NRA Leadership Meltdown: Cut Out the Ackerman McQueen Cancer

Editor's Note: As reported first on AmmoLand News the NRA leadership is deep in the process of upheaval as the current Board of Directors works to extract the member organization from a disaster of poor management and corrupt vendors.

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre

USA – NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre could’ve prevented the Ackerman-McQueen embarrassment/scandal twenty plus years ago…. but, he probably didn’t know any better and most likely thought he was acting in the best interest of gun rights.

Somewhere along the way, he got caught up in the greed and scheming of PR agency of record Ackerman McQueen (AM).

I believe Wayne LaPierre was honestly a naive pawn in the 90’s. I’ve said that Ackerman McQueen has been the tail wagging the dog for the last 20 years many times. At some point, Wayne lost credibility with me and many others… that point was different for different people. For me, is was around 2013/14.

More importantly, at some point, Wayne must have known that he made a mistake and that the relationship he allowed was detrimental to the NRA and our cause.

At that point, and every day after that, he had to face the option of admitting his mistake and cutting off the incredibly lucrative situation that existed. Instead, he and his inner circle have doubled and tripled down over the last handful of years. They have recklessly given more and more responsibility and money to Ackerman McQueen and its NRATV, influencer programs and talking heads (Noir, Dana, Et Al…) and the disaster that was CarryGuard.

Wayne has now become the front man for a dysfunctional, dare I say “corrupt” (at least in the moral sense, if not legally), regime. They enriched themselves and their friends at great expense to the gun community and the cause of gun rights. They stopped lobbying and became professional panderers… fundraisers focused on the most potentially lucrative segment of American Gun Owners. Nothing more.

Now, that the alliance between Wayne LaPierre & Ackerman McQueen are falling apart, they are at each other’s throats, and Wayne is desperately trying to appear to be on the high ground while AM tries to manipulate the outcome to protect their cash cow.

Ackerman-McQueen and all of their high placed front people, executives, hand-picked Board Members, scripted spokespeople, and vendors need to be excised from the fight for our gun rights. They have proven to be unworthy and unable to be the representatives of American Gun Owners.

I was stopped by more NRA Members (including board members) and industry leaders than I could count today on the floor of the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting. Not one of them had a word of criticism in regard to my ever more direct and specific condemnation of the Wayne LaPierre/Ackerman McQueen situation. In fact, many of them thanked me specifically for being willing to say the things that they “can’t”… I reminded them that more and more people in our community are realizing every day that they can and must speak up… especially those of us who have been on the inside.

Join us!

Defund the NRA… divert any NRA dues or donations directly to programs you support to other National or State Pro-2A Organizations. The Second Amendment Foundation is my first suggestion. The faster the profit motive is taken away, the faster we can get past this ugly moment in NRA history. Does the NRA “need money” to fight the anti-gun movement? If so, they have plenty to find in the bloated vendor contracts, and ludicrous salaries, bonuses, and expense accounts their executives have enjoyed for far too long. This will get worse before it gets better, but it will not end well for Wayne LaPierre or those who insist on remaining loyal to their regime.

If you’re still not convinced, keep watching. As they fight with each other, more and more of the real story will come to light. Be wary of the spin in a letter “leaked” to the public today and be skeptical of that which seems to fit a convenient narrative.

Rob Pincus
Executive Vice President,

Wayne LaPierre's “Leaked” Extortion Letter NRAAM 2019

Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

About Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus has been educating people about defensive shooting and related personal defense topics for over two decades. He is the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network and the owner of I.C.E. Training Company. He has authored several books, produced over 100 training DVDs, appeared on several TV & Radio shows and trained military, law enforcement and armed individuals around the world. His advice focuses on efficiency and practicality based on his own experiences and continuing research of both real-world events and cutting edge training practices.

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    1. Somebody turn this disaster at the NRA around. The name recognition of this organization and the respect it has far and wide makes it too valuable to lose. Get it back on track fighting every little inch they try to take from the 2nd amendment. Do not give an inch anywhere on anything. I firmly believe the NRA should be run by devoted and dedicated people that will not allow any more encroachments on our rights by government. We can’t afford to give in!

      1. @David G. Tippens

        Indeed.. That is what many of us have been calling for now for over a decade. The problem is that the rats have burrowed themselves in deep, and our attempts to clean house are met with them screaming and kicking while they try to cling to power.

        Wayne and company must go, the NRA must take a no compromise stance, , and there must be reforms at the board level to prevent them from blocking members out of the process or voting themselves exorbitant benefits.

