Gun Control Is A Myth: The Second Amendment Stands Strong Or Not At All – Part 1

Is loss of the Second Amendment a price too high? For Democrats, it isn’t. Just ask them.
Read Part Two.

Democrat's War on Guns
The Second Amendment: The Cornerstone Of American Liberty

New York – -( “I know that the issue of gun control is hard. . . . I know it’s political. I know it’s controversial. I say to you, forget the extremists! It’s simple — no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer, and too many innocent people have died already! End this madness — now!” ~ Quotation from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State speech, delivered on January 10, 2013, five days before he signed the New York Safe Act into law, asserting his fervent hope that the New York gun control Act will produce the “toughest assault weapons ban in the nation.”

“Reinstating the federal assault weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 2004 would prohibit manufacture and sales, but it would not affect weapons already possessed. This would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.

Instead, we should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons. The ban would not apply to law enforcement agencies or shooting clubs.” ~Quotation from Op-Ed by Representative Eric Swalwell, Democrat-California, published in USA Today, on May 3, 2018; urging for a mandatory and universal ban on “assault weapons.”

Never in the history of this Nation have we, Americans, seen such blatant, such willful, such outrageous and confounding assaults on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution as we have seen during the first two decades of the 21st Century. This essential unalienable right—the right of the people to keep and bear arms, a statement at once succinct, categorical, and clear—serves as the linchpin and cornerstone of our free Republic.

The Second Amendment is an ever-present reminder that Government serves at the behest of the American people; not at its own pleasure for its own benefit; for its own aims.

The Second Amendment: The Cornerstone Of American Liberty

The Second Amendment serves a threefold purpose. One, it signals, and is meant to signal, to Government, that ultimate power and authority resides in the American people, not in Government; never in Government. Two, the Second Amendment operates as an omnipresent reminder to those who serve in Government—and who, either through deliberate design and chicanery or through mere reckless conduct, oppress the American citizenry and who seek to impose tyranny on the American people—that Americans have, by dint of force of arms, both the means and the moral obligation to reclaim power from usurpers. And, three, the Second Amendment encapsulates the immutable idea of the sanctity, autonomy, dignity, and inviolability of each American citizen.

What does this third salient point mean? Just this: it means each of us is ultimately responsible for his or her life, safety and well-being, and each of us is responsible for his or her own happiness.

The ownership and possession of firearms is a potent symbol of the value the founders of a free Republic placed on the worth of each American. This fact isn’t lost on the radical Left in this Country that seeks to divide Americans into specious groups comprising “victims” and “those who would enslave them.” It does this to play one group off against the other. It is a game the radical Left invented. It is called, “identity politics.” But, why is the radical Left employing this, and who is really behind the radical Left’s efforts?

Consider: There exist individuals in the world, today, who have amassed vast wealth. That wealth is concentrated in but a few hands. These individuals also wield immense power; and they exert that influence in business, in our institutions of government, in our institution of education and in the massive media sector. They perceive the U.S. Constitution to be inimical to their goal—the goal of a one world government, grounded in one uniform political, financial, social, cultural, educational, and legal system of governance. They see the United States, a Nation of great military might, as one with great potential for them—one that can serve them well. But there is a catch. The U.S. Constitution does not permit subordination of the United States to any other Nation, group of Nations, or interest groups. That presents a problem for them. They see the mass of humanity as an inchoate, mindless, dangerous elemental force of nature; less governed by reason; and more by instinct. They see this unruly elemental force of nature as one requiring constant control, guidance, supervision and structure: top to bottom rule. That portends absolute subjugation of a free people, and an open invitation to tyranny.

These secretive, powerful, ruthless overseers that seek to control the lives, actions, and thoughts of Americans will not, cannot abide an American citizenry that has, as a matter of right, access to firearms. So, they denigrate the Second Amendment. They have determined that Americans must be reeducated; they must learn to view gun ownership and possession as a vestige of an earlier time, an earlier age, no longer necessary or acceptable in a modern “civilized” age of globalization and neoliberalism, over which they, alone, seek to rule, and to rule with an iron fist.

The arguments against firearms ownership and possession are delivered endlessly and vociferously to the public. The arguments are delivered through both a compliant Press and through accommodating politicians. That is how propaganda works; and it has, unfortunately, worked well on many Americans. But it is a long, tedious, drawn-out process. The overseers of a new transnational system of governance have patience, but their patience is growing thin, and they are adopting new, ever more egregious methods such as boycotts and direct legal actions against gun manufacturers. And, they are contriving new ways to attack NRA, and they are attempting to drive a wedge between NRA and its members—millions of Americans.

Through a miscarriage of justice, the Connecticut Supreme Court, in the recent case, Soto v. Bushmaster Firearms Int’l, LLC, 331 Conn. 53, 202 A.3d 262 (Conn. 2019), overturned the comprehensive well-reasoned decision of the lower Connecticut Superior Court. The State Supreme Court ruled that Party Plaintiffs— comprising survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the estates of those murdered by the lunatic, Adam Lanza, can proceed with their action against the gun manufacturer, even in the absence of privity between the gun manufacturer and plaintiffs. That Plaintiffs may proceed with their action against the gun manufacturer turns products liability law and the law of torts on its head. The decision of the Connecticut Supreme Court is also inconsistent with federal law. The case is an egregious example of Courts legislating from the Bench. Those jurists who detest the very existence of the Second Amendment, do not hesitate to use their judicial powers to subvert the Second Amendment.

