Leftists Urge Americans to Betray Their God-Given Right to Bear Arms – Part Three

The power of emotional rhetoric shamelessly exploited to undermine the Second Amendment.
Read Part Two or read Part Four

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Leftists Urge Americans to Betray Their God-Given Right to Bear Arms – Part Three

New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- People like New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo and Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), know full well the power of rhetoric. And, as they are well versed in it, they know how to use it. They know the power of persuasion. They know how to woo some members of the public—those susceptible to their vitriolic, superficial, and specious polemics. They have mastered well the art of rhetoric and they know well the power of fallacious argumentation.

Cuomo and Swalwell appeal unashamedly, unabashedly, and irresponsibly to raw emotion rather than to reason as they impose their personal abhorrence of guns onto an ill-informed public.

And, these sanctimonious fomenters of public guilt, don’t stop there. Cuomo and Swalwell attempt to foster a sense of collective guilt in gun owners as a class; simultaneously, and deliberately, rousing rage in the antigun mob against guns and gun owners. Cuomo and Swalwell strongly suggest that gun owners bear a measure of responsibility for every horrific act of gun violence that occurs. And that, too, is in vein with their vision for this Country–an enclave of Socialism. Socialism, as conceived today, embraces a broad economic, social, political, and cultural belief system predicated on the tenets of Collectivism.

The tenets of Collectivism do not cohere with the notion of a fundamental right of the American citizenry to keep and bear arms, independent of Government say-so. And, those who adhere to the tenets of Collectivism, such as Andrew Cuomo and Eric Swalwell, do not accept the Lockean view that there exists a set of fundamental, natural, and unalienable rights inherent in the people–rights that exist independent of and that therefore, in the purest sense, transcend all Government authority to prescribe, regulate, ignore, amend, or abrogate. One such fundamental, natural, unalienable, sacred right, intrinsic to and inviolate in each American citizen is the one codified in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution: the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Concomitant with their belief in the tenets of collectivism, as a product of economic and political Socialism, Cuomo and Swalwell attempt to create in the gun-owning public a sense of collective guilt, for having—as Cuomo and Swalwell see it—the temerity to dare exercise the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Cuomo and Swalwell create myths surrounding guns and gun ownership. They audaciously argue that it is the gun, itself, an inanimate object, rather than the sentient miscreant–the lunatic or the criminal–who bears moral responsibility for gun violence. Cuomo and Swalwell, and others like them, including the Press, seek, by extension, to assign and cast moral and legal blame, too, for gun violence to those who revere the Second Amendment–namely NRA, its members, and anyone else who seeks to preserve and strengthen the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Through their appeal to emotion, Andrew Cuomo, Eric Swalwell, and others like them, attempt to foment societal rage against both guns and the gun-owning public. These new modern-day witch-hunting moralists, seek to burn guns, and gun owners at the stake for having dared to revere, even adore the Bill of Rights that the framers lovingly bequeathed to the American people for the very purpose of securing for the American people, freedom and liberty, against tyranny.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Will the Second Amendment teeter and, ultimately, fall? Andrew Cuomo, Eric Swalwell, and Collectivists like them, would be ecstatic if that occurred and are doing everything in their power to see it happen.

But, it is tyranny that Cuomo and Swalwell want, and it is tyranny upon the American people that the American people will most certainly get, if Cuomo and Swalwell, and others like them, prove successful in foisting on the American people, a vision of the world at odds with the vision of the founders and one the founders sought to cement through the creation of a system of checks and balances in Government; and through incorporation into the Constitution–the blueprint for the new Nation they had conceived–a set of natural, fundamental, unalienable rights: codified in a document called the Bill of Rights.

But, if the Collectivists’ vision for this Nation takes root, Americans will see the realization of that vision decimate all that our founders created and that so many in our Nation had given their lives to preserve. As a dense thicket of weeds overtakes and squeezes out a carefully planted and tended garden, we will see all that our founders held dear smothered and blotted out.

The destroyers of our Nation–these callous, pretentious grand inquisitors, Andrew Cuomo and Eric Swalwell–will not hesitate to impose harsh punishment on each gun owner who fails to surrender their firearms to Governmental authority. And Americans would see this if the machinery of mass confiscation of guns that Cuomo and Swalwell, and that others like them, seek, were implemented.

And implementation of the Collectivists’ design for a new America—a new Collectivist world order—will be set in motion if these Democratic Socialists (as they apparently prefer to call themselves) ever gain the reins of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of Government.

The Power of Appealing to Emotion Over Reason

The ancient Greek philosophers—whom the founders of our free Republic clearly were certainly mindful of and clearly held in great esteem, and for whom our moral philosophy derives—referred to the fallacy of appealing to emotion as “argumentum ad misericordiam.”

