Dagny Dagger Ammo Allows Legal Access To Armor-Penetrating Bullet

Breaking News: The Dagny Dagger legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition project. Will allow citizens first legal access to armor-penetrating bullets since 1986, circumventing Federal law with a ammunition.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The first Atlas Arms concept in development, the Dagny Dagger project will develop a new type of legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition, which in 9mm Luger is easily able to penetrate all soft body armor and some rifle-rated hard armor. This will allow citizens the first legal access to armor-penetrating bullets since 1986.

The projectiles are designed to be more readily home-manufactured than traditional AP ammo, and all research and data including Ghost Gunner code will be released open-source. The work will begin on 9mm Luger with future plans for Dagny Dagger loadings in 10mm/.40SW, 5.56, .308, and possibly 5.7.

The Dagger will also debut APHP (Armor-Penetrating Hollow Point) bullets, a novel projectile design which boasts superior armor penetration while expanding and fragmenting in soft, unarmored targets for multirole performance. Visit AtlasArms.org for more info.

Dagny Dagger AP Ammunition Motivation

The first Atlas Arms concept in development, the Dagny Dagger project will develop a new type of legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition which in 9mm Luger is able to penetrate all soft armor and some rifle-rated hard armor (yes, it is possible). This will allow citizens the first legal access to armor-penetrating ammunition since 1986.

The projectiles are intended to be more readily home-manufactured than traditional AP ammo, and all research and data including Ghost Gunner code will be released open-source. The work will begin on 9mm Luger with future plans for Dagny Dagger loadings in 10mm/.40SW, 5.56, .308, and possibly 5.7. The Dagger will also debut APHP (Armor-Penetrating Hollow Point) bullets, a novel projectile design which boasts superior armor penetration while expanding and fragmenting on soft, unarmored targets for multirole performance.

Dagny Dagger AP Armor-Piercing Ammo
Dagny Dagger AP Armor-Piercing Ammo

Dagny Dagger AP Legality

The Reagan administration signed legislation to kill general availability of a few technologies critical to a well-regulated militia while exempting government personnel. One of these technologies is armor piercing ammunition. Such property restriction is ethically unacceptable and even illegal by this federal government’s own charter document. But we will reclaim the forbidden fire, by outflanking the regulators’ definitions and imaginations.

We at Atlas Arms recognize the most revered principal of justice, equality under the law, which in turn recognizes no authority for any government to deny to its constituents any rights reserved for its own agents.

The definition of “armor piercing ammunition” established by the prohibiting legislation is any projectile or projectile core which is characterized by either of two criteria:

  1. Composition entirely of tungsten alloys, iron alloys, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium
  2. A full jacket which comprises more than a quarter of the total projectile mass

While manufacturing or importing “armor piercing ammunition” remains illegal, the Dagny Dagger escapes these criteria by use of obscure alloys and careful geometry. To ensure federal legality, we will submit prototypes to the determination branch of the ATF under the counsel of a well-respected firearms law firm. Local laws vary, but the Dagger will be legal for individuals to manufacture and possess in most of the 50 states.

Dagny Dagger AP Armor-Piercing Ammo Ammunition Features

Notably novel in design and approach, both project and projectile boast an impressive pedigree of unique and innovative methods, features, and abilities. Grouped in order of completion:

  • Published Manufacturing Specs
  • Published Loading Data
  • IIIA Soft Penetration
  • Federally Legal
  • Easily Homemade
  • Ghost Gunner Code
  • APHP Multirole Bullet
  • IIIA Plate Penetration
  • $2/rnd Market
  • $1/rnd DIY
  • Additional Calibers
  • IIIA+ Soft Penetration
  • III Plate Penetration
  • $1/rnd Market Logistics

Development of the 9mm variant of the Dagger is estimated to cost $30k, including prototyping, testing equipment and materials, and legal counsel. An additional $30k will pay for a manufacturing operation to fill demand and fund continuing research and development efforts. Upon full funding, the “DD9” will take as little as six months to develop and publish, depending on legal factors such as ATF response times.