If plaintiffs prevail in their lawsuit, gun manufacturers may very well go out of business. The Soto case poses a serious challenge to the Second Amendment. The case is likely to go up to the U.S. Supreme Court, whichever side prevails in it. If the high Court takes the case, the decision that is handed down will have the most serious impact on the import and purport of the Second Amendment since the seminal 2008 Heller case and the subsequent seminal 2010 McDonald case. The Arbalest Quarrel will, in a subsequent article, provide a comprehensive analysis of the Connecticut Supreme Court decision, given its singular importance and significance.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Apart from use of the courts to subvert the Second Amendment, anti-gun groups are waging war on the Second Amendment on the legislative front, both in Congress and in the States. The attack being waged against the right of the people to keep and bear arms in Congress and in the State Legislatures, on the one hand, and in the State and Federal Courts, on the other hand, constitutes two simultaneous avenues of direct assault on our sacred Second Amendment.

If a Democrat wins the White House in 2020, expect to see the Second Amendment attacked by the new Chief Executive, issuing a flurry of executive orders to curtail exercise of the fundamental right embodied in the Second Amendment. Obama attempted to do that. Hillary Clinton would have continued to do so had she prevailed in the 2016 election. And, a Democrat holding the Oval Office in 2020, will most certainly continue that effort. No doubt about it.

Candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination have made their strong antipathy toward the Second Amendment plain. In fact, at a recent CNN sponsored Town Hall event, as reported in Newsweek, Democratic Party candidate, Kamala Harris, stated, in no uncertain terms:

“Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action.”

Misuse of the Office of the U.S. President by the Democratic (Socialist) Party would constitute yet a third front against the Second Amendment; worse yet for the American people if Democrats secure majorities in both the House and Senate in 2020. This scourge of Democrats, and those who support them–those who rail vehemently, endlessly, sanctimoniously against our Nation, against our Nation’s unique history, against our rich cultural heritage, against our Judeo-Christian ethic, and against our sacrosanct and inviolate Constitution–must be thwarted. We stand to lose everything we hold most dear if we fail.

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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Mark Reynolds

The fact is the 2nd amendment is a shadow of what it was when the founders put it in. For instance, how many of you in this thread, and I did make the effort to see and couldn’t find any, realize that the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment were pretty much done away with in 1903 with the Dick act which was penned by a real dick. Those 13 words may be the MOST IMPORTANT 13 words in the whole constitution…and they have been tossed in the trash bin of history. Without the MILITIAS how do we stand… Read more »

Mark Koernke

The only thing that is going to fix this is small arms fire. Buy more ammo and food. Both are weapons.


The only one with guns will be criminals I got out of prison a year ago and inmates like gun control well gang members do

Alvin Johnson

Once again, law abiding citizens with functioning cause and effect genes have been misled, and misdirected into even thinking that guns are the issue. The issue is the communist/socialist/democrats without any cause, and effect genes, taking over the country. The first thing they have to do is get rid of anyone with functioning cause and effect genes. They will do this by using the useful idiot (stalins definition) to act as human shields, and lemmings, in pushing we the people towards the cliff!


Tyrant Cuomo said this: quote ” “no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer, and too many innocent people have died already!” You’ve obviously never hunted feral hog, or coyote. They run in packs, and are experts at teamwork. Few go after either alone, a small group. And everyone is armed with small calibre handy rifles.. and the AR is perfect for this. And yes, they use 30 round mags, and some even fifty rund drum mags. WHY? When a pack of 30 hogs decides you are lunch, you NEED more than… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

I have coyotes here in the pack all over the place and they run through the cow herd at about 30 mph. minimum speed. If you’re out there when they come through you can be lunch especially if you have a limp because they will go right after the wounded first. High cap mags help to stay alive. I have Timber Wolves, Bear and every other meat eating critter also plus a very high criminal element far out from any town so I’m totally self reliant. Nobody dictates to me how I defend my life especially this far out in… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Deep state monkeys from 8 Chan here to work the voodoo. Good luck boys. We’re on to you.

willy d

I don’t post much on Ammoland as almost every time I post something, I get this nice note about being Moderated before my post is printed, i now just read the other Posts. I have read their reasons that certain people get this and if they are true to the 1st Amendment why Moderate, these are only opinions!


Are they hoping to divide hunters who only own low capacity bolt and lever guns from other gun owners with the “hunters don’t need X” red herring? Or trying to seem somehow reasonable or willing compromise? Because the Constitution mentions nothing about hunting rights. It does imply that citizens should have no infringement to owning and keeping “weapons of war”. So when you get down to it, protecting hunting rights is far subordinate to gun rights generally. I guess more words makes more ways to distract people though.

Toss the red herrings back and fish the real issues.

paul dowd

Bill, the constitution doesn’t imply or state that citizens can own weapons of war. They can’t. We have public safety laws that ban weapons of war from public ownership. The 2nd A doesn’t grant any rights.


According to the leftist we do own “weapons of war” !!! The constitution(BILL OF RIGHTS) reiterates our RIGHTS given to us by our creator! Yes America Citizens do have the RIGHT to “weapons of war” If the leftist try to seize guns then the US will fall as a nation. The military will turn on the leftist. Because we gun owners comprise most of the military. As gun owners comprise the fourth largest army. If the military does turn on it’s own people just imagine the bloodshed of millions all in the name of safety! There are numerous Militias that… Read more »

Charles Moore

True, it does not “grant” rights, because it recognizes and protects rights that are God-given and INHERENTLY possessed by MANKIND by virtue of their existence and living soul. The Constitution DOES recognize the valid possession of “weapons of war” by the very mention of the (unorganized) citizen militia – “the people.” THE PEOPLE were required to provide and bring their own weapons which HAD TO BE suitable for militia (MILITARY) use. The Constitution and laws of the time didn’t allow for advancements in arms technology? Yes they did. It was expressly stated that they were to be military-type weapons of… Read more »


I do think you need to read some of the writings of the founding fathers. They had every intention for us to have weapons of war. As a matter of fact, they thought it was NECESSARY. The set up a system that was patterned after SWITZERLAND.