    2. Ok Everyone, since David loved this one so much its back by popular demand, and since he trolled his own comment, deliberately posting his own comment twice hoping at the top of the page it would be the only one viewed.

      It is interesting to see, considering all the evidence and the amount of time that the warnings bells have been ringing for that the sheep have made their way to Ammoland in force.
      Individuals who have no credible argument, no concrete evidence to support their views, and yet they rush in bleating as loudly as possible their defense of Wayne Lapierre and the wrongs done by NRA leadership. They return to the same tactic they have relied on for years, hand fed to them by Wayne. It is this same tactic which also demonstrates them to be the castrated, brainless, farm animals that they are.
      “If the NRA goes away, so does the second amendment!!” the sheep cry out as they beg to be joined and then bite at the ones trying to pull them out of the mud pit which will drown them.
      These ignorant knotheads have no idea that the second amendment is not a right, nor does it grant one. After all, they’re brainless! They only know whats been fed to them, and just like scared little animals when told the food will stop they run around stupidly in a panic. The right to keep and bear arms pre-dates the constitution. It is a right that is tied to our existence simply by virtue of our being born, andis not something that can be granted by a piece of paper.
      But, you cant teach that to a sheep. Those like Charles, Hoplite, and David will keep on chugging the Kool-Aid placed into their hands, all the while chanting about “4 dimensional chess…. The Courts rule….. The NRA is all important…. 4 dimensional chess……..”

      Of course, he was so busy worrying about people finding their backsides, he forgot to find his own and somehow wound up with his nose buried up that end of a few individuals carrying full loads. He seemed to like the smell however and chose to stay. So here, lets see who the man David holds to be a bastion of Second Amendment defense really is, and if poor little David really will stand by his own words. I credit Carlos Perdue for writing this out on April 25th.
      1. “Knox tried to bribe LaPierre.” I don’t know about that “bribe”. If so it would’ve been good for 2A if he’d pulled it off and gotten him out. But IMO AcMc/Merc obviously DID bribe NRA staff. e.g. Woody’s BMW which your hero Wayne “Lucky Pierre” LaPierre knew about and did nothing.

      2. NRA sabotaged its own “shall issue” laws, insisting on poison pill “gun free”/no-carry zones in Virginia, Florida etc, resulting in public shootings, massacres and high body counts (VA Tech, Orlando Pulse nightclub). Virginia is NRA’s HQ state. Florida is the exalted Marion Hammer’s home state and the birthplace of NRA “shall issue”. NRA could’ve easily passed Constitutional Carry in those states, eliminated the poison pill “gun free” zone restaurant bans, etc, and had decades to do it. Instead NRA sabotaged local efforts to do the right thing – at a cost of many dead and increased calls for gun control – which not coincidentally brings more money into NRA.

      3. Lucky Pierre publicly endorsed “gun free school zones” in congressional testimony after Columbine, never retracted it, sabotaged state and local efforts to arm teachers and staff, helping make possible many subsequent school massacres with high body counts.

      4. After the Sandy Hook massacre, rather than sell the pro-gun, armed-citizen solution of armed teachers and staff (a proven successful solution that stopped all school terrorism in Israel), LaPierre called for the anti-gun solution – doubling down on “gun free” zones and hiring dedicated armed guards in every school, which would mean another half-million government-union employees who we can’t afford, who can’t be in every room at the same time, or who may be too cowardly to even try to go in (Parkland) while courageous unarmed teachers shield students with their bodies (Parkland, VA Tech). Thus NRA helped make more school massacres possible and worse. The only person adult who will be in every classroom at all times is the teacher.

      5. Many more states should have armed staff & teachers today. The few states and districts that have armed some teachers have done so IN SPITE of NRA passive-aggressive and active sabotage.

      6. NRA pushed GCA’68, a huge de facto progressive registration system.

      7. NRA has always pushed to tighten the de facto registration noose. For example, the NICS “instant registration” system.

      8. NRA co-sponsored gun-grabbing Democrat Carolyn McCarthy’s “veterans disarmament” bill that provided for turning veterans into “prohibited persons”, permanently stripping them of core constitutional gun rights and liberty without trial by jury – or even “adjudication” by whim of a judge, a despicable system NRA also supports. It passed by unanimous consent in the Senate and NRA took out ads applauding the vote.

      9. Later, NRA ran ads on veterans sites about how it was shocked, SHOCKED, that the McCarthy bill was being “abused” and veterans were losing their rights. These ads added insult to injury by asking for membership dues and donations from the very victims whom the NRA-McCarthy bill was disarming.

