NRA Leadership Meltdown: Cut Out the Ackerman McQueen Cancer

Editor’s Note: As reported first on AmmoLand News the NRA leadership is deep in the process of upheaval as the current Board of Directors works to extract the member organization from a disaster of poor management and corrupt vendors.

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre

USA – NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre could’ve prevented the Ackerman-McQueen embarrassment/scandal twenty plus years ago…. but, he probably didn’t know any better and most likely thought he was acting in the best interest of gun rights.

Somewhere along the way, he got caught up in the greed and scheming of PR agency of record Ackerman McQueen (AM).

I believe Wayne LaPierre was honestly a naive pawn in the 90’s. I’ve said that Ackerman McQueen has been the tail wagging the dog for the last 20 years many times. At some point, Wayne lost credibility with me and many others… that point was different for different people. For me, is was around 2013/14.

More importantly, at some point, Wayne must have known that he made a mistake and that the relationship he allowed was detrimental to the NRA and our cause.

At that point, and every day after that, he had to face the option of admitting his mistake and cutting off the incredibly lucrative situation that existed. Instead, he and his inner circle have doubled and tripled down over the last handful of years. They have recklessly given more and more responsibility and money to Ackerman McQueen and its NRATV, influencer programs and talking heads (Noir, Dana, Et Al…) and the disaster that was CarryGuard.

Wayne has now become the front man for a dysfunctional, dare I say “corrupt” (at least in the moral sense, if not legally), regime. They enriched themselves and their friends at great expense to the gun community and the cause of gun rights. They stopped lobbying and became professional panderers… fundraisers focused on the most potentially lucrative segment of American Gun Owners. Nothing more.

Now, that the alliance between Wayne LaPierre & Ackerman McQueen are falling apart, they are at each other’s throats, and Wayne is desperately trying to appear to be on the high ground while AM tries to manipulate the outcome to protect their cash cow.

Ackerman-McQueen and all of their high placed front people, executives, hand-picked Board Members, scripted spokespeople, and vendors need to be excised from the fight for our gun rights. They have proven to be unworthy and unable to be the representatives of American Gun Owners.

I was stopped by more NRA Members (including board members) and industry leaders than I could count today on the floor of the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting. Not one of them had a word of criticism in regard to my ever more direct and specific condemnation of the Wayne LaPierre/Ackerman McQueen situation. In fact, many of them thanked me specifically for being willing to say the things that they “can’t”… I reminded them that more and more people in our community are realizing every day that they can and must speak up… especially those of us who have been on the inside.

Join us!

Defund the NRA… divert any NRA dues or donations directly to programs you support to other National or State Pro-2A Organizations. The Second Amendment Foundation is my first suggestion. The faster the profit motive is taken away, the faster we can get past this ugly moment in NRA history. Does the NRA “need money” to fight the anti-gun movement? If so, they have plenty to find in the bloated vendor contracts, and ludicrous salaries, bonuses, and expense accounts their executives have enjoyed for far too long. This will get worse before it gets better, but it will not end well for Wayne LaPierre or those who insist on remaining loyal to their regime.

If you’re still not convinced, keep watching. As they fight with each other, more and more of the real story will come to light. Be wary of the spin in a letter “leaked” to the public today and be skeptical of that which seems to fit a convenient narrative.

Rob Pincus
Executive Vice President,

Wayne LaPierre’s “Leaked” Extortion Letter NRAAM 2019

Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

About Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus has been educating people about defensive shooting and related personal defense topics for over two decades. He is the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network and the owner of I.C.E. Training Company. He has authored several books, produced over 100 training DVDs, appeared on several TV & Radio shows and trained military, law enforcement and armed individuals around the world. His advice focuses on efficiency and practicality based on his own experiences and continuing research of both real-world events and cutting edge training practices.