The 2nd A Gives us EVERY right we have.

Get Out

People, Gun Control is not a Myth and should be practiced at all times, if you don’t control your gun you won’t hit anything! So control those guns with B.R.A.S.S. Breath, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze..

Fred Lewis

You are right, gun control is not a myth, it’s a standard, current communist tactic, (subunit of gun confiscation) employed by the communist democ rats, and other useful idiots with no cause and effect genes, on a daily basis. You should have broken the communist term down into law abiding citizen components. Sight alignment, and trigger control. The only ultimate, effective way to deal with those without the cause and effect gene.

Dave Johnson

In Texas, it’s breath, relax, aim, slack, spit, squeeze! (BRASSS) Although the Marines shoulda used the word press instead of squeeze!


What’s with all this “law abiding citizen” crap? They mean to make us criminals without a crime being committed. I gave up that nomenclature a long time ago.


To Cuomo and all of the other diatribes, lead by example. Show all how brave you are. Walk the walk, since you talk the talk! Cancel the armed guards. Go about like you want all others to be, helpless into the big bad world. Too much? Well, have your guards not carry any weapons with magazines…. maybe black powder revolvers instead? You say no one needs these weapons. Prove it or STFU.

R L Diehl

“Assault rifles” are exactly what the 2nd Amendment protects! It aint about the right to keep and bear sporting equipment.

Mark Johnson

There is no such thing as an assault rifle, except in german ww2 history museums. There are rifles, and carbines, of the pump/bolt action/muzzleloading, or semi auto variety. The term “assault rifle” is just another term drummed up by the fake news useful idiots, and people who don’t pay attention to detail, who get suckered into using the communist democ rat misleading terms to further the communist democ rats gun confiscation program.

Tad Pole

Let’s INVESTIGATE Everybody That Bad Mouthed AG Barr At The Hearing. I Would Like To Know Those Individuals Have DIRTY Laundry.

Rocky Mountain

Yeah and let’s instigate all they deep state traitors from 8 Chan attempting to infiltrate our board today to quell our rebellion of free speech. They are bored on 8 chan barking each other up with their bullsheet so now they’re here for some action in between writing some new American Dad cartoons. Denny Crane/Q Psyop has time on its hands and no audience over there due to stupid agenda.


Any day of the week you can get a discussion started on the 2A and how the progressives are running over us to try and take our guns away. The main problem is that it is only lip service. You will not get your freedoms back by running your mouth and arguing. These government workers, all of them, are our employees. We pay every dollar of their salary and benefits, both are outlandishly high. Each and every one of us have a duty and a right to express our misuse of of the government we control. That is done by… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Did you guys notice all the deep state actors now attacking this site?
They hate patriots. We’re going to have so much fun.


While I agree with the breadth of this writing the fact remains that Obama may have ATTEMPTED to and Hillary surely WOULD have done, what Trump DID: -from the post- “Issuing a (sic) executive orders to curtail exercise of the fundamental right embodied in the Second Amendment. Whether or not bump stock are junkk or not is besides the point. The point is that a US president (republican none the less!) exercised executive power to further chip away at the rights of firearms owners. That action opens the gates and sets an example for any would be dems to come… Read more »


As much as I agree with the breadth of this writing, the fact remains that Obama may have ATTEMPTED to and Hillary surely WOULD have tried, to do what Trump actually DID: “Issuing a (sic) executive orders to curtail exercise of the fundamental right embodied in the Second Amendment.” Whether or not bump stocks are pieces of shit or not is besides the point. The point is that a US president (a republican none the less!) exercised excutive power to chip away further at firearm rights. That move opened the gate and has set an example now for any would… Read more »


I believe you are correct – the flood gates are now open – Kamala Harris says if she is elected, she will “give” Congress 100 days to pass more controlling laws on the law abiding or she too, like Trump did, will exercise some executive action or order. If the Supremes do not reverse these draconian controlling tactics, it’s gonna get ugly. Prosecutions of those who refuse to comply, yes those who legally engaged in commerce and purchased a product legal to sell, to buy and to possess, now deemed felons, jury nullification is last hope before all out rebellion… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

They won’t let this be settled peaceably so let’s not not be deluded to thinking there is that chance.


Delusional are those who believe there are no alternatives. The ballot box and jury nullification has proven effective in the past and peaceful.

Rocky Mountain

I’m all for the peaceful process but it has failed about 100 years ago and today because of our failure they demand conflict. Nancy says “prepare for violence”. Muslim Congress says white people must be obolished from USA. Go ahead to the jury box and see how far you get because so far you have gotten nowhere.


