New York City Cop Charged with Illegally Making and Selling Guns

New York City Cop Charged with Illegally Making and Selling Guns
New York City Cop Charged with Illegally Making and Selling Guns, photo from Hudson Valley One

New York –-( On Thursday, a police officer for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection was arrested and charged for manufacturing guns and selling them to prohibited people.

Sergeant Gregg Marinelli, 38, was also charged with criminal conspiracy and hindering prosecution after warning a suspect in an investigation into cocaine and fentanyl-trafficking drug rings that move drugs into New York State.

The Orange County resident assembled and knowingly sold pistols and various semi-automatic rifles to members of multiple Outlaw motorcycle clubs including members that by law were prohibited from owning guns due to their criminal records. These same people were under investigation by the State Police for trafficking drugs into New York State.

Most of the guns sold by Marinelli were lacking serial numbers. Although firearms without serial numbers are not illegal, it is unlawful to transfer those guns without first adding serial numbers to them through the ATF. These guns were built on 80% lower receivers.

Marinelli also filed off the serial numbers of other guns he sold to prohibited people. One of the rifles for sale seized by law enforcement in the raid of Marinelli home was fully automatic. Police are not sure how many full auto rifles were sold by Marinelli.

The criminals that purchased the firearms from Marinelli knew he was a police officer. Marinelli was so bold in his alleged crime that he was meeting up with the motorcycle clubs and selling them the illegal firearms right out of his police cruiser.

Law enforcement discovered Marinelli involvement with the drug trafficking rings during a drug investigation dubbed “Operation: Bread, White, and Blue.” The operation netted more than two dozen arrest for trafficking and selling drugs.

Using the information obtained the New York State police were able to get a search warrant which they executed at the residence Marinelli on Thursday. The Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives aided the State Police in carrying out the raid.

Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler plans to prosecute Marinelli to the fullest extent of the law. He cites the breach of trust between the former cop, the state, and the public. The raid was able to seize 13 guns that were for sale.

“This has to be one of the most egregious breaches of trust that I have encountered,” Hoovler said in a press conference. “I am furious. Number 1, about the leak in the case; and number 2, the conduct, the possibility of putting untraceable guns on the street.”

A New York City Department of Environmental Protection also said the alleged crimes by Marinelli were a “betray the oath that this officer took to protect the public.”

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for protecting the water supply for the City.

Marinelli's home in Plattekill, New York is about 75 miles north from his workplace in New York City.

Marinelli is currently being held in the Orange County Jail in lieu $200,000 cash bail or $600,000 bond.

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  • 42 thoughts on “New York City Cop Charged with Illegally Making and Selling Guns

    1. Most guns in picture aren’t fit for rabbit hunting. Leave it to New York to post hi points an single shot rifles. Wow good job guys lmao

    2. Well since every gun law is illegal and unconstitutional, What the cop did by making and selling firearms is 110% legal.

    3. Love the comment sections on gun and fight threads. A great competition for “Most cement filled head”
      FTR- I love guns and fighting.

    4. Have you ever read a story and had a much different take away than the comments bear out?
      First off, we don’t know anything about this guy. I do have experience with Environmentalists, and in one case an Environmental Cop in training. Most, but not all Environmentalists are Narcissists. They know what’s best for you, but feel their own deeds are warranted at all costs.

      Here’s the rub; Constitutionally, what crime did he commit? It’s not about what Unconstitutional Codifications he broke, it’s about the Unconstitutionally created “Prohibited Persons” he was serving. “Shall Not Be Infringed” is fairly clear, when are we going to act like it…Compliance is the only thing giving the Government Legitimacy. Our Founders said there would be days like this…again we don’t know anything about this guy, and it’s God’s job to judge; not ours.

      1. No, we can judge, too. I say he is “NOT GUILTY”. In fact, I would go even further and say he was “INNOCENT”. There, that’s what we call jury nullification, your dishonor ! And that’s how it should play out in courtrooms all across the country. However, they know how to exclude folks like me from the jury pool.

    5. This looks like photo from a gun buy back program. Way to many junk guns and muzzle loaders in the picture. There are bad cops and this story could be true. Spending 29 years as a Deputy Sheriff you do see stuff. My money is this story is about if: 1 cop is bad then 90% of gun owners are bad. This is the type of news they have putting out to destroy gun ownership. Like Vegas Shooter we know that was untrue and was all about Bumbstocks. Then the Florida Bomber being a Trump supporter right!!!!!, This story is against making and building guns. They made it the most important part of the story. News is so fake and you can’t trust it. That is where we are in todays world. If they were just honest it would be great. Stop playing politics and forcing agendas and then I would believe this and other stories. Until then all gun related stories I will take with a grain of salt.

