF isn’t far behind!!!!!!!!!

Shannon Spencer

New Jersey. Your own fault for voting so stupidly! You got what you voted for! Hahaha!!!


Not what I voted for. Sadly, you’re state is next.

The Grey Rooster

I salute the patriot citizens of NJ for flipping off this stupid law and you’all got what you voted for. I live in the coward state state of California where they are chipping away at us and (not a lot of us) but these cowards got what they voted for who was Moon Beam Jerry the clown Brown and now is Gag’um Newsome.
Confiscation would be a very bad idea, like a mussel loader that would spark the flint…


These TRAITOROUS GUNGRABBERS are a disgrace to the United States of America, and especially to the US Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land. Under the Color of Law they are attempting to disarm America, one little bit at a time. I wonder how much bribe money they took from the likes of Soros and Bloomberg, in the form of “campaign contributions”. IMHO, and in the opinion of much smarter Constitutional scholars, these politicians and lawmakers are acting illegally, in the same manner that caused the disarmament of many other countries in the 1800 and 1900’s, that resulted… Read more »

Dave churbuck

The enemy of the people is the people themselves who allow the worst of themselves to enslave the rest who refer to themselves as the “WE ” . There is No WE, There is just a herd of discombobulated idiots who stupidly believe [ not think } that gawd will save them with the vote and give them freedom, which they would never know what to do with it if they got it because they never had it. Exactly what is real freedom to you ? Define it, be quick about it, you know what you want don’t you ?… Read more »

Conrad Wolgreen

Here’s how this law can be defeated non-violently.
First, New Jersey gun owners should always agree to serve as jurors.
Second, they should inform themselves of the rights that jurors have in judging both the facts and the law.
Third, if a gun owner is charged with violating this statute, refuse to convict. Vote “not guilty.”
If jurors refuse to convict people of violating this law, it will cease being used. You have the power to nullify this law if you have the courage to do so.


I agree, in theory, that jury nullification could work. In practice, that approach won’t work. It’s highly unlikely that any jury (especially with the jury selection process) would consist of enough citizens that haven’t been “brainwashed” by the culture in that entire area of the country into thinking that more laws will deter criminals to expect that to happen. I mean, we HAVE to do SOMETHING! (Even if that “something” can’t have any measurable result, but will have a measurable deleterious effect on formerly law abiding citizens)

Michael K

The is a lot of things you could do this is not North Korea yet. People are to lazy to get of their asses. They want to lose what their ancestors and people in other countries were dying for. You have a lot of instrument. I’m in immigrant from russia and was born in soviet union. I’m also a former United States Marine. I’m a real person you can find on face book This governor should move to cuba (guantanamo ?) or north korea maybe even russia , He will make a lot of money over there like some… Read more »


In our country (CZE) nacis declared weapon possession as capital crime to be carried out immediately without court.
Yet our ancestors never turned them over.
Not until 1945 when they set barricades up and transfered ammunition to nacis one piece at a time.
Never surrender your weapons to anybody, they mean to do bad stuff to you and are scared, you’ll defend yourself.


I left newjerkistaniland in late ’93. I have went back ONCE in ’96 to visit a friend. That state at one time had some wonderful rural areas I grew up in. But slowly like a cancer all the riff raff from new yerk and cuntectikit , massholia and all points of the liberal diseased north east moved in . They brought their peccadillos of taxation , corruption , filth , immigration , and liberal mental disorders with them. The gentrification they caused by taxation alone caused many of the sane people to leave. And then they clamped down on property… Read more »

willy d

@Unior; Great comment, it would take 2 cranes to get most of their heads out of you know where and then it might not work then !!!!!!!!!!!!


Now instead of having one 15 rd. magazine, people have six 10 rd. magazines

Jack black

If you think that you can own any weapon and then not vote to back up your 2nd Amendment rights than you are sadly uninformed!

Dave churbuck

Nature by design gave me self protection, not some government which I refuse to vote for by

giving up my self respect and accepting a ruler of my life. Please enjoy Your servitude.