Occasionally, yes. The ballot box and jury nullification have OCCASIONALLY proven effective in the past… but that happenstance cannot be reliably resorted to at this time, in this changing society. “The good old days” are rapidly going away.


that Willie Ho Kamala Harris can NOT run for president. She is NOT quailfied. Neither of her parents were US Citizens at the time of her birth. Thus she is not a Natural Born CItizen. WHEN will someone with some clout call her on this? She needs to be taken down to proper size sooner rather than later. If that train gets much further down the hill the mob-excitement factor will sweep that issue aside. Then we’d havve the SECOND president ever, in the same century no less, who is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, has divided loyalties, and is… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Yeah, Barry fooled them too.
If Trump got every single vote in 2020 they will still steal the election. They are not going to let him in and it will be the flashpoint.

Paul Dowd

Why don’t you walk down to the local police station and turn her in for running for president? If you weren’t such a little chicken shit you’d take action yourself.


Not quite. Trump did NOT issue an executive order in this instance. He asked BATF to make it happen. HUGE difference. And BATF did NOT do their thing according to law, which is why it is being challenged. Yes, BATF are an Executive Branch agency, and thus ONLY able to eforce existing law. They have NO AUTHORITY to make law, that falls to COngress alone. Their new “rule” has the effect of law, until overturned, but it also violates the US Constitution’s prohibitions against ex post facto laws, and taking of property without due process and compensation. BATF need taken… Read more »

Alfred Somerville

The Democrat Socialist Party doesn’t need anyone to “open the gate” to illegal executive action. While I agree that our President made a mistake on bump stocks, it was small enough when weighed against all the good he has done in restoring America to her rightful place in the world. The economy is booming, the Paris “climate treaty” and the UN “small arms accord” are bad memories, and we have a President who is a proven friend of the Second Amendment and the rule of law under the Constitution. All true patriots must unite, as we did in 2016, to… Read more »

Charles Moore

If you read the “bumpstock ban,” it appears to be a sleight-of-hand move to fool the simple-minded lefties. The way it is worded appears to be designed to fail a challenge, due to the facts that originally cleared them for sale in the first place. A bumpstock explicitly operates via a “separate function (pull) of the trigger.”

Jeffery P

Anyone who believes the Second Amendment does not help protect us from tyranny need only look at Venezuela. First they came for the guns, then for everything else.

For those historically minded, simply read the Federalist Papers and other writings from America’s Founders. Read the great works of the Enlightenment and learn about Natural Rights.

For more recent history, observe how dictators and other totalitarian regimes make disarming the populace a top priority.

Timothy Votaw



Being a resident of upstate New York, the “Empire State”, no one up here pays much attention to our current emperor’s rants and his SAFE Act. Many are very ready when the time comes!!

Rocky Mountain

I’m with you and the time is coming. If we refuse to fight for our freedom we will have none. Talk is over, means nothing, action is coming. To hell with their Muslim New World Order. When you see their U.N. troops give them the lead. The clock is ticking.

Stu Johnson

Please do tell, can you please explain what does “Muslim” mean and what is your source of information.


Ready for what?


Based on Nadlers words today Re danger of Meuller report resides outside four corners of the report, AND, Nadler was requiring Barr to submit to a Constitutionally illegal forum thereby setting up Barr for Treason, We the people have the right to demand immediate detainment of ALL members in todays’ House Judiciary committee to be placed under arrest and tried for Treason solely for attempting to set up the AG to commit treason. At the same time we demand immediate expunging of the 1934 NFA. A requirement of every FCC licensed entity to provide 20% of EVERY broadcast hour to… Read more »

Mark R

Bob, while I agree with your post I wonder how are you going to do this? How are YOU going to demand and carry out arrests, detainment, trial (the treasonous actions of all politicians from both parties IS self-evident, impeachment and the remedy demanded in our Constitution? I sincerely ask because after watching the ever increasing destruction of our country and the blatantly obvious ignoring of the Constitution by those who swore an oath to protect the Constitution, I am at a loss as to how we bring these criminal, traitors to justice. Aside from an all out war (they… Read more »

Tracey Cooperider

You Sir, hit the nail on the proverbial proverbial head. That is why the 2A was put into place by the founding fathers. When the government becomes tyrannical, the Power must then be turned back to ‘We the People’!

Paul Dowd

Bob, bring all your guns, unloaded, to the local police department and surrender them. Then proceed to the local hospital and check yourself into the psychiatric ward. They’ll know what to do.


The only one with guns will be criminals I got out of prison a year ago and inmates like gun control well gang members do

Rocky Mountain

They will try to get the UN Peacekeepers on the ground in USA and it will be lots of fun. Stay sharp guys we’re gonna have us some fun.


Nope, that’s why Trump restarted the 1033 program. It’s your federal state and local law enforcement that always have and always will continue to violate each and every one of your rights. This foreign enemy/ u.n. thing is just a distraction.

Clark Kent

Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.


What about the “Well REGULATED Militia”. Why does this seem to be ignored

Walter Bailey

At the time of the Second Amendment’s ratification, state laws throughout the country made almost every able man required to serve in the organized militia of their state. This was a privately armed, part time, conscripted force commanded by state officers. It was meant to make a then feared and hated large standing army unnecessary.

Donald Frazell

You fat lazy fucs aint that. Scared puzzys. Militias were made state run so slavers could put down rebellions for freedom.
Patrick Henry very behind it.
Try reading non propaganda.

Clark Kent

Wow. You are living proof you just can’t fix stupid. No go back downstairs to your mommy’s basement and have her tuck you into bed.

Clark Kent

And I mean to say ‘no go’. In other words, GROW UP.

Sam Adams

So says one of the anti-second amendment activists. That light is ridiculously absurd on its face. The Minutemen in Lexington and Concord were hardly slavers, but they were part of a militia. No one here is going to believe you except of course the trolls. Obviously, you are one of those trolls. A civil war is coming and I promise you you will not survive it.