To raise these funds, a crowdfunding campaign is hosted at GunDynamics.com where you can donate via credit card (click here for BTC) to help us place this technology into your hands. Your donation is vital to the project, ensuring we can stay independent of investment interests and put publication above profit. We are honored by your faith in us to deliver on our claims.

Atlas Arms cannot accept preorders, but tokens of our appreciation are available for significant donations.

Project Team:

Austin Thomas Jones, Dagny Dagger Project
Austin Thomas Jones, Dagny Dagger Project

Austin Jones — Aerospace Engineer
Co-founder of 20/20 Armor, Austin has previous experience in start-up enterprise, application of experimental technology, and soft body “armor”. In addition, design work on micrometeoroid shielding for soft-bodied spacecraft has contributed to in-depth knowledge of the principals and technologies employed in textile-based ballistic protection. He’s an ethically-principled engineer who harbors love for Liberty, individual creation, his fellow man, and the spontaneity of life. Austin considers himself a follower of Christ by second birth and Okie by first, and after these, a citizen of Earth.

Mike Crumling — Gunsmith
Mike is an independent gunsmith with interest in homemade firearms. He made headlines and international news when he built structural cartridges for use in 3D-printed firearms, and has continued to design new models of 3D-printed and home-built weapons.

Lauren — Scientist
Lauren is an astronomical data scientist whose professional work involves data processing and analysis to infer object properties and characteristics, a useful skill for informing design direction. She also fills a critical role as the company’s secretary.

George — Materials Engineer
George is a mechanical materials engineer at a plant dealing in aerospace and medical components such as engines and prosthetics. Like these projectiles, such applications require very special compositions and properties for high-performance service in demanding conditions and restrictive environments.
Social Media

Please help spread the word about our project! “Like” and share our video and social media pages.

Dagny Dagger AP FAQ

Q: Where do the company and project names come from?
A: A long, beautiful, and classic romantic novel Atlas Shrugged, and the main heroine, Dagny Taggart. Read it.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes. We are in contact with the ATF and submit prototypes for compliance confirmation. No federal law restricts the manufacture and sale of ammunition of this form.

Q: When do you expect to be finished with research and development?
A: Six months after the campaign is fully-funded, dependant on ATF reply times.

Q: How much will the ammunition cost?
A: Initially, costs will be comparable to high-grade defensive or match ammunition, around $2/loaded cartridge, before an expected fall to around $1 after some market scaling, comparable to most general hollow point ammunition. Home manufacture can reduce these costs.

Q: What about the safety of X?
A: for {−∞<X<∞}, Liberty>Security.

Q: Can I help the project in addition to funding and spreading the word?
A: Possibly. Atlas Arms could use some more like-minded, principled professionals at low or no cost to improve and hasten the development of this and other projects. Email us.

*We cannot send ammunition where illegal, and will not send to known violent persons. Atlas Arms reserves the right to deny ammunition to anyone we believe intends to initiate violence. No one involved in this project believes in offensive violence toward anyone and we condemn any victimizing crime committed by anyone with any weapon.

For more information on this campaign, please contact ATLAS ARMS at:

Atlas Arms
[email protected]

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There are a lot of brainwashed foolish people here, yet I have my love of firearms in common with all of you. There is absolutely no difference between the parties or the actors who are appointed to govern us. Trump ran because he was allowed to, and the same is true for all the other candidates. .The vote is absolutely useless as a tool for affecting change as you merely change the managers and remain subject to the whims of the owners. These are the people who are ultimately served by the actions of the police, who they count upon… Read more »

henry bowman

Any chance you could write more and post it to the site, love your post.


!Viva La Venuzuela! welcome to the future… coming to your streets this lifetime..


Most of the comments on here sound like something I’d expect to read on CNN. “only the police and gov should have these, for our safety”


While I see a market for military and law enforcement types, I see something missing from the discussion. Should it be used, every civil attorney will be on the company, shooter, and their respective insurance companies like cold on ice. Some here might remember the Black Talon controversy way back when. I see the same thing here. An attorney will make the argument this ammo is not designed just to “stop” an adversary, but “maim, kill, and destroy indiscriminately.” Add to the mix an event where an innocent was killed or injured based on over penetration such as a apartment… Read more »


Black Talon was another media created controversy, they changed the name to Ranger SXT then Ranger Talon and have been selling them ever since.


