Defending the Second Amendment in School

New Prauge High School Andy Dalsin
New Prauge High School Andy Dalsin

United States – -( High school and college are already hard enough. But when you are a Second Amendment supporter, it can be downright perilous at times.

Don’t just take my word for it look at some media reports: Students have been kicked out of class for wearing NRA T-shirts under the nonsense argument that it “promoted violence.” Others have faced worse, including suspensions, for standing up for our freedoms. These days, though with the ongoing efforts to stigmatize Second Amendment support, that can be bad news. Some of this high school stuff goes on records that can affect one’s chances of getting into college.

Worse, teachers and administrators backed the agenda of the anti-Second Amendment March for Our Lives. Students who walked out of class to protest against our Second Amendment rights got a pass for doing so. Those supporting the Second Amendment got much less support.

What is a pro-Second Amendment student supposed to do in this sort of hostile climate?

Well, as is the case with Second Amendment activism in general, a pro-Second Amendment student needs to have a good idea of the present situation. In this case, though, that awareness extends to know their teachers and the school administrators. Do they push a biased agenda, or are they fair? Have there been incidents where Second Amendment supporters have been punished in the past? How far did the punishments go?

You need to know these things because, in high school, a wrong step while defending the Second Amendment could have lasting consequences. Even if there isn’t a suspension or worse on your record, it could affect your chances of getting letters of recommendation for a college. This is a sad reality in the way things are.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself or the Second Amendment. If gun control comes up in a discussion in class, speak out. But know your facts, keep your cool, and above all, remember how to avoid accidentally helping Bloomberg in those debates. The best bet is to tread carefully with teachers/professors and administrators but to be open to discussions with your classmates.

College is likely to be both better and worse.

Better in the sense that you are adults, and activism is not likely to result in official sanctions. But it is also worse in that the campus climate these days can be decidedly intolerant of any views to the right of Hillary Clinton’s. The good news, as Ammoland has noted in earlier coverage, is that there is a pro-Second Amendment organization for college students, called Students for Concealed Carry.

Again, awareness of the situation will be important. As before, the attitude of the teachers and administrators will have to factor into the decisions of is you do pro-Second Amendment activism, as well as when and where you do it. But in an era where anti-Second Amendment extremists are turning to the corporate boardroom to take away our freedoms, you will also have to take something else into consideration: How future employers will view your pro-Second Amendment efforts.

The sad fact is, with the climate that anti-Second Amendment extremists like Shannon Watts, David Hogg, and others are creating, some employers will not want to hire people who carry out pro-Second Amendment activism. While some college students will go into professional advocacy for the Second Amendment, whether with NRA, SAF, or some other group, most pro-Second Amendment college students will have to balance their desire to be involved in defending our rights with the need to not unduly risk future employment.

That said, there is still much you can do to defend the Second Amendment while in high school and college. Not all of it is in the public eye. You are never too young to write your elected officials and to learn about the issues. You can donate to pro-Second Amendment organizations. Most importantly, when you turn 18, you can register to vote.

High school and college can be hard – more so for Second Amendment supporters – but supporting the Second Amendment during those years can also be a very rewarding experience.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Michael J

When the left infiltrated the American school system and made a mockery out of the U.S. Constitution, alarms should have sounded loud and clear. Conservative and liberal politicians alike kept silent and now we are witness to the debauchery that demonizes opposing views, even though they are guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Free speech is also on the chopping block as colleges disguised as learning centers indoctrinate students to one sided thinking and ostracize those who would question their agendas. Colleges and universities no longer prepare people to earn a living. Instead mounting debt and unemployable college graduates are their… Read more »


“Well regulated”, in the 18th Century didn’t mean regulated by the government. It meant being properly armed with sufficient powder and shot and appropriately equipped for battle. The enemies of freedom have no idea because civics and American History haven’t been taught in the little socialist training centers in a couple of generations. Read the Federalist Papers.

