Gun Control Ignorance Strikes New York Again


Barrels of Ammunition XM855
Gun Control Ignorance Strikes New York Again: A bill in the New York State Assembly seeks to make purchasing more than twenty (20) rounds of ammunition for “assault weapons” in a one hundred twenty day period a felony.

Fayetteville, AR – -( “There outta be a law” is the default state of mind of the control freak, and gun control freaks are no exception.

But at times, we do need some rules to govern behavior. One example of this is in how we go about proposing new laws. I’m tempted to suggest that anyone who wants to give some nifty idea the force of government power, that person should have to demonstrate knowledge about the subject to be regulated and to provide evidence that the proposal will do some good.

Two recent examples have made me sense a need for my rule. One is an article by the editorial board of Connecticut’s Greenwich Time, calling for a ban on “ghost and 3-D printable guns” in the state. This notion comes up over and over, and I’m not the only one to have pointed out that guns that are made in private shops without serial numbers are precisely the kind of thing that the law is all but unable to track. Anyone with an Internet connection can acquire designs, and anyone with a car that has up to date license plates and stays within the speed limit can drive into Connecticut with little worry over being searched. If we required a demonstration of competence before exercising the rights protected by the First Amendment, these writers, and their editors would find themselves having to take a class.

But opinion pieces are suggestions, not legislation. Of more significant concern is a bill in the New York State Assembly that seeks to make purchasing more than twenty rounds of ammunition for “assault weapons” in a one hundred twenty day period a felony. The text of the bill doesn’t specify what ammunition is meant but instead refers us to the definition of an “assault weapon” in New York law.

See why my rule about proposing a law is tempting?

An “assault weapon,” according to the State of New York, isn’t defined by caliber. It’s instead, any semiautomatic firearm that has a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds and one other “naughty feature” that has nothing to do with the operating mechanism. As anyone who watches review videos on YouTube knows, lots of firearms come out each year that New York doesn’t want anyone to own, and they’re chambered in common calibers. This new bill, if enacted, would make the purchase of more than twenty rounds of .223 Remington, 7.62 x 39, 9mm Luger, and .45 ACP, among many others, every four months illegal. Each of those types of ammunition are used by the so-called “assault weapons”, but they’re also used in firearms that the state will still let ordinary people, including police, own—after jumping through hoops—and the proposed legislation offers no way to distinguish rounds purchased for the one and not for the other. And as with printed guns, driving to another state to print out your new “ghost gun” remains an option.

People have the right to their opinions, so I don’t want a law to restrict what they may express as their desires. But at the same time, I have the right to regard their proposals as silly or ill-informed. I would even say that it’s the duty of everyone who cares about rights to point out what’s wrong with a bad idea such as the two above.

Greg Camp
Greg Camp

About Greg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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    1. I saw the writing on the wall 14yrs ago and escaped NY for De. 0%sales tax, under 1k for property tax, every fee is less or isn’t there and all the $ I save goes to fund my militia! Who’s crazy now? (My wife will say me)

    2. I predict people will begin buying barrels of the targeted “Assault weapons” ammo prior to it taking effect if it were to pass. Then they’ll continue to buy even more from an out of state source.
      BTW, NY anti-gun stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. People aren’t complying to their other gun control laws they’ve passed.

    3. Just keep making everything you do a felony . The back door way to making it impossible for any N.Y. resident to own a firearm.

    4. The inglorious Emperor Newscum out here in Kalifornistan will be certain to attempt similar attacks on our 2A rights. C’mon, Ginsberg – die already so DJT can appoint another Conservative Justice to clear your stench from the Supreme Court!

    5. I wonder if all these NEW ANTI-gun laws will be observed by LEO’s ? How many GUN OWNERS ,in the state, will comply ? Not to many when the Safe-Act came around.

    6. Does this law make my 10/22 an assault weapon too? The magazine holds 10 rounds. Is it me, or is this law ridiculous?

      Just goes to show what most of us already know. The majority of those insisting on silly laws as well as those passing these laws know very little or nothing at all about firearms. All they know is what they hear on the evening news from other know nothings.

    7. Hopefully if it goes as far as the Supreme Court and it will, we have the right justices in place to slap NY back into behaving.

    8. Who is the DemocRATic “icon” who dreamed up the 20 rounds per 3 month period? When a family goes to the gun range more than 200 rounds are fired off during that day’s shooting exercise.
      These “icons” need to be dragged onto the “red carpet” to be prosecuted for fighting against the FOUNDING FATHERS of the American Way of LIFE.

    9. I have written off the big cities which control and drive almost all liberal Democratic agendas within every state. Until something is done in every state to give the majority of residents in the rural and small towns a voice in elections (a state version of the Electoral College), Constitutional rights will continue the downward spiral until they are lost.

    10. The majority of gun owners won’t even do some as simple as supporting the NRA or any other gun organization. Most will just line up to get their 20 rounds.

    11. >Make statement about ridiculous nature of gun control
      >Immediately follow up with “BUT”
      >Invalidate argument

      Social ostracism is far superior than laws at controlling human behavior. Men that were far more an intelligent that you or I have made that abundantly clear in their tomes.

