First Shot In Liberals’ Campaign Against Montana’s Much Needed Preemption Fix


Missoula In State Crosshairs Over Local Gun Laws
First Shot In Liberals’ Campaign Against Montana’s Much Needed Preemption Fix

Montana – -( The Missoulian recently fired the first shot in the liberals’ campaign against LR-130 and its parent bills, HB 325 and HB 357 (and attempting to advise the Montana Supreme Court in the lawsuit Missoula v. Fox). The Missoulian says basically that the City of Missoula should be allowed to experiment with gun control. You may read the Missoulian editorial at the link.

I thought you might be interested in my response to this editorial. My response is now published here.

If you don’t have access to the Missoulian, here is my response:

Does the Missoulian support local First Amendment restrictions?
(198 words)

The Missoulian believes that the City of Missoula should be allowed to enact gun control ordinances notwithstanding the Montana and US constitution’s reservation of the right to keep and bear arms to individual people (Missoulian editorial, 5/16/19). The particular gun control ordinance the Missoulian supports under this “laboratory of democracy” theory requires that individuals seek and obtain prior government approval before they may legally transfer a firearm.

Given this Missoulian position, one supposes that the Missoulian would also support a Missoula ordinance requiring prior government approval before publishing an editorial or news story, despite the freedom of the press mentioned in our constitutions.

There are many good reasons for such an ordinance. Dangerous people and activities can be inflamed by irresponsible media. It could save lives, maybe even children’s lives, if a committee of the City Council had a week to ponder the content of an editorial or news story before granting or withholding permission for publication.

I would oppose such an ordinance as a violation of reserved constitutional right, but it appears that the Missoulian has tacitly agreed to step out onto that slippery slope with its poorly-considered support for local gun control.

Good luck with your First Amendment Missoulian.


Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. ~ Pastor Martin Niemoller

Montana Shooting Sports Association

About Montana Shooting Sports Association: MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

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Gun control just means that people who have no criminal record are okay. The conspiracy theorists are threatened with being frightened of their right to carry a big ? They must have been demeaned as a child and now they have to protect themselves from their feelings of not being masculine enough.Are they frightened for their masculinity? Remember, big guns equal little… I’m amazed at the desire to portray bigness. Poor guys.


Nothing like a little projection to start the day off with a good laugh. So what is it when a female likes guns, and shooting them? Even BIG guns? What are they trying to compensate for? In what world to big guns equal little whatever it is your whinging about? Big guns equal holes in whatever is being shot at. Little guns equal littler holes. Each have their purpose. Marksmanship can be learned with a twennyritooful, which is convenient, because three cents per BANG is a lot less dear than FIVE DOLLARS per hole for the really nice big ones..… Read more »

M Baird

Page; You obviously know nothing about firearms, or Constitutional guarantees. Neither the Federal Government nor States may deny citizens enumerated Rights. Government does not have Rights, only citizens possess Rights. Enumerated Rights are considered among those considered to be unalienable, (Rights endowed upon us by our creator). This government was created by people to protect our Liberty, not to take that which is above governments jurisdiction. We know we have the Right to Keep, and Bear Arms, because the Constitution says so, in very plain language. We know that we have the Right to keep and bear arms of military… Read more »

Get Out

Page, does your doctor know you’re out unsupervised. Also let them know you’ve had a word salad episode too.
A word salad is a “confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases”

Richard Cordell

Missoula, a liberal’s paradise in a conservative state. A professional brainwashing culture at the university and political correctness abounds throughout the city. Problem is… the rest of the state is against their propaganda and desires to make an attempt to set a precedence, trying to affect the whole state…. which it won’t. I refuse to allow Missoula to Missoulafornicate the whole state.

Chris Ward

Well im guessing its about time cival war II except this time its not a north or south thing.