@MikeRoss: You know commies cannot tell the difference between an ass and a donkey right. It had ‘Black’ in it’s name so it was mean, bad and nasty.
Ammo/Bullet makers should give their product names like, goofy balls, snow white whistlers, purple pellets, golden gooblers or licorice lightning because those idiots on the left do not and would not have a clue.

I know someone’s reading this and saying those names sound like candy for druggies. Next. ‘How to Surprise felonious drug addicts’.

Gerald Brennan

If it gets on the radar the Dems will ban it in the House, and the GOP has become so lame they will likely go along with it. And as with bump stocks — I fear that Trump will sign it into law.

Ituk Uppoo

No, he’s too focused on his monument to himself: His Wall

Charles Valenzuela

Yeah? That’s fine with me. That wall will TRUMP most of the illegal immigration. You lock your doors at night? You have a fence around your backyard? What? You don’t want to share what you have with anyone that wants to use and consume it? It’s MY wall, not Mr. Trump’s wall. And, yeah, I’m focused on MY wall and I am glad Mr. Trump is sparing a bit of his focus for MY wall as well. What are YOU focused on? Anything? Not making America great again, I’m sure.

Charles Rajnus

I’m a Democrat, but firm believer on the right to bear arms and protect yourself.
I’m also aware of trump’s intentions, forcing government shutdown to build his wall?
Are you just that blind to reality that you don’t see what he is doing to get this wall built? He cares to much about building the wall that he shut down the airport security, among other important parts of the government… and if your smart that scares you.
Instead of stopping another 9/11 or other acts of terror or violence,
he wants to stop illegal immigrants. Think about that.


I have given it lots of thought. Unfortunately, terrorists, violent criminals and deadly illegal drugs pass through the portions of the border without barriers every day. I consider this a much bigger threat to the lives and property of Americans than a temporary shutdown. I say give the 5 billion dollars to trump and open up the government. $5B is chickenfeed.


If you’re worried about terrorism, a good place to start is the border. You don’t think terrorists are taking advantage of this? When the bombs start going off, it will be too late. $5B is a cheap price but democrats are against it because they hate Trump.


@ Charles R. Are you serious? First you say it is terrible for Trump to shut down the government just for illegal immigration. Then you say instead of stopping another 911 or other acts of terror. Hey Einstein, that is exactly what he trying to stop and he is committed to keeping your democrat a$$ from being blown up.


So it’s Trumps fault the Democrats won’t come to the party now? Schumer, Pelosi and others all voted for the wall when BHO was pres. Now all of a sudden it’s a bad idea?

henry bowman

He cares more about protecting the nation from millions of future welfare voters then the dems/cucks do. But hey, keep playing the whole “I am one of you, but I do not like what Trump is doing, therefore you should not either because “muh public safety”” excuse. Illegal immigration kills more Americas EVERY YEAR then were killed on 9/11. Never mind that 9/11 was caused in large part to end result of our immigration system that allowed in such backward hostiles to begin with. But hey, its great to see how much you care about America, Americans, “We must keep… Read more »

Billie R Hobbs

Well Said MR. Valenzuela, Well Said Indeed Sir…


He s just balancing out the powers of authorities and the people. So why do you believe the American people should always have the little stick?

James Russell Bailey

Your cognomen definitely requires me to ask the following; mountain or lowland?


We have plenty of tools in our private arsenals or at our disposal. Who really thinks this is a good thing. If you think you need this type of ammo you’re not in the right frame of mind. Buy a .45 and after you’ve broken the guys ribs or sternum you can walk over and introduce yourself as he’s gasping for air. Much more rewarding.

Ituk Uppoo

Its not about ‘need’. Its simple: I ‘WANT’ to have the thing even if its just to spend my money to put it next to my mickey mouse collection under glass simply because i have nothing better to do with it at the moment.


I think it’s a good thing. It really doesn’t matter what you think, if you don’t want it don’t buy it but you have no right to say I can’t buy it.


