Gun Grabbers Deliver False Message To The American People

Oppressive Antigun Measures Do Not Promote Public Safety.

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Gun Grabbers Deliver False Message To The American People

New York – -( “Increasing public safety almost always means restricting liberties.” ~ Charles Krauthammer

Removal of guns from society won't promote public safety. It never has; never will.

See, e.g., academic article, “The Failed Experiment, Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales,” Public Policy Sources (Number 71, November 2003), by Gary A. Mauser. And, if, perchance, someone could prove, by argument, it did, it would never be worth the price of sacrificing our sacred rights and liberties.

But, they can't prove that draconian gun control measures will ever make the individual, or that of society as whole, for that matter, any safer. Antigun politicians should know that. Some don't. Many probably do, but pretend otherwise. It fits the narrative transmitted to the public. The reasoning is flawed; the statistical evidence patchy at best. So antigun proponents squash debate, offering simplistic slogans in lieu of facts; in lieu of sound reasoning. They expect the public to accept the lies as gospel, self-evident truths. They shouldn’t expect this; but they do. Lying to the public is reprehensible. Their lies know no bounds. They have done it so often, lying has become reflexive. Many Americans fall into their trap. Many Americans want to believe the lies. Cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias kicks in to assist the gun grabbers' false messaging. That makes their nefarious work easy.

Antigun zealots reduce discussion to two simple, basic declarations, one the corollary of the other: arms expansion endangers the public; arms reduction promotes public safety. Americans hear the message often. Through vehement exhortation and constant repetition the gun grabbers imprint their message on the public psyche. Their comrades in the media provide the vehicle to disseminate this mental garbage.

Antigun zealots in Congress, in State Legislatures, in Hollywood, in radical Leftist groups, and in the media grab attention and headlines. They proselytize. They pontificate. They deliver their polemic to the public pompously, with rhetorical flourish, smug complacency, and abandon. Their sermon deceives and confuses; inflames and angers. It doesn’t inform and educate. It is a ploy; simple political artifice, devoid of import and substance. But that's all right for them. Accomplishing their goal is important: destruction of the Second Amendment.

The clarion call for mass arms reduction demands submission to governmental authority. Antigun proponents impel the public to rebel against their own best interests; to abandon a sacred right. They promise societal tranquility and serenity, if Americans but heed their call.

The suggestion is both monstrous and absurd, but it appeals to many. It resounds with enchantment and charm for some. But, for those not seduced, the gun grabbers employ a different tactic. They chastise and condemn; they scorn and ridicule. They crush dissent. A sacred right for them is an object of scorn, emblematic of a “gun culture.”

Can you recall when this Nation had a serious, reasoned debate on the issue of Second Amendment gun rights versus gun control? Indeed, can you recall when we had a serious, reasoned debate on any issue impacting American's fundamental rights and liberties; on any issue involving our Nation's security; on any matter involving the Nation's core values?

Remember Governor Andrew Cuomo's rancorous, insulting message to Americans? Back in 2014 the New York Post reported:

“'Their problem isn’t me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,'” the governor said on Albany’s The Capitol Pressroom radio show. Who are they? Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Governor Cuomo hasn't changed, mellowing with time, and age, becoming more compassionate, more reasonable. He's gotten worse–much worse.

Antigun Measures Target Average Law-Abiding Citizen; Not The Violent Criminal

Millions of law-abiding, rational Americans cherish the fundamental, unalienable right of the people to keep and bear arms. And millions of these Americans choose to exercise that right. These citizens don’t cause gun violence. If they did, Americans would see carnage on a scale beyond that unleashed by psychopaths, terrorists, drug cartel members, and garden-variety criminals, living among us. Antigun politicians should deal with these violent elements. They don’t.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Governor Cuomo hasn't changed, mellowing with time, and age, becoming more compassionate, more reasonable. He's gotten worse–much worse.

