Hi-Point Firearms Announces NEW Logo Change

Hi-Point C9 Pistol
Hi-Point C9 Pistol

Dayton, OH-(Ammoland.com)- MKS Supply Marketer for Hi-Point Firearms has some interesting news. The new owner of Hi-Point Firearms decided it was time to update the company's logo – so he did!

“We felt it was time to have a fresh, bold logo that is easily recognizable at a glance,” says Mike Strassell, new president and CEO of Hi-Point Firearms. “We want to show the company is moving forward with new products and ideas. Paired with our new slogan, ‘American Made, American Promise,' the new logo helps to convey that Hi-Point is a solid, dependable brand that is here to stay.”

Hi-Point Firearms logo

Beemiller Company, the original manufacturer of Hi-Point Firearms, was started 35 years ago this year by Tom Deeb. When he retired in 2016, Deeb arranged sale of the company to Strassell, a friend and longtime employee who designed/engineered firearms for Hi-Point.

Hi-Point produces all-American made firearms, and the unique Hi-Point lifetime warranty stays with the firearm regardless of original purchaser. Hi-Point Firearms are affordable, accurate, robust and reliable everyday hard working guns.

We encourage you to come by the MKS Supply booth 16144 (main floor) at this year's SHOT Show and check out Hi-Point's selection of pistols and carbines.

About MKS Supply, LLC:MKS Supply logo

MKS Supply insists on high quality, reliable firearms. We insist on guns that are easy to own and service. Most of all, we insist on value.

For more information, please visit www.MKSSupply.com.

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    1. The .45 ACP carbine, with the standard 1911 magazine adapter, allowing it to run 15 round and up mags, as well as the available 28 round drum essentially turns it into a “poor man’s Thompson” ……..(the semi-auto version, of course). It weighs less than the Thompson, and throws hot lead downrange at the same rate. Better than a Thompson, it comes with a lifetime warranty!!!


    2. I have had 5 Hi-Points 2 9mm a 45 a 9mm carbine and a 45 carbine, all of them over an 8 year period, the first 9mm was great, the second I ended up sending back twice, on return from factory the second time, all in the original box, I found that they replaced the whole gun with a letter that they were sorry for the in convenience, now that is what I call warranty and customer service, I was also told to use p+ ammo in the 9mm, I found that using 124gr works very well in it. If you have any problem they will reach out to help you with it and you are not put on hold which is a plus. I recommend these guns for beginners as they are not expensive to purchase and are very reliable. The only thing that I wish I could get is the new style Carbine Stock to put on my original Carbine , but was told I would have to purchase a new complete Carbine if I wanted to up grade, something I’ll have to think about.

    3. Glad to see people posting here positive things about their HiPoints. Wasn’t too long ago that if you mentioned the name HiPoint people would come out of the woodwork to dog you out about them. I have a two C9 and a 9mm Carbine, both function awesomely, they come with one if not the best MFG warranty in the gun world, will eat just about any ammo you feed them and are never hard on you pocket book; Not the best looking guns but I’ll take function over looks. I carry the pistols in my vehicles; if they ever were to get stolen, I’ll feel I didn’t lose a lot of cash and I’ll be able to replaced easily. I can only hope that changing the HiPoint logo will not impact the quality that is currently being put out.

    4. I own two hi points a 40 and the c9 and I love then. I wife bought a sccy and didnt like it I told I would give her $500 to buy a new gun and she ended up buying a muddy girl hi point c9, when I asked her why; she said “i know i wont have any problems with it.” My only thing is I wish hi point made a left handed ones

    5. Re Hi Point Weapons and their appearance…
      I’ve yet to hear Anyone complain about” Being shot by an Ugly Gun ” Absolutely the Best Guarantee offered by any Firearms Co. without a doubt.

