Langdon Tactical Technology Offers Trigger Job in a Bag

Langdon Tactical Technology Offers Trigger Job in a Bag
Langdon Tactical Technology Offers Trigger Job in a Bag

U.S.A.-( Owners of Beretta 92’s and PX4s looking to the ultimate in trigger improvement can now get Langdon Tactical’s famous trigger job without the hassle of shipping their firearms.

Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) is now offering what it refers to as a, “Trigger Job in a Bag”. This solution from LTT offers the same polished and stoned parts Langdon Tactical Technology would install in your Beretta 92 or PX4 ready for installation by a competent gun smith in your home area. For many this means less time waiting and more time on the range.

92 Series Trigger Job in a Bag includes: Wilson Combat Ultimate Trigger Bar, Elite II Hammer, Sear, Sear Spring, Trigger Spring, Hammer Strut, and Wilson Combat Reduced Power Hammer Spring (12, 13, or 14 lbs. options). Wilson Deluxe Hammer upgrade optional. This kit is not compatible with Italian-built 92S models. Price: $165-180

PX4 Trigger Job in a Bag includes: Beretta Competition Trigger Group for the PX4, Wilson Chrome Silicon Trigger Spring (11 or 12 lbs. options) and a Beretta Trigger Bar.

Trigger Job in a Bag provides the same parts selected and finished by Langdon Tactical Technology in a package ready for a local gunsmith to install.

About Langdon Tactical Technology:Langdon Tactical Technologies logo

Langdon Tactical Technology is a source for advanced education and equipment needs specializing in the Beretta 92/96 and PX4 platforms.

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2 years ago

I have the Trigger Job in a Bag in my Beretta 96 and it is awesome! The double action trigger pull feels like it was cut in half and is much smoother. The single action pull is very light. Well worth the $165.00