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As an industry leader, Federal Ammunition is looking ahead and positioned to always stay on top. AmmoLand News brings you an exclusive report on what is new at Federal Ammunition.

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The world’s largest sporting ammunition manufacturer recently announced an exciting new look and feel. It’s all part of a major shift the company calls, “The New Look of Authority,” and it starts with their name itself. The brand shooters know as Federal Premium is now Federal. Simple. Proud. And more focused than ever before.

Federal Ammunition: The Name Game

“For many years, we’ve been known as Federal Premium,” said President Jason Vanderbrink. “But the fact is we manufacture a huge list of ammunition products via several sub-brands, and Federal Premium is just one of them. Granted, it’s our exclusive sub-brand crafted at the highest tier of quality, but by using it as our overall name, Premium began to lose that meaning.”

Vanderbrink also explained that over the years, as the company focused on its many outstanding sub-brands and launched numerous specialized products, the Federal brand faded into the background, losing some of its consistency and strength on the shelf.

“That is changing,” he said. “We are embarking on a new, comprehensive effort to revitalize the Federal name. At the same time, we will also treat Federal Premium as it was always meant to be—an exclusive category of the best ammunition available.”

Two key components of this push are a new, modern logo and redesigned packaging.

“Our previous logo was 15 years old,” said Vanderbrink. “The packaging designs were great, but they didn’t carry a cohesive look across the product line. The best brands in any industry create consistency on the shelf. Federal needed that consistency and simplification.”

The new Federal logo features a stronger, bolder font that’s been customized to show motion and cutting-edge technology. Its simpler, stronger design is derived from the original Federal logo, harkening back to the company’s roots, but it has a contemporary feel with the iconic Shockwave logo.

“The font inspires strength, heritage and forward motion—both in the technology of our products and the attitude of our employees,” Vanderbrink said. “We’re always looking ahead, driving to be the best.”

New CCI & Speer Branding Efforts

CCI Logo

Federal’s sister companies, Speer and CCI, will also benefit from new logos and packaging designed to emphasize these iconic brands’ inherent quality and performance.

“To update the current and extremely recognizable CCI logo, we incorporated several subtle design elements that impart a more modern, stylized look without departing from the established brand identity,” said ammunition president Jason Vanderbrink. “Rather than the current three simple capital letters, we are moving to slighter thicker letters in an italic font.”


Speer Ammunition Logo

Speer’s updated logo will feature a bullet in flight centered in the name.


“The bullet in the more aggressive logo helps set the product apart from others in a crowded field and again supports our mission of moving forward,” Vanderbrink said.

Visit cci-ammunition.com and speer-ammo.com to see as their new logos and packaging are updated throughout the year.

The Complete Package

Federal Ammunition Logo

Federal has already started to use its new, stronger, more authentic logo in TV, print and digital advertising. And of course, the logo is a primary feature on the all-new packaging, which will be rolled out for the entire product line.

“Moving forward you will see an exciting new look on all Federal packaging,” Vanderbrink said.

The design will make it easier for consumers and sales associates to quickly identify Federal products on the shelves. Beyond the bold, eye-catching aesthetics, the most important attributes of the product, such as caliber, bullet weight, and use, are clearly, consistently communicated across all Federal product families.

“With so many ammunition options at retail, we made sure this packaging stands out and immediately communicates what we know consumers want to see,” Vanderbrink said.

Despite the new look, all products that have existed under the Federal product category will continue to do so within the new structure and packaging. This includes proven favorites like Federal Power-Shok, Top Gun, Speed-Shok, Fusion, and American Eagle, as well as more recent additions like Syntech, Train + Protect and Non-Typical.

Federal Ammunition Still Reigns

Federal Ammunition Product Lineup
Federal Ammunition Product Lineup: In 2018, Federal introduced 25 products—more new loads and components than any other year in the company’s long history. Federal has matched that high mark again in 2019, coming out with another 25 new ammunition options to add to its vast product line. Since Premium factory loads are at the heart of the company, additional projectile options from Barnes, Berger, Nosler and more have been expanded the most.

Although Federal Premium is no longer the overall brand name, all Premium products are still active at the heart of the company and will be elevated. Federal started the Premium line back in 1977 by doing something that was unheard of at the time. Rather than just load its own bullets into its centerfire rifle and handgun cartridges, Federal began using the top projectiles from companies across the industry and loading them to its own extremely tight specifications. In essence, this produced handloader quality from factory ammunition, changing the company—and the industry—forever. And it’s a concept the company continues and expands upon today with new 2019 loads with projectiles including the Barnes TSX and Berger Hybrid Hunter.

As the decades passed, Federal Premium products were introduced in a shotshell, rimfire, reloading and muzzleloading categories—including game-changers like Black Cloud, Prairie Storm, HEAVYWEIGHT TSS, Gold Medal Grand, and Hunter Match. Though the products themselves varied, the common thread was superior quality.

“Federal Premium products are the absolute top-performing, most technologically advanced ones in every category,” Vanderbrink said. “Whether you’re hunting elk with Edge TLR, shooting a match with Gold Medal Berger, dropping ducks with Black Cloud, or defending your home and family with HST, Federal Premium delivers what nothing else can.”

