Democrats Hate You More Than Your Guns, No Doubt


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Democrats Hate You More Than Your Guns, No Doubt:  AmmoLand Come and Take It Tee

Ft Collins, CO –-( Law-abiding American gun-owners, so viciously hated and feared by Democrats (and all other totalitarians) are slated to be the sole target of Democrats’ anti-gun/anti-freedom agenda as we approach 2020 elections.

Here are the steps (entirely predictable, since they were/are used by Stalin, Pol Pot, Maduro, and all other Communists)

1. Identification

“It’s just ‘common sense,” they insist

“We demand to know whom your are, what guns you own, where you live, with whom you associate, what organizations of which you are a member. We also insist on examining your social-media and medical histories, and we demand a list of all prescription drugs you take.

We demand the authority to come to you home any time, unannounced, and examine you weapon(s), so we’re sure they are completely inaccessible and thus perfectly useless for any personal security mission.”

Democarts War on Guns and America
Democarts War on Guns and America

They’re already doing this in Canada. Burglary suspects there are routinely granted immunity from prosecution, in exchange for their testimony that the homeowner’s guns were “improperly stored.”

When Democrats look hard enough, they will surely find some reason that your “gun privileges” [no longer rights] should be revoked, forever, particularly when you don’t vote for them.

When Democrats take-over, we can thus look forward to mandatory registration of all guns, and licensing of all gun owners, as a necessary precursor to confiscation and incarceration.

In states where Democrats are already in control, that is exactly what they’re doing now, along with imposing already deadly “red-flag” laws, which allow them to precipitously seize guns owned by outspoken political opponents, forever, on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Democrats are also moving aggressively to revoke legal concealed carry in states where they’ve taken over.

2. Demonization:

Democrat commissars and lackeys in the media will continue to be recruited to run “stories” unfailingly portraying American gun-owners as radical, unsound, violence-prone criminals. They must thus all be “watched” closely and immediately “turned-in” to police by their neighbors when they “appear suspicions.

Guns themselves will continue to be portrayed at unstable, inherently unsafe, intrinsically evil machines that regularly “go off” by themselves.

Gun manufacturers and retailers will continue to be portrayed as part of a gigantic, ecumenical criminal enterprise, dedicated to “excessive and dangerous freedom.”

First, this gun is made illegal. Then that one. They’ll thus nibble away at our rights until “legal guns” no longer exist.

3. Intimidation

We can look forward to Democratic presidential candidates continuing to openly talk about the propriety of their party using overt harassment and violent threats in an attempt to intimidate American gun-owners, as well as the rest of the few remaining who openly speak-out against their Marxist agenda.

4. Marginalization

The media will, once again, be only too happy to assist Democrats is convincing all Americans that gun-owners should be shunned, treated as outcasts and “undesirables.”

5. Separation

Democrats will demand that all gun-owners be asked to depart from any organization they can intimidate into capitulating to their agenda.

Democrats will demand that the question:

“Are you, or have you ever been, a gun owner?” be asked of anyone attempting to become a member of any group. A positive, or even hesitating, answer will, of course, be prima-facie grounds for rejection/ejection.

6. Isolation

The next step will be an aggressive “Turn-in Your Neighbor” Program, followed quickly by the dreaded “Knock at Midnight.”

7. Eradication

Democrats will work tirelessly to seize all formally legally-owned guns, on any pretext they can manufacture.

A few confiscated guns will be destroyed in a very high-profile display, but most will be quietly “redistributed” among an army of newly-enfranchised “protectors,” who will be curiously exempt from compliance with the bans mentioned above, and all other gun-control legislation!

“A gun-free America” is thus their flowery, but blatantly false, motto.

Selected “Protectors,” individuals drawn from the carefully-developed, totally dependent, politically-reliable underclass (thugs), now newly-armed, will become a private militia whose mission is to ruthlessly, violently suppress dissent within the now-unarmed populace.

Nancy P has already stated that, when a Democrat president gets into office, he will use his “Emergency Powers” to confiscate privately-owned guns, so we don’t have to “wonder” if the preceding is true or not.

There is no doubt what Democrats intend to do.

“The horror of Communism, Stalinism, is not that bad people do bad things. They always do! It's that good people do horrible things, naively thinking they are doing something great!” ~ Slavoj Žižek


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  • 41 thoughts on “Democrats Hate You More Than Your Guns, No Doubt

    1. If the commie democrats would just leave the rest of us alone and mind their own business there wouldn’t be as big of a problem. They think they can stick their big nose in our business any time they want to and the world has to revolve their way and at their speed. If you have ever had a nosey neighbor that thought they could navigate your life better than you could, what did you do? More than likely you ignored them or just plain told them to mind their own business. This bunch of idiots won’t mind their own business so we might have to teach them some manners in the form of lead.