Rocky Mountain


Tracey Cooperider

Clear case of a broken Liberal, non-educating, educational system that we turned out in AMERICA. Don’t act as if every WHITE FAMILY had slaves to be concerned about. Slave numbers were very low at the time of the 2A. It wasn’t until the 2008, someone correct me if the date is off, that an individual had the right to carry on his person in public. No slaves, WTF??? A Mind is a terrible thing to waste. Read some books, listen to some people who have some knowledge. Gun Control in the Third Riech is a good book if you want… Read more »

Bill in ILL

I see you failed 6th grade English. Let me help you, A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State. . .This is what is known as a “supportive” clause. . . The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. . .This is what is known as the “substantive” clause. Get it now?

Charles Moore

Put in the most simple way to say it, “well regulated” means able to shoot well; skilled. The source for the words come from the sights being “regulated” (filed on/adjusted) at time of manufacture of the weapon so that the sight picture agrees with the strike of the bullet at a given range, such as 100 yards. A militia that can’t shoot well would not be of much use, now, would it?

Charles Moore

BTW, our Founder DESPISED a standing government army, so WHY would the words of the 2nd Amendment describe a military that would be under their control?? It did and does no such thing.

Jim Swiderski

The only time guns in private hands have been used against an overreaching federal government was in support of, not in opposition to tyranny. Freedom comes from a culture that respects law. Guns in private hands means lots of guns out there. Some maybe used in defense of liberty, some in support of private militias, and others for crime.


Yep, those opposed to tyranny had been disarmed already. Like Venezuela. Disarmed totally about 3 years ago. There was a reason the dictator did that don’t you know.


Just out of curiosity…..if the 2nd amendment shall not be infringed and EVERYONE has the right to protect themselves and their property, where do we stand on restoration of felons gun rights

Mr. Bill

The felons that want to carry do. What does making it legal change?

Mr Mann

Basic supply and demand. If you make the weapon illegal to sell the supply for illegal arms goes down as they source their supply from the legal market. It suddenly becomes highly expensive due to the demand being much higher than the supply. For example the price of a handgun in Australia since it was made illegal to own has risen to AU$15,000 (USD$10,000). What petty criminal has that kind of cash hanging about. Then all you have to worry about is organised crime and they aren’t that into breaking into homes to steal a TV. You also can’t use… Read more »


everything you said is inaccurate.

Timothy Votaw

One thing we better get is that felons, being criminals, will start to get desperate. Home invasions and break in’s will rise, as they seek to steal weapons. It may seem numerically insignificant, but not to the victims whose firearms are then used in the commission of crimes.

Witold Pilecki

My thought about felons is this: if they served their sentence and parole and commit no further crimes, I don’t have a problem with them being armed. The criminal is usually armed anyway, and a non-criminal is just that, a non-criminal.

I don’t see the logic as to why a libtard hoplophobe would be opposed to the restoration of a felon’s Second Amendment Rights, they want to restore their voting rights….what’s the difference?

Green Mtn. Boy

That was the way it stood prior to the NFA in 1934.


You’re a felon, all gone. No voting no guns, we catch you, you swing.


@J , I saw that movie. The rigid society with only one punishment. It didn’t work out well for the people or the oppressors like yourself.

Rocky Mountain

Check that. USSC currently is judging those cases on an individual basis which is good news because it shows there is progress. Non violent felons are scrutinized less and there is a case brought to clarify this issue since that recent case ruled everybody has the right to self defense so people are waiting for the clarification right now. My take on this is criminals don’t obey so why should anybody else obey fake gun control. MS13 is a prime example. Gun control is for suckers. Gun control = genocide. Flux the fed, they have zero authority to say who… Read more »


State level predessors to the Second Amendment included exceptions for criminals and included age ranges. It’s clear the exclusion of such from the 2A is deliberate. They shouldn’t be out if they’re still a threat.


Just putting an idea out there as a thought experiment… How about we give felons who have completed their sentences a reasonable opportunity to earn back their rights? I say rights in the plural because maybe we should tie voting to legal firearm ownership. For example, I’d have no problem filling out a 4473 to register to vote. If we trust you to vote, we trust you with an AR-15, or vice versa. If they value their rights, they’ll take the opportunity. If they neither cherish their rights nor indicate they will accept the responsibilities that accompany them, let’s not… Read more »


I am sure Comrade Sanders would totally restore all rights while giving convicted terrorists the right to vote. My idea is do what Kentucky just did. Give certain class of non-violent offenders who have paid their debt to society and are living the right life all rights back.

Rob @ark

Convicted felons in Arkansas can reinstate their forfieted rights through the pardons and parole board. If approved by them it is sent to the govoner for his approval or rejection.
Civics 101 taught in my hogh school said you losy All Rights ad a citizen when convicted of a felony!
Has that cjanged?


There are too many people classified as felons because they didn’t dot an “i” or cross a “t” on a government or state form (IRS), failed to comply with some bullshit rule called a “law” that shouldn’t be on the books at all, or inadvertently crossed an imaginary line established by some liberal crooked politician and did something that harmed no one (prostitute sting operations). Violent criminals shouldn’t even be alive (death penalty), but walk the streets daily. If a felon convicted of a blue-collar crime serves his entire sentence, not paroled or time off for good behavior, then he… Read more »

Dennis Coates

I can see a civil war soon if people keep trying to take away our rights. I have no problems taking out the communist piece of shi/// . All free citizens must keep this treasonous government in check

Sam Adams

There’s absolutely nothing to keep in check. It has to be completely overthrown. This government has usurped powers belonging to the people more than 125 years ago. The purpose will be to restore the constitutional republic of limited government, not to replace it. The only thing we will replace is the Tyranny we live under now. And you are correct, a civil war is most definitely coming.