Hundreds of antigun federal and State Statutes, and many more local codes, rules, regulations, and procedures have done little to curb gun violence. That isn't surprising. After all, such measures target millions of average, law-abiding, rational Americans, who don’t commit gun violence. Antigun measures do significantly less to target the fringe element of society, that does commit gun violence. The idea that fewer firearms in the hands of everyone will reduce gun violence is erroneous. It is mere pretense and subterfuge. But antigun proponents make the argument, anyway. For many people, the argument has an aura of plausibility, as so many wrong theories do. Consider instances of violent crime in the EU, and in Mexico and Central American Countries. The citizenry of these Nations has suffered, notwithstanding strict regulation of firearms.

Still the gun grabbers bellow. They do so incessantly, disingenuously, albeit with seeming conviction and unrestrained animus toward those Americans who disagree with them; who dare to assert otherwise; who dare to suggest that perhaps–just maybe–the gun grabbers have it wrong. No matter. The narrative continues, unabated. And, no matter how many restrictive gun measures exist, it is never enough. The gun grabbers won't be satisfied until the unalienable right embodied in the Second Amendment ceases to exist.

Antigun politicians call for ever more restrictive gun legislation. They direct antigun legislation to the law-abiding, rational American citizen. They maintain the pretense that once no law-abiding, rational American citizen has access to firearms, every law-abiding, rational American will be the better for it; will be safe and secure.

But the gun grabbers don’t desire to control misuse of firearms by irrational sociopathic, criminal, and similar types in society; not really. Otherwise, legislators would separate the dangerous among us; from us. They don’t. “Feel-good” politicians release these deviant, incorrigible types into society, instead of keeping them from society–in prisons and mental institutions where they belong. That sensible action would protect millions of law-abiding, sane members of society, reducing gun violence dramatically.

But, antigun politicians don’t concern themselves with dangerous elements in society. Not really. These elements live among us. They prey upon us. But their violent crimes do serve a purpose. They serve as the impetus for imposing ever more oppressive, repressive gun measures on the rest of us. The gun grabbers trust that oppressive and repressive gun laws will induce such stress in average law-abiding gun owners, that they will capitulate; that they will forsake their firearms.

It is the mass of citizenry that antigun politicians seek to control; even if they state it is the criminal, the sociopath, the lunatic they seek to constrain and restrain. The extent and nature of antigun legislation bears this out. Deviant types wouldn’t conform to firearms’ measures anyway. They never do.

The gun grabbers direct their attention and efforts to the law-abiding citizen. And, the reason they do so is clear. They seek to control the citizenry because they are distrustful of it.

This distrust in the Nation's citizenry, in whom ultimate authority and power resides, consistent with the will of the founders of a free Republic, the founders of an indestructible Constitution, is endemic among those who espouse a collectivist agenda, reflected in totalitarian societies that have forever espoused strong Government control over the actions, and even thoughts, of the citizenry. Societies structured on the precepts of Socialism, Communism, and Fascism exemplify this. Despite the subtle differences in economic and political ideology of these various totalitarian systems, they are all grounded on the notion of Collectivism—consisting of a set of precepts, completely at odds with those that define Individualism.

It was through application of the latter set of precepts, those grounded on Individualism, not the former, those grounded on Collectivism, that our founders drafted a Constitution upon which our Nation was founded and upon which a great Nation has long stood. The new radical Left in this Country, slowly taking control of the Democratic Party, seeks to turn on its head all that our founders have accomplished. We cannot permit these Leftists to succeed in their aims.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Gun Grabbers Deliver False Message To The American People

