CMMG’s 9 ARC Magazine – Convert an AR15 to Shoot 9mm

Boonville, MO-( CMMG Inc. innovates the AR platform yet again with the introduction of the 9 ARC Magazine. Developed in collaboration with Mean Arms, CMMG’s 9 ARC Magazine (10 or 30-round capacity) makes it possible to shoot 9mm from an AR15 lower receiver when paired with CMMG’s proprietary 9mm Radial Delayed Blowback BANSHEE or RESOLUTE upper.

The 9 ARC Magazine is ideal for those who have a registered SBR or full-auto AR15 lower receiver and want to shoot 9mm. It also offers an affordable way to train or enjoy an outing at the range by allowing users to shoot inexpensive 9mm ammunition while still maintaining the familiar furniture and controls on their existing AR15 lower receiver.

The 9 ARC Magazine is ideal for those who have a registered SBR or full-auto AR15 lower receiver and want to shoot 9mm.
The 9 ARC Magazine is ideal for those who have a registered SBR or full-auto AR15 lower receiver and want to shoot 9mm.

The process of converting an AR15 to 9mm is simple and quick. First, attach a CMMG 9mm Radial Delayed Blowback upper receiver to an existing AR15 lower. Second, insert CMMG’s 9 ARC Magazine to safely feed 9mm ammunition. CMMG recommends using a standard carbine buffer and action spring to reliably cycle the action in this configuration. The 9 ARC Magazine also retains last round bolt hold-open functionality, allowing for faster reloads.

9 ARC Magazine For those who have an abundant amount of Magpul PMAGs, CMMG will offer 9 ARC Magazine Adapters. The 9 ARC Magazine Adapters are installed into Gen 2/3 PMAG bodies to convert them to 9mm. The 9 ARC Magazine Adapters will be sold as single units, as well as in packs of three, and can be modified to hold 10, 15, 20 or 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

One the greatest benefits of using the 9 ARC Magazine is that it allows shooters to enjoy the advantages of CMMG’s patent-pending Radial Delayed Blowback operating system without the need for a proprietary lower receiver. Radial Delayed Blowback has quickly become the gold standard for pistol caliber carbines, primarily due to the reduction in felt recoil versus other direct blowback designs.

CMMG will offer a complete line of firearms in RESOLUTE and BANSHEE configurations that are designed for 9 ARC Magazines. Each is built with CMMG’s Mk4 lower receiver and a dedicated 9mm Radial Delayed Blowback upper receiver.

The MSRP for the 9 ARC Magazine is $44.95 and for the 9 ARC Magazine Adapter is $29.95. The three-pack of 9 ARC Magazine Adapters will retail for $79.95.

CMMG Inc will be exhibiting during the 148th NRA Annual Meeting, showcasing new products like the 9 ARC, .40 S&W BANSHEE and the highly anticipated .350 Legend. Come visit CMMG at booth #5463 to get hands-on experience with the new products and the award-winning Mk47. Also have a chance to meet competitive shooters Team Yackley and a special appearance by legendary UFC fighter Chuck Liddell on Saturday between 1:30pm – 2:30pm.

CMMG Lifetime Quality Guarantee

CMMG, Inc. will guarantee its products against defects in material or workmanship. CMMG, Inc. will repair, replace or substitute part(s) (at CMMG, Inc. discretion) at no charge to the customer if a defect of material or workmanship is found. All service work must be carried out by CMMG, Inc.

About CMMG:CMMG logo

CMMG began in central Missouri in 2002 and quickly developed into a full-time business because of its group of knowledgeable and passionate firearms enthusiasts committed to quality and service. Its reputation was built on attention to detail, cutting edge innovation and the superior craftsmanship that comes from sourcing all their own parts. By offering high quality AR rifles, parts and accessories, CMMG’s commitment to top-quality products and professional service is as deep today as it was when it began.

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I think you should also look at a 10mm.That caliber in that config would be a doozy.

Tim Carrasco

Very nice conversion kit though, I’m already browsing for 1 LOL

Tim Carrasco

May want to change the photo when talking about an SBR, the one pictured is a pistol with a brace

Tyler Berry

Oh aren’t you cool, gotta point out little bullshit that no one gives a fuck about. You’re the type of person that needs to learn when to talk and when to just keep quiet.

James Russell Bailey

@Tyler Berry,

And you’re the type of person who needs an education in manners, respect, decorum, and quite probably, a remedial English language course at your local community college!

Those spewing four letter words without need, are those seriously lacking in cognitive abilities.



Spot on! It’s pretty sad when these articles are published and they writer isn’t intelligent enough to match the right photo with his statement, it’s even sadder when some asshat bitches because a commenter corrects the writer. Tyler berry is one of those lazy jerks that doesn’t care about misinformation being spread.


Take your own advice.


This is not new. Endomag has been making the same product for years


Mags are not cheep at all.


I know that sucks…even the inserts are out there!

Fred Hubert

Can you make one for a 40 ca

robert a lasley

The only problem i have with banshee is there have been reports of them being unreliable for jhp. I believe also they have even said use with fmj ammo. A lot of people look at short ar9 and think home defense. Which I don’t think the feeding issue is just cmmg ar9s, a lot of variation is going on with the way barrels are cut with feed ramps. If i knew the banshee would eat everything id be on board. What’s your thoughts on jhp and ar9s?


My PSA ar9 pistol runs fine with jhp and cheap or expensive 115 to 150gr weight ammo. It was built to use glock mags.


You’re talking apples and oranges. A PSA AR9 is NOT a conversion, it requires an AR9 lower which takes actual 9mm magazines.