Second Amendment Makes Clear: Americans Are Not Subservient To Government – Part Two

The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution is unique; no other nation on earth trusts its citizenry; thus, no other nation on earth, but the United States, will dare place trust in an armed citizenry.
Read Part One. and Part Three.

Vote Against Socialism
Democrats seek to reconfigure the Nation into a societal collective, a dictatorship of a kind; one that many on the Left euphemistically, slyly, and disingenuously, refer to as “Democratic Socialism”.

New York – -( No other Nation on Earth accepts the notion that its citizens—in many instances today, as in times past, more in the nature of “subjects of the realm” and less true citizens—have an inherent, independent right to keep and bear arms. But, the founders of our Nation conceived Americans as individuals who have their own personal needs and desires; their own individual hopes and dreams. The founders perceived each American to be a unique individual soul. They understood that each life is ordained and governed by the Divine Creator, not by the State. And they crafted a free Republic consistent with that belief.

Government exists to serve the American citizen. The American citizen does not exist to serve Government.

Americans, as individuals, are not an amorphous collective, to be shepherded and controlled with an iron fist. The founders recognized that a constitution for a new nation must be carefully crafted to uphold and respect the sanctity of the individual, lest the nation devolve into tyranny—the yoke of which the founders had fought hard to throw off, and which they certainly had no wish to impose anew on the fledgling Nation they sought to erect.

The principle of the sanctity and inviolability of the individual over that of the societal collective was, for the founders of a Free Republic, self-evident, true. That salient principle is reflected in and manifested in the Nation’s Bill of Rights. No other Nation on this Earth has a Bill of Rights like ours–a Bill of Rights that makes clear that the Government of this Nation is subordinate to and subservient to the will of the American people; always and forever. In the event those who wield power in Government happen to think otherwise, or happen to forget this salient fact, the Second Amendment exists as an ever-present reminder to Government officials and legislators of that salient fact.

Capture - Eric Swalwell 1, YT, Late Show
Eric Swalwell incessantly, ferociously attacks the Second Amendment and acts as if he is seemingly oblivious to the import and purport of the Second Amendment, or perhaps, more likely, he is all too aware of it.

Yet, politicians such as New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA)–and others like those two, as well as those who work for the mainstream media, or who are employed in our system of education, and many, unfortunately, who serve as judges in our State or Federal Courts–who incessantly, ferociously attack the Second Amendment, act as if seemingly oblivious to the import and purport of the Second Amendment, or perhaps, more likely, they are all too aware of it. That would explain their single-minded obsession with it and heavy-handed efforts to defeat it.

These politicians, pundits, educators, and jurists intend, unabashedly, to upend the very integrity and structural foundation of our Nation. They do so by masking their policy objectives in the guise of promoting the public good. But, through that very argument—denigrating the Second Amendment to promote and protect the welfare of society—the deviousness and insidiousness of their objectives become readily apparent. They seek to reconfigure the Nation into a societal collective, a dictatorship of a kind; one that many on the Left euphemistically, slyly, and disingenuously, refer to as “Democratic Socialism”. An expression coined merely to mask a demonic vision that is the antithesis of anything the founders of this Nation had sought for the Nation but which the radical Left in this Country intends to thrust upon this Nation anyway.

Is it any wonder, then, that this radical Left would seek to destroy our Nation’s heritage and history, that it would demand the dismantling of our statues and monuments, and that it would dare reserve for itself the right to declare what constitutes acceptable speech and conduct and what does not, lest our descendants recognize the true extent of their loss, and thereupon rightfully begrudge those who had so unceremoniously stolen their birthright?

In the new America the radical Left in this Country conceives, there is no place for an armed citizenry. There is no protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. There is no room for individuals to speak their mind, freely and openly. Even the concept of personal property would rest on shaky ground as that concept is inconsistent with the precepts of socialism.

These so-called Democratic Socialists are proponents of Collectivism, not Individualism. They argue that the needs and well-being of Society as a Whole, the Collective, is more important than the needs, the desires, the will of the individual American citizen. As they are aware that the goals and aims of the Collective are often at odds with the goals and aims of the Individual, these Collectivists–these so-called Democratic Socialists–show no reluctance in constraining and restraining the needs and desires of the Individual. The founders of our free Republic would vehemently disagree with the goals, beliefs, and predilections of these Collectivists. They would be aghast.

The Bill of Rights stands as a testament to the founders’ belief in the sanctity and inviolability of the individual over that of the Collective; over that of the herd. It should come as no surprise, then, as we see these Collectivists, the Radical Left in this Country, criticizing the Bill of Rights, attempting to second-guess the framers’ reason for incorporating it into the Constitution, as a salient, critical part of it.