Sorry Dave but that is delusional. Whether you accept theme or not they have power over us. Votimg is the first step to prevent them from having power. I agree to doing whatever you were going to do anyway but you gotta vote.

Jason Furness

These NO GOVERNMENT morons are the 1st to cry when their welfare gets cut out there is a problem with infrastructure or thr multitude of other things that government provides.

Dave churbuck

IF, you vote then you gotta do jury duty for a corrupt government. And you become more of the system of things. They will have power if no body ever votes. The system started with No votes. I respect no flag or country or government. By Nature I was born on planet earth, The world is mine, same as any other living thing. I refuse to accept an assigned life. Who and what would you be IF it was all your choice from the begining ? See, “The immutable right for defending one’s person has no ideological test. It is… Read more »

Tom Stark

Most states have converted from voter registrations to operator licenses as a means of summoning jury duty pools. So your argument that voting means you accept someone as your ruler is bogus. You sound like a “sovereign citizen” fool that actually believes that you are beyond the reach of the law. What should be scaring you is that the law is not being applied equally across the spectrum of citizenry. When the elites are immune from prosecution you have a tyranny. That is not the fault of our constitution, it is the fault of 1) voters; 2) activist judges; 3)… Read more »


Wow! So i guess it is true. There really are people with their heads so far up their….uhhh, in the ground that they won’t even know the doors been kicked in at 3AM! Just keep smoking whatever it is you smoke bro and say “Hi” to the tooth fairy.

Dan Steel

Come and take it

Dave churbuck

You were born on planet earth by Nature which by design gave you ever evolving forms of protection and self defense adapting as needed for self preservation. It is your world not some governments. Anything that threatens you or your self preservation by word or deed or intent is your enemy. The enemy either wants you as a prisoner or dead. IF you do not have or are not allowed to have a firearm then you are a prisoner and your life and well being is of no concern to the enemy. If you are talking to the enemy, you… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

There is one undeniable fact pro gun activist have correct is that their representatives in government and organizations have virtually Christmas wrapped numerous gun control laws across our country over time, due to a deep sleep. They may want to consider being pro active and educating the general public how important the right to own guns are. Instead of threatening comments.for very few to read such as here.


Anyone really tired of just complaining, but who also respects real law and does not want to initiate violence, check out Tactical Civics ( It is the lawful peaceful practical, comprehensive solution. Not just another talk-talk group.


come & get it, d-suckers


Oldmarine >>> NRA Many members like me are thoroughly pissed because you are falling down in the situation where you have dropped the ball in defending the Constitution and the citizen gun owners of America. A lot of money goes to the NRA but with little impotent results. I will NOT renew my membership because of your incompetence. Money given to the NRA is futile at best. Its amazing that a organization that clams to do so much does so little. I wonder just how much of the money received really is applied to the problem of defending the Constitution.… Read more »


Grand Slam my friend. I was a long time member as well. No more. The NRA does nothing in support of our second amendment rights. No more an NRA member. We are on our own.

Ziggy Stardust

You are either a troll, or don’t really know much about the NRA. Expenditures on lobbyiing and legal challenges(NRAILA) to stupid laws like this are in the multimillions. These figures are available from the NRA and are discussed every year at the convention (you should try showing up) The NRA is a non-profit, so their filing is public and available somewhere. To the best of my recollection, the NRA raises somewhere in the neighborhood of 348 million in dues, and spends around 148 million on legal challenges. I don’t recall, but could easily find out what they spend on operations,… Read more »


I know this about the NRA…they don’t follow their own bylaws and helped the 1968 GCA and the 1934 NFA acts get passed. I’m a life member and would actually like a refund. They won’t talk about the power of the jury utilizing jury nullification on bad laws and they won’t talk about the first 13 words of the second amendment or make any effort to revitalize it. I wonder why? If you want to support a pro second amendment group Go with Gun Owners of America. I’m also a life member of that group also. But they don’t compromise.… Read more »