I don’t ever want to own a bumpstock, but I support the rights of law abiding Americans to own them. Same with this ammo. Free men don’t need reasons to own things.

Mark McCoy

How much is it to invest in this ammo .

Mark White

As a parent of someone who wears body armour why in the hell would you do this? The first cop that’s body armour is penetrated from one our your rounds that a scumbag gets a hold of it’s on your soul.

Agnus McAnus

You’re an idiot, Mark.

Any farmer’s rifle in .30-30 will penetrate body armor.


Yeah McAnus,
You need to go push a police car around for a couple of years and tell me how you feel about some scumbag being able to conceal a handgun with ammo that will punch your IIIA armor. Having worn armor for 30 years and now having two sons that have to wear it, I don’t feel that warm and fuzzy about it. You are right, most any rifle will punch IIIA armor. But a rifle is a little more difficult to conceal and harder to use when a cop walks up to a driver on a car stop.


For someone who wears 3A knows that it can be defeated by a knife rifle rounds . It may stop most pistol rounds. There alway a chance of blunt force trama while using 3A body armor. If your looking to blame the criminal acts then blame the criminal. Many LEO now train for head shots and other vital targets when dealing with criminals who may be using body armor.

Armed Citizen

Not sure where you get that we train for head shots because of armour. Most modern vests stop knifes and some even ice picks. Knife wounds and bullet wounds are apples and oranges. Thugs carry pistols not 30-30s if they did we would have plates and armoured patrol cars.


You do have armor vehicles and plate armor but not only that but 50cal machine guns and select fire weapons! You are the new stand army!! That the Founders warned us about!


He s just balancing out the powers of authorities and the people. So why do you believe the American people should always have the little stick?

Armed Citizen

You can legally buy m855 which is the same stuff the military is issued and will do way more damage then any AP pistol round could dream of. These bullets just make law enforcements jobs that much harder. It’ss not about being equal or they would be fighting to legalise mortars, tanks, and missiles, not AP pistol rounds.

Austin Thomas Jones

I would love to bypass the bans on those, too, but it’s harder to devise a strategy for it.


As someone in LE, I don’t have any issue with this. I have much more concern with getting ambushed by a guy with a rifle than any chance I might run into someone with a wunderbullet.
Even if I did get killed by a magic murder bullet, it ain’t the gun’s fault, not the ammo’s fault, nor the fault of any manufacturer.
It is still exclusively the fault of the perp who pulled the trigger.

henry bowman

Because I value freedom and my rights more then the lie of “muh public safety”.

“Its on your soul”…Wrong again dumb dumb, its on the guy who shot the cop.

Its no on anyone else, “collective salvation/collective punishment” is a leftist tool, stop using them if you are not an Anti American scum bag, if you are, please self deport yourself.

Jim Ginotti

Law enforcement has a non thanking job. I worry more about this getting into the wrong hands. I worry on the road noe it can only get worst.


Anyone can use about anything for evil. Do not worry about this technology getting into the wrong hands. This gives the honest law abiding citizens the means to defeat the evil acts of the corrupt and violent crimals


Anyone can use about anything for evil. Do not worry about this technology getting into the wrong hands. This gives the honest law abiding citizens the means to defeat the evil acts of the corrupt and violent crimals

Ituk Uppoo

Do you also believe car thieves watch youtube videos to get continuing education how to open locked cars with a fishing rod, remove airbags or steal cars? Im sure theyre waiting in line ouside a gun shop like black friday to be the early adopters to legally buy it right now.

Armed Citizen

Your right about criminals watching YouTube videos of breaking into cars with fishing rods. They don’t care about damaging the car. They’re more interested in doing it as quick as possible so as not to get caught. The two most dangerous things a cop does on a regular bases are domestic violence calls and traffic stops. It is very feasible that your neighbor Bob down the street waited at the gun store on Black Friday to buy this ammo and then loses his s***, shoots his wife and then cranks off rounds at the police as they are responding to… Read more »

Pale Rider

I have experience in what you do. You are the the type of cop the rest of the officers hate being around. The high school loser who gets off on the power of the job. The one who’s attitude puts anyone around them in danger.