The precepts and principles of Collectivism are inconsistent with the very existence of our Bill of Rights, as a clear and categorical codification of fundamental, natural, and unalienable rights. So, the Bill of Rights is slowly being criticized, and portions, like the Second Amendment, in particular, reviled. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution is sacred to the radical Left. Every part of the Constitution is subject to criticism, change, withering, even abrogation.

The Collectivists are openly critical of the very idea that certain rights–indeed, that any right–is to be, or can rationally be deemed natural, fundamental, and unalienable. For them, all rights are created by and therefore bestowed on the citizenry by Government. And, what Government bestows on a person is solely within the prerogative of Government, according to the Collectivist belief system, to take away.

Thus, Collectivists relentlessly attack the notion of the right of the people to keep and bear arms. They are adamant in their refusal to accept the idea that the right of the people to keep and bear arms exists– or is even capable of existing–independent of Government authorization.

But, there is reason why Collectivists refuse to countenance the notion of the right of the people to keep and bear arms as fundamental, natural, and immutable, quite apart from their rejection of natural law. To the Collectivist, an armed citizenry is an inherent danger to Society. As the Collectivist theorizes, a safe and secure society is one under absolute Governmental control, one under constant supervision and surveillance. So Collectivists remonstrate not only against the existence of an armed citizenry but against the right of unconstrained freedom of speech and freedom of association. And, they attack the basic idea that the American citizen has an unalienable right to be secure in their person and possessions from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Collectivists place their sole faith and trust in Government, not in the citizenry. They presume that the citizen cannot be trusted. Contrariwise, the founders placed trust in and their faith in the individual, a sentient being endowed with an immortal soul, by a Divine, Loving Creator. For the founders, it is, then, Government that should not, and cannot be trusted. Thus, the founders designed and implemented a Constitution establishing a Government of limited power, authority, and reach; incorporating into the Constitution, a Bill of Rights, setting forth an expansive set of fundamental, natural, and immutable rights and liberties to be retained solely by the people, in the people themselves, beyond the power of Government to diminish or abrogate.

The Collectivists in this Country are, however, humbled and respectful not at all by the singular achievement of our Nation’s founders. These Collectivists are actively pursuing an agenda aimed at undoing the Constitutional Republic, grounded in a Constitution that has served the American people well for over two hundred years, and they are absolutely committed to seeing their bizarre vision for this Country come to fruition. We must make sure they don’t succeed.

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Our country is being attacked from within by our own that took Oaths of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution, but seemingly are openly supporting a Regime that will have unlimited power to do with us as they will. Freedom First ..Always vote Freedom First…..


The Oath is just a bunch of words they parrot to get into office, they mean nothing to them. I’ve taken “The Oath” three times in my life, I didn’t take them lightly.
The US Constitution and the oath are two of the most important things in the US , they both guarantee our freedom.


Every subjugated population in the 20th and 21st C was first disarmed – most recently Venezuela in 2012.
Anyone who wants to disarm the US Citizen either wants the same outcome for us, or is a perfect moron. What is there to say?

Linda redding

I have long felt deep in my soul that the founding fathers, in their wisdom, knew that any government could not be trusted. That is why our constitution has been drafted by individuals who understood this concept. I had a conversation with a clients neurologist. I complained that it would be nice to have a president who was presidential! He pondered a minute and then related that he grew up in Cuba. He said the government came around to all the houses and asked how many lived there and they were given rice and a few other food items and… Read more »

Anthony Aumiller

I couldn’t agree more with everything you said, they will continue to push Socialism over and over. I just pray that the people wise up before it’s to late. I think there will be a civil war if they try to go door to door to collect guns.

Mark Reynolds

The fact is the 2nd amendment is a shadow of what it was when the founders put it in. For instance, how many of you in this thread, and I did make the effort to see and couldn’t find any, realize that the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment were pretty much done away with in 1903 with the Dick act which was penned by a real dick. Those 13 words may be the MOST IMPORTANT 13 words in the whole constitution…and they have been tossed in the trash bin of history. Without the MILITIAS how do we stand… Read more »

Arizona Don

Every dictator has always represented his desire to get rid of the guns as an effort to make all the citizens more safe. Sadly that has never been the result of gun confiscation(s) anywhere in the world. But for some reason it seems to keep working to convince people government is right. Once the guns were confiscated in the twentieth century the governments of dictatorships became the mass murderers. Now that was real mass murderers. Millions were marched to open pits and shot execution style. This happened in dozens of countries throughout Europe and Asia. At least one hundred seventy… Read more »


govt. gun control only works when the majority of the people let it . say in california for instance!

Scott Williams

Great article, except, the US is NOT the only country who believes in an armed citizenry. Switzerland depends almost entirely on citizen militia.


Been there lately ?