    2. Treason is an offence that is punishable, legally punishable. Tar and feathering would be a good start while waiting for the ultimate punishment. Any and all who would disavow their oath to defend the people, the constitution by writing, judging, harboring and enforcing treasonous laws are, in fact, treasonous and they are deserving of it’s ultimate punishment. I would suggest that anyone who exemplifies treason think twice before trying to disarm the public. Civil disobedience is still diplomacy but try to take my gear and diplomacy is out the window. Out here in rural Az. we have a sure cure for murderers, robbers, rapist, terrorists, drug runners and treasonous people–we shoot back. Gun control has nothing to do with gun control, it’s all about people control and they can’t control the citizen when he is armed. These people don’t think of us as citizens, they think of us as subjects–just like the British did–subject to whatever they want. Subject to insane laws, subject to that which has been right and good and true for 5,000 years now being called hate speech. Subject to infanticide, subject to retroactive abortion, subject to euthanasia etc. The list goes on and on. The idea of controlling the people by classifying them under some new treasonous law as a felon is not new. The British tried to do this to the colonies. The Romans did this to the known world. The Chinese did this, the Russians do this, the Germans etc.. Before the word felon shares you, let me point out and name a few felons. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, John the Baptist and, you guessed it, JESUS CHRIST. All of these people were or are felons. JESUS said “if a man has no sword (the assault weapon of the day) let his sell his cloak (his outer clothes) and buy one”. Luke 22:36. The second amendment says “a well regulated militia (that’s us babe), the right of the people to bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED”. Any law that proposes otherwise, against either, is treasonous. Anyone who would enforce treasonous laws are, themselves, treasonous. Surrender your firearms and you consign yourself and your children and their children to slavery, poverty, starvation. Make your choice. Arm up, carry on.

    3. “They” have a seven step lots of work plan. We have FUN. ” Hey, come on over to my barbecue this weekend.We are having hamburgers and brats. We have a .22 range for the kids under your supervision, of course. So and so, the “not corrupted yet” candidate will be there. He is running in the Blablabla party primary and he is really pro gun and a nice guy! Better leave the beer at home, though, because there will be firearms on site.

    4. Did you notice that the demon-craps have gone from “we don’t want to take your hunting guns” to calling for banning of all guns? I wonder how many gun owners and hunters voted for democrats in the last election? Don’t vote for democrats communists! Vote for President Trump in 2020! Did you know that there are over 2 million federal, state, county, city laws on the books, with more added each day? The politicians idea is to make criminals out of everyone, then you won’t be able to pass a background check and can’t own any firearms. I’ve read the latest idea the gun banners want is to make you put down your doctors and psychologists name and address on the 4473 form (what happens if you don’t have one? You get denied and can’t purchase a gun.) These gun banning cults are being funded by Bloomberg, Soros, the evil U.N., and America hating foreign governments! Support the NRA and GOA. I’ve called politicians and tried to talk to them, but it’s not what you want but what they think is best for you! They love the power and control and money they get being in office. We need term limits, not lifetime politicians! Background checks = gun registration = gun confiscation = you locked up forever in a New World Order concentration camp!

    5. Believe me, I truly hate democrats also. They murder unborn and newborn children. They hate GOD. They hate Christians. They hate our republic. They hate our constitution. Their worst mistake will be to move against us, or disarm us. They will then be destroyed. Those not old enough to remember need to study the history of communism, Marx, Lennon, and the USSR.

    6. EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT DEMOCRATS sorry both parties in American are pawns of the the Zionist controlled EU.President Trump turned his back on 5 million legal gun owners and NO ONE IS FIXING the voter fraud, so tell me how is he going to win I really CAN NOT SEE IT. Vice President Pence asking Germany to invade Russian waters, Pence Asked Merkel to Provoke Russia by Sending Warships to Crimea, shows HOW BAD AMERICA IS FALLING. it is really sickening. Interesting that Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko allows NAZI symbolism on his military equipment. Of course NATO IS ON THIS SIDE. garbage, cause we are allowing the take over of the USA without a fight while our leaders borrow money from the world bank,billions for Israel, who owns the banks and we, taxpayers pay interest on the loan. all the while we waste more money on NATO and try to START a war with Russia BECAUSE OF THE LIES from the Zionist, EU controlled UK. President Trump is compromised, He validated the RED FLAG laws that are setting the stage for the disarming of legal gun owners,by stating,” take the guns first,then let the courts sort it out later,” all the while Senator Feinstein is grinning at the table like a Joker. GARBAGE HAS MANY FACES. Western Media like to lie about, forget history, Russia remembers and has holidays about remembering how they defeated the NAZI Machine. I hope you realize that this AG Barr is another Zionist sell out and he is ANTI GUN. nothing WILL HAPPEN TO CLINTON because the Clintons have knowledge of what other so called leaders did with six years gas tax back in the 1980s. Donald Trump has a decades-long history of doing business with mobsters from both the Italian and Jewish mafias. Trump was 1 of only 2 real estate moguls in all of New York City who allowed organized crime families to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars in Trump properties using anonymous shell companies. D.J. Trump’s dirty real estate deals with Russian mafia, NOT Leadership of Russia, and other Zionist criminals in the 1980s. Laundering 13 percent gasoline tax, 6 years of multiple gas stations in the tri-state area, washed through large high rise New York Real estate, properties, these criminal birds have flown in the same flocks, not to mention flew on Epstein’s plane,too.

