Western Powders Handloading Guide Book Review

The Clarys review the Western Powders Handloading Guide Book.

Western Powders Handloading Guide Book
Western Powders Handloading Guide Book

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- We have never before reviewed a reloading manual and probably will not again in the future. But, the Western Powders Handloading Guide by Rob Behr is so unique and well-done that we felt it necessary to share our review with everyone.

Western Powders Handloading Guide Book

First of all, if you are a serious reloader, you have a complete library of manuals. One from each powder manufacturer and several others from companies that produce equipment. Each of them has their place and use; there is no one manual that works for us ALL the time. That being said, the “Handloading Guide” by Rob Behr stands out as a solid reference book for all reloaders. And, NO, we are not being paid to say that, and in fact, we have not used Western Powders in the past, except for their Blackhorn 209. However, we will try them in the future (see our article here).

We are impressed by this book due to the fact that the first 41 pages are devoted to all aspects of reloading…. it has information essential to not only beginners but also advanced reloaders (such as Jim with 50 years experience). The text explanations are clear and concise, covering every aspect of reloading (including target shooting). And, the color photographs are just as instructive. Never before, in a single source, have we seen so much comprehensive information presented in such a clear and understandable format.

And, as a bonus for all, the remainder of the Guide is just as informative with specifics for each and every cartridge covered. Granted, like all company manuals, it only covers Western Powders, but that is enough for a lot of shooters.

Among the topics covered by this book (including load data for metallic cartridges)

  • Reloading Basics
  • Tips, Tricks, and Signs of Trouble
  • Powder Position and Pressure
  • Berdan Primers
  • Using a Chronograph
  • Finding Twist Rates
  • Montana X-Treme Products Instructional Guide
  • Blackhorn 209 Information
  • Glossary
  • Burn Rate Chart

Our bottom line – this handloading guide is a real bargain at under $30 (Amazon). And, before we forget… the last 40 pages of the guide covers barrel slugging, removing stuck cases and shotgun loads for all makes of hulls; as well as a very comprehensive glossary and burn rate chart.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced reloader, your reference library will not be complete unless you add the Handloading Guide by Rob Behr.

Jim and Mary Clary

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over six hundred published articles (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

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Pa John

The book must be pretty good. I went to the Amazon link provided in the above article and I got this:
Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Western Powders has it available on their own website, though its definitely not under $30:

Sam Summey

During the powder shortage in 2008-2012, after going to the largest powder company and being rejected (so you and everyone else is looking for powder), Rob Behr was the only person in the Powder Industry that was sympathetic to the needs of the Polk County Junior Marksmanship Program. Without Western Powder and Rob Behr, the program would have collapsed. Rob was interested in the program, supportive of the program, he and Western Powder made a sufficient quantity TAC Powder available for purchase by the program to sustain it for two years. I haven’t bought the book yet but I Will… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Your recommendation has me doing a last minute add to my list for Santa.