You make everything “us versus them,” the problem is you are not an us, you are a more of a danger to the public than the criminals.

Armed Citizen

LMFAO!!! Maybe you should get a job with those phony 1-800 fortune tellers. I think you would be good at it. Your about as close to guessing my story as a toothless crack hore is to guessing which needle has HIV.

Mike King

Our 2nd Amendment rights are dwindling by suspicious means. Lowering the amount of rounds in a clip or magazine. I welcome this new invention. This is the American spirit to overcome the politics of citizen Marxists and Communist liberals that are mentally mad.

Armed Citizen

How does making AP pistol rounds do that? They just hurt our cause. It just gives the libtards something else to flame on and bring the fence sitters to their side when a child is killed by such a round because it didn’t stop when a conventional bullet would have. It’s kind of funny, we are disputing reasons for making a certain type of bullet or not. Instead of wasting $60,000 on developing these how about all of these resources be used to fix our broken system and oust the libtards. Then we won’t have to pay $200 for a… Read more »

henry bowman

And how would that work? Bow can you “fix” a system that allows illegals, welfare bums to vote?

How about you wanna you have the power and means, you just overrun the left with a wave of bills and really just run them into law when we have the power instead of being a bunch of worthless cucks.

Armed citizen

Why? Our law enforcement have a hard enough job as is. Now you want to give thugs the ability to pierce any soft armour with a common pistol!? I understand you have the right too, but why do it? How often do you see criminals running around in body armour? There is no good reason!

Common sense

Are you kidding? Everytime there’s a drug bust- armor is in the felon’s possession. Ilegally of course

Armed Citizen

Im still kicking in the doors for the busts and have yet to find any armour. When we kick the door we carry rifles.

Second you are missing the point. I’m talking about everyday encounters like a traffic stop when a thug pulls out a pistol. Or a foot pursuit down an alley. They aren’t carrying rifles or shotguns.

john killen

so who is the higher status to be protected, the police or the citizens?

besides, rifles, darts out of shotguns easily go through soft body armor. Are we equiping the police to be military with 38 lb level 4 vests to issue tickets or would it be better to return to the times of Mabry rfd.

Dave in Fairfax

Level 4 doesn’t weigh 38 lbs. Not unless you’re dressing like a super hero. If yours does, you need to look around.


You should’ve grabbed some when Patriot Plate was still in business. $98 for 2 plates.

Armed Citizen

For one when has a citizen needed to defeat armour, legally? Second the amount of over penitration with this type of round would make it useless for self-defence. Third cops are father’s, brothers, sisters, wife’s too. I’m not saying one is more important then the other. What I’m saying is, why make it even more difficult to make it home to our families while protecting yours. Swat teams are issued hard rifle plates. Some departments are starting to issue them to normal patrolman now too. It’s not about making us military. It’s so we can go home to our families… Read more »

Tyler Durden

Maybe I’m just gullible and this is obvious satire, but it doesn’t feel like it. It honestly feels like you are unironically using the same arguments that authoritarian control freak use against private firearm ownership.

A. Bad guys wear body armor too.
2: A thing isn’t good or bad. A tool can be used to do good or evil.
iii- Free people don’t seek permission or justify their “need” for a thing.

Go be triggered somewhere else, Elmer.


Will let you know criminals definitely use body armor. Look at the North Hollywood armed robbery of Bank of America that occurred literally 4 blocks from my previous Residence. If a criminal is set on burglarizing my home I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to pierce their vest. Will also let you know career criminals have easy access to body armor. Approx cost for a vest can be as low as 500 dollars. When an E. B. Of blow goes for 350 this is very affordable for any hood that wants to invade my house.


Of all the criminals I arrested or assisted in arresting, none wore soft body armour.
I do know some of the high profile criminals have, but most low level thugs don’t.

Armed Citizen

I second that! And the high level guys that have the armour aren’t the ones breaking into your house.