Swallwell = the very definition of “sleeping with the enemy.” Low life who deserves a major Karma kick in the teeth.

Roland T. Gunner

I woulda said in the “giblets”, but yeah.


I believe it was Hamilton who was against the 2nd amendment. His reason though was very sound. He stated that the only rights the Government shall have are those specifically mentioned in the Constitution. The right for the Government to control arms was not in the Constitution so they did not have that right to regulate them. Our forefathers wanted that exact statement to be crystal clear so they insisted on the 2nd amendment to which Hamilton gave in to. I do not see how the matter could be made more clear than by just reading the discussions (Federalist papers)… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

It’s worth reading the Anti-Federalist Papers as well, and comparing the alternative arguments. Then take a look at how they felt about political parties.


The various governments have no rights under our system of government, The People have the rights. The State governments have powers. The Federal Governments has only those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution as having been delegated to it by the agreement of the States. Take a moment to read the other two “red headed step children” of The Bill of Rights: the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. Ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States… Read more »


“Collectivists,” socialists, and Leftists advocate changing this country from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Regime. By any definition (sane, rational, reasonable, legal, moral, ethical, or practical definition), they absolutely ARE “domestic enemies” of the US. Period. The exact enemies, in fact, that every military member/veteran, and every law enforcement agent, in America has sworn an oath – upon personal honor – to protect this country against. Despite the national mainstream media’s attempts to hide this situation, it is time for those domestic enemies to be punished. They can indeed be lawfully arrested, charged, and tried… if a prosecutor is… Read more »

Martin Zuniga

Leave the second amendment alone and go bother someone else. That’s all it is, people with nothing to do that wishes they had power to interrupt the lives of others by changing the constitution. These people think they can ban guns like the government banned drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin, crack, etc yet it’s still available at every corner in LA.


Perhaps someone out there would know how to start a movement. I propose a movement to become a law that requires anyone seeking a political office from State Attorney to State Governor on up to Senator, Congressman Etc; to be required to pass a proficiency test on our U.S Constitution. More important than that is also pass a proficiency test on our Bill of Rights and a proficiency test on the History of our Bill of Rights. History meaning why our Founding Fathers chose each amendment and why they chose those words for each Amendment.Then maybe, just maybe our elected… Read more »


Every office holder, both state and federal, takes an oath to the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately woo a few break it. That is grounds for impeachment and removal


or, quicker and more certain, charged with felony perjury for swearing their oath to uphold and defend the Constitutions of both their own state and the US, then failing to uphold that oath.

Felony indictment means no guns, conviction means no guns for a LONG time, no vote, no holding public office, and often no freedom to travel about as they please, and great difficulty in finding employment once they no longer work for the People they despise and abuse.



Ashley Haadt

Great idea, then they could publish a position paper on it to frame debates . Comfort has become more important than liberty. Selling America would bring a tidy sum, but then it would be gone.

Roland T. Gunner

Drooling Uncle Joe, or whomever has their hand shoved up him and controlls his strings, is selling America as I type this.

110% American

Eric Swalwell is a complete idiot! What I do not understand is why the states of New York and California think that they can dictate the way the rest of the country should operate. Both states have more than their share of problems and idiots running things.

William B Colello

The next time a out of control forest fire or a natural disaster hits California no one should lift a finger to help.let the whole state get undocumented people to save them.


I would agree, EXCEPT – – Most of the burned out areas are in the urban areas where most of the socialists do not live/occupy.


California needs your help not to be abandoned we too would like to take our state back


Then do it.

Ashley Haadt

When you load the generator and deep freeze in the truck and make the journey to pick up your kill from the butcher’s it makes you doff your hat and thank God. Cities fill with madmen and upcountry California is a good place. It’s probably that way in the whole nation.


the second amendment was initiated when america broke free of British rule and we were stealing lands from the indigenous people. we were given the opportunity to arm and defend against British soldiers who did not recognize American rule or laws.


The Constitution was adopted several years after the Revolutionary War. Learn history. It might improve your thinking


when I close my eyes I can picture mr swallwell I a ss uniform


Because their public education systems turn out generation after generation of communists. This is why they are in office in the first place.


