Norma Introduces Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition with Monolithic Hollow Point

Norma  9mm Monolithic Hollow Point
Norma 9mm Monolithic Hollow Point

U.S.A.-( For more than a century, Norma has built a world-wide reputation among hunters for accuracy, reliability and terminal performance across a wide range of hunting applications. In 2019, Norma is proud to deliver this same standard of precision and ballistic performance with the release of its new 9mm Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP™).

Norma’s 9mm MHP is an all copper bullet with massive expansion and great stopping power. It is designed to reliably feed into all pistol and carbine chambers and is calibrated for consistent devastating terminal performance, regardless of barrel length. By achieving consistent, massive expansion, repeatable time-after-time, the Norma MHP is poised to set a new standard for personal defense ammunition.

“Our new MHP is likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “It also reliably feeds and performs with unmatched terminal affect through expansion, in all barrel lengths/firearm platforms. Getting this performance from an all-copper projectile is a very big accomplishment for our entire team. We’re proud to offer this unique personal protection and home defense option people can trust when it matters most.”

Initially being offered in 9mm with a 108gr projectile, the new MHP is the perfect choice for concealed carry and personal defense. Its cold formed monolithic copper construction delivers extreme terminal performance and consistent penetration out of any type of firearm or barrel length at varied velocities. MSRP for a 20-round box of Norma 9mm Luger MHP is $22.48.

Norma is a registered trademark of RUAG Ammotec, a RUAG Group Company.normausa-logo

Established in 1902 and based out of Amotfors, Sweden, Norma has built a reputation world-wide for its dedication to quality, precision and reliability. Norma’s commitment to delivering trustworthy ammunition for hunters and shooters has been the driving force in the continual growth and expansion of Norma’s product line-up and manufacturing capabilities. For more information on Norma ammunition and components, please visit

Based in Tampa, Florida, RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc. is a division of Europe’s leading manufacturer of small arms ammunition and OEM components, RUAG Ammotec GmbH. RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc. not only introduces Swiss, German, Swedish and Hungarian hi-tech offerings to the U.S. marketplace, but also leverages European offerings known for precision, reliability and innovation and combines them with disruptive U.S. components, know-how and partnerships to manufacture and deliver world-class small arms ammunition solutions for use by sports shooters, law enforcers and warfighters in the United States and abroad. RUAG Ammotec markets commercial product offerings under the Norma, Geco, Swiss P and Inceptor brands.

RUAG Ammotec belongs to the Swiss technology corporation RUAG Holding AG, which is headquartered in Bern. RUAG develops and sells internationally renowned technology applications in the field of aerospace along with safety and defence technology for use on land, sea and in space. A total of 57% of RUAG's products and services are for civilian use, and 43% are intended for the military market. Its corporate headquarters are in Bern (Switzerland). Production sites are located in Switzerland and in 13 other countries in Europe, the USA, and the Asia-Pacific region. Around 8,700 employees – 430 of them trainees – represent 48 nationalities and generate revenue of around CHF 1.86 billion.

  • 25 thoughts on “Norma Introduces Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition with Monolithic Hollow Point

    1. For 45 auto EDC I’ll stick with 230 grain Speer Gold Dot’s it always works for me in all my 45 pistols. Plus they are still sold in 50 round LE boxes.

    2. VERY light for caliber, Great Idea…In simulant, copper projectiles seem to expand as well as cup and core JHP’s, but usually don’t exhibit very deep penetration. Some like the Barnes product as loaded by Barnes or Black Hills go 9-10 inches in simulant. I surmise in a 124 gr at Aprx. 1200 fps, might see a better result. Unfortunately, for me I want to use a tried and true ammunition with some “street” credibility. Old technologies that worked, still do…..

    3. Had to shoot a large Mastiff attacking my dog. Federal HST in 45. Dropped it. Felt sick having to kill a beautiful dog like that but glad it was instant. I’ll always keep with HST.