Armed Citizen

So you are telling me if you had this ammo you would have risked your life to go shoot two thugs packing AKs, with a pistol. Hahaha, either you are a tactical moron, or full of bs. Second of all there are several rifles that defeat armour, including level 4. If you have any tactical sense you will defend your home with a rifle. Not a handgun. Just because this round penetrates armour doesn’t it mean it can kill you faster then any other fmj pistol round. It’s still a pistol round. It just puts the good guys that wear… Read more »


Dirty Cops and Dirty Law Enforcement. I guess no one ever heard about them… Hmmm? Remember all those nasty situations where the LAW said we’re not arresting him/her. It’s against his/her rights. Some else already said it. Buy it for when SHTF. That works for me. A smart person would own body armor and use should a break in or robbery occurs at home. Grab your weapon, then grab your armor. Easy-Peasy!


Armed Citizen

Yes, everyone is human. There are cops that make bad choices. I think it’s funny that we as a gun community get so upset at the libtards for blaming all gun owners because one psychopath shoots up a school. But yet you play the same card by saying all cops are corrupt when a very very low perfectage of cops are. If these pistol rounds can actually be made they are a two edged sword for all of you SHTF finatics. I agree a smart, sane, and honest person should get armour. But if these bullets can actually achieve what… Read more »


They can already shoot through IIIa with a common pistol. High velocity, monolithic ammo, like Liberty Civil Defense, rips right through and is still lethal…


Have you thought of SHARK TANK?


Makes me wonder how viable of a product it is.
If 4 people who seem to be employed can not come up with 60 thousand in start up money.
That they have to beg for it. Not risking their own funds


It looks like they want to be able to give it away nonprofit and opensource so they can’t do the typical investor thing.


Their website says they’re not looking for investor funds so they can give it away open-source.

Roy D.

Sounds like an answer in search of a question.


Yes Roy and I’ll answer the same way I did last time, the more answers the fewer questions!

an educated realist

Its a understandable but misguided project. The people involved in this project do not understand how morally bankrupt the ATF is. They are going to get their dicks kicked in, lose all their stuff when the cops rummage through your posessions like a flea market sale, stealing whatever they feel like and putting the rest on the ‘property siezed list. Doesnt matter which because u are never getting any of it back anyway. Everyone involved will get charged with a dozen or 2 felonies which, after 5 years of your very expensive lawyer haggling you will end up taking a… Read more »


On the other hand, that’s not what happened to the makers of bump stocks until very Trump moved against them.


Got to start some were.. these Tyrants think that they are the only ones entitled to weapons. That is FALSE! The ONLY thing the government has is FEAR AND FORCE! And WE THE PEOPLE MUST make the government FEAR THE PEOPLE AGAIN!

WE SHALL NEVER COMPLY! Just like the Founders!


I honestly respect wat your saying brother

Trauma help pilot

Simply 9mm no matter how it what materials used dosent have enough velocity to do shit tried some old ktw teflon coated on 1/4inch soft steel they bounced off


From the podcasts I’ve seen, they’re super velocity rounds.

Dylan Suiter

Annealed steel has a hardness of 50-55 on the Rockwell c scale depending on the carbon content and other metals found in steel alloys. 1/4 steel is insanely strong and very resistant to impact. I wouldn’t expect a typical 9mm round to even dent it hardly. Mainly because steel is a very hard material and copper and lead are very soft metals. If the round were made of titanium or high carbon steel and tempered to a dark blue it might have a chance. But shooting a 9mm round at 1/4″ plate steel is rather ignorant if I must say… Read more »


Annealed steel has a hardness between 50 and 55 on the Rockwell c scale. 9mm rounds made from soft metals will never penetrate 1/4″ steel. if the projectile were made of harder metals i.e. tungsten, titanium, or steel, and had enough force behind them, they could. IMO, shooting a 9mm at 1/4″ thick steel is just stupid. You’re asking to get hit by a ricocheting bullet at this point.

Dave C

It looks like another slippery slope is being created. Another reason for Dems to push for more gun control. This kind of stuff scares the liberals and means we will get MORE negative publicity, all for chasing a buck. Big Picture – this is a BAD IDEA!


Oh no, better not scare the liberals. Better roll over, like every other time.
Wake up m8, they’re not going to stop no matter what. I’ll never understand why republicans always cede ground the moment their enemies get upset at them.