    6. Considering I’ve read many more positives over this brand than negatives, I have no doubt ithese are very functional firearms. I would suggest that the design team set aside any logo change effort and go about improving the looks of the pistols. There is no doubt these things are ugly (yes, yes, I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder) but much of what’s holding these back are simply the visuals. If they sleeked the slide a bit (maintaining the mechanics and weights) I think these pistols would renew some interest, or at least distance the appearance curses.
      To be frank, I actually don’t think the carbines are anywhere near ugly. The pistols, yes, as ugly as butt pimples, but the carbines are kind of cool looking.

    7. I own a Hi-Point C9, new as of 2014. This was my first gun. I like the gun and would call the gun plain, not ugly. But decided to change out the handgrips to a “birch like” pattern to “dress” it up a little, aftermarket. I DO recommend that new CEO think of making an effert to change look a little. Can he offer accserories for upgrading?
      Anyway, being a woman with fairly large hands it fits well enough. I seem to have a problem with an occasional “scuffing” wound on my thumb/hand area, after roughly an hour shooting it. I broke that hand, maybe that is a strength thing, not sure.
      But overall…gun shoots well, accurate. I was told at purchse do not use reloads, very true, and sometimes it does not like some brands. Really have not paid attention to the grain amounts…but will since reading reviews here.
      I also have a S&W Bodyguard .380. And for birthday this year Heritage double-action .22 gauge. Fun to shoot different types at range, family /friends gather and go yearly for birthday.
      Always a great time.

    8. I have the 9mm High-Point carbine and I love it. Fun to shoot, no problems and eats everything I feed it. Now I wish High-Point made their guns that are legal to sell in Illinois. Something about the pot metal and melting point makes them illegal to sell in the state of Illinois.

    9. Except for the reputation (whether deserved or not) as a cheap gun, often used by perps, the HP9 is, in my view, impressive. It fills the hand, ballances right, has an intimidating appearance, which can deter need to shoot ina confrontation, soaks up recoil and has a mag disconnect safety as well as thumb safety. But the gun gets very little serious consideration.

      1. For serious work, you DO NOT want a gun with a magazine disconnect safety! Have children around? “Gun-proof” your kids, don’t kid-proof your guns. Allow them to see them, hold them with your direct supervision anytime they ask. Teach the the do’s and don’ts (ie; Eddie Eagle rules). Show them how they function and how to tell if they are loaded or not. It works. Safes and unloaded guns only work for the criminals and Donkeycrats.

    10. I own 45 pistol & carbine close to 5yrs, a lot of rds down range no problem, no complaints. I am considering the bull pup stock, first need to know if that would violate the warranty? I sold my C9, should slap myself. Plan to get another one, and the redball mags are OK. Wishlist – carbine in military caliber, also wish the carbines had threaded barrels though that would raise the price.2

    11. Hello, My name is Mach O Melvin, and I am Addicted to Hi Points!
      Sorry to hear that you have changed your logo. Do you have any idea the trouble that you have caused me. Now I will
      have to search out, all these NEW guns to add to my collection?
      But that is OK, it will give me something to do!
      Keep er Coming, Guys!!!

      1. They are very much like Lay’s Potato Chips in that no one can own just one. I bought a .45 hand gun and next thing I know I saw two .45’s, two 9C’s, two .380’s and two 995TS’s in my safe with a .45 carbine in layaway at Buds.

    12. I bought a .40 carbine when they first came out after reading a review. Ugliest damn gun I own, and dependable as a hammer. Accurate enough to pop steel at 100 yards all day long. ordered one of the new stocks when they came out, and was surprised when I saw the low price and no shipping charge. looking to get a 10mm carbine soon.

    13. I own a Hi-Point C9, and have owned it for about 13 years. I have put more then 5000 round through it and I have not had 1 issue. Everytime I take it to the range it performs my just as well as my Springfield 40 & 45. The C9 is my favorite gun to shoot, and everytime I take someone with me to the range that is new to Hi-Point they love it also. My C9 has sold about 7 or 8 more C9’s to friend and family because of how reliable a product it is. With that being said it is also the owners responsibility to make sure the gun is cleaned everytime you shoot it. People at the range I have meet cussing the Hi-Point brand that owns one, usually their gun is dirty and that is what is causing them their issue. User error, Not a manufacturer error.