    7. Watch this video on AOC and her ilk. It really talks about the “new” left and how dangerous they are to the American way of life.

    8. The Demo-Rats & Repubo-Rats are just alike They All Want To Rule Their SUBJECTS, and we are their subjects, they all want that POWER, at At ANY COST, DAMN THE CONSTITUTION full speed ahead, they are all politicians pushing for CIVIL UNREST, to be able to Declare a LOCK-DOWN and suspend all RIGHTS and make us all SAVES to their rules only, WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!! It is closer than you think !!!!!!!!!!

    9. Think about this – the entire US police force (state, county, local) is outnumbered by legal gun owners by at least 50:1 – if not more. So what happens when this BS hits the breaking point and these gun grabbers are dealt with violently and permanently? Well since the police are not going to help, they may want to cut the crap now – I for one can’t guarantee they will be around after the “purge”.

        1. hopefully, they will uphold their oath and obey the Constitution and not unlawful orders of which violating
          the 2nd Amendment would be.

    10. I have told antigun facist for years that as long as the military, police, or paramilitary group has firearms I to will be armed. Legal or illegal if there are firearms on the streets I will have firearms. They get angry and shout that it will be against the law and I can not have a firearm. And I get really uncomfortable close to them smile and say again if there are firearms I will have one period. They don’t get it. Their worst nightmare is making ME A CRIMINAL.

    11. Well if they want a civil war, they’ll get a civil war. I’m your huckleberry. I’ve got a hot loud welcome waiting for anyone dumb enough to kick in my front door, and 99 more for all their stacked-up buddies.

      Hunting libtards and high-level elite commiecrats will be open season for the duration. Question is, do these punks FEEL LUCKY??

      1. The time to fight back is not when they come for your guns, the time to fight back is when they come for your neighbors guns!

      1. What MOST people fail to understand is the exact, precise millisecond of when the 2nd falls? There is all-out Civil War, nothing more needs to be debated..

    12. A pretty scary scenario, John. It’s difficult to grasp how far we’ve come in this regard, a negative thing for certain. History, if anyone cares to document it going forward, will look very foreign against the backdrop of our nation’s first 240 years of official existence. It really has only been the past decade, not so curiously encompassing the Obama era, that we have found ourselves vilified for wanting this nation to adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      The Left has chosen to characterize conservatives and moderates by the Second Amendment, because they can emotionalize and rally opinion much easier behind the topic of guns, using fear tactics we have observed ad nausea. Their minions have predictably responded as intended, with the loss of common sense, of reality, replaced by panic and reactivity each time the Left rings the bell demanding outcry and accusation. It’s as if a segment of American population has quite frankly lost a portion of their minds, and now behave accordingly.

      I fully believe we have reached a point in divisiveness in the U.S. that will only be resolved by something resembling another civil conflict, a revolution, and likely a violent one. Cooler minds will not be able to prevail, then. Dogma will have it’s day, unfortunately unraveling much of the good this nation has reached in two and a half centuries. I wish it was otherwise.

    13. Farnam has an incredible background in the firearm training industry! He also really knows his political stuff. The Democrat Party leadership has FINALLY come out into the light like the cockroaches they are. And their minions (useful idiots) will still follow. The Constitution will suffer a death of a thousand cuts. Elections will be more consistently won by the democrats because they give stuff away (which our country pays for). ONCE THE AMERICA WE KNOW IS GONE–THERE IS NO COUNTRY TO COME TO OUR AID!

    14. Everyone blames the democRATS. I am sick of this because the GOP is just as guilty!!!!!!!!
      Wake up Folks! The cowardly, passive do-nothing GOP are sitting on the sidelines letting this happen. Lindsey Graham and other republicans traitors are working alongside the communists because THEY’RE THE SAME. No difference between the two except dems are loud, obnoxious, abrasive and running things.
      Then we have a prez who said, “…. take the guns and worry about due process later.”
      Everything points to either eventual take over and complete loss of gun rights or a 2nd American Revolution. There will NEVER be compromise since the communists have their agenda and will never stop unless we stop them – and it won’t be through voting. The mid-terms proved this.