The Greeks knew that rhetoric devoid of reason is dangerous because of its very power to persuade the unwary. We see constant use of this fallacy by unscrupulous politicians today. With a deceptive air, along with a curt smile, or grimace, these politicians deliberately mislead the public. They do this to encourage the public to accept, as good, and virtuous, and well-meaning, policy that is, in fact, pernicious; policy that is detrimental to Americans’ well-being, and to the well-being of the Nation.

Those Americans who are easily moved by emotion have shown themselves to be sensitive to and amenable to the efforts of Cuomo and Swalwell to rein in this presumed plague of guns in America. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them. If Andrew Cuomo and Eric Swalwell succeed—and with their comrades in the mainstream media to assist them in their endeavor–they may yet succeed, albeit not without an ensuing bloodbath. Of that Cuomo and Swalwell, and other antigun zealots would do well to consider.

Will the Collectivists win? Will the Second Amendment teeter and, ultimately, fall? Andrew Cuomo, Eric Swalwell, and other Collectivists like them, would be ecstatic when or if that happens; and they are doing everything in their power to see that it does happen. Those who hold the Bill of Rights most dear must see to it that it doesn’t.

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

For more information, visit: www.arbalestquarrel.com.

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Forget any thoughts of duking it out with the jackbooted thugs that come on confiscation raids to our homes. That will be the triggering event signaling we can FINALLY begin hunting these tyrannical SOBs as if they were trophy elk. No bounties will be awarded, of course. Just bragging rights. Question is do we keep the ears or the scalps.

Mark Reynolds

Let’s just say that by some wild stretch of the imagination they nullify the second amendment totally. As of now it’s been nullified pretty much all the way, but hey, they want the whole ball of wax. Well…bad news for them. The 2nd amendment isn’t what gives us our rights. The more people realize that the right to own WHATEVER YOU WANT for self defense is a NATURAL right given at birth. Thomas Jefferson, wrote what the PURPOSE of government was in the founding document. The one most people don’t even realize IS the founding document. He said we have… Read more »


@Mark…Shush, Mark ! Don’t give them any warning. We want it to be a big surprise. Like when they get dragged out of bed at 3am by the ankles, bumping their heads on the floor, and on every step going downstairs till they get slammed into their chair in front of their MILITARY TRIBUNAL. These TRAITOROUS POS think they are going to be backed up by UN troops or something, but we got surprises for them too. MOLON LABE, MO FO’s !!!!!


Andrew Cuomo …….. Watch the diversion of his lying eyes. Watch his expressions as he speaks. Listen to his voice as he lies. The art of behavioral interrogation of criminals gives one a very different view of the Cuomo’s in this world. I see him as a Maduro want to be! Albeit much worse.

Rocky Mountain

Stated in this article: “They audaciously argue that it is the gun, itself, an inanimate object, rather than the sentient miscreant–the lunatic or the criminal–who bears moral responsibility for gun violence.” “gun violence” is Koolaid. Guns are not violent. Is shooting a tin can violent? Violence is perpetrated by humans not inanimate objects and/or tools. Without the existence of humans violence could not exist. Oddly enough even pro gun forms promote anti gun Koolaid because the US Corporations Koolaid is just that strong of a brew. So is the semi truck that was driven by a Muslim going down I-70… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Hypocrites = gun grabbers = rubber gun squad.

To those criminals who seek to disarm America we say, YOU FIRST!
Lay down your arms if you’re so peaceful and lead by example. Show us the way.


Larry Griffith

Andrew Cuomo believes women should have access to abortion clinics so they can kill their children but doesn’t think women should have access to firearms so they can kill their attackers.


A little twisted, isn’t he. Cuomo, Swalwell and others like them want Socialism and disarmament, but only if they are the ones in power at the top and do not have to go by the laws of the lowly serfs.
Every one of the ones in government that want socialism also want to be the dictator in charge, and would not want socialism if they were only to be one of the masses.
They all have illusions of themselves being the dictator or what ever name you would call the one on top and in charge!


The Arbalest is simply making it clear that real and wannabe tyrants, especially their stooges and hordes of indoctrinated & information challenged proletarians…aka parasites & slaves…will always be among us.

Such unworthy, skull-f***ed , sub-human vermin diseased in spirit, heart and soul must be opposed vigorously and eternally if liberty is to flower and endure. That in a nutshell is the burden borne by all true Sons & Daughters of Liberty past, present and future.


Both of these politicians are nothing but punks. They were all mouth in school and still shoot their mouth off now.