No – that is only true when politicians take seriously that their job requires obeying the Constitution and not their biases, which no retribution from taxpaying citizens seems to teach them. We have two alternatives: vote the b*stards out, or take up armed insurrection and carry the b*stards out feet first. The privileged class does not take their role as public servants seriously, as Beto O’Rourke, with his threat “we have nukes” made clear when he threatened the people he was campaigning to “serve.” These people do not belong in public office, and the only way to stop that from… Read more »


Everyone needs to read this post and take note! Please understand that the rats who claim to represent the American government (located in Washington DC) have created presumptions in law about living Americans that have changed our political status and thus have removed every protection of the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment! That is a fact in law! You have not a single right, except to “reside” in one of the 50 “states” in the UNITED STATES, and that is according to the US Supreme Court! A US citizen is nothing but a SLAVE! Slaves have NO RIGHTS!… Read more »


I believe it to be very important to remember that if BIDEN/HARRIS is a winning ticket, we are guaranteed to lose our 2nd amendment rights.Assuming of course they keep control of congress. I also wanted to mention some very important hypocrisy practiced by the lying, leftist, demorat presidential ticket. Sen.Biden has come out and denounced violence in all its forms.Especially, according to him, in the ‘protests’ (riots) going on. At the same time his running mate, Kamala Harris, is publicly, through her accounts on Facebook and Twitter, raising tens of millions of dollars for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, MFF. This… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Save2A, They both talk, It means nothing. What matters are actions. Speaking of which. You don’t “lose” your 2a rights if they win. They don’t have any authority over your God given rights that pre-date all governments. They may have power, that is a different thing entirely. Evenso, you can only LOSE those rights if your consent to it. This world is full of choices, one of which is to die on your feet or live on your knees. You may have heard this somewhere before: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the… Read more »


Interesting, isn’t it, that that quote is only taught as; “give me liberty or give me death”?
“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”, is a whole lot better quote. IMO only, OFC!

Dave in Fairfax

Knute, I gotta sit down with you and a bottle some day. I was JUST explaining that whole quote and its context to today to my wife about 5 minutes ago. There was also a mentio of quiet desperation. She was all worked up by something she saw on Fox news and I pointed out that getting worked up only hurt her, and by extension me. she was furious that people would accept more and more encroachments as normal and acceptable. The conversation got around to acting when action is called for and in the meantime calmly waiting with the… Read more »


That IS the tough part. I’ve been calmly waiting for a couple of decades now, and I’m starting to get impatient…
But in the meantime, I do everything I can to wake people up to the dangers that they ignore. But calmly… It doesn’t take a majority to prevail, but just an irate tireless minority. That’s what I get out of that quote: prepare calmly and wait, while doing your best to set brushfires of freedom. And I think that’s what we’re doing…. 🙂


I’m wondering if he is a convicted felon. Or how many felons are in the House and Senate?

Jaime Powell

I see some comments from people who seem to think the constitution is safe from the actions of government. I would like to point out that all the rights recognized by the founders in that document have been eroded to varying degrees. Read your constitution and then the”Patriot” Act if you don’t believe it.


The government is subservient to the people? Tell that to the government. If you, as a citizen, insist on pursuing your rights under the plainly worded Second Amendment, the “government” WILL KILL YOU!!!


Maybe, but they may get tired of dying 1st.




don’t like:
.white stuff, stop using toilet paper
.guns, don’t own one
.Constitutional America, GTFO & stay out

James Br

WTH? Are you smoking!

William B Colello

You leave pussy.God,Guts and Guns built our freedoms

Paul Dowd

The good news is that you gun-nutjobs that fantasize all day long about going out to shoot down all the libs are actually all pussies suffering from a bad case of small penis syndrome. That’s why you are in love with your AR-15.


I have a penis. It has its uses. I do not pay an inordinate amount of attention to it, nor do I fret over it.

I do NOT have an AR 15. I find them ungainly, heavy not “handy”, short ranged, and low powered. They are also finicky and expensive for what they are.

Your point is……. what, precisely, now?

Roy D.

Thanks for saying that and may I add: If it ever comes to a point where I feel I need to have an AR-15, “there will be plenty of them laying around.”


Reading this old thread and to update, I now have an AR-15. Just so you know. And a lot of magazines and ammo to go with it.

Roland T. Gunner

Avtually, when configured properly, they are light, handy, and have the best ergos of any platform yet designed. They are also extremely reliable, and actually rediculously inexpensive. I used to buy lower receivers several at a time, and the last batch of ’15’s I built, I had about $250 ea into them. Then I built a .7.62 AR-10 csrbine, from PSA parts; sbout $400. Currently, you can assemble a carbine for sbout $500. You want to coon-finger AR automatic rifle perfection? Go handle a Colt (clone) Model 605 or 607. Without all the modern crap bolted on to it.


I am not a guy or a gun nut. I am just an American. The problem is not the nuts. The problem is that when you begin to allow restriction, it doesn’t end. Once you begin to compromise they expect more. Automatic weapons might be a problem but what about semi automatic weapons? That represents 99% if what we carry. What would stop them from adding that extra word? Nothing. You don’t start something that you are unwilling to keep up. The majority of us own many guns but we’re not shooting up the place.

Roland T. Gunner

And automatic weapons are not a problem.


Ah, the old “firearms as a penis extension” idiocy. Disproven and clichë.