Dave in Fairfax

And the Anti-Federalist Papers, as well as WM Rawles A View to the Constitution, and Blackstone for historical understanding.


That’s like saying every driver that’s killed someone loved NASCAR.
The word”almost” does not represent ANY ACTUAL FACT!
MOST murderers have/had an agenda that is against the “NORM” of society. There are more suicides, gang related killings, hit and run, deaths than deaths from mass murders.
Also, you FORGOT to mention that MOST multiple murderers were liberal, Democratic registered voters.
See, I can “SPIN” unfortunate events too!!

Peter Anthony

REPLY TO THE LAME NAZI Jimbo says: February 5, 2019 at 9:48 PM “So… I guess the US Senate and House are anti 2A, since you can’t bring a gun in there. Same with courthouses. I wonder why… Oh yeah, guns are dangerous weapons. Did ya know that almost every mass shooting in the US was carried out by a 2A supporter? A white guy (us” MORE than 99% of ALL Mass shootings have been committed by Socialist Democrats &\or Islamic Muslims & were committed in your MASTAH Soros Owned Socialist Democrat “Gun Free Zones… Are U just a Commie… Read more »


No they don’t understand it they probably never will understand it. They don’t understand is that the second Amendment is a building block the foundation of this country. If you don’t like it move somewhere else sick of hearing your complaints. There’s plenty of countries where you can roll around not worried about having to have people with guns.. or somebody comes to rape your wife maybe you can make him a cup of tea and try to talk to him. Seriously what are you going to do if somebody comes to rape your wife in the middle of the… Read more »


So… I guess the US Senate and House are anti 2A, since you can’t bring a gun in there. Same with courthouses. I wonder why… Oh yeah, guns are dangerous weapons. Did ya know that almost every mass shooting in the US was carried out by a 2A supporter? A white guy (usually a nationalist) with a gun and a plan. F*** the second. Time to repeal it.


Don’t wanna be near you when the SHTF cupcake

Heed the Call-up

Jimbo, yet over 50% of the murders are by blacks, the same ones that Bloomberg stated that if he could have as mayor of NYC, would have taken the firearms from black men. It’s ironic how we are continually told that the Democratic Party of the past isn’t the same one as today, yet their policies are the same. They may be packaged a bit different, but the results are the same. Instead of plantations, they use welfare. Instead of Jim Crow laws banning firearms from blacks, they make firearm ownership more onerous and costly that affects minorities the most.… Read more »

John A Bird

Every society that has taken away the right to defend yourself has wound up under a socialist type of government, communistic, or a dictatorship. Is this what you really want for America?

Bjark Jourensen

So has this young author ever been in the service? Sounds like he wants to get noticed by super beet girl Dana. No one needs an ar. We are not at war here. You don’t need an assault rifle to kill Bambi.


Last time I checked the 2nd amendment is not about hunting.

Ryan H

Since when is someone’s property any of your business? You do realize what AR stands for right? If our constitutional rights as US citizens offends you, feel free to move somewhere else. I recommend the UK for you. Be prepared to turn in your steak knives.


UK sucks!


Yeh, we are at war with you dumb [email protected] Pack your bags and blow. America doesn’t want you here.


You really don’t have the correct facts.

Jim Mackey

“High school and college can be hard – more so for Second Amendment supporters”
Oh I hear you there. Used to teach college courses. Forget walking on eggshells, being a 2A conservative in academia is like walking on a minefield. Gotta be very careful what you say.

David J Calvano

Don’t they understand The 2nd protects the first. Hello!


YES!!!!!! amen

Speedy Gonzales

You think high school or college 2A activism will hurt your employability? Try working at NRA and then looking for a new job. Forget it…

Abie solis


Dave in Fairfax

Any particular problem with what he said or are your panties in a twist?

Gregory Romeu

@Abie solis? Care to expound on your remark?

