Every Democrat Presidential Hopeful for 2020 Hates the Second Amendment


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Every Democrat Presidential Hopeful for 2020 Hates the Second Amendment

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “A King, by disallowing Acts of this salutary nature, from being the father of his people, degenerated into a Tyrant and thus forfeits all rights to his subjects’ obedience.” ~ Patrick Henry, 1777

A recent issue of the Washington Post listed the Post’s pick of the top fifteen Democrat candidates for our 2020 presidential election. More are joining the race almost daily, but these fifteen represent “front-runners,” on the Democrat side, at least according to Post’s editors.

As one scrolls down through this list, a solitary fact immediately jumps out:

Every single one is venomously anti-gun and anti Second Amendment.

Without exception, each caustically loathes private gun-ownership by US citizens, and each hates, with a rabid mania, American gun owners, both for what we believe and for the individual freedom and liberty we so audaciously represent.

What will inevitably happen, entirely without fail, when any one of these Democrat/Socialists/Marxists takes the White House, and when Democrat/Socialists/Marxists end-up in control of Congress?

Gun bans, magazine bans, ammunition bans, mandatory gun confiscation will be passed without delay, and promptly signed into federal law. Our Second Amendment will likely be repealed outright and scrapped altogether. Within four years, all privately-owned guns in the USA will be confiscated and destroyed. Hold-outs will be rounded up and herded into “re-education programs” (gulags).

Will our Supreme Court protect us from this unconstitutional repugnance?

They seldom have in the past, and even when they bravely attempt to, liberal/Marxist lower-court judges, along with liberal/Marxist legislators, contemptuously ignore them, much as they’re doing right now with so-called “landmark” Heller, McDonald, and Caetano Decisions.

Our so-called “Supreme Court” may as well have remained silent. In short, there is no protection from these Marxist-tyrant-wannabes.

Even now, Democrats are openly promoting voter-fraud and openly encouraging hoards of illegal immigrants, whose illegal votes they can control, to enter our Country illegally. Not surprisingly, they’re vigorously fighting all forms of border control.

Also, they’re simultaneously destroying our Electoral College, so that their opponents’ votes will be utterly irrelevant in future elections. Hoards of illegals are being concentrated in rotting, squalorous metro areas (like SF, LA, Chicago) and maintained in continuously poverty and dependency. In future elections, suburban and rural areas will be utterly unrepresented.

Squalor and poverty will thus become ecumenical, making organized resistance impossible, while Marxists and their commissars rule in unapologetic luxury, privilege, and splendor. That is their stock MO, has been since 1917, and their take-over will be, as it always is, one-way.

In addition to eliminating our Second Amendment, Democrat/Marxists will immediately go to work on our First and Fourth.

“Hate speech” will be expanded to indict any who will dare to speak out against them. All political “debate” will thus come to an end. Their nationalized thugs will spread-out and kick-in doors without warning nor warrants, looking for “anti-revolutionary propaganda.” And, they’ll oh-so sanctimoniously, cynically insist they’re doing it all “for the children,” much as they do now.

We students of American history know and understand “gun-control” was the spark that started the entire American Revolutionary War. Those pitiable, embattled farmers who bravely, audaciously blocked the bridge at Lexington and Concord in 1775 are our magnificent ancestors. They blocked that bridge, because British regular troops were coming to forcibly confiscate their privately-owned flintlock rifles (the “assault weapon” of the era), and they knew it.

How far we’ve come in 243 years. King George III is back, banging on our very door. He wants us to let him back in.

In fact, he is insisting on it!


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Bill B

I believe that when the time comes for gun confiscation, that will be the moment that the crap hits the fan. This is not just from some gun nuts, this is from internal organizations within the military and police departments like “oath keepers” That will consider any order like that to be Unconstitutional therefore an invalid order and a treasonous act. Yep it’s gonna get real real fast if they “come for the guns” . Will be funny when they tell the police and or military to go collect and they say, no. Idiots are going to start a civil… Read more »


This is what is coming if the people who say it can’t happen here, don’t wake up.: A Totalitarian Super State hell-bent on replacing Capitalism with Socialism along with principles of Marxism and the Ten Planks of Communism in order to install a Regime with limitless power. With dirt in their hearts they come. The truth of their intentions has come to light, and Constitutional Rights is not going to be part of what they have planned. The line in the sand has been drawn. For Freedom there is just one side…..The Right side…

Timothy Votaw

Well, I’ll be damned, because I hate them as much as they hate the Second Amendment. Which means they must also hate the Constitution. I guess that puts us on equal terms with each other, because we would surely hate each other. I’ll be damned.

1911 follower

The democratic party is no longer. They are now the Socialist Party,who believe in nothing but greed for themselves.


