Bear Edge 61107 & Gray Aluminum Sideliner Knife Review

Bear Edge 61107 & Gray Aluminum Sideliner Knife Review
Bear Edge 61107 & Gray Aluminum Sideliner Knife

Idaho – -( A few weeks ago we did a product Review on the Bear Edge 61112 which I will call the cousin of the knife that we’re reviewing today, the Bear Edge 61107 folder. In a lot of ways, the 61107 resembles the 61112 except that the 61112 is an assisted opener and the 61107 is not. The Bear Edge 61107 folder is opened by using a thumb stud.

Bear Edge 61107 & Gray Aluminum Sideliner Knife

Buy Online Button ClearI like the Bear Edge 61107 folder. It is a sleek knife measuring in at only 3/8’s inches thick and has a 3 3/8-inch blade. Which falls in my length preference. The blade design is what I would call a cross between a clip point and a drop point. It is a comfortable knife to carry and not bulky in your pocket. Until you need it, I think you will probably forget that you are even carrying it. So I say that it qualifies as a good EDC.

It has an open top, bottom and sides which means that you can easily keep it clean which is always nice when you use your EDC to slice sausage, cheese and other foods. With the openings, you can keep it clean to prevent microbial harborage and growth.

If you prefer a lanyard, it has a slit in the hilt to tie one on. And if you like a pocket clip, it has a reversible one. Like I’ve said before I don’t use a pocket clip much but I do like them if I’m wearing carpenter jeans. I can clip them in the side pouch and forget I’m even wearing a knife.

Ok, I’m old school. I wish the blade had a thumb groove in the middle of the spine to open the blade. I know, I know, you younger guys will say but it has thumb studs, why would you want a thumb groove. Just because they’re supposed to. I’m used to them. But the truth be known, the handle pretty much covers where the thumb groove would be, so it’d almost be useless anyway.

Bear Edge 61107 & Gray Aluminum Sideliner Knife Review
The Bear Edge 61107 is a great option for an EDC if you’re looking for a sleek folder.

This would also be a good backpacking knife. Anymore most backpacks have quite a few straps, Daisy Chains or something so you’d have somewhere to clip your Bear Edge 61107 folder onto for handy access. While backpacking I’ve never had to grab a knife in a hurry, I just need one for daily tasks. But if rafting, boating or just floating rivers you can get in a panic situation in a hot second. Even just normal boating in a little Jon boat if you’re anchored and a wind blows up, a big boat passes or whatever. How many times have you had a big wave come over the top of a Jon boat and half fill it up? With the anchor holding you down, if one more wave comes before you can cut loose it’s panic in the disco. So you want a knife at your fingertips at all time while out on the water. With the Bear Edge 61107, you could have it clipped to your life jacket for easy/fast access.

The only thing that I don’t like about the Bear Edge 61107 folder is that the handle is pretty slick. Even the thumb grooves on the back of the handle are slippery like. But other than the slick factor, I like the knife and still give it a favorable rating, especially for the MSRP of $36.99 (less $ online)

And as usual, we will finish with the specs:

SPECS for the Bear Edge 61107 & Gray Aluminum Sideliner Knife:

• Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
• Handle Material: Black Aluminum Handles
• Open Length: 7-7/8″
• Closed Length: 4-1/2″
• Blade Length: 3-3/8″
• Weight: 3.5 oz.
• Carry Direction: Tip-Up
• Origin: *Built in America*
• Extras: Ball Bearing Washers, Sideliner Lock, Metal Carry Pocket Clip, Bear Edge Logo on Clip, Reversible Pocket Clip & Taper Ground Blade

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2 red flags…
Cheap 440 steel
“Built in America” to me means the parts are manufactured probably in China and assembled in the US. Which would be fine if it just said that, instead of being deceptive. I hope someone chimes in and proves me wrong but I’m not holding my breath.

The 2 redeeming factors are the aesthetics are nice and the price is cheap, but that’s a reflection on the steel choice and the country of manufacturing.