We Just Want a “Safer America” Swear Gun Banners


NRA Yellow Star
Liberal progressives are today working tirelessly to similarly convert all American gun-owners to outcasts, all “suspects,” all dangerous “dissidents.” Original image Bluemel1 Wikimedia Commons

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “In any ‘compromise’ between food and poison, only death can win. In any ‘compromise’ between good and evil, only evil can profit.” ~ Ayn Rand

In a recent interview with the New Yorker, a highly-regarded (among her fellow liberals) “progressive” politician, Lucy McBath, talked about the “religion of guns” and starkly reveals, in painful detail, the way American leftists plan on degrading, stripping, impoverishing, isolating, marginalizing, terrorizing, and eventually incarcerating American gun-owners, dealers, gunsmiths, and manufacturers.

Progressives’ clearly-stated goal is to dissolve, in its entirety, our historically-important culture of private gun ownership in the USA.

They assure us (as a spider assures a fly) they just want a “safer America.”

  • Castro claimed to want a “safer Cuba,” so he enlisted the professional assistance of ever-eager murdering, Argentinian thug, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, to deliver an endless supply of previously disarmed “dissidents” to Castro’s torture-cells and firing squads.
  • Mao wanted a “safer PRC,” so he sent his red-book-waving Red Guards to hunt-down previously disarmed “dissidents,” so that they could be herded into gulags, tortured and murdered.
  • Pol Pot wanted a “safer Cambodia,” so he dispatched hordes of grim-faced twelve-year-old murdering monsters to find and then deliver previously disarmed “dissidents” to Tuol Seng (the “prison-of-no-return”) or directly to Pot’s notorious killing fields, filled as far as one could see with the bleached skeletons of millions of innocent people, of all ages.
  • Joe Stalin wanted a “safer USSR,” so he let loose the “Cheka,” followed by the dreaded NKVD, to find previously disarmed “enemies of the state” behind every door, and underneath every bed, all candidates for brutal “interrogation,” slow, painful death in gulags, sometimes summary execution.

Liberal progressives are today working tirelessly to similarly convert all American gun-owners to outcasts, all “suspects,” all dangerous “dissidents.” Fellow citizens, who know what is good for themselves, will shun us completely, lest they share the same fate.

How bitterly ironic:

We patriotic American owners and bearers of guns want only peace. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.

Liberal gun-haters want war, just like their philosophical antecedents (above).

The term, “liberal,” really doesn’t do them justice.

And, in case you missed it:

In order to do business with the City of LA (run by liberals), vendors and contractors are now required to disclose any association with the NRA!

Will LA city officials also ask, “Do you have any Jewish relatives?”


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  • 51 thoughts on “We Just Want a “Safer America” Swear Gun Banners

    1. NO, they are not going to ask if they have any Jewish relatives ! Is there something you missed with the names Feinstein, Bloomberg, Lautenberg, Whineberg, Soros, etc, all head honchos in the gun grab industry ? Each and every one of them is bucking to win the yearly Kalergi Award, where Whitey is eliminated and replaced with low IQ mud people all being spiritually mentored and dictated to by the Khazarian Mafia. That is the Kalergi Plan, and of course, Whitey has to be disarmed first.

    2. The NRA has some big issues to attend to. (BIG ONES) But to put the NRA logo in the Jewish star (which is NOT the star of David) is USURY.

      1. “Usury” is a smear term used to describe what someone thinks is an inordinately high interest rate. I think you mean that using the Mogen David (which IS the star of David) is wrongly appropriating a symbol. (I don’t really agree with your viewpoint, though it’s plausible, but first let’s get our terminology straight.)

    3. If you surrender your firearms, your ammo, your hi capacity magazines etc. the above article shows what you will wind up with-IF you live. I have traveled most of the world when in the military. I have seen for myself what socialism, communism, dictators and evil “religions of peace” inflects upon the common man. Slavery, poverty and no hope of any hope of making a better life for oneself and ones children. This all starts with disarming the public and anyone else who won’t go along with their agenda. Gun control is NOT about gun control, it’s about people control. As for the politicians saying it if for the good of the nation, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao all said the same thing. If the politicians in this country are willing to renege on their oath, the oath they all swore on a BIBLE to defend the constitution, they are committing treason. Treason has a punishment. So how do you tell when one of the afore mentioned politicians are lying to you? Their lips are moving.

      The first war for independence started because of “authorities” abusing their authority. The war started when the British marched on Concord in an effort to deprive the “subjects” of arms. Looks like history is about to repeat itself. Arm up and carry on.