      10. NRA lauded and passive-aggressively helped pass the Lautenberg law that turns you into a “prohibited person” without trial by jury, based on Domestic Violence Restraining Orders that many judges hand out to lying spouses like candy on Halloween.

      11. Lucky Pierre worked with his so-called “gun rights champion” Harry Reid to “fix” the anti-gun provisions of Obamacare and pass it. Despite the Lucky Pierre/Harry Reid “fix”, Obamacare was passed with dangerous anti-gun “prohibited person” loopholes. GOA called it “anti-gun Obamacare”.

      12. When Obamacare passed, NRA had a dozen or so phony “A” rated Democrats and a few “B” rated in the Senate who could not survive in pro-gun states without their phony A grades and orange alert cards. NRA could’ve easily killed Obamacare by “keyvoting” it with credible threat of downgrades. Instead anti-gun Obamacare passed by ONE VOTE thanks to the NRA’s passive-aggressive support. After Lucky Pierre helped Reid “fix” it, the NRA claimed it was gun neutral and put out the winkie-wink that no one would be downgraded.

      13. NRA’s phony grading, orange alert and donation system reeks of quid pro quo sweetheart dealing and corruption at the expense of NRA membership and NRA’s stated mission. Why else would the NRA have endorsed and given “A+” and “B” grades to thousands of known gun grabbers like Sheriff Brown, Kirstin Gillibrand, Jon Tester, and Harry Reid?

      14. NRA actually teamed up with Bloomberg, almost certainly thanks to Grover al Nor’Qu’ist, exactly matching Bloomberg’s $250,000 donation to an independent expenditure PAC organized to trash true conservative Chris McDaniel and re-elect corrupt establishment whore Thad Cochran by a hair in the 2014 Mississippi US Senate race.
      “I could go on and on.” Did NRA actually do some good and appear to do some good, especially on the surface while sabotaging less visibly in the background? OF COURSE.

      The one surprisingly good thing NRA management did was back Trump, but I think they did that out of self interest, figuring Hillhog would go too far, too successfully, and they have obviously given Trump some anti-gun advice and winks since they got a seat at the table.

      Did the NRA help pass “shall issue” in many states, ultimately dial back the sabotage, allow some Constitutional Carry? Yes. But that hardly means the NRA and its 76-toady circle-jerk board are not idiot Fudds, squishes, self-dealers, heavily corrupt, even infiltraitors.

      Of COURSE they can point to some good things, including things that have good aspects on the surface but subtly and less visibly sabotaged – like “gun free zone” carry bans. Conmen and infiltraitors HAVE to be able to point to enough good things to gain and keep trust and control bestowed by well-meaning but unaware members, and worse, from “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and “can’t we all just get along” types who don’t WANT to know what’s being done to them and don’t want anyone else to know either so they shoot the messengers.

      Moles can’t screw you too obvious, rough, hard & deep. They must do enough good, enough plausible deniability and kabuki show to get where they can take your money and bend you over long term.

      How much did Lucky Pierre take for all this double-agent double-dealing over the years? $50 million? $100 million with all the “backdoor” benefits and “expense accounts”? What a sacrifice! What a hero! What a great American!
      So…Nice try, but no cigar for you! Well, maybe a Bill Clinton cigar.
      [End Quote]

      Now, we all wait for David’s head to explode as he melts down into a tantrum.

      1. Well Everyone,

        Looks like David has chosen not to respond. it’s easy to understand why when he did reference Bump Stocks are covered under the Second Amendment, and stated that anyone who tries to violate it is a traitor. When asked what that means since Donald Trump initiated the action on Bump Stocks, Crickets…..

        See, its easy for people like David to try and silence others through intimidation and lies to paint their opponent as the bad guy. Those of us who have been here quite a while have a good handle on the facts, and when challenged we are not intimidated by the angry bleats of those like David. I’ve been citing documented evidence and video here for years now. After giving him several days to respond it appears he has wisely decided he bit off more than he could chew, and that discretion is the better part of valor.

        Good day.