      1. I put almost 400 rounds of steel and aluminum cased ammo through my jhp 45 ACP without cleaning it just to see when the gun would malfunction. IT NEVER DID!!! I DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT MY CARRY WEAPON IT GOES BANG EVERY TIME AND HAS YET TO JAM

    14. I bought a Hi-Point 9mm in a pawn shop many years ago. Think I paid $70 for it. Shoots great, never had a problem with it. Went target practicing with my nephew. He was shooting his Barrette 9mm, I had my Hi-Point 9mm. It performed just as well as the Barrette, and was just as accurate.

    15. I own the C9 and the 995TS Carbine. The Carbine runs great and is very accurate, with no jams. The C9, I can’t fire more than a couple shots without a jam. I’ve tried so many fixes, lubes, etc. Nothing works. Highly recommend the carbines, but the handguns leave a lot to be desired.

      1. Your C9 comes with a lifetime warranty, so I suggest to contact Hi-Point and have the gun shipped back for inspection and eventual fix. I am sure the guys at Hi-Pointe will do a good service to keep their customer satisfied.

      2. I concur, you should send your gun in to Hi Point for repairs. I have a short list of guns I would NEVER re-buy again, a Colt Mustang 380, a Keltec PF9 & a Intratec TEC 9. You noticed I didn’t say, stay away from ALL Colts, Keltec’s or Intratec’s. You see you can’t judge a whole company with the experience of one gun. In fact I actually owned 3 Keltec PF-9’s, because I wanted the gun to work so bad. Now that is saying something! If any one of these guns had 1/2 the warranty of a Hi Point, I probably wouldn’t be writing this review now?

    16. I own a 9mm, .45 cal and .45 cal carbine. Love them all. Never had an issue until recently and it really scared me. One because my son does not believe in Hi-point and I’d have to tell him of the failure. Two, this is my carry gun. To make a long story short, the problem didn’t start until I had purchased a new box of ammo from my gun shop. When I approached them they said I was flinching, blah, blah, so they went onto the range, same thing, came out scratching their heads and told me to return on Wednesday when their gunsmith could look at it. The gun is only three months old since my purchase. Undeterred I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchased a box of Hornaby’s. They’re a lighter grain bullet. I returned to the range, loaded two mags with the ammo and let’er rip. NOT ONE JAM!!! It was the ammo inability to force the slide back far enough!! I was so happy and took the news to my son; he’s still not impressed. Oh well.

      In saying the above, the ammo I had purchased at the time I had purchased the .45 worked flawlessly. I don’t remember the brand name.

      The same ammo works well in the carbine, including the ammo that failed in the pistol. I’m not sure what the differences are but this suggests the bolt and slides back pressure requirements are different.

      1. You aren’t giving any detail as what ammo failed and what the failure was exactly. HP in the nine doesn’t recommend anything over 124 grain. As any gun bullet shape can cause feed issues. Sounds like the problem was with the 45 pistol, but not sure from your post.

        1. You’re right about the ammo, but it ‘s called Aguila, 230 grain, full metal jacket.

          I have four-magazines and it failed to feed in all four. I have pictures and as stated the place where I purchased the weapon, The Gun Bunker saw and were able to simulate the failure.

          The failure is as follows:
          The first round will fire.
          As the slide comes forward, the next round is jammed with the round going up the ramp, but the nose is buried at the upper part of the ramp and the rear of the bullet casing is jammed against and below the firing pin. But the trigger. Will not fire. The slide must be pulled completely back to cock the trigger then it will fire.

          Pulling the slide completely back, releases the round and letting it go, the round inserts but will repeat the process. They tried lubricating the slide thinking that was the failure. Nothing changed.

          Again, THEY ARE THE ONE’S that stated the ammo might be bad but suggested I bring the weapon back.