Old marine >>> Ziggy Stardust I thing you are naive. The NRA has changed into a money garbing machine that doesn’t really do one thing for the members. If you think otherwise then tell me one thing they have done for the members. Your response sounds like it was taken directly for the the web page not from experience. As a NRA member I’m getting soured by what it has become, a money making business. NOT PROFIT is just a cover for what is really happening. they are sounding more like the government and I’ve never seen them do so… Read more »

Robert Pollard

The NRA has been infiltrated by Democrats. That was the plan all along. The Democrats are no dummies. They use this old Communist tactic for a reason. It works. Case in point : Mainstream media, GOP Republicans, large corporations, etc.
I am done with them too. They were on board with the bump stock ban. They knew good and well that was just another nail in the gun confiscation coffin. Did I mention I’m done with them


Yes. Other gun group are doing a better job. Roflmao. Those damn anti American NRA judges. 100% sarcasm..


Old Marine >>> All of this Bitching accomplishes nothing, only action works, something the Democrats know how to use. I am seriously disappointed in the NRA. They are always on the defense trying to keep the gun grabbers at bay with lobying. They act as an organization that just is money hungry and quite useless in really accomplishing anything. There are millions of members that they could use be a more effective way. If they did the right thing they would go after the Law Breakers, of which is the Oath Breakers. There are laws that are supposed to protect… Read more »

Dave churbuck

They wrote this song for gun grabbers , governments and the news media and those who believe that Jesus gonna make everythig aw better { in the next Life } And people who think they can get freedom with a vote. The only thing that wants to take your gun is your Enemy, Which most people don’t quite understand why they make guns for, IT IS NOT an instrument for negotiation with a know enemy. Front sight on enemy, Bang, There, you have been properly negotiated with. Smile, You have just created organic fertilizer. This country as well as many… Read more »

Jeff L.

I’m sure New Jersey has banned the use of cocaine and it’s illegal to rob a business, murder someone. How are those laws working out for ya ?

Country Boy

Looks to me like it’s time to depose a NJ AG. What are NJ resident gun owners waitng for ? Jesus?


Have you seen a picture of the NJ Attorney General ? He comes to work everyday wearing a blue Turban. He still thinks he lives in Pakistan or wherever he blew in from. Yes, the Goldman Sucks Governor is going to use foreign troops to disarm us, just like his Khazarian Rothschild bosses from Goldman Sucks and the “City of London” want. Please take note that the NJ Appeals court has 22 judges sitting on it. The recent decision upholding the magazine ban was made by a 2 to 3 decision, by only 3 of the appeals court judges getting… Read more »

willy d

@Trista; Right and your right about most Politicians being out of touch, they all give very good lip service when reelection time comes up but never follow up on anything said !!! @Steven; Your right it is the case in both parties, only interested in getting elected, then just getting reelected !!!!!!!!!!! @bart adkins; Why do you think that N J’s Nickname is THE GARBAGE STATE ????????? @bentley Lewis; Must be one tracking your guns already ?????? @freedom isnt cheap Operatives; He’ll have all of the Security he needs, but as usual we are not supposed to have any !!!!!!!!!… Read more »

bart adkins

New Jersey, Americas toilet


That’s why it’s known as “The Garbage State”.

Greg Harrod

In desperate need of flushing!

Dee Plorable

I have always said New Jersey where the debris meets the sea…..


The French have more balls than NJ. Shame…


Oldmarine >>> Harley
Thomas Jefferson was a smart practical man of natural wisdom. It would be good to listen to our past. >> Semper Fi

Georgia Thomas

and I’m sure all the criminals will be lining up at their local police station door to turn them in

Nelson Lewis

How can over a million gun owners refuse to turn in their mags when there are only 51,670 registered guns in New Jersey?


You miss the point.. the key word is REGISTERED.

Dave Diesel

Because the they hope the rest will be stupid enough to do it.