Mark R

Yes, but how do we “capture” (arrest, detain etc) the corrupt politicians at the top who are promoting the continued destruction of this country? And what about the George $0r0$’s of the world and in this country who have all the money to pay (corrupt) the next “politician” who takes the place of the one we just hung?
What about all the liberal/democRAT/progressives who don’t agree with us? Do we jail them too? If they cannot see what is happening NOW, how do we convince them we are correct? Do they end up in FEMA camps?

Rocky Mountain

Sam Adams is exactly right. You nailed it down. Thank you.


I’ll accept $2M per firearm for surrendering my right to have them.

Rocky Mountain

There’s one in every crowd.

George Soria

People, keep thinking like this, and soon enough we will be back to the good old wild west. Stop spreading hate.

Clark Kent

Repeat over and over: DISAPPROVAL IS NOT HATE. Now grow up.

Heed the Call-up

George Soria, if you actually knew anything, you would know the “Wild West” wasn’t wild, and rates of crime and shootings were much higher in the “civilized” Eastern cities, much as it is today.

Rocky Mountain

1st Amendment deep state dude. 1st Amendment you hater of USA.
Go do your homework and get off our board. Read some constitution or something.

Charles Moore

The “Wild West” was not all that wild. A lot of exaggeration for exciting the buyers of the “Dime Novels.” Even the worst places, like Abilene, Kansas reported much lower numbers of murders and violent crime than most people these days imagine. Virtually everybody, including women, especially the “working” type carried weapons, often concealed.


I’ll accept an M4 for every AR-15 I turn in.

Rocky Mountain

Or an M-60.
With ammo………………

Kevin Cote

The sole purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to scare the crap out of government and keep them on the shortest chain possible. An armed people is a free people.
The government has little to do with gun control of the actual people. They can only regulate their subjects and employees. Neither group is us.
Citizens are subjects
You are not a citizen
You are a man or woman who employs the government
Get it straight.

Walter Bailey

That’s not at all accurate. In the 1790s, the standing militia itself was a government force, manned by universal conscription. Washington actually used 15,000 Militia from three states to PUT DOWN to Whiskey Rebellion.

Clark Kent

You ARE aware there is also the unorganized militia?

Kevin Cote

You went to government school Walter Bailey.
The purpose of the 2nd amendment and small local militias trained by professionals was to have a larger force available to protect the rights of the people and a mechanism to …” throw off such government…” than the foriegn contracted Municipal and Territorial government corporations, our employees.
I study , research and teach this. There is no arguement. You have been miscatagorized as a subject, chattel, a dead thing and a infant decedant. Go research it or go ask an attorney.


“In the 1790s, the standing militia itself was a government force, manned by universal conscription.”

Standing militia? Standing army, you mean. That is why the Founders wrote the Second Amendment , so the states would always be able to raise militias to oppose a standing army. An armed populace is a deterrent to federal aggression. Federalist 46 explains it.

Washington federalized militia from other states to use in the Whiskey Rebellion, they became federal troops. Fortunately they didn’t clash with the protestors.

Earnest Eakins

You are correct my Friend! I am a retired Soldier. My commissioning oath was to uphold and defend the constitution. I have done so and will do so in my homeland if necessary!!! The “whiskey rebellion” was about revenue, pre-IRS now they just raise taxes.

Rocky Mountain

Molon Labe


ALL ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional, regardless what some anti-American democrat ‘judge’ may say. The Constitution is the rules by which America exists. NO LAW may stand in contravention to the Constitution. NO law of congress, or any state, may stand if it is not in 100% harmony with the Constitution. No law may change, limit or negate the Constitution. ONLY a Constitutional Amendment can do that. April 19, 1775, the government forces came to take guns and ammo from the Americans in Concord, MA. The Americans shot the government agents. Why do you think the Second Amendment says “shall… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Yes correct, they bow, beg and gulp down that Koolaid, Demand protection and larger government whining about their rights instead of seizing them and needing free abortions. Entitled whiners can rot in hell bleating like sheep while walking into the fire out of their own ignorance for all I care. I ask for nothing and will surrender the same, nothing. Climate cult Nazi Muslim depopulators just shut down all Colorado’s energy for U.N. Agenda 21 and still sheep beaters are sitting on their ass whining while sending lil Johnny off to school to learn to be gay like the governor… Read more »

Stu Johnson

What happened to the first amendment??? Stop bashing free peoples religion!!
You make a lot of good gun owners look bad with some of that rant, think about it.

Rocky Mountain

Muslims openly threaten Americans lives and you support them. Are you one?
1st Amendment protects my speech that you find offensive because that’s what 1A is for.
It is my right to speak out against those who threaten me and my country.


Yeah, RM is nothing but hatred and stupidity. He should be ignored by anyone with a brain. He doesn’t help the 2A cause one bit.

Rocky Mountain

Is that Star Wars stuff the pedo network? I see those figurines in those musicians studios in California on you tube. Are you one of those?

Stu Johnson

Thank you and have a good night

Rocky Mountain

This religion of yours is in the news today exercising thier 1st Amendment proving my point. I’ll speak against Allah anytime I want Islam doesn’t apply to me I’m an American.