      Their names are Mises and Rothbard

      1. What do you expect from people in that area that think it’s OK to Vote somebody in like Cortez or have a animal like Cuomo that’s OK with murdering babies on the delivery table /it’s time my friends /“all shall be revealed””If you desire peace ,,tranquility and prosperity -then prepare for war

    12. Sure took them a long time to figure out that removing ammo makes clubs out of the guns. So roll your own & keep a stock of components. Easier to store separate.

    13. So I will form a corporation, and buy an unlimited amount of 308 ammo for my Winchester model 88 lever action 308. And then my corporation will donate all that ammo to myself as a private individual and then I will use it in my AR-10. I would think this is legal since it was given to me by a corporation???

    14. So I guess its ok to have 40s-w rounds and 357 sig rounds 300 blackout rounds and it’s not a felony what a stupid bill who thinks this up. While the predators of our society don’t give a crap when it comes to violence!

      1. How many deaths per year from medical mistakes ? Really, over 250,000 (two hundred and fifty THOUSAND). How come those TREASONOUS gun grabbers don’t go around p*ssing and moaning about that ? That’s an easy question to answer. It’s because they don’t really care about public safety, they want you disarmed so they can easily put you over the barrel any which way they want, at the point of their gun which they have no intention of EVER giving up.
        And, as we breathe right now, 3 more caravans are on the way here. One is 12,000 people strong. They are coming here to eat your lunch, and vote communist. All these gun grabbing commie lawmakers and politicians can’t wait for them to get here because they think they will always vote for them, and the politicians will put them in uniform to raid your house to disarm you. Is there any MSM news organizations reporting on these new caravans that are coming ? I think it time Trump escalated from tear gas to rubber bullets. And escalate some more if they don’t get the memo.

        1. TheHolyCrow, It needs to be escalated to real bullets and a new rule of engagement of stick your head over the line and it becomes a legal target for the border patrol, the military or any USA citizen that see’s them trying to cross the line!
          They should be treated just like any other invading force!

          1. @Robert…you are absolutely right. Trump should call out the Militia, as proscribed for in the US Constitution. And the Governors of the States should do the same, as proscribed for in their State Constithtions. And there are certain politicians, and we all know who they are, who should be in front of Military Tribunals for the crimes of TREASON. They are actively waging war against WE THE PEOPLE with their illegal, unconstitutional gun control laws, and refusal to fund the wall, thereby putting American citizens at great risk. It is obvious that they are the puppets of International Communism, who have sworn to overthrow us, and turn us into slaves. Pres. Kennedy warned us about them before they publicly blew his brains out.

    15. You can go through more than this sighting one in. Picking the right ammo for your gun may take 4 boxes or more. Also I could go through more than this coyote hunting and groundhog hunting in one day. I would agree. You can’t fix stupid! What criminal cares what the law says in the first place? Only thing they are doing is hurting law abiding citizens that don’t cause any trouble anyway.
      Not very well thought out, unless they are just wanting to disarm the people.

      1. Let me quote the DemocRATic communist/muslem/nwo party member known as ‘barbara feinstein’ who said; “IF I could have gotten 51 votes, I would have said, Mr. and Mrs. America – – – TURN THEM ALL IN!!!!!!!!!!”.
        Then the DemocRATs say, I do not want to take your guns!
        I call these individuals – – – LIARS.

    16. Didn’t the British try to prevent the colonists from getting black powder, just prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War? Someone please refresh my memory….how did that work out for them?

      1. Hey, lay of picking on cigarettes, social engineers are doing that. Cars being driven causes lots of death. Let us allow only 20 gallons of gasoline per 120 days.

    17. That’s why people are leaving New York, because it is starting to be like Germany in World War 1 era. We need to get the people in power out and put some real people in government. Make New York City its own state and leave the rest of alone. Civil war is coming and they don’t see it.

    18. This will simply drive NY gun owners to buy their ammo with cash, out of state. Be sure to buy by the case, minimum. You’ll be needing all that lead soon. When these commies push to ban modern guns outright, and seize people’s ammo supplies, they will have a fight on their hands!!

      I for one would be happy to visit NY state for the first time and join up with the NY militia and help put lead on target against the tyrants. It’s coming!!

        1. Good idea. Bear in mind Stalin’s responds to gun control. It was something like: Guns? Ideas are more dangerous than guns, don’t let people have ideas. I imagine the freedom idea was on his mind. Stay safe and self “well regulated “.

    19. That’s the tactic, if it is difficult to ban the firearm, take away the ammo.
      Seems like most don’t consider this a problem, however, when there is no ammo the guns are just scrap metal, or plastic.
      make sure you have no less than 1000 rnds for every caliber you own, better, 1000 rnds per firearm.
      Even reloaders will see the components get targeted one of these days.

      1. Most people are under the spell of the “Voice to Skull Technology”. It has now been refined to be nested in the messages you get subliminally from TV broadcasts. Google up the 5 minute clip “Jesse Ventura Interviews Dr. Robert Duncan”. And listen to Duncan’s other videotaped talks. My advice to you is to turn the TV off when “the news” comes on. Better yet, set the set out with the trash.

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