William Chacon

Teaching the facts is one thing but they are brainwashing our children. Too much black lives matter Trump is racist and other opinionated BS coming from liberal big mouth teachers, while conservative teachers are under attack. Opinion from teachers has no place in our schools.

Gregory Romeu

You have a mayor and a city hall, you have County Commissioners you have state representatives, all of which you have never bothered to calI or write. Tell me, am I right?


Are you kidding us. A communist NYC Mayor and a grandstanding iron fisted power hungry governer who cheers at the murder of full term babies??? Not in this state


Schools have gone the way of MSM. Instead of non political instruction or information, they have all signed on to an agenda.

Wild Bill

@Joe, Yep, the kids can not read, write, spell, do math, don’t know their history or civic duties, but a re thoroughly versed in “what the government should do for me” and ” deciding what my rights should be.” One good thing, though, I can write cursive, but they can’t read cursive.
Well, time to feed animals and make the world go around.

Abie solis


Gregory Romeu

@Wild Bill and. @Joe, realize that in the future cursive writing in English could very well end up being the “code” used by Code Talkers should the level of stupidity get to the point of societal breakdown and Civil War it’s the only option

Wild Bill

@GR, Yep, that could be useful when the time comes.


Take a close look at those who are teaching the teachers: academia. They have had a century to indoctrinate their victims in the “joys” of socialism, and have a following of true believers in spite of the multitude of failures.

Gregory Romeu

@Haupakechi and THAT in one of the most crucial areas of responsibility and duty of We the People had dropped the ball big time! The complacency of the last generation has grown so big it is almost Beyond repair but it is not beyond hope to turn this all around!

Wild Bill

@Hua, It constantly amazes me how the youth reject military service, but embrace socialism.

No Filter

Bring back the draft and they’ll STFU. See the little shits run to Canada then!


Zackley… Speaking of agenda…. WHAT Dem/lib ASSHOLE came up with COMMON CORE MATH ?


A sensible approach? How novel. And welcome. You should touch on social media. Employers are looking at posts more and more now. I know I do when I hire. I don’t go so far as to ask for login info, but I do look at any public info.
We have seen in the last year how quickly the media and other can and will turn on folks after someone discovers some obscure post from 15 years ago. I don’t think that will go away.


Ban teacher’s unions. Implement school choice. Done.


How stupid!! You must not have gone to school! Or if you did, maybe your grades weren’t very good, so you’re trying to get back at those who ‘harmed ‘ you by trying to teach you something!!!


I assume you are one of the bad teachers, or know little about economics, or at least are an entitled jackass.


@ Ron I don’t understand your attack on Nanashi. You must think it is ok for teachers to INDOCTRINATE kids in the progressive ways rather than teach english, math and spelling. You need to get a grip.

Gregory Romeu

@Grig Did Nanashi hurt your feelings in some way? Do you want us to get you a cadre of mindless lemmings together with signs and gay colored clothing and accessories so that they can help you march and protest in front of the fake news cameras to get you your 15 minutes of fame?


Teacher’s ubions ARE one of the roots of the problem. THEY set the agenda for the schoolstaff, the teachers are merely lemmings marching per union orders. School choice removes this power from the hands of the union corruptocrats. One excellent choice of how to school your kids.. do it at home with them., they will thus learn how to LEARN. The details of what they study are interchangeable.. Further, there will BE no records of trheir Second Ammdnemdnt, First Ammendment, or other political acitvism. No class suspencioon records, no detention talllies, and they can wear whatever tee shirt they want,… Read more »


So to protect the 2nd amendment, you would gut the 1st amendment. Not well thought out opinion.


The second amendment is there to protect the first amendment, if the second amendment goes the first will follow shortly after.