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Thirty years they havent given us, the nra, what is contractually owed? Then there is no excuse for wayne LaPierre (whiney lets pee in the air). He must be stripped of all payments, responsibilities, retirements, keys, and any and all contacts with the nra board, members or ack mac. He must be sued for recompense of any and all pay above 250k per year, but after 2018, all pay must be stopped. This includes retirement or consulting fees. As his lapdoggie kiss cox is just as bad as he is, he too must suffer same fate. Ollie the guy that… Read more »

David G. Tippens

Somebody turn this disaster at the NRA around. The name recognition of this organization and the respect it has far and wide makes it too valuable to lose. Get it back on track fighting every little inch they try to take from the 2nd amendment. Do not give an inch anywhere on anything. I firmly believe the NRA should be run by devoted and dedicated people that will not allow any more encroachments on our rights by government. We can’t afford to give in!

The Revelator

@David G. Tippens

Indeed.. That is what many of us have been calling for now for over a decade. The problem is that the rats have burrowed themselves in deep, and our attempts to clean house are met with them screaming and kicking while they try to cling to power.

Wayne and company must go, the NRA must take a no compromise stance, , and there must be reforms at the board level to prevent them from blocking members out of the process or voting themselves exorbitant benefits.

The Revelator

Ok Everyone, since David loved this one so much its back by popular demand, and since he trolled his own comment, deliberately posting his own comment twice hoping at the top of the page it would be the only one viewed. It is interesting to see, considering all the evidence and the amount of time that the warnings bells have been ringing for that the sheep have made their way to Ammoland in force. Individuals who have no credible argument, no concrete evidence to support their views, and yet they rush in bleating as loudly as possible their defense of… Read more »

The Revelator

Well Everyone, Looks like David has chosen not to respond. it’s easy to understand why when he did reference Bump Stocks are covered under the Second Amendment, and stated that anyone who tries to violate it is a traitor. When asked what that means since Donald Trump initiated the action on Bump Stocks, Crickets….. See, its easy for people like David to try and silence others through intimidation and lies to paint their opponent as the bad guy. Those of us who have been here quite a while have a good handle on the facts, and when challenged we are… Read more »


@The Revelator  First you are a troll. Second you could not find your backside with both hands. Third you are not be trusted at all. Fourth you give no facts on anything just spout off like a puke bully on a playground along with some others on here. Fifth I stand by everything I type. [ Sixth I was during obama and clinton years a Life member of GOA and SAF they did nothing but whine like a baby about the NRA. Same SAF CCRKBA AZCDL JPFO LIFE member during obama …. but I quit them all since they failed… Read more »

The Revelator

@David I would like to start here.. “Fifth I stand by everything I type.” Ok, you are not a verifiable source, as much as you wish yourself to be. Sorry, not going to happen. Now you spewed off a lot of other stuff, ironically enough just like a “Troll” would do. Woo Hoo, you called me a troll. Big frickin deal, it just shows you have a weak argument. I have a track record here at least a lustrum in length and I know how to deal with idiots like yourself. “Follow only Second Amendment and God written word in… Read more »

The Revelator

To Those curious if what I am saying about my track record is true, and whether I have ever posted evidence before I would like to give you the opportunity to see an example of evidence. To do this, it must be over a year old, it must link to me writing out a list of facts and evidence in detail. Here you go…. Please note my responses to “Trever Mayo” at the time. See, the evidence has been reported for years, people like David just ignore it and repost the same talking point since they cant argue against… Read more »

Al May

They are not getting any more of my money until the board and the top brass are replaced.

Bob Sadtler

Exactly WHERE does Wayne plan to “bring” these five million members?

To prison, perhaps? Just saying…


SEVERAL REAL FACTS: I know several NRA directors as personal friends for years and I know a few others personally! First, LaPierre needs no retirement plan from Col. North–he has a big one in place. Second AM has been the sour subject of many on the board for years and years who have wanted them gone for years and years–yet there they are! The NRA board cannot even learn what Wayne gets paid and they cannot penetrate many other financial aspects of the NRA leadership and operations. In the early 1990s some family members of some key NRA employees were… Read more »


Just came from the NRA convention,Were I seen GOA protestors hanging out with the anti-2 amendment crowd. your hard earned money GOA joke


so tell me…which organization supports the bump stock ban and the gun owner assassination orders(AKA red flag laws) ? that would be the NRA.

the NRA lost it’s way years ago. back when it apologized for calling jack-booted thugs what they were.