Get Out

Paul, have you spoken to your psychiatrist about your obsession concerning small penis syndrome which obviously continually preoccupies or intrudes in your own mind?

Mark Reynolds

I guess you haven’t seen my penis. Because your foolish statement is far from correct. But then again…my penis is small compared to the Barrett 82A1 that I own. LOL!

Roland T. Gunner

Actually, shit-weasel, I’m not in love with any of my 25 or so AR type rifles; my lust is a mag dump from my Thompson submachine gun. But you would not understand; being scared and all.

Ashley Haadt

Ummm… no TP? Yet another good reason I don’t want you touching my gun.


I have been made BAIT by drug task force for being autistic mistake the CIs brought here. I don’t know anyone, and everyone knows me. Since 2017 my name has been put on affidavits busting major cartels and clubs, I just found out recently from a very angry strange man. Nearly was a bloodbath friday. It’s getting worse and all the law has known they are soliciting for my murder and I haven’t done anything but tell CIs NO. i wouldnt obey her and so they made me pay. She played caseworker to get ALL of my ID and life… Read more »


It is our constitution, our patriotism, our belief in our way of life that has taken a rag-tag group of individuals with a burning desire to be free from tranical rule to the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth in a meer 200 years…..from hatd work and dying for a belief to unicorns and rainbows…from sweat and blood to a lifestyle that is envied by the entire world. Through that patriotism and love for our Contitution, we can see a future of continued success. Conversely, through erosion and subvert efforts to change our way of life, we will look… Read more »

Kenneth Pollard

My weapons of self defense and hunting will not be freely handed over. If you want my God given rights the ungodly will certainly have to earn them.

Zachary Shepard

Live in fear, brother! It’s much nicer over here where we’re not paranoid products of manipulation. Our guns are in the same place they’ve been for 37 years and not one person in politics is threatening to take mine. Are you in a different country than I live in? I’m in the USA? Anyway, I’m only suspicious of the group that keeps talking about my 2nd amendment being under threat. Since only Republicans ever talk about it, they are the suspect. Fear is irrational. When an idea depends on fear rather than evidence, you know it’s a hoax. Enjoy white… Read more »

Richard L

Really ? Zachary Shepard: I am in the USA? You do not seem to be sure where you do reside.

Mike Castle


Richard Giammona

The founder were smarter than the people of today.They didn’t want the government to be able to control the people ,that why the second amendment was written for owning guns and carry them so if some person or people try to change our current government to a dictatorship or socialist government.We as free people can defend are self’s against such take over. I am one of those who fight those who want to ruin the Constitution and the bill of rights. It is amazing how stupid and unethical those people are. I have been trying to tell people they better… Read more »

Zachary Shepard

The founders knew the militia they referenced respected warfare and firearms and had experience backing up their competency with firearm possession. No, I do not believe the founding fathers would support some untrained paranoid amendment obsessed/firearm inept but legally licensed possess.


Colonial private citizens took personal responsibility for maintaining “competence” with firearms. Although (just as today) they were societally expected to take such responsibility seriously, they were NOT legally required to undergo mandated amounts – or curricula – of formal training. In 250 years, that situation has remained unchanged… today, responsible and law-abiding citizens [and the incredibly-vast majority of legal firearms owners ARE] do indeed train and study in order to maintain/improve their skills. Individual citizens who misuse firearms are tried by their peers, EXACTLY like any/every accused criminal – if found guilty, they are appropriately punished… after the fact, and… Read more »


What “you believe” is your opinion and in no way is relevant in usurping the 2nd-Amendment to be raped by opinions of ner” do-wells….much as might wish to rule over individual God given unalienable Rights that are immutable = thanks for caring but a misdirected way.
Things are set up for reasons not seen from surfacy viewpoints…
This is why it’s “out of many ONE” = E PLURIBUS UNUM…


It is an American phenomena… not for “Progressive” minds to grasp in their shallow understanding of true “freedoms under Liberty” as Founded.
Unfortunately accidents, stupid people, fools + criminals will alwsys be with us.


Avail yourself of an interpretation the Second Amendment by semanticist, Roy Copperud, a retired professor of journalism at the University of Southern California and the author of American Usage and Style: The Consensus. Roy Copperud was a newspaper writer on major dailies for over three decades before embarking on a a distinguished 17-year career teaching journalism at USC. Since 1952, Copperud has been writing a column dealing with the professional aspects of journalism for Editor and Publisher, a weekly magazine focusing on the journalism field. He’s on the usage panel of the American Heritage Dictionary, and Merriam Webster’s Usage Dictionary… Read more »


today people rent trucks from Home Depot and crash them, deliberately, into crowds of innocents.

They have driving licenses else Home Depot would not entrust their equipment to them.