    3. @The Revelator 

      First you are a troll. Second you could not find your backside with both hands. Third you are not be trusted at all. Fourth you give no facts on anything just spout off like a puke bully on a playground along with some others on here. Fifth I stand by everything I type. [ Sixth I was during obama and clinton years a Life member of GOA and SAF they did nothing but whine like a baby about the NRA. Same SAF CCRKBA AZCDL JPFO LIFE member during obama …. but I quit them all since they failed to support Candidate Donald J Trump which means they supported Hillary Clinton. I did go back to support GOA since they filed in support of the bump stock. Seventh we would have lost our guns a long time ago if not for the NRA. Eight Wayne La Pierre is worth every penny he is paid whether you or others like it or not. Chris Cox and Oliver North are both back stabbers of Wayne La Pierre. North is a felon under his actions for piss ant globalist new world order fascists elite cia vp george bush sr with Reagan being the scapegoat, shameful he was allowed to be buried on the Texas A&M campus and even anywhere in Texas, he is from Maine. Chris Cox should be fired elite class 3 weapons owner etc support red flag laws support federal law i.e. bump stocks suppressors full auto over the Constutiton support concealed carry but not open carry support permit carry but not constitution carry both open and concealed etc etc …. I say repeal all federal gun control laws 1926 1934 1938 1968 1986 etc and repeal all nazis civilian gestapo regulations rules and other nazis BS. Follow only Second Amendment and God written word in the Bible. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Fact, Anyone that says different is a Traitor commits Treason British Redcoat Nazis Commie Fascist.

      1. @David

        I would like to start here..

        “Fifth I stand by everything I type.” Ok, you are not a verifiable source, as much as you wish yourself to be. Sorry, not going to happen.

        Now you spewed off a lot of other stuff, ironically enough just like a “Troll” would do. Woo Hoo, you called me a troll. Big frickin deal, it just shows you have a weak argument. I have a track record here at least a lustrum in length and I know how to deal with idiots like yourself.

        “Follow only Second Amendment and God written word in the Bible. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Fact, Anyone that says different is a Traitor commits Treason”

        Your words, not mine. So when Donald Trump infringed the second amendment with his unconstitutional action on bump stocks and his stated support for Red Flag legislation being moved by Rubio and Graham he is a traitor? Well thank goodness you are willing to admit that!

        Wait, didn’t you state your unequivocal support of Traitor Trump just moments before in the same comment? Oh yeah, you tried to say anyone who didn’t back your back stabbing choice for president is a Hillary supporter. Like that’s the first time some brain dead dolt has tried that lie.. Oh yeah, that one goes real well with the other lie “Seventh we would have lost our guns a long time ago if not for the NRA.” Got news for you buddy, the NRA didn’t give me my guns, and I’ll still have them even if it burns to the ground.

        That’s the funny part though, you don’t know the Constitution, and you don’t know this country. That’s what makes you the useful retard who will jump whenever your handlers tell you to. Not once here have you even addressed any of the actions that were pointed out to have been helped along by the NRA that infringe upon the language of the second amendment, even as you advocate full repeal of them. So, since the NRA helped infringe by your own definition it makes them a traitor.

        You see, Most of us have been on the full repeal train a lot longer than you, cupcake. Trying to grandstand and make it seem like you are the one supporting it is a load of bovine scatology.. But that’s what I love about liars like yourself when you question others credibility. You flip flop and don’t follow your own words. So are you going to stand by them and admit Trump committed Treason, or show you are a liar by flipping again and denying it?

        1. To Those curious if what I am saying about my track record is true, and whether I have ever posted evidence before I would like to give you the opportunity to see an example of evidence. To do this, it must be over a year old, it must link to me writing out a list of facts and evidence in detail.

          Here you go….

          Please note my responses to “Trever Mayo” at the time. See, the evidence has been reported for years, people like David just ignore it and repost the same talking point since they cant argue against people like myself, or Wild Bill, or Vanns40. We’ve been here before David, We’ll still be here when he stomps off to pout elsewhere.

    4. SEVERAL REAL FACTS: I know several NRA directors as personal friends for years and I know a few others personally! First, LaPierre needs no retirement plan from Col. North–he has a big one in place. Second AM has been the sour subject of many on the board for years and years who have wanted them gone for years and years–yet there they are! The NRA board cannot even learn what Wayne gets paid and they cannot penetrate many other financial aspects of the NRA leadership and operations. In the early 1990s some family members of some key NRA employees were put into NRA jobs that paid $250,000-$350,000 a year for doing nothing but showing up–no telling what is going on now. The NRA is our BEST hope in the Second Amendment fight but the top bunch over spends and is a little corrupt and AM for sure is corrupt as hell.

      1. so tell me…which organization supports the bump stock ban and the gun owner assassination orders(AKA red flag laws) ? that would be the NRA.

        the NRA lost it’s way years ago. back when it apologized for calling jack-booted thugs what they were.

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