At least since the movie “Red Dawn” came out decades ago, nobody is stupid enough to go register their guns. DUHHH !

Country Boy

Maybe because the rest were smart enough to not register their guns with NJ LE/Gov. ?


Sad to say that the only way to stop the assault 0n our 2nd amendment rights is to attack those that will send others to your home to rob your property. These people will not be the ones to show up at your door to kill you. They will send some gung hoe stupid cop to do the dirty work. If a fight results then they are not in the fight and will pay no fee for the loss of life or property. The culprit is in the halls of the government and until these monsters are counted among the… Read more »

Anna. Wofford

This is so aggravating and discoueaging. Everyone knew what they been trying to do for yrs. Every masd shooting they wers slobbering all over themdelves carrying on about gun control. They have laws ,enforce them . Take care of people u know are mental and need medication. Leave everyone else alone. Until u get people to get back to God and have a change of heart banning anything wont work. Peoples hearts are evil and turn on others

Randy Graber

Buy as many 30rd mags as you can, mag companies and government b shops need sell at cost for a short term. Buy as many mags as you can afford, hide them in the cars and homes of these liberal fucks, if you can’t lock them up for treason, send them to prison for poessiing Mags . It’s crazy that you can loose a constitutional right over a firearm that is only responsible for an average of 139 murders per year out of 38000 thousand deaths per year involving all types of guns. This years Gun deaths are higher then… Read more »


138 a year should tell you that the reason they are after them isn’t because of that. It’s because the ARMED SLAVES are waking up and the psychos in control are getting worried that words are going to turn into actions.

Herbert Celler

The voice of the people no longer have any say so. Its time for the 1 million gun owners to sign a petition to remove the Governor and his henchmen. Speak up tax payers. Its our right. Drain the stink swamp once and for all.


Sign a petition.. my ass.. that’s why NJ is in a state of seige .

Gus Philpott

Not just the guv and A.G. The legislature wrote and passed the law. Stand them on downtown streets without armed guards and put Darwin’s Law to work.


Oldmarine >>> Gear head
Actually All homicides are done with hands and the CDC said that hands commit more homicides than any other weapon.
Nothing happens without hands. Hands driven by the mind is responsible for all homicides.

Justice Edition

There’s an old, old saying….”When they come for your guns, give them your ammunition first.”


“When injustus becomes Law , Resistance becomes Duty”
Thomas Jefferson
Solidarity……… Oregon is with you !


When the government or police rolls up on normal non-military or non-law enforcement residents, no one will fight back. Not many and not enough to make a difference. Easy to say one would, a whole different story once SWAT PD is at your door. Best way to fight this was through voting and legislatively. Too late now. When a government begins disarming the public, it eventually enslaves and begins killing its people. Not just the rifle, but morality was also needed to keep this republic free. America is failing and will eventually fall to a harsher rule of law. The… Read more »


Your words are full of truth and wisdom. Is there anything that can be done to salvage this country and return to the constitution which made a small group of states into the mightiest nation ever known? Is violence necessary or even inevitable?
Thank you.

Arthur Nicholas

Yes there is Spencer….Remove all the Socialist politicians, democratic or republican and silence those that elected them… permanently.

Robert Pollard

Socialist/Communist is more precise. Lenin said the goal of Socialism is communism. Socialism is Communism in disguise. It’s what they have been trying to sell the American people. The only way they can get Americans to buy into it is brain wash them when they are impressionable children. Works for the Muslims.

Don m

It’s not to late now. Gun owners of America far , far out number any military in this world. If half of us would only grow a back bone ,, and take back our very own country from these corrupt treasonous maggot politicians any way nessassary we would not have to face down our criminal gov. Now. So we can continue pissing an whinning about it till we have no rights or guns left. Or we can be the men and patriots we claim we are and bring these son,s a bitchs to a hanging where 99 % of them… Read more »

William Burnside

I would refuse to turn in anything.

Dave churbuck

Are your final arrangements in proper order ?

Mark DuChamp

NJ is a lost cause. Move to a red state.