      1. FMJ for Personal defense? You obviously have ZERO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. Just because the US military used it for 80 years DOESNT mean it was the best at ANYTHING. IF U SHOT SOMEONE IN A SELF DEFENSE SCENARIO WITH YOUR FMJ “ MAN STOPPER”, LMFAO ( you sound so ignorant), you had better hope the bad guy doesn’t shoot back and take you down while He (they) is (are) exanguinating…..,it’s hard to believe that this foolish mentality actually still exists with so much information available TO ANYONE. william Charles you obviously never worked in a hospital emergency room or military field hospital seeing how long it takes for someone shot with .45- ACP ball ammo to bleed out….people like you are scary.

      2. LOL!…So does a Rock!…….Why even step up to a firearm for self defense?
        That’s pretty funny William.
        BTW, your ammo isn’t best, it’s just cheap.

    4. Good to see Norma back in the handgun ammo business, again! Historically, their stuff ran a little on the hot side, which is fine, IMHO. I recall in the early 1980’s, they were putting out a .38 Spl round with a 110 gr JHP. The round was advertised as achieving some benchmark velocity out of a 2″barrel gun for that day (maybe 1,000 FPS?) and was also advertised as “not +P” leading many to speculate that Norma had discovered a perfect powder blend. As I seem to recall, the Norma bullets had notoriously tough, thick, or both, jackets and expansion was almost unheard of, but they did reportedly give the velocity they were rated for. I wanted a box or two for T&E and carry, but no one in my area stocked them at the time. A few months later, it was reported in the gun rags of the day that they were indeed +P by SAAMI standards and that the original claim was due to a misunderstanding regarding European pressure standards vs US standards. Even though, like everything else JHP in that day, they didn’t expand from a short barrel, I figured the JHP configuration hitting a goblin at decent velocity would hurt and the light bullet weight might prevent over-penetration.

      Back then, they came in 50 round boxes. What a shame Norma has jumped on the bandwagon with those stupid, inconvenient, 20 rd boxes. 🙁

      1. My first foray into reloading was using some Norma 124gr jacketed soft points and Red Dot in a 357 Mag Colt Trooper. Those bullets, like most back then would not expand. I also remember that Norma produced the brass for Weatherby ammunition and it was softer than other brands. When this was brought to Norma’s attention they said they didn’t think it would be a problem because their other customers didn’t reload like Americans do; to include loading to max levels as Americans were want to do. They changed their process a little which resulted in harder brass in the head section and everyone was happy.

    5. Still have a large selection of Corbon 115 grn. Over 90% one shot stops. Might be old school but it works. Triton Hi Vel and Quick Shok also work well if you can find some. Check out a copy of Street Stoppers by Edwin Sanow and Evan Marshall old book very interesting.

        1. Sir, I suggest you expand your ballistics research. The 357mag is superior to 10mm in many cases. My favorite round in semi auto is 10mm and has been for over 20 years. I have reloaded both rounds and my 357mags will easily beat my 10mm round some times by 100ds of feet for same weight bullets The 10mm has a larger .400 diameter opposed to 357mag .358 diameter which favors the 10mm. The useful case capacity of 1.36 cc for 357mag is superior to the 10mm 0.95cc.These are a commonly known facts that are indisputable, there is also readily available factory ammo that has and will do the same. The 10mm does come fairly close in some cases and it’s double the mag capacity ability and usually much faster reload make it a excellent choice. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either for self defense and hunting up to medium size game in handgun or rifle. I would personally like to see more firearm availability in 10mm especially in rifle and carbine. God bless and enjoy your excellent choice of the 10mm cartridge.

          1. Vinny, I think they are comparing the 357Sig to 10mm. That said, are you actually using same length barrels and a chronograph? When a 5″ 10mm is compared to a 357mag 6″, we find the ballistics so similar that it’s spooky. Most published data shows 357 in 10″ barrels with magnum powders like 2400 or 296 300 or 400 fps faster, but you need a little length to get there.

    6. I’ll put it in the closet with all the rest of my 9mm expanding, explosive, monolithic hollow point ammo, that I will never use and that’s five times the price and still trying to equal the .45 or 10mm clown and or zombie ball ammo

      1. Not for me….the quicker & more massive the expansion, the less the penetration. Barnes seems to have the balance correct, I’ll wait until real-world shooting data comes in on this Norma before considering a switch….& that’ll take at least a year or two if not longer.

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