Craig: As far as “American Public Schools are concerned, the First Amendment is long gone. Back in 2017, I was working as a Teachers Aide and Sub at a local high school here in Kootenai County. I made the unfortunate slip of the tongue and referred to the followers of “The Religion of Peace” as “Muzzies”. Well, I got snitched off by two “students” and was hauled before the Principal along with my immediate supervisor and thoroughly chastised. In this particular high school, only the Faculty Lounge was considered a “Free Speech Zone”!? I was not even allowed to tell… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

@ Dweezil the Weasel. Are we to assume that each and every one of these places they they took you to chastise you that you just stood there like a big pussy or did you fight back and defend your First Amendment right for not only you but every other damn student principal and janitor working in that building?


I fought back. I lost. I was canned. It was the best thing that has happened to me since I moved here to Winterfell.

Abie solis

It clearly states: a well regulated militia.
Are you in the armed forces??


If need be against an ever approaching tyrannical Govt


If need be against a Govt turned tyrannical!

Dave in Fairfax

Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American … The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the People.TENCH COXE

The Militia is ALL men of military age, not the armed forces.


“Well regulated”, in the 18th Century didn’t mean regulated by the government. It meant being properly armed with sufficient powder and shot and appropriately equipped for battle. The enemies of freedom have no idea because civics and American History haven’t been taught in the little socialist training centers in a couple of generations. Read the Federalist Papers.

Gregory Romeu

Son you would be handing out toilet paper and maintaining the shitters if you were in my civilian unit.


“militia” means “the whole people able to bear arms in their own and each other’s defense”. Women were active participants in the effort to rid ourselves of the Brit tyrants infesting this continent back then. No, not combat regiments of females, but they WERE a significant part of the press to gain our freedom. Some took up arms and quitted themselves well, as also did many men “too old to fight” Oh really? “Watch me”. Wel regulated means working efficiently able to perforom as expected. It does not mean smothered by masses of stuid government rule,s regulatioins, licenses, Mother May… Read more »

Dennis Abitz

Abbey you do not understand the 2nd amendment and only disclose to others the level of ignorance you are speaking from. Hillandale college has a free online course involving the constitution. I suggest you take the course before speaking in a public forum again.

John Mullholand

“Well Regulated” in the vernacular of the time meant knowing how and having your own weapons, to muster at times of need, to jointly defend your town, county or the country.
It did NOT mean “Government controlled”, since the rest of the the Bill of Rights also covers our unalienable inherent INDIVIDUAL rights. Why would a people who have just fought to free themselves from a tyrant enact laws no different than the very tyranny they had just been liberated from?

Riley Hearn

Militia means armed populous. And populous means the people


A militia is defined as ” a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement the military in times of EMERGENCY” and is very important to protecting a free society. Today as much as many times before of abound unrest in a country of the state of its own society, people will act rashly to suppress the opinions of those who oppose them. Many people will suppress others with no consequences in other societies, it even happens in the united states on a regular basis. This can quickly rise from mere random acts or small units of… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Abie, so you believe that our inalienable rights that were codified by “shall not be infringed”, means that the government *can* infringe on that right? I cannot fathom the circular logic you must have used to arrive at that conclusion. Sadly, you clearly know nothing of the history of the USA nor the meaning of the word militia. Try learning about the topic, if you want to appear relevant, otherwise you are just looked upon as the ignorant, used, shill that you are.


Do those who wield the !st Amendment as a weapon against freedom and capitalism allow dissenting argument on their domains? Try voicing an “unapproved” position on any subject on a “kallage”campus. If you’re not denied a venue, you are subject to extortionate “security fees”, or assigned a closet or totally inadequate theater, and expect to be shouted down by hecklers and attacked by masked hooligans armed with clubs and other “non violent” implements.

Richard Adams

I agree with Nanashi about banning teacher unions and implementing school choice. Schools like Hillsdale college are an excellent model for young americans. If only we could get school board members to grow backbones and do what is right for the nation and the students we would be much better off.
Ps- I have no clue what Ron is complaining about unless he is pro-teacher unions and anti-school choice. Maybe he can clear up what he is trying to get at.