VCDL Joins GOA in Lawsuit to Stop BATFE’s Bump-Stock Ban

Bumpski Bumpr Fire Stock
VCDL Joins GOA in Lawsuit to Stop BATFE’s Bump-Stock Ban: Bumpski Bump Fire Stock

Virginia – -( The bump-stock ban rule change has now been signed and is set to take effect in around 90 days. There were over 66,000 comments in opposition to the ban.

Virginia Citizens Defense League has opposed any bump-stock bans from the moment President Trump floated the idea after the Las Vegas massacre. (VCDL beat back bump-stock-ban bills in the General Assembly earlier this year, too.)

To that effect, Virginia Citizens Defense League has joined Gun Owners of America (GOA) in a lawsuit to overturn BATFE’s bump-stock ban regulation!

**As part of the lawsuit, a motion for an injunction will also be filed in a federal court to stop implementation of the bump-stock ban until there has been a ruling on the merits of the lawsuit. We don’t want people destroying their bump stocks, only to have the ban ultimately overturned!**

To ban bump stocks, the BATFE had to do a 180-degree turn, as several times before they said that bump stocks were perfectly legal and as a legal product; countless bump stocks have been sold.

BATFE is now taking the ridiculous and untenable position that bump stocks are “machine guns.” Nice try, no cigar, BATFE.

Bump stocks are clearly NOT machine guns per federal law. The trigger has to be pulled and released each time a shot goes off.

A semi-automatic firearm can be bump fired without any attachments or changes to the gun. Bump firing requires that the shooter actively hold the gun in a particular manner to speed up how fast the trigger can be pulled and released. Bump stocks merely make bump firing, which has always been legal, easier to do. (To ban bump firing, humans would have to be declared illegal. )

For the bump stock to work, it still requires the shooter to actively hold the gun in a particular manner and push forward with his support hand, which belies the BATFE’s contention that the bump stock is “self-regulating.”

Here’s another way to look at it: if bump stocks converted semi-automatic rifles into machine guns and are self-regulating, as alleged, then all a person would have to do is to hold the gun with one hand, squeeze the trigger and the gun would run in fully-automatic mode. It won’t. It will fire one shot and stop, as all semi-automatics (and revolvers) do. The shooter MUST actively apply forward pressure with his support hand, which allows the trigger to reset before the trigger is pulled again by the shooter’s finger.

If we don’t fight this phony regulation, then using BATFE’s logic and wording in the regulation, all semi-automatics could be banned down the road. BATFE is MAKING LAW, not implementing laws that Congress has created, as it is supposed to do.

Regardless of whether you own a bump stock or not, and regardless of what you think of bump stocks generally, we dare not let BATFE get away with EXCEEDING THEIR POWERS to regulate firearms in any way.

If you wish to help offset Virginia Citizens Defense League’s cost in the lawsuit (the VCDL-PAC is not part of the lawsuit), you can contribute to VCDL here:

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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This is not an issue of need or want; its about a government that can claim a piece of plastic(bump stock) is legal, allow businesses to start, allow 1/2 a million people to purchase this product (bump stock) then some guy comes along and claims Bump stocks are illegal. Now 1/2 million people maybe come felons. This is more than a violation of the 2A. Its a violation of our Form of government . Trump is wrong with his support of the Bump Stock ban. The democrats are wrong on everything. The states are out of control and the future… Read more »


Most decisions made by people who wouldn’t know a bump stock from a bump in the stock market!

Kerry Smith

Personally, I don’t need or want a bump stock. I say this after using a friend’s AR with one about a year ago. Was it fun? Not really. It worked like it was supposed to but all I could think of was a fully automatic Pez Dispenser – burning through a bunch of candy…er…ammo. I don’t think he has used it since.

So, no, I don’t need or want one. But that’s me. If others find a need/want then they should go for it ’cause 2A.


Agreed, Also, In my case I am left handed and as far as I know there is not one for South-Paws

Yura Lunatik

Slidefire makes a left-hand version.


Myself, I do not see a “Need” in these, That said, I also know some people love all to “Do Dad” you can add on. As I said I do not need one, But I am not going to stop someone that wants one. Same for the AR “pistols” myself think they would fall under SBR. I have no need nor want of these, But I do know some do. As soon as they start taking things away from us where will they stop? It is not a good thing to compare all this to Germany in the 30’s and… Read more »

Dr Michael

Unfortunately, the news media has won. While no one noticed, the “News” has became a separate, powerful political force in our country. They no longer simply report the news, they shape and make the news. When they found out they could shape politics, as with Obama, they became emboldened. Now the combination of the millennials and media have become the perfect partners, they CAN change America and neither group will allow ignorance of a subject to stand in the way of their sharing of their beliefs about the subject. I see the real danger here as the establishment of a… Read more »


So the question is: WHY HAS THE ‘nra’ joined in the INFRINGMENT of LEGAL LAW ABIDING American CITIZENS?
I am a member of the ‘nra’ and am very perturbed with this behavior or action/in-action of the ‘nra’.


Spot on. These bureaucraps do not do what we the people elect them to do. They enrich themselves at our expense.

B. Franklin

Well, I guess pistol arm braces, foreign mfg ammo, shotguns less than 5foot, semi auto pistols with clip mags over 6 1/2 rounds, ghost grey guns, ammo larger than .177 pellets, pro 2nd amendment tattoo’s, scope’s higher than 4x, magazines that are larger than a kardashian arse, hollow point bullets, any firearms that might look scary, belt loops, talent and innovative American spirit will also be banned soon. But, sleep well at night… We’ll be safer with open borders, planned parenthood, legalized marijuana, red flag knock knock raids, social media censorship, main stream media propaganda, and neighbors that don’t need… Read more »


Well said, B. Franklin!