The Revelator

It is interesting to see, considering all the evidence and the amount of time that the warnings bells have been ringing for that the sheep have made their way to Ammoland in force. Individuals who have no credible argument, no concrete evidence to support their views, and yet they rush in bleating as loudly as possible their defense of Wayne Lapierre and the wrongs done by NRA leadership. They return to the same tactic they have relied on for years, hand fed to them by Wayne. It is this same tactic which also demonstrates them to be the castrated, brainless,… Read more »

Lee Enfield

One big problem with this letter…I’d rather listen to Noir a helluva lot more than Pincus.

I suggest Pincus better take better aim. and keep the focus on the real problem because it sure the hell ain’t Noir.

Snooper 1

Except Noir does not work for the NRA he works for and paid by Ackerman McQueen as with most personalities representing the NRA. Guess who is suing Ackerman McQueen — that’s right the NRA!

Old Law Prof

Rob has been fooled. This statement is both false and naive –“… Wayne LaPierre was honestly a naive pawn in the 90’s. … Ackerman McQueen has been the tail wagging the dog for the last 20 years many times.” I was on the NRA Board of Directors from 1991 to 2000. Even then, Wayne LaPierre was a puppet on AckMac”s string. It was already clear to those on the inside that Wayne had “outsourced” his thinking to Ad Men from Tulsa who had no understanding of or devotion to the RKBA. Wealth not principle became the goal for both partners… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OLP, The love of money is the root of all evil.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill

1st Timothy, nice.

Tom Tanner

This is a very unfortunate situation for the gun owners and shooters of America, who are all seen as “part of the NRA”. The NRA has a long history of defending gun ownership and other civil rights, but it has changed into more and more of an extremist political organization. I was a member for years, and attended several of their annual conventions, but the last one I went to seemed more like a political rally than a show about guns and shooting. It’s hard to tell what to believe here, but there are obviously internal problems that need to… Read more »


They have let us down to often. Taking millions from hard working people and living in lap of luxury. We were told here in Maryland that they had to pick there fights. So In return little to no support. They should know better then any, if any state fall it is a paved road for others to follow. But what do they care its just business to them! There are other pro second amendment organization that have honorable track records. Shame they steal from us then cry how they need more to stand and fight. I was a member for… Read more »


Hate to tell you but the NRA fully funded the Maryland AW ban case directly from their Civil Rights Defense Fund which is a 501C3. They WON the case at the 4th circuit and then lost upon an en banc ruling from the 4th. I dont disagree with the problems that have arisen due to the Ackerman McQueen relationship but the NRA is FAR more effective in litigation battles.


Naive? Hardly, let’s talk about his heafty salery and the golden parachute retirement. Scammed the members for decades!


I certainly agree we need the NRA BUT not in it’s current state. It is apparent that La Pierre is not cognizant of what he is doing, or he is just plain denying it. Either way he is just not right for the job. He and his cronies have changed the rules to make it impossible to get rid of them. It is past time for them to go and it appears that Col. North has tried to rid the organization of them but his attempt was not successful. It was reported today that he would not be returning as… Read more »

The Revelator

@tomcat That’s because absolute power corrupts absolutely. The problem the NRA faces is the same virus that has infected our government through a form of bureaucracy. Once it becomes self aware, and once it tastes power it does everything it can to keep going and survive. It attacks the host which is trying to heal the very thing that the life of that bureaucracy depends on, but the idea of losing power becomes more reprehensible than killing the host long term. The NRA is right on the brink, the point of no return. If Lapierre and company cannot be removed… Read more »


oliver north … did what he did in 80’s under the direction of bush sr the vp with Reagan knowledge but bush sr dreamed that deal up , illegal and unconstitutional … all bush sr jr jeb etc are one world new order globalist fascist promoting also commie and nazis esp under covert gun control which is people control. I was disgusted north was placed as president due to being a criminal and saying if you want an AR 15 like rifle then join the military …. a true fascist commie nazis is oliver north. from what I heard chris… Read more »

The Revelator


So you support the man feeding the dog Cox by hand. Wayne has been part and parcel to this from the start.

