Proposed Ban on Social Media Gun Pictures Proves Gun Control is Total Control

One way: His. (Jason Pizzo/Facebook video screenshot)

U.S.A. – -( “If you post it on social media, that’s probable cause for us to come get the guns out of your house,” Democrat Florida State Senator Jason Pizzo proclaimed in a Facebook video three years ago. “That’s it. It’s now on you to explain why you have a gun in your house and why it’s on social media…”

He was stumping at the time to change the law to deny the right to keep and bear arms to young adults old enough to vote, marry, sign binding contracts and serve in the military. Pending that, he wanted parents to call the police on their children if they saw them posting pictures and videos with guns online.

There’s no question that if you’re a parent and have a dependent child in your home, what they are doing, what they have access to, and what goes on under your roof are your business. How you handle that parental authority is your call, or it should be. Depending on circumstances, alerting the police may be a viable option. Just be aware that their vested interest in their own safety, and the protocols they will follow to ensure it, will take precedence, and you may come to regret that you didn’t try to resolve matters another way.

Fast forward to the present, and the new climate in Florida where even some Republicans are scrambling to support citizen disarmament edicts. Pizzo is now pushing a bill that, along with “lock up your safety” infringements, makes “posting or publishing of a picture of a firearm, BB gun, air or gas-operated gun, or device displayed to resemble a firearm to social media” by minors a criminal act that will result in guns being “promptly seized by a law enforcement officer and disposed of,” and other penalties.

Note this time he’s not asking parents to do the snitching. Apparently, the mere existence of a noncompliant post will be enough “probable cause” to prompt a raid.

“This is an obvious First Amendment violation,” law professor Eugene Volokh observes. “The statute isn’t limited to displays that constitute true threats of violence (there’s a First Amendment exception for such true threats), or possession of guns by minors in violation of state law. Indeed, it would be a crime for a minor to post a photo of himself lawfully using a gun at a shooting range.”

That’s similar to what happened to student and “March for Our Lives” critic Kyle Kashuv when he went to the range with his father, posted photos on Twitter, and found himself snitched on by the antis, then summoned, isolated, interrogated and intimidated by the same school authorities who proved useless during a real threat.

If Pizzo’s wish to enact this abomination came true, there would be plenty more “opportunities” for young people to run afoul of his demands. Time Magazine reports “High School Shooting Teams Are Getting Wildly Popular,” and posting photos and videos on social media is essential for publicizing, networking, recruiting and just plain sharing.

So naturally, leave it to gun-grabber politicians to try and ban such teams. A bill was introduced in New York last year to impose “Prohibition of marksmanship and/or shooting programs … no public school shall offer marksmanship and/or shooting programs.”

What those demanding ignorance instead of education won’t tell you is that the U.S. Department of Justice in its 1994 research summary “Urban Delinquency and Substance Abuse – Initial Findings,” concluded (p. 18):

“Boys who own legal firearms, however, have much lower rates of delinquency and drug use and are even slightly less delinquent than nonowners of guns.”

That’s been borne out by today’s crop of young, trained and disciplined shooters, and was an accepted and expected way of life back in the days before school shootings.  It recalls for me an article I wrote some years back about such a team that included a photo that Pizzo’s bill would prohibit, along with commentary from my source:

What kind of paranoid mind would want to ban this?

“Here is an attached photo of me as a member of the Chicago Vocational High School ROTC color guard circa 1968.Note that [names redacted] are shouldering a firearm that Gen. George S Patton called the ‘greatest battle implement ever devised;’ the US Rifle M1 caliber .30-06 a gas operated, clip fed, air-cooled semiautomatic shoulder weapon weighing 9.5 lbs. Yes that one, the primary infantry shoulder arm that won WW II.

“Our HIGH SCHOOL armory had 50 of these, two Browning Automatic Rifles, five M1 carbines, two .45 cal. semi auto M1911A1 pistols, and one M3 submachine gun. Similar armories were present at even INNER CITY High Schools like Lindbloom, Marshall, Farragutt and most every school that had a junior ROTC, and there was NEVER a school shooting or any one harmed by the presence of these lethal military weapons.”