Your point is,,,,,. precisely what, again?

Matthew Gallmann

Eric Swalwell and Andrew Cuomo who should take away the Cu and put an H are nothing but INCOMPETENT Liberal SNOWFLAKES!!!! They are CRAZY if they think they can take away our Second Amendment rights. I’m an Army Veteran and Shooting has been my hobby since age 5.


Audit your government under the first or second amendment


We have Nazis in our Govt. They are the offspring of the Nazis from WWII.


I also was unable or unwilling to recognize how our representatives have been steadily made comiting a felony or even made a mistermener a tool to attack our 2nd amendment, but in these actions there has been a disappearing pool of potential peace officers, people who can diffuse and assess without having to resort to deadly force.there are many edges to there sword..I think the government needs to assess and resend these laws as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Zachary Shepard

I’d like to know why every gun owner isn’t subject to annual verification of responsible use and aptitude with their firearms. The militia as it existed at the creation of the 2nd were most assuredly competent with their firearms. Now any dipstick with a crooked eye can own one. I expect everyone to prove they can handle a weapon every 12-24 months and documentation of it. Why isn’t that the conversation? Oh, yeah, because it’s reasonable. My bad.


It is only “reasonable” if – IF – it is applied equally (and with equal force) to ALL human rights and civil rights.

Do you expect every journalist to annually “prove” professional levels of literacy, competence and honesty? Do you expect every church-goer to annually “prove” religious adherence to tenets of faith? Do you expect every petitioner to the government to “prove” a minimum personal literacy (and legitimacy of their Cause)?

Why do anti-gun cuckoo-clocks always cherry-pick the 2nd Amendment to treat differently than any other Right (especially the specifically Constitutionally-protected ones)? [Stupidity comes readily to mind, actually.]

Daniel Kauffman

Why shouldn’t you be subject to annual government certification with a quill pen and dictionary in order to maintain your first amendment skills and proficiency, Right? Hell these days any dipshit with a crooked eye can express himself poorly and sound like an idiot.


He sounds Aussie…wonder what New Zealanders now think- not having a 2nd-Amendment to stand behind- now that the U.N. has taken over their firearms regs totally.


RIIIGHT = “prove to whom”-?
Some wingnut of your choice I suppose from the Far-Left deepstate = I think NOT-!
Just IF “WE the People” organized local militia’s in every county community with local armory’s + regular drills I’d go for that + only then by them = local…as it was when I grew up with rifle + shotgun teams in most every school + Rod + Gun Club.


Yes, all those farmers with one-shot muzzle loaders and muskets were so competent with their firearms. They were highly trained individuals, drilling constantly to preserve the new found country. Not. They were just ordinary citizens that had the right to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, just like we all do today. Who are you to say who can, and cannot, own a firearm? And frankly, giving citizens a drivers license and the “privilege” to drive a two ton vehicle, which kills more people annually than guns, and who are not tested on any regular cadence once licensed, is more… Read more »


Why not demand that citizens “show need” for gun ownership, register all firearms with the state, and require a yearly competency test (funded by ever escalating fees, of course) to eliminate those gun owners YOU think do not deserve to have the right to self defense?

Now force those same restrictions on the ownership of typewriters, computers, and internet access.

Once the right to keep and bear arms becomes a regulated privilege, freedom of speech will be similarly restricted. Am I illustrating absurdity by exaggerated absurdity? Hardly. The lessons of England, Canada, and Europe are being ignored .


You forget that militia, in the day of our founding, were “well regulated”. That does not mean they had a four hundred page rule and law book, policies, proceedures, what iffs, and you can’t and must. No, that meant they trained and drilled and worked together to become a well functioning ebtity that would be effective when the need arose. READ the record of the day the Brit General Gage launched his fourth “powder raid” on the people of Lexington and Concord. Those “stupid farmers with their squirrel guns” bested Gage’s men, the best trained and equipped military force on… Read more »

Ashley Haadt

“The militia as it existed at the creation of the 2nd were most assuredly competent with their firearms” How did they get that way? Good thing there was not a “dipstick with a crooked eye” back then or there would have been people telling them they had to prove competence before experience. I understand your fear and I can see why you might need someone to keep an eye on you. No man willingly commits a crime, he has a reason that makes him feel righteous or he wouldn’t do it – he’d think it a crime. It is the… Read more »


Yes keep pushing your vitriolic heinousness and lies. Disgusting damn article.


What lies? Perhaps you are one of those statist sheep to be herded. Molon Labe.