      “The GOAL of socialism is COMMUNISM”. – Vladimir Lenin.

      1. Have you tried reasoning with the Trolls sent by the Libtards on Ammoland lately?
        …The Socialist libtards on Capitol Hill are their teachers and mentors!
        Sometimes, it is best to bite our tongue and be patient!
        A pig won’t voluntarily leave a mud pit, for anything but a sow in heat, or maggot infested slop..

        We need to get the swamp drained/pigpen dried up, and kick the hogs/gators out..
        Get busy, but be smart and productive about it!
        Educate, entertain, make friends of all the teachers, professors, doctors, and lawyers, in society that you can..
        Show them we are not the problem..
        Mentor the young, choose the words you teach them wisely; they will repeat them and live them out.. create a family tradition.. pass it on.
        If we sow seeds of hate, we will regret it.
        If we sow peace, kindness, and Love, we will have a Country worth living in! Obey the Golden Rule!

        The Libtards are trying to make friends with death row inmates, and releasing prisoners convicted of past marijuana convictions, etc… to garner more votes! We can’t honestly believe that the Libtards are concerned about prison overcrowding, can we. They’re all trying to lock up Republican/supporters.
        We need to act on the illegal immigrants and either remove them, or grant amnesty to win away their votes.
        If we have to accept them, we need to put them on a parole type work visa, get their votes away from the Libtards.

    15. In 1789 Patrick Henry was against ratification of the United States Constitution because Article One, Section Eight gave all power to arm and discipline the Militia to Congress. Henry wondered about the Declaration of Independence duty and right to overthrow a tyrant.
      If Congress became a tyranny would they arm the citizens? Obviously Congress would not arm the citizens.
      Patrick Henry demanded a Bill of Rights.
      The Second Amendment protects the freedom of the nation against a tyrant[s]. That is the reason.
      What about self-defense and hunting as well as sports such as target shooting and just collecting? Those rights are included in the Tenth Amendment.
      When Congress wrote the Second Amendment It was number five and finally number four. But the States did not ratify the first two amendments so #3 became #1 and number 4 became the Second Amendment did reject an amendment to the article that would have limited the right to keep and bear arms to the common defense. So it is an individual right with many purposes including overthrowing a tyrant.
      I wonder if these idiots want to be tyrants?

    16. Pro 2A politicians should file pro gun bills and yes, even bills which ban guns & accessoriesb as filed by the dems and yes even some pubs. When we understand these bills as filed, outrageous as they are, are filed to test the waters, how far can they push their narrative and obtain new law.

      High capacity magazine ban such as NJ law where the dems were successful, or the current attempt to ban bump stocks, in this case by the pubs, each have one thing in common – making felons out of those who engaged in commerce purchasing a product which was legal to purchase, legal to possess and legal to use prior to such law or administrative interpretation change.

      Both dems and pubs are found guilty in this regard!

      Whatever happened to the Grandfather Clause?

      1. Your magazines could have been Grandfathered” in, instead the dems wrote “Turned” in . That’s what happened .
        …Re: new revolution ANYONE with any brain power (including dems) realize that if a new revolution started the Chinese and,/ or Russians would invade US while we were infighting!!! It just won’t happen, we will work it out ,to OUR benefit.

      2. @John, just to use one small section of your post… “High capacity magazine ban such as NJ law where the dems were successful,” Where they? Or where they just “successful” in PASSING A LAW?

        People seem to easily FORGET or haven’t been educated to the FACTS:

        “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.” With these words written by Chief Justice Marshall, the Supreme Court for the first time declared unconstitutional a law passed by Congress and signed by the President. Nothing in the Constitution gave the Court this specific power.
        Our Documents – Marbury v. Madison (1803)

        So, all the Dems or the, “PUBS” did was, pass an unconstitutional, non-law…. So what are you so worried about? Are you properly informed? Properly trained and locked and loaded? Then if you are, TEACH YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS! If NOT? GET TRAINED, LOCKED and LOADED, then do the aforementioned!

        Simple because, and again, MOST people do not realize is that at that very same precise millisecond in time? There aren’t going to be any courts of law to hold trials in, no he-said-she-said rhetoric, no Internet keyboard commandos because everybody will be out and out at war across the country. It will be worse than the Revolutionary War or even the Civil War. It will be the worlds’ worst man-made disaster to ever take place.

        So, stay calm, stay stocked and trained and go about life until you have to engage..

    17. I don’t give a flying flip what Commicrats feel about me,my rights don’t give a Eff about Commiecrats feelings,so we are even.

    18. hate all you like, a**holes. threats of grievous bodily harm or death from anyone may be met with legal self-defense measures….a lot of things can happen to dogs**t…

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