          With their suggestion in mind, yes I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchased Hornady, 186 grain Critical Defense rounds. I would have purchased a box of 50 Winchester, but assumed what if the weapon was at fault then I’d be stuck with another full box of ammo. The Hornady comes in a box of 20, so I felt if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have a lot of useless rounds.

          And as stated, I loaded two magazines and did not experience one-jam or failure. That in my opinion would eliminate magazine or slide failure. Again, the weapon is only three months old.

          While I’m US Army, Vietnam Vet, old school and a pistol instructor, that does not qualify me to be a weapons expert but it does qualify me to say I’m not a novice at weapons handling. I always, always clean my weapon, even if I’ve only fired one or two magazines per old habits and teaching.

          The NEW ammo change worked in the magazines, the previous ammo did not. I’m willing to state I could put a magazine of the Aquila in and it will jam.

          This was not a gradual failure, one could experience if the magazine was beginning to fail. it was sudden as in the very first day I used the Aquila ammo.

          And it failed across four magazines, one was brand new out of the plastic box, the guys at The Gun Bunker gave me free to try assuming the same; it was the fault of the magazine.

          Not much more I can add to that.

    17. In spite of several commenters here liking their hi points, the company is universally acknowledged as the lowest level gun maker in the country.
      “Cheap” and “ugly” are the words most often applied to these products.
      I must say the lifetime warrantee is a good feature.
      Maybe the new c e o can change the general gun buying public’s opinion of the brand.
      It will take a lot of work and a long time to do that.
      Century has upped their game and has improved their builds.
      So there is hope for hi point

    18. I bought a Hi-Point 9mm carbine about a yr ago. It too goes bang with every squeeze of the trigger.
      It’s also rated +P. I took it apart to clean and really, it wasn’t such a big deal. A ‘bit’ more to it than disassembling most rifles etc. Fun Bun!

    19. I have 2 high point 45’s the carbine and the hand gun. Very nice and accurate. I have put more than 1000 rounds thru them. Not one jamb they shoot like the day I got them.

      1. Check your mags. I oemed up the giudes so its easier for the rounds to feed and have no roblems since. If this doesn’t work send it back they will fix or replace free.

      2. Hey Len, My issues we the the magazine feedlips being too close. THere (Was?) video on youtube that shows how to space the lips better and after opening them up a tiny bit I never had another issue.

      3. Make sure the feed ramp is polished which can be done with any grade of sand paper. Go to You Tube to see videos on magazine and spring adjustments, put at least 200 rounds to break it in. I can shoot better with my Hi Point than my Smith & Wesson SD9 VE.

    20. I have a high point45 it’s a great gun very accurate and reliable gun I can’t wait to purchase the 40 caliber it’s a great gun very affordable I would recommend high point to everyone keep up the good eork

    21. I’ve owend 3 high points C 9 the 380 and currently own a 9mm carbine absolutely love my high point carbine I’ll never get rid of it. It’s vert robust very reliable, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I happen to think it’s a good looking gun, it is a gun, just the word gun is a bold strong word just as my 995 is a rough tuff gun that works everytime I pull the trigger.

      1. That’s all I expect of any gun whether it’s for target practice or every day carry. When I pull the trigger, it goes bang. I love my hi point gun and it’s tougher than any gun I own.(45).

    22. I have 3 hi points 2 380s and a 9mm and they shoot just as good as my SW 40 cal. Also paid a lot less for my hi points great guns great price good quality keep up the good work

    23. I own three high points 9 40 45 I’m waiting for high point to make a full size 9mm, a 22 lr and a 10 mm. I’m not trilled with the compact 9 mm,too small for my hand ,other than that , performance is great, my 45 and 40 are flawless in every way . Now make the 10 mm and 22lr and watch the sales go through the roof.brian linn

        1. The older Stallard JS-9 & the Hi Point JF-9 were full sized 9mm handguns. About the same weight as the newer 40 & 45’s are now!
          You can find them most any day on the internet?

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