Woody Sadler

Thank You Sir for Your Thoughts And Understandable Explaination

Charles Haven

Above all else, the constitution gives power to the people and if the people choose to change something then they can. Right now we have the ability to vote on specific issues, not just choosing officials. That would be the ultimate democracy but most conservatives wouldn’t want that. If the citizens of a city want to ban guns all together then they should be able to but they can’t based on federal law. The government is still made up of American citizens, not some foreign entity here to destroy us. I’m not against guns just the people that don’t take… Read more »

Clark Kent

WRONG! INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS have NOTHING to do with democracy. Rights CAN NOT be voted away by a majority of citizens. Take a Civics 101 class.

Phil in TX

We do NOT live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional Republic. Our country is governed by the Constitution. In order to change anything, there is a procedure defined by the Constitution to make such change. It requires each state to ratify the change, which is called an Amendment. Three quarters of the states must ratify the Amendment in order for it to be added to the Constitution. So, the Constitution cannot be changed by a simple vote in your City’s next election. Go find a Civics book and start learning about our government before you stuff your mouth… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Please allow me to correct,
“Has invaded”
Thank you.


Hit the nail on the head I think most of us are ready to fight back just say when

Mike Nieschwitz

Well said..couldn’t agree more

Michael broadhead

Amen every country that has taken guns away their are dictators


Well said. Thank you. MOLON LABE


Excellent post!

Green Mtn. Boy

“I know it’s political. I know it’s controversial. I say to you, forget the extremists! It’s simple — no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer, and too many innocent people have died already! End this madness — now!” ~ Quotation from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State speech”

I know this is news to the self-esteemed Leftard, however the 2nd. isn’t about hunting deer is about tyrant control.

Galen Korf

The main problem is that only about ten percent of eligible voters actually vote so we are just giving up our rights a little bit at a time while the libtards brainwash each new generation!

Heed the Call-up

I have seen that before, that is exceedingly funny, one issue is that the Leftists that have been infiltrating this site recently will probably believe it as fact as not as satirical.


I bet the Venezuela people wish now they would have refused the confiscation of their firearms by the corrupt government. Ironically, even the anti-gun CNN recently stated when the Venezuela people gave up their guns, and only the military now have guns, and the military is controlled by a corrupt leader, the people are reduced to throwing rocks. Politicians fearful of an armed citizenry are up to no good. They attack law abiding gun owners purportedly to keep guns out of hands of criminals, which history shows is “designed” to be an absolute failure as crime continues resulting in more… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Okay, I decided that fake unconstitutional gun control equates to genicide and I REFUSE TO COMPLY.
Flux them!


These type assault weapons are NOT covered by the 2nd amendment. Look it up if you don’t believe me. But it’s the truth. Also how can we still be talking about this after Sandy Hook?!


You’re misinformed. The 2nd amendment does NOT state that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed unless you own an “assault weapon” (which is a made up term in case you didn’t know). Also if you think that the founding fathers didn’t know that guns would be able to fire more than one bullet without reloading then I would suggest doing some research. There were several types of firearms present during that time that fired more than one round.

Shotgun Willie

Even after it has been explained to you “connie” you are still pushing your anti 2nd amendment beliefs. It is my right to own any rifle that the Government may use to oppress me or mine. They’re plenty of country’s who’s ideals align with yours. Go live in one of them!!!!! You have proven you don’t deserve to live in this one. You cannot have my Rights!!!! Bye Felicia!!!!!!

Rocky Mountain

Slither back under your rock Connie. We’re not complying to your ignorance.

Richard L

Connie=just another Con-Artist.

Bill in ILL

Yes they are Connie, stop lying

Get Out

Wow, does your copy of the US Constitution and BOR read differently from mine? Could you post a link that your 2nd Amendment states except assault weapons (No such thing assault weapons BTW). We’ll wait!!!


News flash for ya, “connie”. Several points. For one thing, at the time of our War for Independance, there existed long guns (rifles) that could, and did, fire up to FORTY rounds of .69 calibre lead ball (the most common type of ammunition in the day) without reloading or stopping.. one ball for every pull of the trigger, it would reload and be ready for the next round in less than a second. This in contrast to the typical British Regular who required near two full minutes to reload and be ready to fire a second round. And they who… Read more »

Alfred Somerville

The Second Amendment was written to protect the people’s right to keep and bear arms roughly equivalent to those used by the military at the time. The mention of a “well-regulated miltia” was added because, at the time the Bill of Rights was written, local and state militias played a key part in the nation’s defense. The Left has consistently misrepresented the 2nd Amendment as limiting the right to bear arms to only those in the “militia”. The anti-gunners deliberately ignore the fact that, at that time, all adult males capable of bearing and using firearms were required to enroll… Read more »

Paul Dowd

2nd A does not grant any right. We do have the right to pass and enforce laws to control what weapons can be owned by citizens. After the 2020 elections semi-auto guns will, in all likelihood, be banned. You’ll have the opportunity to sell your semi-autos to the government. If you are a law abiding gun owner you’ll comply.


The language of the left.
The law of the land is the Constitution and our Bill of RIGHTS. The founders made the 2A clear enough so anyone could understand it.


Connie, please provide a proper citation to the clause in the Second Amendment, or any court decision, that references an exclusion for “assault weapons.” Betcha can’t! We’re waiting.

Gary H.