      1. You are so right. The spin on all news is to further an agenda… longer real news. I have to check several sources to get the real story. I wonder why someone isn’t asking WHY the left is so adamant on removing guns or greatly restrictting gun ownership. It’s become a fetish with them. Guns are not the problem when you look at gun ownership vs gun violence it’s not a grain of sand in a big bucket.

    6. Only those engaged in the business of manufacturing firearms are required to serialize. There is no federal requirement to ever serialize a firearm after it has been manufactured without a serial number, unless it is subsequently made or manufactured into an NFA firearm.

      1. If it has been manufactured for personal use then a serial number is not required. If it’s being transferred then yes it is required to be marked just like any other firearm.

        1. Sorry, no serial is ever required by current Federal law UNLESS the manufacturer is licensed to manufacture. Otherwise it is either not required to be serialized (legally made for personal use) or is flat out illegal (due to being manufactured without a license)

          As long as it was manufactured by a person not licensed who did not have the INTENT to transfer it, it can be transferred (subject to STATE law) without a serial. “Intent” would often be judged based on the number transferred (without a good, documented global reason like new state law, permanent disability or bankruptcy) and/or the amount of time and use since they were made.

        2. Federal law requires home made guns to have the maker’s name and city and state and some sort of serial number.

    7. JDZ
      I want to make something perfectly clear. He was NOT an NYPD officer.. He was one step above a rent-a-cop at the mall.

      1. No.
        DEP has law enforcement officers that investigate and issue citations to violators and in some cases, arrest violators for certain types of environmental hazards and damages.
        The difference between Mall security and DEP enforcement officers is vast.
        Mall security observes and reports and to a lesser degree interacts with the public and police if an incident occurs may recommend strongly that a person or persons involved in an incident, wait for police.
        Those involved or accused of shoplifting for instance.
        Mall security are NOT police or deputies, and the rent a cop name origin are police officers that moonlight off hours as security guards.
        In most cases they still retain the same authority off duty as on to arrest and detain.
        So again no, DEP enforcement officers are not in any way compareable to regular Mall security guards.
        DEP and DEQ enforcement can be Federal, State or Municipal agencies.

    8. I DO find it curious that this guy was a cop protecting water sources…. (WHY a police officer with GUNNZZZ is necessary for that I can’t guess….. but oh well, Noo Yawk do some strange things with their taxbux)

      And what might be his lines of power/connexions from his assigned duty into the drug world so he had access to the info he leaked, thus foiling some investigations, is also quite curious. At 38, he’s not close to retirement, so it does not seem overly likely he was a volunteer patsy or fall guy for a role that would cost him his job, but they’d figure out a way to keep him his pension.

      Unless he;d previously been in drug or arms enforcement, and was busted down to water cop? More of his history would be, er, amusing.

      But ONLY $200K bail? Seems like a pittance. His drug trade involvement could easily net him that in one operation. I think they need to move the decimal point right about three more places. But then, after all, he IS “wunna dem boyzen bloo” ain’t he?

    9. If this picture of the seized weapons is true, one big question is they must have creamed in their jeans and they can’t count, along with picture of Pampers, also how dramatic it is that NY police took pictures of the seized weapons in this case but the Vagas shooter only had 1 gun pictured and he had an arsenal in his room with multiple guns fitted with Bump-Stocks??????? Still waiting for pictures of Coast Guard Terrorist that they got arrested in DC area?????????? Where did they bury that story and pictures, two stage reporting when real Feds involved???????

    10. How many times have we, LEGAL LAW-ABIDING TAX PAYING “AMERICAN CITIZENS”, been scolded by gray suited political THUGS, that only law-enforcement and military should be allowed guns? Hummm…….

          1. Not true at all and you are cutting and pasting things to give an unclear view of the issue. The other commenter is correct. Built from scratch or 80% frame guns do not have to be serialized but if you sell, give or trade the gun to anyone you absolutely have to serialize the gun and notify ATF. You do not need a FFL or a manufactured license to do this.

    11. point being, laws dont matter to people who are willing commit crimes. 80% lowers vs. filing serial numbers off to full autos, all laws we have already, making more laws is pointless to control crime it just makes more people potential criminals

    12. Look out…perfect opportunity to take at shot at ending 80% weapons…do you sometimes wonder if there could be methods in all this madness?

    13. And the LEOs & military are the only ones that the gun grabbers want to have weapons, like they are some kind of saints? Imagine the huge black market that would be created if guns were banned, the cartels would make billions as they are with drugs and human smuggling. You don’t have to look too far to see the black market created in Australia, it’s big and very violent as indicated by the growth in violent crime rates there.

    14. I see the evidence against Mr. Marinelli includes a box of Pampers. In my experience those can be quite dangerous when fully loaded.

    15. But oh….the firearms owned by Freedom loving patrotic Americans that NEVER commit crimes are the real problem.

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