Trump said again today that America will never be a socialist country and Pence said it yesterday. I guess we will know if the democrats gun control bills gat to his desk and he vetoes them. He definitely owes a couple.

willy d

I’ll bet you they have all of their security armed and ready, along with their protective walls around their castles, so no one can get to them!!!!!!!! Just take our rights and let criminals go free!!!!!!!! Their only reaction is to disarm and total control of their subjects!!!!!!!!! US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RED FLAG LAWS TO BE PUT TO USE, They are a danger to themselves and others isn’t that what the original law was designed for in Conn, they were the first to apply it years ago??????????

Patriot guy

How many stupid gun owners voted for queen Hillary in the last election? I’ll bet millions did and inthe 2020 presidential elections, millions of stupid gun owners will vote for gun hating, gun banning socialist demon-craps! Why? I’ve read that some politician are saying that if the democrats don’t win the presidential elections in 2020 and President Trump is reelected, that they will have a civil war in this country to let the socialist democrats take over ! Wow! Look how crazy and desperate they are! The democrats travel to Central America and encourage people there to leave (after giving… Read more »

Wild Bill

guy, Getting the democrat national socialists to engage in armed revolt while a conservative administration is in power is a dream come true. The more the better. I look forward to “helping restore law and order”.

Walter Goddard

@ PatriotGuy and @ Wild Bill, If the leftists all turn in their guns, and try/take ours too, there won’t be a civil war, it will be like Venezuela… (what ever we have left, as arms to fight with, will have to make do!) .. Hopefully, the current gay military are too busy hugging and holding each other’s hands to do any fighting lol Hell, they can’t even navigate a Battle Ship with out getting rammed by freighters! They still don’t see how the Gov treats Vets like yesterday’s news either. It’s no wonder Trump is pissed off… too many… Read more »


Kool-aide much??

Schofield Kid

You got that right! The state of delusion and brainwashing of some of these people is mind-boggling!


The liberals don’t give a damn about vets or the country at large. The democrat party is the party of slavery then and now. They keep their supporters poor and dependent on promises and government handouts just enough to keep them dependent. That is their modern day slavery. With that idiot AOC as their “front-man” they are floating all kinds of destructive and stupid policies such as, the Green New Deal, citizen disarmament, Medicare for All, and tax increases. All of which will fundamentally change and destroy America. At least they are now openly espousing Marxist policies. We know what… Read more »


I’m a CITIZEN not a subject


They hate the 2A because free, armed people will not willingly load themselves into railroad boxcars, which is their ultimate goal.

Robert J. Lucas

Let us see what will happen when everyone is hungry, all bets are off.

Green Mtn. Boy

Since they all hate the Republic and it’s Constitution and thus are unAmerican JWTF is any citizen of this nation voting for these would be petty Tyrants.

Wild Bill

@GMB, we have to find the “not corrupted yet candidate” and help them win in the primaries. Then the party hack does not go to general election and the party has to support the “not corrupted yet candidate” in the general election.

Bob Burns

Battle Ready Bob says; I see no other way out of the current delema the USA is in. I’m a patriot, I love my country, we qare a military family and I believe ones love of country will be proven out shortly by ones willingness to take up arms against the bad element that wants to transform our beloved country into a communist state. No doubt about it! I would rather go down swinging with all I possess than set back and allow them to ruin what and who I love. The brothers I lost in Nam would stand with… Read more »

Fred Peterson

Let’s organize then, millions of us and go to DC and take these MFer’s out by force. WTF are we waiting for?

Jim Mackey

IDK what the solution is. I think a lot of people place their faith in Trump, but it’s not really working out. Why wasn’t Hillary ever “locked up”? Why hasn’t the swamp been drained? It’s not all his fault, the media onslaught and obstructionism from both the Left and his own party has created issues as well. It appears as though parliamentary politics is not going to save us, and the demography shift of the US won’t help either. There may only be one way out of this mess. The problem is we stand around like a bunch of awkward… Read more »

Mark R

Excellent post. We should have realized during the Kavanah hearing and especially after the mid-terms the GOP are a bunch of worthless pussies. Trump may have had good intentions but he’s learned the hard way he isn’t going to achieve a lot of what he set out to do. There’s his statement, “…take the guns and worry about due process later.” Was that his stand or was he forced to say it? Pence et al .. is more worrisome for me. How many of the GOP are wolves (democRAT) in sheep clothing? We know them by their actions – or… Read more »

Fred Peterson

It’s way past time to organize, but it’s still not too late. Certainly there’s a way we can amass a couple of million well armed citizens to decend on DC and take these commies out by force if necessary. I personally believe we’d have law enforcement and most of our military on our side. We’d go in peacefully, but with the unquestionable assertion they need to leave now to spare their lives. If that sparks a civil war, so be it. This country needs a socialist/communist enema.

Dr James Clary

I would rather die as a free man, fighting for the principles that founded this country, than live in the socialist world of the progressive democrats as a slave.

Wild Bill

@Dr James and Mary Clary, Long time, no hear from. Glad to see you are back!

Udo Walter

Then you should have died years ago if you are serious about your statement.