    1. Thug Cuomo hates all gun owners. He runs New York like it’s his own property. The idea is not stop criminals, but to cause law abiding gun owners to become criminals by passing so many laws that one cannot but. break one of them. One of the survival sites had an article “are you an outlaw”. It said there are now 2 million city, county, state, and federal laws on the books with dozens being added each and everyday! That one cannot walk out of their house without breaking some law some place. The gun banners even say if you get a parking ticket or speeding ticket that makes you a criminal and you cannot own guns! Most if not all of these gun banning groups are being funded and run by Bloomberg, Soros, and American hating foreign governments- don’t forget during WW2, Japan had plans to invade the west coast and Germany the east coast. But they were worried about all those Americans who owned guns would fight them off. Now a days, these far leftist groups would welcome them! Most, if not all gun banning groups are run by women and women politicians. They say if you ban all guns America will have no crime ever again. These same people back 100 years ago said the same about alcohol. If the government would only ban alcohol everything would be just wonderful. What did they get? People dying from home made booze, booze. running gangs, the mob coming into power. People like Al Capone. Join the NRA now. If they have this much clout with 5 million members, imagine how much power it would have with 10 or 20 million members! And stop complaining about the NRA. A lot of these politicians won’t listen to you but will listen to the NRA. Gun control = people control = you locked up forever in a gun control concentration camp! These gun banning cults and power crazed politicians also want to ban all archery equipment, all kinds of knives, camouflage clothing ( military uses it) , gun books and magazines. They do not what anyone to be self sufficient.

    2. What right does the gun grabbers and the immigrants have to take our guns. We DO live in a free country and as long as we are not violating any laws we are safe to make our own decisions. Their yelling, screaming and fighting is nothing but all show and makes them look like asses. Hm, that fits them exactly. They could just buy a section of the country and do their socialist business there rather than try to turn all of us into something we don’t want to be (in other words, leave us the hell alone.)

    3. For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly. Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.

    4. EVeryone in this country should carefully read The Brotherhood of Darkness. It’s a cheap paperback available on Amazon that tells the complete history of what we are facing today…those who dream of a world-wide utopia governed by those who follow Satan. This may seem difficult to believe, but the powerful of the world have been building to the point we face today and have been planning carefully for the day when their utopia comes alive. It may be described in different ways…Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, etc. but in reality they are of one common mind. Read the book. References and evidence is provided. It’s not a fantasy or conspiracy theory. It’s all laid out in plain language and good reasoning. Until they are defeated, we will suffer at their hand. Tarry not, Lord Jesus.

    5. To sum it up, according to cuomo and the democraps, it’s the type of people that won’t kill babies that are the problem

    6. I think we need to stop trying to prove our right to bear arms because the leftists do not care about any of that and will not even acknowledge it. What we need to start saying is, “you can not implement Fascism, Socialism and Commuinsm with an armed populace”. If you look and this moon bat crazy Policies they’re advocating, this will prove their true intent of disarming the American people. This is way more dangerous than most folks think.

      BTW, the follow response button is still gone and I’m still not getting any email for responses. What is the deal?

    7. Andrew Cuomo and democrats / socialists / communists in general are some of the best liars, cheats and thieves America has to offer. If fewer guns equals fewer crimes, let the Governor set the example by disarming his body guards. Good chance of that happening, isn’t it! Too bad he wasn’t “aborted” right after birth.

    8. “An armed society is a polite society manners are good when one may have to back up his actions with his life.”
      Robert Anson Heinlein From Beyond This Horizon 1942

    9. Here is my response to the Anti-American gun controllers.
      You want America to be “gun free”?
      In order to PROVE your stance on YOUR belief, REMOVE every gun from EVERY person who is surrounding you 24/7/365.
      The SUPREME COURT JUDGES have already stated that the Police have NO RESPONSIBILITY to DEFEND or PROTECT individuals around them.
      You gun-control enablers, REFUSE to be protected by ANY Police, whether Local, County, State or Private Protection Agency WHERE EVER you go forever!
      Take your chances JUST LIKE AVERAGE Americans DO EVERY DAY due to YOUR INFRINGEMENTS of OUR Second Amendment RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!!!!!!!!!!
      Then after 4 years come back to US and PROVE you have a POINT!!!!
      Other than showing US your believe in your own words with ACTIONS – – – – – – – LEAVE US LEGAL LAW ABIDING American CITIZENS ALONE so WE CAN DEFEND OURSELVES.

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