Zachary Shepard

Dude, this is a script that has been pushed specifically by the Republican party for decades. As one would expect, a sheep can recognize another sheep of any color. You’re literally buying in to a distributed and deliberate message aimed at bolstering a political party’s base. Do you actually believe a political party made up of career politicians are supporting you? Lol, they don’t vote for you. They only care about making sure you support them. You’re upside down in this game. Don’t worry, it’s same for the deaf blind Democrat loyalists too. Politicians can not survive if anything other… Read more »


What “you believe” is your opinion and in no way is relevant in usurping the 2nd-Amendment to be raped by opinions of ner” do-wells….much as might wish to rule over individual God given unalienable Rights that are immutable = thanks for caring but a misdirected way.
Things are set up for reasons not seen from surfacy viewpoints…
This is why it’s “out of many ONE” = E PLURIBUS UNUM…


No Zach its narrow minded arrogance that doesn’t get it” = like a broken record. Sorry to be abrupt but your take requires it… See WE do not care about DemocRats nor Republican’ts this is about American ideology being under attack in this regard since 1933 with appointed Agency usurpation of our Rights that were stated “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Tho yes Zach its the Jackassed D-Party of the Progressive movement to undo Americamism from its core stated purposes + values. Esp starting w/Woodrow (D)Congress foisting the illegal FedRes Act w/IRS on us to the FDR + his multitudinous unConstitutional… Read more »


The Second Amendment has been under incremental attack since the sullivan act was jammed down the throats of honest citizens of “Noo Yawk” by tammany hall politicians in an effort to make the activities of criminals somewhat safer.
The enactment of the national firearms act during the roosevelt administration was a huge attack on the rights of citizens, and the gradual erosion of those rights by “reasonable” socialists has continued.
Registration? This has been implemented by EVERY nascent dictatorship as a means to safeguard the “revolution” The most recent example is Venezuela.

Robert J. Lucas

“The Constitution is over 200 years old and societies change. It must change with society, like a living organism, or it will become brittle and break. But you would have to be an idiot to believe that.” Justice Antonin Scalia Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a free constitutional republic. In which the United States of… Read more »

Frank Rowe

Oh, but there has been blood shed a plenty. God bless all those who have served!

Frank Rowe

thank God, that there are enough of us to preserve all of what you have said. God bless America!

Rocky Mountain

Part 3; FEMA camps begin opening.

Darren Wilson

Without bloodshed?

Jamie Merez

Not counting on that!


Yes, I agree with you.

och will

If you’re STUPID enough to buy this false patriotism extremist story, you shouldn’t have a gun because you’re a danger to yourself..and a potential mass shooter. Period. And the day you take up arms against our duly elected government, is the day you get your ass handed to you . The last crowd that tried that ended up at Appomattox and completely destroyed. Again???? Still like white supremacy,acy ??? NO PROBLEM..

Richard L

You must be Swallows Well using your alias. You do not know of what you write, Dumb Ass.


hahahahahah….he’s got it reversed a-little- eh. It was the South that was the tyrannical oppresser’s that would not bend nor follow the directives the Founder’s put in play to end slavery within decades. Stalin called “och will” a useful idiot that drinks the coolaid under pretence of making a point. WE were the ones that wanted to do the right thing ending the forming of slave states as a “right” which the South’s massive plantation owners money forced on us[as well as 90% of unto Southern poor whites].. Now these parasites created the New Plantation Welfare-State[thru theft] to again enslave… Read more »

Alfred C Somerville Jr

Well, “och will”, it seems that another coward who refuses to use his real name is once again trotting out the tired old “race card” that worked so well for our racist, socialist, thankfully, EX- president. When reason fails,accuse your opposition of “racism”? Why not-it worked for Obama, and is still working for the mobs of leftist thugs roaming the streets and attacking patriotic Americans for the ” crime” of disagreeing with the afore- mentioned thugs and their neo- Nazi tactics.Please drop the empty bluster and provide FACTS to support your position(your name would be a nice touch……).

Charles Moore

Please do not refer to the Kenyan Queer as “President.” That appellation speaks to honor. The leader of the Arkansas Cartel and Serial Rapist and Liar in Chief does not deserve the title, either.

Dubi Loo

@och will: If you’re STUPID enough to buy this true patriot’s main-stream story, you shouldn’t have free speech because you’re a danger to yourself..and a potential mass shooter. Period.

Charles Moore

They DO all seem to have a leftist bent, don’t they??

Robert Schroeder

Yes, and as I am retired Army I have been labeled a ” potential terrorist”.

Mike Castle

Douchebag. Your 1st statement discreditts everything else you say.