This ban is a violation of our rights! I stand with the New Jersey residents who are refusing to turn them in. No reason a law abiding citizen is being stripped of rights. Criminals will never turn in anything. So stop trying to force law abiding citizens to allow their rights to be slowly taken away. You already have a law in place that “forbids” a possibly dangerous felon from owning or having a carry permit. Enforce that and leave the innocent alone!

Country Boy

So are the over 200,000 ATF laws on the boks……….

Freedom Operatives

See you all the governors house this Christmas Eve. We have a present for him.


What time?


Yeah, what time ? I like this idea very much. I’d drive a thousand miles to get in on this. I’d even ride a humpback Camel 500 miles to get there. This would be history in the making that you could proudly tell your grandchildren about.

Neil Whitelaw

I think a lot of people don’t understand the ongoing purpose of the 2nd Amen!dment. It’s not about hunting squirrels! It is about being armed to protect us from a tryanical government and so it could be overthrown if absolutely necessary!

Carl Ferrigno

Here in the northeast part of the country we are infested with educated morons (no explanation needed) Ct is the same…time to vacate the north and go south and let them have their ignorance, taxes and cost of living is prohibitive.

Orita Buckly

We this coming to Florida soon. They already banned Bump Stocks and ANY device that increases Rate of Fire. (Trigger assist items like the TAC or GAT trigger system. 3rd degree felony if caught. ) Talk about banning all Military Surplus Ammo.

Army of many

Until we band together and actually start hanging the traitors in the town squares, nothing is going to change.


@Army….Fair trials first, no lynchmobs. Everything has to be proper and legal. After the trial, if they are found guilty, then they should get a old fashioned tar and feathering, and then a rail ride down to the old hanging tree. And it should be recorded and televised, for sure.


Simply, my family WAS planning a east coast trip, including spending substantial time along the Jersey shores. It ain’t gonna happen. Just wrote the Governor sharing I won’t spend a penny for any product, service or spend time/$$ in his state.

William Burnside

Great…hit them where it hurts.


Yeah, put a ban on your clip, but lets let in all the illegals and turn your state into a sanctuary state..
Stand strong jeresy boys..


Where did the author get his numbers from? If it’s a million gun owners, where were they on election day? If the author knows how many people are in non compliance, you can bet some gubmint beaurocrat has even better info.


cjs3 you are totally right WHERE THE HELL WERE THEY !! Take a look at the state house now , we are screwed for the foreseeable future ! By the time we pull our heads out of the sand it may be too late!


typical demo-voter fraud.

Nelson Lewis

The numbers are BS, there’s only 51,670 registered guns in NJ, so there isn’t anywhere near a million gun owners, much less that many who refused to abide by the law.


How many registered guns there are in New Jersey does not equal the number of New Jersey gun owners since you don’t have to register a gun in NJ. Do you understand?


Ignorant comment. Many gun owners own multiple guns. Also, there is no requirement to register guns in the People’s Republik of New Jerseystan. New purchases of handguns are effectively registered through their pistol permit system but that leaves many unaffected. You can move into the state with firearms for example with no registration requirement.


Long guns don’t get registered. They can be voluntary registered but few do it. You can’t say there are only 50k guns out there because of that. If a gun is used in a crime they follow the paperwork backwards from the dealer who sold it, to the person who bought it on the 4473, and if it was private sales from each step thereafter from asking the prior owner for the certificate of eligibility from the sale. Handguns get registered via the permit to purchase in NJ. The best measure is how many Firearms Purchasing ID cards there are… Read more »


All forms of electronic voting must be outlawed. Only paper ballots that can be re-counted, and stored, should be used. Many electronic machines can be hacked remotely now, thanks to radio waves and nano technology. It is IMPERATIVE that only easy to use paper ballots are legal. And the PLEDGE that Sen. Cynthia McKinney told us about must be abolished.



Norman Rossi

I agree, the demon-rat party is the biggest threat to America today