Rocky Mountain

Here in Colorado even the die hard liberals of Boulder have refused to register their guns recently when the Boulder gov demanded they do so and they took to the streets in protest with guns and signs. Liberals there are now saying that when the gov says you don’t need an AR-15 you need an AR-15 AND they REFUSE TO COMPLY. Even transgenders there with guns now REFUSE TO COMPLY. US Corporations Koolaid of genocide by gun control is wearing off and it’s not just with conservatives. Us Corporation demands we obey Hitler’s gun control while refusing to secure our… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘Alphabet agencies’ hauling drugs into the USA ‘by the ton’? Any PROOF to back up your B.S. claims? Put up or shut up.


Hey, Superman, you are really dumb. The CIA, under Air America hauled Golden Triangle heroin into America during the Viet Nam War. I was in Viet Nam & Cambodia, I doubt you were.
The FBI and CIA have continued to bring drugs into the U.S. for years. During the Gay Rat Obama regime, drug mules and drug cartels were given passes so they could come in AND NOT BE SEARCHED. THAT was reported on EVERY news channel. You must have been doped up and missed it.
You are NOT Superman but, you are laughable.

Rocky Mountain

You’re famous for your drug/people smuggling Mr.G man.
Legendary in fact.


You really need more proof of this? What’s your explanation for it?

Rocky Mountain

See above post to get you started then do your own research I’m not your mommy. I don’t have time for your game because I’m not on the Gov payroll like you.


‘Super Duper Boy’ is a college freshman in his 42 year on his obummer free PELL grant living in his mommies basement. He’s been weened of his mamma’s tata and now enjoys gallons of free koolaid supplied by his professor georgie soros! His mommy is very proud of him! Just look at how edumacated he be by writing this here post all by him lonesome!!

rich z

Those , who want to take YOUR GUNS, have their own or body guards (or both) to protect them .I guess they want us to throw stones.Just look at VENEZUELA.

Tad Pole

Leftists Urge Americans to Betray Their God-Given Right to Bear Arms – Part Three

~ Part Four, SMILE, Wait for the Flash.

Rocky Mountain

And, “then there was light”.



The silent majority would come out in droves….especially ex military and law enforcement. The left has been poking the honey badger long enough…….I pray they get shut down before ever involving the UN/FEMA camp route. 2020 is going to be a very interesting year.


“Leftists Urge Americans to Betray Their God-Given Right to Bear Arms ” It’s not that they “URGE” Americans to Betray Their God-Given Right to Bear Arms – It’s that they DEMAND you SURRENDER your God-Given Right to Bear Arms – UNDER PENALTY OF FELONY PROSECUTION! It’s all in line with the Second Amendment, WHICH THEY VALUE, so they TELL YOU. 2A A State regulated militia, being necessary to the security of the Progressive State, the right of law enforcement officials, active and retired, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. All other citizens will comply with firearm and… Read more »

Mark Reynolds

FACT is that the military, national guard and “law enforcement” are about as much of the militia as the Red Coats where the came to Concord to get the MILITIAS weapons. Good luck to any of them if they start collecting because a lot of older guys are going to go hunting that day. So they better say good bye to mommy, daddy and the cousin they married because we are going to give them the same kind of welcome as the colonists did to King Georgies “law enforcement”. And there is no cure for the headache that will cause.

Mark Reynolds

There needs to be a way to EDIT these. Seriously, go with Discus.


I oppose extremist philosophy from both the right and left. That bring said, never surrender your rights or you will never get them back. Good article.

Roland T. Gunner

Well, the Left, anyway.

Get Out

The taxpayer provides anti-gunner Cuomo with armed security, yet wants to disarm law abiding citizens who don’t have their own armed security to follow them around.

Surrounded By Armed Guards NY Gov Cuomo Takes Part In Protest.
Being a member of the Executive Services Detail — an elite unit within the New York State Police — that guy most certainly had a firearm underneath his coat, right on his hip. Cuomo had brought a gun to an anti-gun demonstration.

Rocky Mountain

Yes, when they enforce laws upon citizens that seek to have them fleeced and murdered they need a gun. But if you placed laws on society that promoted it’s well being they would need none. See how tyranny works.

Rocky Mountains

You can always go read up on the Noahide laws and learn why you are headed to the FEMA camps and who it is that is sending you there before you so hastily surrender.

Rocky Mountain

Blood will flow in the streets of America whether you fight for your rights or surrender them. The choice is ours to make. You will not appease the gov either way. Only your death will satisfy their thirst. Do you prefer dying on your feet or on your knees?