But then again dogs can be territorial, so its no surprise to see you growling at Cox for getting those “Cat Box Crunchies” from Wayne’s hand instead of yourself…..


First you are a troll. Second you could not find your backside with both hands since your head is so far up the tube along with several others here. Third you are not be trusted at all. Fourth you give no facts on anything just spout off like a puke bully on a playground along with some others on here. Fifth I stand by everthing I typed here. Sixth I was during obama and clinton years a Life member of GOA and SAF they did nothing but whine like a baby about the NRA. Same SAF CCRKBA AZCDL JPFO LIFE… Read more »

Rev Andrew

The NRA needed to lose some of their fights in order to raise money . A case in point is New Jersey. Gov Florio enacted the nations first assault weapon ban. In his bid to become governor, Florio was supporting gun rights as a Democrat. This was in opposition to his party.The Republican candidate was supporting an assault weapon ban. Just before the election, the NRAs organization in New Jersey promised support for candidate Florio. Literally the next day the NRA made a public announcement that they would support only Republicans, regardless of their stance on assault weapons. This made… Read more »

Jeffy L

I’m not sure what to believe with all this. It seemed to me at first that it was a bunch of anti-2a people trying to stir shit up among NRA members. A lot of posters on this site are anti – NRA, not necessarily anti 2a. But the actual articles that ammoland publishes that are anti- NRA are just full of innuendo- no proof of anything, citing anonymous sources ( that came up to Pincus) at shot show. Dude- that’s the same lame ass crap cnn pushes. Who came up to you at shot show Rob? Name names! Otherwise any… Read more »


Unfortunately, everything said about La-Pierre’s plundering, corruption and despicable duplicity with Ackerman-McQueen is all too true. What’s not clear in Pincus’s article is that this state of affairs is not new; it predates to the 1980’s & 90’s. That too cozy of a relationship was the source of friction between Lapierre and Neal Knox who wanted to put an end to it, which finally came to a head in the 1997 NRA annual election. Knox ran and lost the election of 1st Vice President to Charlton Heston, who was himself party to an elaborate ‘stooge hall show’ to defeat Knox… Read more »

Paul Valone

“… at some point, Wayne must have known that he made a mistake and that the relationship he allowed was detrimental to the NRA and our cause.”

Would that have been before or after Lapierre started collecting $1+ million annual salaries, currently $1.4 million with a contract to continue collecting that sum as a contractor even after he leaves the organization.

RL Rork

This coming from Rob Pincus is a joke. He is desperate to be seen once again as someone of signifigance in the shooting community. His time has come and gone and he has desperatly resorted to begging for donors to his PDN network, and appearing at little rinky dink events to get attention from anyone who will listen. Destroying the NRA will destroy the second amendment. The GOA is to weak and small to fight the fight we are up against by democrats today. If anything, join the NRA and VOTE in the damn elections. I’d bet no more than… Read more »


While being no big fan of the NRA leadership (which I think needs a complete overhaul), the organization wields a lot of power in DC and has its place there. However I have hedged my bets and joined the GOA and the SAF and would urge all to do the same. Seek out state gun rights organizations and support them as well. We may not have the Soros/Bloomberg kind of money but you can make the crowd seem larger by raising your voices.


LaPierre is corrupt, not the vendors. And for over a million bucks per year in base salary, it’s long past time to push the reset button.