Considering that performance and legacy, Federal Premium products have received more significant packaging updates that make them even richer and more appealing on the shelf, further separating them from the competition.

“Our very best ammunition, Federal Premium, is easily identified by high-impact packaging with eye-catching gold foil, aspirational imagery and detailed product insets,” Vanderbrink said. “This truly sets it apart, letting both consumer and retailer know the ammunition is designed for the best possible performance.”

Federal Ammunition: New Look, Same Legacy

Federal remains the industry leader in sporting ammunition and the new name, logo, and packaging are a testament to the company’s continuing progression.

“It started almost a century ago with our founder, Charles Horn, and we’re proud to carry on that legacy today,” Vanderbrink said. “The New Look of Authority is here.”

VISIT: www.federalpremium.com

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I despise those damn 20 rd boxes of handgun ammo. If I were king and could change anything, there would only be one gun law: “Handgun ammo shall come only packaged in boxes of 50 rds or more.”

Shelly Sharp

All of the above, so I’ve loaded my own for 47 years now. I have not bought a box of loaded ammunition since I was 10.

Rev Andrew

This reboxing is like putting lipstick on a pig. It may be colorful but it’s still a pig.

Harley from Okla.

Why can’t I find 3″12 Ga. #4 Copper plated shot in a 2oz pay load. I have used this round for several years for turkey’s . Now I can’t find nothing but black cloud , heavy shot and so on and thay are way too expensive. Come back with the premeum 3″ 12ga w/2oz of copper plated shot !!!.


When you buy Federal brand or American Eagle military packaged 5.56mm ammunition labeled XM on the ammo tin or boxes –it is Federal brand military ammunition that for some reason did NOT meet government specifications–just saying–cause they don’t….


Speaking from experience, the military is very particular and, they only see black and white. This ammo could be .001″ out of tolerance or, the green tip may not meet their requirements. I’ve never had an issue with any of the “XM” ammo.

Jimmy james

Years ago i bought 2 cases of Federal Gold Medal Match .308 168gr ammo when cases were 500rnds. White and blue box. If your 308 would not shoot inside an inch at 100yds with this ammo, time to get another gun or give up shooting. Bought another 1000rnds of the gold and blue box in the last 5 yrs. Half of that ammo will not chamber in my match chambered guns. Can shoot it in larger than saami spec factory Remington rifles. Those guns will close on go and no go gauges. Resizing once fired cases will allow them to… Read more »

Bill Boyd

My contribution will certainly be anecdotal especially compared to yours Jimmy; but I have a similar story. Years ago, when Federal offered the 180g. Nosler Partition 30-06 caliber in the blue and gold boxes, I could easily print inside of 1″ at 100 yards out of two aught sixes I owned. Something happened when they switched the packaging, and it wasn’t good. The groups began to spread. I don’t handload so I stuck with them because I like the partition’s performance on deer. It was too bad. Prices have gone way up from the blue and gold days, but the… Read more »


Not to be jumping on the bandwagon but I used to shoot Federal 7.62 x39 only because I have to go to the range and they wouldn’t allow you to shoot steel bullets and sometimes the bullet would drop 5 feet in front of the target so then I decided because I already started loading 22-250 for my other rifle and started loading 7.62 by 39 and everything started working fine so then I just stop by at anything that said Federal on it


All in all, a great product. Love the clean-burning Syntech line.
Wondering why there are so many angry haters bashing some new logos.


Federal is a joke. Theie ammo isn’t what it use to be and they have lost out on so many contrats and have had so many failires over the past 6 yrs its amazeing nobody has sued them lately.


Hugh…..I mean, huh?


Unless you can name the failures you are talking through your hat. Contracts are often based on $$. I’ve been in the ammo business a long time. I do know a little about it.

Matt in Oklahoma

The logo doesn’t matter if you don’t have product on the shelf. OUT OF STOCK means I started spending my money on stuff I can get regularly.


I buy my products based on quality and price no on a new logo or package. If you want to increase market share save your marketing budget and make a better mousetrap for a better price.


Yawn. I’d save my upcs and send them in for a new tshirt, but I didn’t receive any of the MIRs I sent in last year.


I’ll tell you what’s new at Federal.
Retailers are no longer able to stock 50-packs of quality defensive rounds. The 20-packs will be available supposedly however. Aaccording to multiple distributors, only law enforcement was deemed worthy to get a reasonable price on good defensive ammo.
They are openly admitting g that they support “FIX-NICS”, but p stock regulation and other Anti-2A legislation.


Lee Wofford

So, you’re now poised to compete with Aquila ammo from a country, whose citizens don’t have the option of firearms ownership?


nope not even close. Federal isn’t the best but they are superior to Aquila on so many levels. How many people, teams, or legit shooting events choose Aquila 1st lol smh

Billy Bob

The new CCI logo is laughably tryhard. What an absolute embarrassment…maybe reject the modern fad of trying to “modernize your brand” and have some self respect.


Wow dude…