Rocky Mountain

Demanding a right that is inalienable and can not be lost is a good lesson in futility.
Gun control = Nazi/Muslim NWO Globalist genocide.
Comply at your own risk!

Rocky Mountain

They don’t teach the Nazi, Muslim, USA connection in School and how Thomas Jefferson declared war on Muslims due to this sh-t for a reason so that they can continue repetitious history. Marines were formed to fight this war and that’s how they got the nick name “leathernecks” because they wore thick leather collars up over their necks when they went to slaughter the Muslims to help protect against having their heads cut off. In their anthem the part of “from the shores of Tripoli” came from this war with Muslims but your not taught this info as it would… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Being good bootlickers got you here and continuing to lick those boots of the Nazi/Muslim NWO will finish you off. Hitler teamed up with the Muslims last holocaust for the rise of the 3rd Reich and you can go look it up. It’s why there are pictures of Nazis on their little rug worshipping Allah on the internet. The globalist then passed the job on to the USA and now the same exact Nazis are again teamed up with Muslims to holocaust you during this current rise of the 4th Reich. While the Muslims are on social media laughing at… Read more »

Rob Driggs

Cuomo and Swalwell should hang themselves for committing treason ! This would help make America great again .

Martin Zuniga

CuHOMO and Swallower try to appeal to the uninformed but that’s only one state, a state where people mostly live on top of each other with urine and fecal matter running down the gutters. New York has bigger problems than guns.

Rocky Mountain

Only part of 2A that is going to fall is empty brass.

William Nash

Is Cuomo on drugs my guns dont kill it’s the ones they let come into the ports and across the boarders things I cant control but Cuomo can but they turn there heads to blame people like me .Cuomo do your job stop blaming the good guys . One thing I see everytime they get a big lots of guns in a bust never say where they were made something they dont want you to know .think

Clark Kent

‘Boarders’? As in those who rent rooms? FIND A DICTIONARY AND USE IT, PUTZ!

Heed the Call-up

Clark, yes, those that come across boarders are committing felonious assault. I believe even an idiot would understand that it was a typo. I know that my “smart” phone changes spellings as I hit enter, assuming I meant something else. Don’t ignorantly assume that someone also ignorantly made a grammatical error, “smart” phones do that all the time. Apparently they are as “smart” as you. They also can’t understand what the poster was actually writing.

Gene Ralno

They’re not winning anything. Most people wouldn’t miss them if they suddenly were abducted by aliens. Their impact is taxes are skyrocketing and people are leaving their respective states in droves. And both are teetering on bankruptcy. Healthy states are watching and smiling at such fools.

Green Mtn. Boy

If Andrew Commie Cuomo, Eric Swalowswell, and other Collectivists like them try to disarm “We The People” the active shooting part of the war will ensue. Soap box,Ballot box,Cartridge box


Carl Jung called it when he wrote that Collectivist dream of “depotentiated, interchangeable social units
who are easily manipulated” by the political party.

Doc Happy

Any wonder why most people view gun owners as unhinged nuts? “God given right?” Really?

And comments to this overwrought screed range from juvenile to crazy, with little in between that shows rational thought and mature persuasive argument.


Yes, really! I know that is difficult for the liberal mind, particularly the God part, but that is the way it is.


Wow… such an intellectually stimulating comment. Please do impart more of your superior worldy knowledge Doc. How can we help manifest your ingenious perspective into our lives and communities? Who needs God when we have the omniscient wisdom of Doc Happy, a true trailblazer here to lead us poor clingers into the utopia only Doc sees. Please do continue, what can we do so that your ego might be tickled to satisfaction? This is the part where you insert your “rational thought and mature persuasive argument”.

Dave in Fairfax

Doc, you might want to work on reading comprehension. Try re-reading that “Endowed by their Creator” part for starters.


No wonder why normal people view left wingers as self righteous sanctimonious busy bodies always telling other people what’s good for them.


Any wonder why leftist are referred to as insane and communist traitors…. Yes, it’s God given not government given. Every person has a right to defend themselves from evil people and evil government that would seek to abuse them or take their life. Only ignorant leftist can’t understand that simple concept.

Rocky Mountain

Oh they understand that once you’re disarmed they can have the gov murder us off easily like they do the infants. You’re either a good Nazi/Muslim NWO bootlicker or you are their enemy. Were the last of reality in America because those under us are totally brainwashed beyond saving. The gov Koolaid has wiped them entirely out. They are good bootlickers now though most are going to be genocided by the Nazi/Muslim NWO just the same but they will comply to the climate agenda to save the planet from their toxic carbon footprint. Patriot Act activated by Executive Order recently.… Read more »

Clark Kent

Where, exactly, are these alleged FEMA camps ‘ready for service’? In your (empty) head? Seek professional help.