Zachary Shepard

While all should feel free to have and to share their opinion, none should propagate misrepresentation of another. This is a delusional view that has been steered deliberately by opposition. Even more since about 2009. I know the people already bought in to this idea aren’t going to suddenly stop buying in to this paranoia that is product of manipulation. But, at least they can read this today and then 5 years from now, again in 10 years, then 20, and on and on while none of the falsely proposed agenda above actually happens. This is just modernized syntax of… Read more »

Alfred Somerville

The Second Amendment is not “doing just fine”. It is under constant attack by collectivist leftist head cases like Andrew Cuomo and the infamous “AOC” and her cabal of ignorant socialist spoiled brats in Congress. The only reason the Second Amendment is still functioning at all is the tireless determination of the NRA and other gun-rights organizations, and the fact that ” We The People” got fed up with the nonsense and elected a REAL leader in 2016. I only hope that we will do so again in 2020, which seems more and more likely given that the “leaders” of… Read more »


BINGO! You are absolutely correct in what you have said. At this point there is only one choice for President. That choice is D. J. Trump – – AGAIN!

Wild Bill

@Laddy, Z is so obviously and demonstrably wrong that one can only ask, who put him up to writing that tripe?


Wake up is the reply Zach… The myriad of unELECTED + unCONSTITUTIONAL beaucRat run so called federal Agenny overlords that now rule over us are the out of control “deepstate”. These oppressors who ascribe regulations they concoct as if they were law= bypassing legislation as does the Judiciary legislating illegally from the bench thru bypassing the Legislative Branch whom only can write Law as our legal representatives. Moreover the foreign run U.N. with its NWO mandate seen in Agenda’s 21 + 2030 along with Small Arms garbage + Killagy Agreement tyranny is part of this attempted usurping of our American… Read more »

Peter Glasser

Americans are not subservient to the government. Agreed. Americans are subject to the laws of the government and have mechanisms for changing those laws and the persons who constitute the government. That law is to be founded in or consistent with all – ALL – of the Constitution, not simply one Amendment. When you start with the idea that someone is and always will be your enemy, you will always think in ways of how to defeat them. It is impossible to create a better future with them, only consider the annihilation of one or the other of you. If… Read more »

Mike Castle



What are blabbering about? ” oh we’re not here to take your guns, freedom of speech, life liberty and pursuit of happiness” honest.We Democrats want to take care of you and make sure you have everything WE think you should or shouldn’t have.


RT Please read your third sentence, and if you don’t find a problem then you ARE the problem.


no :”deep state”? Then WHY/HOW is Julian Assange in prison? Second Article of Ammdnement is doing fine, along with the rest of the Constitutioin? Then WHY/HOW is it that a group of unelected unaccountable (to their REAL boss, WTP) decided out of thin air to make a firearm toy accessory into something it is not, by decree, then declare no one can have one, they who DO have them must surrender or destroy them with no compensation, or face felony criminal charges? Personally I’ve NO USE for a bump stock, so that’s not the issue. I DO have a serious… Read more »

James Sachtjen

No other nation allows it’s citizens to be armed. No other nation has more senseless gun deaths either.


Ever hear of Venezuela? How about Cambodia? Several countries with strict gun control have more violence and gun violence than America. Mexico, South American countries, the entire Middle East, Russia—the list goes on. Apparently you choose to believe propaganda spewed be the left and the media. Try thinking for yourself.


92% of those sebseless gun deaths are because the government, unable to trust the people who grant their permission to BE governed, have decided, against the will of the majority AND the written rule of law, that certain places be “free of guns”, thus Certified Defenseless Victim Zones.

I can name only TWO mass shootings (four or more deaths from gunfire not including the perpetrator) that were NOT in Certified Defenseless Victim Zones, either government mandated or made so by the decision of the private property owners/controllers.

How many can YOU name? Let’s see…… waiting………

Dave C

Either you didn’t do your homework, are not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, OR, YOU LIE LIKE A RUG! Which is it, Pinocchio? Go spread your manure in some other field.


To WHOM is this directed towards, sir??????

Kenneth Shelton

Well then if you don’t like it why don’t you go live in one of them Nations. Get out of ours you freaking liberal.


Can you provide proof of what you say? Or are you merely repeating the socialist talking points? Lets say I have power over you and what you think, do, eat and say. I think you wont like that. Bad things happen in this life. You and all the other socialists with your utopian ideas need to grow up. Conservatives see you as weak minded at best. Like a small child.

Mark Reynolds

Really? So those Czech republic guys on see on youtube shooting machine guns aren’t armed? Or any of the people in Iran? Or Finland? Or Canada…Or SWITZERLAND? I guess you live in a cave that has no outside communication.

Arizona Don

That is not true James. As a matter of fact the United States is number 111 in the world in per capita gun deaths. Number one in many years gone by has been little Honduras. They lead the world it seems in per capita gun deaths and guns are totally banned there! If it were not for cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and many other very large cities who protect criminals by becoming sanctuary cities and have very restrictive gun laws America would be number 211. In cities where guns are less restricted there are fewer gun crimes. That is… Read more »