    4. This has been going on for years! Everyone here that has in the past gone to the polls and voted for a democrat knowing full well or should of known full well that the party ” always ” supports gun control is at fault. Everyone here that has voted for a republican who is wishy-washy on the 2nd Amendment is at fault here. Everyone that voted for a democrat in the mid-terms is at fault here. Everyone that did not vote or hasn’t in the past ” is at fault ” here. Everyone here that discounts the power of the NRA and is not a voting member of that organization is at fault here. Everyone that does not write to their legislators about the 2nd Amendment and all these [email protected]#$% bans is at fault here. Because of all you here that fall into those categories and people you know that do are at fault here! And all you NRA ” haters ” here, pay attention! The NRA is reviled and hated among our gun hating enemies and is all the more reason to be a ” voting member ” of that organization which they fear and talk about all the time. Many of you stood on the sidelines for decades and were warned this would happen one day and still did nothing. This mess is your fault!

      1. I am not a NRA “hater”, I just refuse to be a willing victim. Never, in 44 years, have I voted for anything other than a Republican. As my local congressional offices can attest, I frequently let my elected representatives know my thoughts on a myriad of topics including those related to firearms. You wish to cast blame; perhaps you should first gaze into a mirror.

      2. Bruce Dog, I am not an NRA hater, I am a life member. However, when they help write laws, agree with, or otherwise do nothing to prevent bad laws, 1934 NFA, 1968 GCA, 1986 Automatic weapons ban, 1994 “Assault” Weapons ban, and today the Bump stock band and “certain” red flag laws, I believe I have a right to be upset with the NRA. I will consider sending more money to them, instead of other rights groups, when they acknowledge that they were wrong, and begin to fight these bad laws.

        In the meantime I support rights groups that do more than just beg for more money. The VCDL is an example of a rights group that has done and still does much good for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

        I do vote and I do contact my legislators, even those that are not in my district. I also remind them of their oaths of office and that that oath does not have a time limit. Unfortunately, other than at the voting booth, they suffer no punishment when they disregard their oaths – that needs to change.

      3. And the same goes for all you people who tolerate electronic voting machines. Many of them are hackable from remote places, and used to swing the vote so that the wrong people get into power. How many of you have objected to our congress persons having to sign a pledge to support a foreign country, or else that foreign country will throw as much money at a compliant candidate to get them voted in, and the non-compliant congressperson out ? That foreign country wants to not only wag the dog, they want to own the dog. But they have to disarm you first.

    5. Think of it this way for a second, most of the gun control people are in certain states, ones that pretty much wholesale restrict the 2A to an unacceptable level: NY, NJ, CA, CT, MA, MD, HI, most include gun control rabid senators and representatives also.

      But here in NJ, we have a very low gun ownership rate (legal ownership) on something like 15% maybe a tick or two higher. So we have an estimated 1.3M legal gun owners here, outnumbering the entire police and national guard by about 35:1, yet the people in capitals like this think one day they won’t have to pay the piper when the people have had enough. Essentially a good size force can end any anti-2A state government in an afternoon, so how do the anti-gun people think this is going to end? Simple, once the politicians are out of the way, they are going to be taken out next en masse. I’m not a bloodthristy person, but that is the end game. Feds will come in to identify the bodies, case closed.

          1. Gentlemen, outnumbering the police and nasty guard will not win any conflict. Logistics, secure comms, organization, and leadership win conflicts. Do you have those?
            Better to vote them out. Use a weapon that they can not overcome … fun. Take a kid shooting. Throw a barbecue for the “not a party hack” candidate. Tell jokes. Win in the primaries!

    6. The demon-craps will stop at nothing to ban all our guns. I read on another site, it quoted a Obama official that said there will be a civil war if President Trump is elected in 2020. Can you believe how desperate the demon-craps are? Ever since LBJ (a Democrat) got the 68 gun control act passed, they continue to want more. Hitler was quoted as saying ” guns and gold are enemies of the state and they are tobe banned from private ownership”. With all the problems facing America and the world, why do the crazy demon-craps keep on the gun control issue? We’ve got thousands of illegals coming up from Honduras and Guatemala every week and there are groups saying the USA should have open boarders and allow millions to flood in from Central America! These groups tell them that they will give them cars, apartments and jobs! We’ve got homeless veterans living in the streets but they don’t care about them- only the illegals. Something like 75000 die each year from drugs ( which the illegals help the drug dealers by smuggling drugs into the USA (say, maybe that’s why they want the illegals because they are bringing in illegal drugs). Gun banning cults are run and funded by Bloomberg, Soros, the evil U.N., and American hating governments. Support the NRA! Remember gun control = people control = you locked away for life in a New World Order concentration camp! Don’t forget the USA had concentration camps back during WW2.

    7. I found the image used rather ironic as the people at the forefront of the anti-gun movement in the US are in fact liberal Jews.

      1. Unfortunately you are correct.The Jews in Europe and here for some reason never seem to learn this lesson–and they never will, it is just what it is! Israeli Jews get it!

      2. Well, many have jewish names. They are like RINO’s. Republican in name only. Jewish in name only. Demoncrat socialist marxist liberalism is their cultural idenity and religion.