Dubi Loo

Having just watched the annual meeting, all I can say is what a shit show! I am twice as disappointed as I was before the meeting. WL said he is proud to be our mouthpiece as long as he has the confidence of the membership. Well WL, you do NOT have the confidence of this life member. The annual meeting was more about an orchestrated cover-up than it was about tackling the serious issues facing our organization. I guess the NRA leadership has not learned from history; it’s the cover-up that makes everything worse. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. This… Read more »


NRA Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierre …. called the truth in in early 90’s … federal agents are boot jack thugs. He is the only one that has ever stood up to the feds and called an spade a spade. I support Wayne La Pierre 110%. Sorry worthless Chris Cox ILA should have never been hired, he was run out of several states when he started with the NRA, he never should have been made head of the ILA. Chris Cox should be fired NOW ! President Donald J Trump would not be President of the United States of… Read more »

Anthony Kueber

A short time ago I was contributing monthly to a military veterans assistance charity. When that charity was found to be corrupt and that the executives of the charity were using contributions meant to assist veterans as their own personal “slush fund” I stopped all contributions and found another, better charity; one that is above reproach, to send my monthly contributions to. In the case of the defense of the Second Amendment I’m doing the same. I will not renew my NRA membership and I’ve stopped all contributions to them. Gun Owners of America is now my other, better gun… Read more »


Oliver North RESIGNS from N.R.A

The Cluster- F&%K continues

Green Mtn. Boy

The Clusterflock created by Harlon Carter and Wayne La Pieere,La Pieere just took it to a whole new level.
The NRA elite needs to be gutted from top to bottom and return the NRA to it’s members.

Dubi Loo

I respect the Colonel for choosing to resign rather than be part of the corruption.

willy d

We do need the NRA but the upper crust has got to come to a fast end, it needs to be cleaned out, NOW, then maybe we can get them back on line to do what they promise Stand For The Second Amendment, and take on the Gun Grabbers instead of letting them getting a free ride as they have recently to pass the Red Flag Laws!!!! WL, Ackerman’s, and ON, should be the first, to be ousted, along with reviewing their retirerments clauses to cancel them out!!!!!!!


Charles “Sausages and Politics” comment is illustrative of why the NRA is burning down. A sporting organization whose primary focus was once shooting as a sport has in the last 30 years, under Pierre et al been corrupted by it’s political alliances; infecting the organization with a poisonous culture-war mindset and tying it to the most extreme elements of the far-right. It’s fortunes are now hostage to the unremittingly delusional message that a “tsunami” of political forces are trying to repeal the 2a; mass shooting denialism and crackpot conspiracy theories. No one believes the NRA anymore. It’s symbiotic relationship with… Read more »

Richard Ramseyer

Marvelously put. Accurate, concise, but unfortunately to logical and honest for the tin-foil hat crowd to swallow.


Wayne and Ackerman and anyone else involved in the misdirection of NRA funds should step down today or face prosecution for possible RICO violations and this all needs to be complete before 2020 campaigns really gear up. The leadership has betrayed the members they are proving themselves no better than the leftists they preach against.


We need to be very careful. We are moving into what promises to be a crucial election cycle. The future of our Republic is in peril with current field of left-wing candidates. If we are going to clean out the NRA do it now, don’t drag this out to be used in the 2020 election against us. You can be assured that whatever scandal erupts will be used in election campaigns to brand NRA, gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates has corrupt organizations and individuals. We need to be united as we will not then be defeated, but if this… Read more »

jeffrey l melton

Withholding funds from the NRA is akin to throwing the baby out with the bath-water. For all the good the NRA does representing everyday American’s gun rights and their educational programs and benefits, they are fat with the glut of bureaucracy. The NRA needs funds to continue fighting the good fight but voting members should remove those who are lining their pockets with cash rather than doing the job they were elected to do. Starving the NRA of funds would the advantage liberal gun grabbers need. That would be the end of the second amendment, banished to the history books… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