Connie, perhaps you should take a little bit of time and educate yourself by watching the Freedom of Information Act hearings held with employees, administrators, and school board officials of Sandy Hook elementary school if they are still available on Youtube. They are available by searching the F.O.I.A.’s requestor, Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper, who searched for the truth about what happened on 12-14-12 and the sworn testimony in the hearings speaks for itself…


Connie they are covered based in a Supreme Court decision: Caetano v. Massachusetts, 577 U.S. ___ (2016) – The Court ruled that the Second Amendment extends to all forms of bearable arms:
The Court has held that the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding, and that this Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States.[4]


These gun nuts are a good example of why we need tighter gun control laws. They seem to think they are going to engage in an armed conflict with our government. Any such conflict would be over quickly.


Armed conflict with our government?
The “government” OF, BY, and FOR “the people”.
The last time “the people” had enough of a tyrannical government was The Revolutionary War.
If you don’t like guns, you can be the drummer…

Charles Moore

For CORRECT (and friendly) information, see my reply to Paul Dowd above. Factual information is the most useful kind.

Too many problems and inconsistencies with Sandy Hook. Something doesn’t look or smell right if you look a little deeper.


Nobody died at Sandy Hook:

When you manually change the year to the correct year,(2013 to 2012, 3 times each address) you will get:

“Page not found The page you are trying to visit is not available”

These are data bases that cannot be tampered with/changed.
If they cannot be changed, then they must be hidden. They don’t fit the agenda.
Remember, all of the heads in the FBI/CIA were fired, and are under investigation for corruption by AG Barr.

Heads are going to roll, and the truth will be revealed.

Tracey Cooperider

Ok, I guess that the door is wide open for me. Do you commie mommies really want to hear about leftists Selling out your 2A gun owner’s Rights? Many, if not most of you on here are in Love with and have already drank much Koolaid from this one. You are all on here proclaiming to hate Liberal Politicians that want to take your guns, yet you BLINDLY throw your hard earned $$$ at this ELITE bunch of ‘BROTHERS at ARM’S’. So, I won’t keep you waiting from your Benedict Arnold any longer, you know the very organization as, none… Read more »

Rocky Mountain does not endorse gun control. My guns are Jewish.

och will

Gun safety laws work. responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. The profit motive of gun and ammo manufacturers result in their denying these basic concepts. Which should tell you all you need to know about the NRA and other guns everywhere organizations devoted top selling firearms and death.

Get Out

Hey Och, you may want to revise your claim who sells more guns in america! In fact I’ll bet some have purchased a new firearm in your honor whenever you post your anti-gun drivel.

Americans Have Bought Over 100 Million Guns During Obama’s Presidency.

Gun Sales Down After Obama Boom Years.

The Gun Industry Says It Has Grown 158% Since Obama Took Office.

och will

Ridiculous article loaded with disinformation and ignorance as well ast he standard far right extremism Ammo Land readers thrive on. Gun safety laws work. States with stricter gun safety laws have lower gun violence per capita rates than states with lax gun safety laws. Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. The NRA has fought against gun safety laws since the 1960’s when RFK, JFK and MLK were gunned down. Now, the NRA is nothing more than a front group for the gun industry. The NRA sells fear and fake patriotism and threats of armed insurrection to its gullible remaining members.… Read more »

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Finaly someone gets it guns everywhere, everyone with guns. We need to pass a national manatory gun ownership law to force every home to have at least two loaded guns. Glad to see we are making progress. Pokestickeye.

Fred Simpson

On the contrary, there should be a mandate that every home in the USA must have 2 AR-15’s, 1 AR-10, and 2 pistols, fully loaded.


Sort of like Switzerland for an example.


Why are you so afraid to call it gun CONTROL? Being labeled a far left extremist make you queasy?


Can’t you do better than just name-calling? Who does that help?
“States with stricter gun safety laws have lower gun violence per capita rates than states with lax gun safety laws.”
Chicago is a shining example of how well strict Gun laws work.


You are uninformed to say the least! Get a grip do some research .I would almost bet you have never been around firearms and I don’t think you should.


We’re not far right. We’re normal. Constitutionally normal. You are the one who is lost. You can’t control evil and violence by disarming the public and making them victims. The problem is that you’ve been duped by the Rousseau philosophy of the progressive Marxists that believe that the only thing that isn’t evil is the government. Which is why Marxism feels justified in exterminating millions of people. You wouldn’t know this, though. They stopped teaching history in school 30+ years ago.

Get Out

Och, were you ever issued an assault rifle with large capacity magazines in the Corps?

Charles Moore

SOMEday or night, when one of the sainted members of society from your side of the political spectrum come “knocking” on your door, you ARE going to wish that you possessed the one thing that put TEETH in your liberty AND THAT YOU HAD A CLUE AS TO HOW TO USE IT. The fact that you exist in such a state of relative liberty and safety is provided by the fact that so many of your neighbors and others DO possess them and, for now at least, the leftist angels have to roll the dice and GUESS who does and… Read more »


TO OCH WILL: I believe a Large BAT flew into your brain through your ear and took a LARGE BAT BOWEL MOVEMENT. Our PRECIOUS SECOND AMENDMENT was written into the Bill of RIGHTS so we could PROTECT OURSELVES FROM TYRANNY and LUNATIC SOCIALISTS who want the USA to become a failed state. They want open BORDERS and FREE EVERYTHING FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. REMEMBER: The first thing HITLER and STALIN did when they gained power was to STRIP THE PEOPLE OF THIER GUNS and render them HELPLESS so that when the SECRET POLICE came in the middle of the night to… Read more »