    8. “We patriotic American owners and bearers of guns want only peace. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.” That was then. Today is a different reality as we are being forced to DEFEND ourselves and our Constitutional Republic from filthy terrorists and their “War of Leftist Aggression”. A Restorative/Civil War is inevitable and the subsequent justifiable genocide of America’s sworn enemies, modern democrats, is too. And these Liberal Terrorists™️ will have no one to blame but themselves.
      “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my child may know peace”. TP
      “It is no longer enough to be willing to fight and die to preserve our Nation, one must be willing to kill for it, too”. IST

      1. As General Patton said, {paraphrased) “you don’t win wars by dying for your country. You win wars by making the other son of bitch die for his.”

        1. What were you thinking?, yes, it is offensive, it is meant to be. Inappropriate? No. Firearm owners, and especially NRA members are constantly reviled by anti-rights people, politicians and the media. If they could pass legislation to require us to be “outed”, so as to be publicly ridiculed and physically assaulted, they would.

          Look at what happened in LA, passing legislation requiring contractors to disclose any affiliation they might have with the NRA. That’s a quite offensive and inappropriate law. Should they also require you to identify what politicians you voted for or donated to, too? What about the social media sites that ban pro-rights or anything pro-2A, but allow those that are anti-rights and posts threats against those that are pro-rights? Recall what happened at Berkeley? How offensive and inappropriate was that? Certainly many orders of magnitude worse than a picture.

          That picture is just a symbol and a warning to show how far we have come in the USA to becoming a Socialist state. It’s not quite that bad yet, but it keeps heading in that direction. If you are that offended, take action to prevent that from happening.

      1. Sorry, Joe, given what the city of LA is doing right now, it’s entirely appropriate and an accurate representation of current business practices. The inevitable end of the liberal freedom massacre is the massacre of anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with the evolving liberal philosophy.

      2. Whining about historical fact (or images) is a waste of time. Better grow up and get over the images of the past, and pay more attention to the NOW. Weak minded are offended by everything. I fear NO defeated ideology, flag, hood, statue or swastica. Abortion has murdered more innocents than the Nazi’s. Democratically elected National socialists they were. Socialists have no regard for human life or rights.

    9. I’ll tell you what, when the liberals give up all their guns (including armed guards), tare down all the walls around their homes, and stop lying I’ll talk to them! Since none of those will happen I guess we have NOTHING to talk about!

      1. Don’t just think “not one inch” as in giving up anything more, but actually fighting back.

        I am part of the III%, but no one really knows it. I operate as a “gray man” blended into society’s background. When the day of reckoning comes….and it unfortunately looks that way…I will be one of those “rough men standing ready to do violence” to protect Freedom, Liberty, and The Republic at large. I am already a “paper felon” in my home state, due to my civil disobedience regarding unconstitutional acts, that have so far been held up as legal in activist courts. Commit one, and more are easy.

    10. We have to find a way to get 100 percent of the regular normal patriotic Americans to the polls. If every freedom loving person would vote, the elections would be 80/20 instead of 50/50.

    11. I want a safer America. I want all who are citizens to enjoy all of the rights to which they are entitled. I want freedom from socialism and tyranny. I want all Americans to feel in their hearts the love I feel in mine for my country. The education of our children must start at home by a loving and caring mother and father. The alternative, public school, enables liberals and their ideology into our children’s lives such that they become “little” liberals and social justice warriors. Save the country, educate your children as to what is right and wrong and important in your society.

    12. When we figure out why we have voted people like AOC, Omar. Klaib. into office? WHO voted these idiots into office? Why have people like Diane Feinstein been in politics for 30 years? And she knows what she is doing? Obviously someone likes them or is just completely stupid! They are not my friends and neighbors!

      1. Those who voted them into office are known to some of us as “useful idiots.” They are joined by fellow travelers, and true believers in electing the cadre. It is what it is.

      2. Electronic voting machines are now hackable from remote distances. Soros owned the code used in many of them. As Stalin said, “It is not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes”. They can rig a voting machine to get their candidate on any time they want. Which is all the time. We must go back to all paper ballots, that can be stored away, and recounted if necessary. Or we are doomed to have crooks in office, doing the bidding of the puppet masters.

    13. The tag “Liberal” was replaced – when Obama was loafing in the White House – by “Leftist”; which has now been replaced by “Socialist”. The Democratic Party has morphed into the Socialist Party being run by a bunch of Nazi wannabes who should be directing their hatred towards automobiles and DOCTORS who kill more people each year than guns.

        1. But planes, trains and automobiles are not effective tools for resistance. Therefore, they are not a threat to the socialist agenda.

      1. It’s funny, almost.. 🙁
        How they (Leftists) seem to shed another layer of skin, like a snake, and get closer to their true nature each time they change a label 🙂

        Hitler will pop out of the Trojan horse any day now!

    14. I just want the Constitutional Republic America is supposed to be.Not the tyranny the Marxist left would like America to be.

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