The question everyone has to ask himself, is it worth funding the NRA knowing that only very, very little of the money you give is actually being used in the fight. NRA is broke. The money you give to the NRA today will primarily be used to recover its debt, cover NRA employee pensions and retirement liabilities (e.g., LaPierre’s golden parachute), and cover lavish salaries. Please understand that Wayne LaPierre’s contract with the NRA is set up in a way that he will get over $1,000,000 salary for the rest of his life. That’s independent from his pension, where the… Read more »


If what you say is true about LaPierre collecting $1,000,000 per year “for the rest of his Life,” plus his pension. That alone is ample evidence the NRA does need to be defunded, and the sooner the better. And whoever was responsible (including LaPierre) for allowing such an arrangement to occur needs to be held legally and financially responsible. A clear indication of blatant corruption.


I have always thought Rob Pincus was too good to be true. And his self-serving request to switch loyalties to an organization in which he is part of the controlling group supports my belief. If he wants my money he should be working for nothing as a volunteer. It’s not as though he has no other source of income. I know that is a lot to ask but if our 2A rights, and the shooting and gun industry goes down the drain so does his career. I’m not sure I see much difference between the likes of LaPierre and the… Read more »

Down with Pinko Pincus

Rob “Pinko” Pincus is no friend of gun owners. He’s one of those back-stabbing, two-faced schmucks who makes big money off the firearms industry and gun owners while calling for “common sense” gun control measures. Check his Twitter feed and between the posts where he brags about himself or trashes the ability and equipment of his students, you might be able to find where he said that it’s better to voluntarily give up our rights to placate the grabbers than to let the grabbers choose which rights should be taken away. He’s one of the biggest disgraces in the gun… Read more »


NRA is still the most legitimate defender of firearms rights. We need to cut out the bad parts and leave the body intact, not slowly destroy it like cancer.

Greg K

Wayne is, and has always been “Feeble Minded.” He is easily manipulated and it was in the 90’s that this came to light. Back in the mid 90’s he was testifying in front of none other than, “two blasts, perv, self righteous Joe Biden. They went to break and when they came back, Biden interrupted the proceedings before they reconvened. Biden got very pointed and said to Wayne, “during break one of my peers overheard you say you were going to get that guy. Did you say that about me?” Wayne, being dumbfounded by the moment (this is where the… Read more »

John Jameson

I lost confidence in the NRA in the early 90’s when they built the then new HQ while crying poverty and how they needed more member renewals and contributions. I have renewed my membership to well beyond my lifetime. I have sent what money I could spare from my pension. I prefer to send my money to organizations like NGOA and others. Unlike the NRA, they don’t sit on their hands. They file suit against outrages bans on our rights.



Charlie Foxtrot

There is something called bylaws. Read them! The NRA bylaws have been changed by the NRA leadership with the approval of the clueless NRA membership to make firing anyone that Wayne LaPierre likes, including himself, close to impossible. It starts with the NRA Board of Directors having 76 members, most of them hand selected by LaPierre. For comparison, the AARP has 12 members in their Board of Directors and the average size of the board for such an organization is 9.


Amen! Have often said that they keep the board so large to keep it ineffective. Whenever they get a few activist board members, they merely shunt them aside until they can get rid of them.

Time to clean house, then downsize the board to 9-12 full time board members…and no celebs unless they can actually govern.


If you can’t vote with your vote, then vote with your wallet!

State and local organizations get the bulk if my 2A donations already.

Gas Block in WA

As long as LaPierre and North are in anyway involved with the NRA, they will not receive another dime from us.


JOIN THE FIGHT! tenth amendment foundation…and gun owners of America,


thats tenth amendment center not foundation


The BOD must clean house of WL and the Audit Committee who have failed the membership, bite the bullet, and get back to what made this organization a respected and feared protector of the 2nd Amendment.

Anything less and it will continue on its current path of endless court proceedings, and the continued erosion of membership confidence.