So what about Pizzo’s concerns? Surely we can find examples of young people posting on social media where they are being dangerous and threatening with guns.  Case in point: Check this moron out.

No one is saying that if someone does something disturbing on social media that it doesn’t merit further attention. No one is saying such behavior should just be ignored. But lumping all gun owners in with the minority of abusers is what the citizen disarmament lobby does. Those of us who would pass the right to keep and bear arms on to the next generation will have none of it.

It’s not going to end with us, as much as that’s the plan with the control zealots. And we note that, not content to disregard the Second Amendment, the collectivists are bent on subverting the First (and more).

“This is not about politics,” Pizzo disingenuously claimed in the video where he unveiled his intolerable scheme.  Of course it is, and it’s about exploiting a hot button issue with a cheerleader media to get his name and face out there in front of the voters. Per the Miami Herald, the “wealthy former prosecutor” found it desirable to spend $1M of his own money to unseat a “scandal-plagued” Democrat opponent to run for a seat the Republicans didn’t even contest. The job only pays $29,697 per year with a $152 per diem based on days in Tallahassee, so it’s hardly out of line to assume he has personal goals and that politics is the vehicle he is using to achieve them.

Such deception plays in Democrat strongholds where Democrat constituencies break Democrat gun laws to overwhelmingly shoot other Democrats. The rest of us ain’t buying it.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the   RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Is Pizzo stupid or just crazy? Well I’m not sure but his proposed ban is simply ridiculous and b**** s****. So, back to my question. Is he?

Don McCarty Jr

time to push back…rattle all the phones in congress, fill their email accounts up , fill their text messages, flood their mailboxes with snail mail. fill their home mailboxes up! get their attention and let them know….We the American people are pissed off. our government is laden with leeches working with side deals to put the most money in their pockets. these twatwaffle leeches have forgotten that we can put them in office and we can take them out of office, their oath of office stands and it is with the People of the great Nation, not the highest bidding… Read more »


Nah, they don’t want your guns. Don’t be so paranoid!

A young person who can vote, join the military, sign a contract and get married cannot buy a semi auto rifle in many states. If they post a pic of it on Social Media they want to use the pic as PC to get a warrant to enter your home.

This is a very very bad idea.


…get a rope.!

Pistol Pete

Get multiple bills to make gun grabbing a crime and lock all the Anti God, anti America, anti constitution and Bill of Rights, and most of the gun grabbers also want to murder Babies as they are being born and throw them in jail and throw away the Key.


‘nother name for the list……gettin’ long….totally manageable.


A few years back I was assisting at an Appleseed weekend marksmanship event (appleseedinfo dot org) and a family showed up.. Dad, Mom, both late 40’s, Daughter at 14, Son at 12. They had done a fair bit of shooting, were members of a gun club back home. They all did well, very safe, good scores, etc. After the wrapup the lead Instructor offered to stay late for anyone who wanted to try a few rounds with his M 1 Garand. The 12 year old Son instantly shot up his hand. He was first. Seated position, rifle safe and ceared,… Read more »

Mark Zanghetti

This sounds like a really nice family that found an activity that the whole family could share, I think the parents should be commended not prosecuted. This whole situation is getting ridiculous and we are rapidly approaching a point where society will have to make a choice for freedom or slavery, I have made my choice but as a permanently disabled nursing home resident wonder if I will be able to fight for my freedom, we are rapidly approaching a tipping point I think, but hope I am wrong.

Walter Goddard

I would be proud to have this family as my neighbor…
Sad state of affairs we are facing, but we have to keep up the fight..
If we lay down/our arms, they’ll run us over.

They know that the laws are unjust, (Politicians for sure, and most of the activists.. it’s their whole agenda), that it isn’t about stopping criminals, making schools safe…


#Tionico great story, we need more people presenting the positive side of the shooting sports. Stories of first hunts and good days afield. Thanks for sharing.


Rino Rubio jumped on the red flag band wagon and Graham has woke up and says it is a good deal. Democrats and republicans can come together and do something. This toad is a retired military working on his second government pension and has turned back to being a John McCain RINO. Tell your senators to vote against this. It is past time to send Rubio back to Cuba and Graham to where the hell ever he can not cause anymore problems. Enough is enough. Republicans are falling into line and letting us down one at a time. Vote for… Read more »

Jim Mackey

Holy crap. The description of the armory in your high school makes me realize I was born in the wrong era. How this nation has fallen.