Richard Lampe

The 2nd Amendment just spells out our God Given Rights to protect ourselves and our land and country and that WE The People are the Government in Reality. Criminals are going to Break Laws, it is what they do , but as Thomas Jefferson said “”The remedy for evil men is not the abrogation of the rights of law abiding citizens. The remedy for evil men is the gallows.” The Democrats have already shown they support Genocide by abortion where 50 Million babies have been Murdered under the Guise of women’s rights, which is a far cry from the number… Read more »

Linda Remmick

Why are Americans unable to stop the blame game. I was born in my beautiful state MT and proud Democratic by choice. This freedom has given me choices of being able to ride motorcycles, Even thou I’ m judged as a criminal. What are the numbers you compare woman’s right of abortion with gun violence? If abortion is such a problem for men, why don’t men have a vasectomy? That way you can leave our rights alone. I’ve been a gun owner, I’ve hunted and the icon of what a gun means, I also believe. I hope this will help… Read more »

Roy D.

I don’t know what Linda is smoking; but, it appears to be some premium bud. Smoke on Linda!

Wild Bill

D, Where do the Soros, Bloomersberg, and Clintoon propaganda machines find these people? Oh … I know a crib in Chicago.


Well said Richard!


Missoula is not unlike Austin, Texas; home of a major university and a bastion of liberal stupidity and lack of common sense and reason.


As a veteran Marine and a vet army soilder and oif I am disgusted with this country. The Democrats (domestic terrorists) are destroying this country. I bet if you asked most wwll vets if they would do it all over again knowing today what this country is becoming they would say no. Once the Constitution gets a little trimmed off, I don’t think the cutting will ever stop. Stick together my fellow vets and believers in the 2nd amendment.


Whenever they start with ” Those Liberals” Ya know its not gonna be worth the smartphone its Txt’d on !


Haven’t liberals ruined enough of the country? Get out of Montana liberals.

Captain cheesedick

Miriam has the grammer of a 6th grader, and we’re supposed to listen. What a joke.

Dave in Fairfax

And you don’t know how to spell. Might want to stop throwing stones. Or when to capitalize. What’s Bloomie pay for illiterates as opposed to literate trolls?

Yer mom

Jesus Christ Montana is as backwoods as it gets. Damb glad I don’t live anywhere near you. Ignorance is contagious and clearly it’s spreading like wildfire up there. Its the 21st century. Wake up, pick up a book and get some knowledge and put down your musket Davey Crockett. Civilization will never progress with mental midgets holding guns proclaiming their rights. But I’m sure you believe you’re just “making ‘merica great again” right. Pathetic.

Mr. Bill

Have fun with the feces, typhus, murder, and mayhem in your sophisticated region.


Move to the UK you sleezy liberal.


Good thing gun control worked out for the people of Venezuela. Maybe if you brushed up on your history you’d realize that democide is the end goal of disarming citizens.

Dave in Fairfax

What’s pathetic is two-handed sock puppets. Pick a screen name and stick to IT, singular.


Yer mom, you must have ment this blather to go to Jesus. He is a big wheel in our church,also, and most believe in him and his love for all of us. I’m not sure he would be receptive of your wording.


Perfect comment on a Liberal’s T shirt as seen in Missoula, “Restore Lake Missoula”.
The Missoulian should stay to report that news when it happens.

Laverne Conklin

Certainly no surprise coming from the “People’s Republic of Missoula”. The liberal agenda of Missoula is just one more reason for the 2nd addmendment.


I think it’s pretty gross for you, as an apparent journalist, to summarize the legislation that Missoula is trying to pass by saying “basically that the City of Missoula should be allowed to experiment with gun control”. This is a disturbing misrepresentation of the situation. If anything, the Missoula legislation would allow ALL cities in Montana to pass legislation on gun laws instead of it being restricted to state and federal levels. The aforementioned situation is a clear distinction that you fail to mention and, in my professional opinion, has the possibility of changing people’s minds on their support of… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

What “Professional Opinion” do you possess? I read both articles and don’t see anything “gross” or “disgusting” in this one. I do see see disinformation, but that is in your comment. You are advocating tyranny of the majority, through voting rights away, exactly as the Framers were certain would happen if we did not keep a republic rather than a democracy. The Rights in the BoR are not subject to the whims of an electorate, they are not up for modification or surrender.


