Monster Jam Eliminates Incentive for Gun Owners to Attend Their Shows

Does this crowd look like gun imagery offends it? (Monster Jam Facebook photos)

U.S.A. – -( “As gun outrage grew, Monster Jam quietly stripped weapons from its monster trucks,” the Tampa Bay Times reports. “Feld Entertainment had already been the target of protesters when it owned the circus, but they skirted the gun debate early.”

“Gun outrage grew”?  With whom?  Do they get a lot of whiny harridans in pink pussy hats registering anti-gun indignation at monster truck events these days?

They must, because “the gun turret from Soldier Fortune was removed [and] the Metal Mulisha monster truck was redesigned to remove the image of a gun.” That’s reminiscent of director Steven Spielberg re-releasing E.T. The Extraterrestrial with the guns digitally removed and replaced with walkie-talkies, which in turn led to a hilarious “South Park” send-up of Saving Private Ryan.

Is this more in line with the type of patron Feld is appealing to? (Monster Jam Facebook photos)

“[Feld] saw its share of protestors and controversy when it operated the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus,” the story explains. “In an attempt to assuage animal rights protestors, Feld took elephants out of the circus in 2016. But attendance plunged, and the circus closed for good in 2017.”

So caving into leftist demands didn’t fill the stands with grateful PETA members? And now Feld believes this latest appeasement will do what, exactly, for Monster Jam attendance?

Perhaps Feld believes its more lucrative associations require it to embrace the agenda of its “multi-year media partners” at anti-gun NBC.  Perhaps their emphasis on “family entertainment” means they also find it more lucrative to embrace the anti-gun “family values” promulgated by their Disney Live!/Disney on Ice licensing agreement partners.

If you’re a gun owner living near one of the venues where Feld will take their show in 2019, you might want to consider if you really want to give them the price of admission for your family, especially since they just threw you and them under the monster truck. Besides, based on results, you may all be safer avoiding Monster Jams, where they’ve been known to burn attendees by shooting fireworks into the stands.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Well, was looking forward to taking my son to a MTJ, now I have time to take him to better places instead!

    2. I took my Grand Sons and Great Grand Sons to a Monster Jam show not too long ago but I failed to notice the absence of Gun Imagery! I’ll just keep taking them to the Gun Shows instead. No missing imagery there!

    3. A Message to all that have been BRAIN WASHED into the idea that GUNS are the Problem.. DO YOURSELVES a hug favor, Before you all get roped into the LIES about Guns, PLEASE LOOK UP VENEZUELA.. A Country that WAS much like America, Everyone was doing really well, They were free people. THEN in 2008 THE people thought like your thinking NOW.. They elected a SOCIALIST as their President.. GUESS what his first move was.. YES HE TOOK ALL THE GUNS AWAY FROM THE CITIZENS.. He then took over all the banks, All the Companies in the Country and became a DICTATOR.. NOW the Citizens can’t even buy a loaf of Bread. Not any Toilet Paper. No jobs. COUNTRY in RUIN.. Now if this is what YOU WANT. You really have a major problem.. THINK of your kids, Your Grand Kids and the FREEDOMS you now enjoy. ALL of that will be gone.. LOOK at and FOLLOW what the LEFT LIBERALS are doing, Look where they want to take this Country, NONE of which will be good for you.. YES YOU. The Country will be gone as we know it today.. Don’t take my word for this. RULES FOR REVOLUTION spells it out for you.. Please look it up. OUR GUNS are and has always been the one thing that has kept you FREE. TYRANNY is on your door step. SO BE VERY VERY CAREFUL what you wish for.. The big reason the LIBERALS are after the GUNS from the CITIZENS and NOT the Criminals is because they know the only way they can turn AMERICA into a SOCIALIST NATION is to dis arm us first..

    4. Guns are what keep us all safe at home, the reason guns are a so called problem is because people have little to no education on the handling and safe keeping of firearms and they’re constantly lied to about guns by people who know nothing about guns

    5. The only thing the Lib’s want is anything fun, they don’t like, they want to make your life as miserable as theirs, and make sure that you are so broke that you can’t afford to anything but pay taxes and die!!!!!!!

    6. It seems that Feld would have learned something from his first appeasement of the snowflakes. It caused the circus to go under but here he is doing the same thing over again. Oh yea, that is the definition of insanity. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, David.

    7. Censorship is alive and well just ask Ammo land or Harold or whoever
      runs the show over there- with your finger on the button /it’s called the first and fourth amendments,, I’m sure you’ve heard about them

    8. I live in Manatee County Feld productions entertainment, is located here .they hire a lot of people but they won’t stand up to leftist liberal ass bags? what do you expect their involved in the entertainment industry $ because their actorsIt’s just a redneck addition of Hamilton glorified with big wheels and a lot of noiseReal Americans are through with pussies that won’t stand up for the Second Amendment/ they’ll just be underneath our Second amendment monster tire tread’s/ 1776 on steroids ,this timeThe south won’t be pushed around -better save your Dixie cups , and pack a tractor trailer full of lunches ,,because we’re gonna rise again

    9. My GrandSon loved this show and we used to go every year. We have made our LAST trip to see the “Gunless Monster Jam”.. not one more dime from this family!! Caving into a few Un-American Pinkos will not help the future of this organization! Wave Bye-Bye as they go the way of the Elephants!! RH

    10. I don’t think gun images on the side of monster trucks influence people to become insane murderers — Hollywood movies do that. Leave the monster trucks alone — sheesh.

    11. Instead of going to watch a show that obviously is managed by weak minded people/mobthink. Take the family for a day of friendly competition at a skeet range. Teach, communicate (not by phone) and strengthen family bonds while enjoying your time together.

    12. When you look and see how the Leftists have been destroying everything that is fun, entertaining, good and decent about America, it is clear that for the sake of the country – if not for humanity itself – we have no choice but to physically remove all the Leftists, preferably by helicopter.

    13. What kind of fools run the marketing for these events? PC correct virtue signalling doesn’t fly well with this crowd.

    14. Haven’t been to once since the ridiculous bodies started being added, it’s a circus now, not TRUCKS and cars…

    15. David Codrea, great article! Now, if parents stop attending these anti-gun events they should have a little more discretionary income to purchase a gun(s), and have more time for teaching, training, and practicing with their children. Have a fantastic day!

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