Deplorable Bill

This is tyranny, this is treason. This is NOT gun control it is people control. Most of us know what happens after the public is disarmed–slavery, poverty, starvation and no hope of getting anything better. He is actively denouncing the very oath he took to defend the constitution of the U.S. Treason has a price and it is NOT a ticket or jail time although tar and feather would be an added bonus before sentence is carried out. We can only pray that there is someone in Fla. who has the cahonies to arrest and prosecute this obviously his treasonous… Read more »


The Unchecked, Unchallenged growth of government is what they want. A Regime of unlimited power is what they are after. They want it to where those hard fought rights become meaningless.

dave lewis

There is no such thing as gun control. There iscommunist/socialist gun confiscation, and there is crime control. You will never hear much about crime control, as it primarily, only effects the democratvoter base.

Louis Newman

In the early years of my teaching career, I would car pool with my students to go dove shooting. These trips were from the school parking lot after classes. Times have changed!

Richard J Coon

Color Pizzo’s hair red and you have and Alfred E. Newman twin. Thinks kind of like Alfred.


I was going to say, I’ve seen a number of cartoons where Alfred E. Newman’s face was superimposed on George W Bush’s, but I’ve never seen it on an actual person.


I don’t care where you live, it’s not a good idea to advertise the fact that you own guns, of any kind, unless of course you have a gun shop. Personally, I sold and gave away all my firearms years ago and no longer have any.

dava golino

next, get on your knees and beg. you will not get any medals


Narrow thinking is what leads to narrow restrictioins on our lives. Yuo carry on as if guns are, in and of themselves, evil things. They are not. Didjya know more people are killed each year in the US by someone else taking some sort of heavy object and bashing them to death than by long guns? Yep. the standard carpenter’s claw hammer is one of the favoured tools for such evil actions. If evil is in someone’s heart, some means of carrying it out will be found. And if it is not, an armoury of fuve thousand guns and ten… Read more »

Witold Pilecki

I believe is being facetious. I always say, “I don’t own a single firearm,” and that is a true statement.
Get it? (wink-wink)


Dammit! When will we start using the real goal words. It is NOT GUN CONTROL–it is POPULATION CONTROL!
This is the goal of the top layers of the Democrat Party, their loyal management minions and finally their “useful idiots” in the voting public.


Fuck hom.

Green Mtn. Boy

Well Duh! it always has been.


I remember growing up and our high school. A good percentage of the fellas, and some of the ladies, had gun racks in their trucks ( I know it’s a cliche). But we did. And most of us had guns in those racks. Wasnt uncommon to have a pistol either. No one cared. No one shot anyone either. Back then if you couldn’t resolve the problem you had a fight, and then a beer. Then, I think I was a junior, the school officially banned firearms from campus. Some junior high kid, a transplant from the republic of CA brought… Read more »


As the saying goes ‘STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES’!


Florida Senator Rubio has shown his true colors more than once – the gang of eight proposals on immigration was an absolute overreach and thankfully failed. Now his national red flag legislation clearly shows he part of the “control” gun crowd and always looking for ways to punish law abiding firearm owners.

Red Flag Laws will at some point be found unconstitutional and those who promoted and supported them should be charged and tried by their peers for violating their oaths of office.

Walter Goddard

I can see the ROTC, etc… training/discipline associated with lower delinquencies, as the end result and description of a “Well regulated militia” that our Founding Fathers elaborated upon in the Constitution… I also see the “arms grabs” policies as possibly conflicting other Government statutes/laws.. Their attempts to pass the gun controls, and garner more activist votes; by reducing voting age requirements, and raising gun owner age requirements leads me to the question: Do they plan on requiring all people in: Security, Law Enforcement, and Military operations to leave that position until they turn 21 years of age, or older? How… Read more »


hey d-sucker, it’s NOYMFB

Texas Jim

Well said & Amen, Bro’