You, my non-friend are either terribly uneducated, or a total idiot…why do you think a city should have more authority than a state, or our Country?? You, and all your bleeding heart fucks should move to California, let us put drilling machines along the border, and blow Commiefornia away from the USA…then you can fuck up as much as you wish…no electricity, as it’s brought in from somewhere else, rub elbows, or whatever your sick mind is thinking, with Hollywood’s elite….and leave the majority of Americans alone..

Misty Williams

Whatever else you might say, cities should not be permitted to limit the federal and state constitutional rights all American citizens have by virtue of being citizens. The federal Constitution that is the basis for our laws and system of government guarantees each citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. No City ordinance should be allowed to infringe upon that. However, the precedent is already present in States like New York and Illinois. It will be interesting to see if Montana state allows there same nonsense to go on there.


experimenting with gun control is PRECISELY what Missoula want to do, and they oughtn’t be allowed to do it> Will each of these cities that want to “be different” post large signs at all the entrances to their two spelling out how THEIR city is so speshul they “WE have our own laws here, and they are listed below so you can be amply informed BEFORE you enter our “Speshul Zone of Control”. Might need a spshul lane for folks to park in whilst they inform themselves of how they can innocently get themselves put in jail for ten years… Read more »

Cpl. Austin

As usual we get a typical knee jerk reaction any time the anti gun law propaganda is being thrown in our face. First of all any type of violence that occurs in a public place whether it’s from explosives, vehicle’s, knives, guns or any other source,. It needs to be addressed as a ” Public Safety Issue” not another ” Anti Gun Law Issue ” As soon as the responsibility of keeping our Public Places Safe is the priority, then and only then will we see a major decline in these type of acts of violence. Incorporating safe and secure… Read more »

Roy D.

You are displaying your ignorance by saying that places can be made secure. There is an old saying; “Where there is a will, there is a way.” As someone who spent 22 years working in a “secure place” I know what I am talking about. The best way to deter evil acts is to have swift, sure punishment. That’s something else that I have seen and ensured. I choose to not live in la-la land.


You would have free men be treated like prisoners and criminals everywhere and all the time. Sorry, I don’t buy it. READ more about that Parkland School shooting in Florida. The armed dirtbag walked right past a school resource officer, who saw him, knew he was who he is, AND that he was restricted from coming onto campus, saw his rifle bag, KNEW what it was and what was inside it, and said to his sorry self “Oh, that’s nice” and fell back asleep. So tell me… WHAT benefit accrued from the presence of armed, “trained”, school security guards at… Read more »

Miriam Harris

How dare you break our laws!!!! You move up here from your city lives not knowing anything about Montana and want to re-write our history so you can have your 15 minute fame what a joke. 3-7-77, 3-7-77, 3-7-77!!!!! I’m demanding that these people move out or we throw them in jail just like Henry Plummer and he’s gang before we hung them from stealing from the people of Montana!!!! If you come up here you best learn our history before you go and try to restrain us from our rights and freedom!!! I left for the Marine Corps to… Read more »

William Charles

First Semper Fi, next the majority of the people in Montana are all gun owners and as a matter of fact a study that was released about 5 years ago said that the average homeowner……repeat the average homeowner in Montana possesses 21 guns. And that is one of the major reasons that I moved from the People’s Repubic of Kalifornimexistan to Montana 8 years ago and don’t miss it, I’m never going back but I have a lot of friends who still are there working in law enforcement and with ICE and every single one of them as soon as… Read more »

Eldon E. Sims

That makes two of us…I moved here 18 years ago to rid myself of this BS


repeat. dhimmi-rats will do anything.

Daniel J Hargis

As a veteran Marine and a vet army soilder and oif I am disgusted with this country. The Democrats (domestic terrorists) are destroying this country. I bet if you asked most wwll vets if they would do it all over again knowing today what this country is becoming they would say no. Once the Constitution gets a little trimmed off, I don’t think the cutting will ever stop. Stick together my fellow vets and believers in the 2nd amendment.