Dr. Strangelove

The NRA needs new leadership. They are the face of the gun rights advocates to the general public, and would be worth saving. However, like many large organizations, it has become a bureaucracy whose main interest is its own survival. I’m a life member, but my donations go to The Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America.

Paul A’Barge

All those ”literally laughing with joy” need to take a 2nd look in the mirror. If you help bring about the demise or the emasculation of the NRA you might as well behead yourself.
I will not be a part of it.

Wild Bill

@Paul A’B, we can have a strong and focused NRA, just without those that have turned the NRA into a “don’t rock the boat and interrupt my fat paycheck” organization.
LaPierre, Hammer, et. al. have had more than thirty years to get the GCA repealed, but have not even tried. They need the specter of the GCA, NFA, and potentially more Second Amendment diminishing legislation to keep us sending donations. The NRA has been subverted into a cash cow.


Playing right into the plans of the anti’s, the loss of the NRA would be the death of the 2nd , think before you jump on this bandwagon.


That’s exactly what worries me. Why now of all times? Election coming up, repeal of the second amendment is the primary plank of the democratic platform, pressures from all sides… Why now? Seems a little too perfect. I’m not defending Wayne, nor am I defending the aggressive, over-the-top fundraising tactics in the past few years. There is a lot of mess that needs to get fixed. Just why now?

Dave C

I agree. Not keeping and funding the NRA would be shooting ourselves in the foot. The problem lies in where the money is being spent, and who is spending it. It is definitely time to clean house. Let’s also get rid of the side business that are draining our resources and pointing away from what we are really about. We need ALL 2nd amendment groups to be strong and well managed if we are to have any chance at all.


The 2nd amendment is already gone, long gone, what we have left is gun privileges. And the NRA is famous for negotiating those away. We have a pro police state anti Constitution gun grabber in the white house, with a pro police state anti Constitution gun grabber as the attorney general. The fact that millions of so called pro gun people will ” jump on the bandwagon” and vote for and support a president like that is the death of the country,

Tim gatto

I WAS an NRA member forever seems like and remember days when gas / food / and other bills were very tight and I’d give up some of my things to pay my dues or give a little extra ! Then I started really noticing on my Saturday and Sunday shows where the top NRA club on VERY EXPENSIVE hunting safari week after week so I left and joined other organizations So if the NRA wants new members maybe they sho7ld stop all the lavish perks they give themselves and do what they originally did (PROTECT OUR RIGHTS)


N.R.A. needs to focus on its core mission , you know , the ” WINE CLUB ” selections….. LOL.
No Compromise G.O.A. , is the way forward.

Rick Rork

The GOA is to small to do us any good

Michael Maus

I remember being told that about the N. V. A.
And the King of England was told that too…..
Never think small is weakness!

Rocky Mountain

What’s that conflated cowboy wannabe going to do with his asset column now? Never saw the NRA fight for EVERYBODYS rights as stated in 2A. Don’t have to be a groupy to have a gun. Jews For Preservation of Firearms is by far the one that goes by 2A as 2A is written in plain English. All fake gun control is absolutely ILLEGAL. Every bit of it. Is why 2A is supreme law of the land like it clearly states. Until you stop picking and choosing who you think has rights and who does not and bickering over illegal permits… Read more »

Calvin Don Blumhorst

For all of you who are saying that we NEED to divest ourselves of NRA financial support, please remember the other side of the equation. Find an organization or organizations which you do find worthy of your support. Our opponents, the Democrat-Socialists, RINOs, Soros, Bloomberg, etc., campaigning against our Liberty and Freedom as embodied in the Second Amendment, will not cease their efforts just because some seek to tear down the NRA. They will only redouble their efforts to strip us of our God-given, Constitutionally codified Civil Rights. Their must NEVER be any doubts in the minds of would-be tyrants… Read more »


I haven’t been around long enough to have the right to speak of inherent NRA issues like many of you, so let me just add one observation: In many ways, NRA has become a benchmark in the shooting community. NRA certified instructors, NRA insured ranges, NRA sanctioned matches and courses. The amount of good the NRA has done would leave a huge hole in the the shooting community if “burned to the ground”. A hole that would take years to fill, and probably not come back to even a shadow of its past glory. For that reason, I believe we… Read more »


I separated myself from the NRA shortly after LaPierre took over, took only a short amount of time to see he was obviously a complete lunatic. When Obama was elected I hesitantly rejoined the NRA based on the dire situation for 2-A supporters. Wow, I could not believe what they were immediately doing – spamming my snail mail with advertisements and crap that had nothing to do with firearms or the 2nd amendment. The advertising was for everything from wine to penis performance! During that membership year the cost of design, printing and mailing all the advertising had to exceed… Read more »

David Bradford

“when I got to the end of the opinion published above and saw that a competitor was calling to withhold NRA dollars so they could have it, that felt a little dirty.” If you are referring to the statement “Defund the NRA… divert any NRA dues or donations directly to programs you support to other National or State Pro-2A Organizations. The Second Amendment Foundation is my first suggestion.” For starters, It is not NRA dollars, it is the money that the community of gun owners chooses to donate to organizations to fight for their constitutional rights. The Second Amendment Foundation… Read more »


Your points about NRA this and that, insurance, instructor certs, etc, are fine and dandy.. but they have usurped a level of monopoly in the industry that crushes any other attempts at presenting an equivalent. WHen NRA have instrutor certs, range qualifications, matches, that FORCES folks into their Pay to Play organisatio. I do not know of one organised range that will not demand NRA certs, standards, etc. Its not as if NRA are the only ones that know anything about firearms, training, etc. In order to teach ANYTHING at any organised range, one MUST have paid the high cost… Read more »


Unfortunately, no matter what has caused the rot to grow on an organisation/organism, by the time it gets this big it is time to cut the rot out anyway, to save the organism.


Pincus’ article reads like it was written by one of Bloomberg’s lackeys. The anti-2A crowd would like nothing more than for gun owners to defund the NRA. I’m all for focusing the mission and tactics of the NRA, but we should be doing that by working together to make the NRA stronger.

Green Mtn. Boy

Sometimes the truth hurts and this truth has been allowed to fester/grow to the proportion it is for over thirty years unabated. The BOD has a fiduciary duty to the organization that can no longer be swept under the rug in deference to La Pieere and his gang of miscreants. Now the board of Directors has one choice left after they demanded Lapieere’s resignation and he refused,fire him and his fellow miscreants,right the organization/return it to it’s members or be faced with the end of the NRA. I would rather see the NRA continue than die the death it’s facing… Read more »


…it appears, that A LOT of machinations have reared their ugly heads at NRA HQ….Methinks a LOT of fingers are in that pie….And this embarrassment, -just one of the larger power plays that trickled to the surface…

Me, I put my hard earned into G.O.A. and Judicial Watch first… what little more there might be goes to N.A.G.R. and F.A.I.R. to fight illegal aliens –which as you should know IS part of the “gun control” issue…

As Rodney King once said,…”can’t we all just get along”….


‎Sausages and Politics Helping my Dad to butcher hogs and make sausage was hard and nasty work, but the results were very enjoyable, and kept our financially challenged, very frugal, family well fed. The political process is nasty, byzantine, treacherous, and repulsive; … but unavoidable.  There are times when victory is essential … at any cost. Some defeats can be permanent and irrecoverably disastrous; even fatal to a nation. * * * * * Faced with a tsunami of anti-gun political pressure, in the aftermath of several high-profile mass murders, some very smart people recognized that if they did not… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Chuck, the champions are not championing anything anymore. A change of stagnated leadership could get the NRA back to being a championship Second Amendment Civil Rights organization.
The NRA could fund many law suits with the funds being paid to Wayne LaPiere, Marrion Hammer, et al, and their staffs.
Wayne has had thirty years plus to get the NFA and GCA repealed, but have not even tried.