Rocky Mountain

5 under construction right now in Texas and going to spread to other states. 20 Billion budget from the DOD trillion dollar budget Trump gave them.
At least I don’t think I’m Supermans alter ego pal.

Mark Baird

When we allow the Second to fall, the rest will fall as well. The First is already under attack by the socialists. The Fourth has been in trouble for a long while. If gun owners and conservative Christians could be bothered to vote, and maybe show up once in a while, this nation can be saved. If not, then we don’t have the government we deserve, we have the government we have allowed. Ask yourselves in the quiet of your homes, when no one but God is looking on….what have YOU done to preserve Liberty and the Republic. Do YOU… Read more »


When we allowed. FDR are already destroyed it and quickly followed it with property seizure and slavery.

Clark Kent

Slavery? Please detail those citizens in bondage in 2019. I’m waiting….

Rocky Mountain

Supermans alter ego is obviously the gov once again. We know that our names are incorporated on the stock market into companies that are capitalized on by the globalist slaver that when we die those companies in our name of all capitol letters produce a payout to the globalist in a sum that is based upon the capitol we have earned in our life time hence theft and slavery. This info is openly sourced on the internet and no longer a secret to those who are awake. You tube has some pretty good videos on this for those who can’t… Read more »


Great analysis Katz. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” (Joni Mitchell) If “Democratic” Socialism is given the power it needs to thrive, we can say goodbye to our rights and the “Experiment” called America.

Greg K

Hey Katz! Throw something controversial in this series, so instead of agreeing wholeheartedly, we can get into a heated debate and you will get paid!


Just read Harold Hutchinson’s pieces if that is what you want. Katz is lucid and intelligent. His point about the left needing to understand the bloodbath they are pursuing may be the one thing that will hold them in check.

Greg K

I don’t want that Progressive Shill Hutchinson to get paid, so I don’t comment on his tripe.


Thank you!


cu-homo(s) & swallows-well know where to put their bloviating

uncommon sense

Be sure to fill out your unconstitutional 4473 forms when you want to buy new items! Gotta get permission from government and participate in the registry!

Junk partisan hack article series.

Joyce Ferreira

Is it just me or God has given no one right ot bear no arms. As a matter of fact, by His teaching, we should never kill anyone in any circumstances. So many things wrong with this ‘article’, starting from the title… And the comments… Goshhh… What’s wrong with you people?!

Rocky Mountain

Eh, we believe we have the right to protect ourselves that it came from God through the gift of life that’s all. We don’t drink the black Islam Popes Koolaid of genocide because we remember his affiliations with the Nazis last genocide the same as this genocide. It was wrote somewhere that when the Antichrist rises he will say he is sent by God and we remember this kind of stuff and we remember how Hitler disarmed the Jews and many other cultures before he executed them in his Muslim/Nazi NWO. That’s all,,,, though I am only getting started I’m… Read more »


Do you think a person who committed crime should have a right to protect themselves with h a firearms?

Heed the Call-up

Zod, *everyone* has the right to self-defense, even those labeled as criminals and felons; it is an inalienable right. That right was taken from convicted felons in the 1930s under the guise of public safety. How many crimes have you read about where a prohibited person used a firearm in the commission of a crime? Did the fact that those persons were not “allowed” to obtain, possess, or use firearms prevent that? Obviously not. Also non-violent felons are “allowed” to petition the courts to have their rights restored. You need to learn about the topic on which you post. You… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Zod = ZOG.
Government, ZOG.
ZOG = gun grabber.


Do you think that the right to legitimate self-defense is somehow earned? That it can be forfeited? That it depends upon YOUR definition of righteous behavior? That it depends upon the seriousness of the crime? [Which crimes? Petty larceny, jaywalking, passing bad checks, speeding? Or burglary, murder, arson?]

Even criminals (ex-cons, who have “paid their debt to society”) have the same legal right to defend themselves and their families from unwarranted violent assault that every citizen possesses, as protected by the Constitution.


Firstly, the commandment “thou shall not kill” is not a correct translation. It is properly translated as “thou shall not murder.” Secondly, even Jesus told his disciples to arm themselves. You might ask why he would say such a thing, but the reason is simple. He told them to be armed so that they could defend themselves if and when they were attacked. The right to keep and bear arms is simply a proxy for the God given, natural right of self defense. If you think you don’t have the right to defend yourself, your freedom, and your property, then… Read more »

Kenneth Clark

Well said..


Hey, Joyce, tell me about YOUR military service.
I have TWO Honorable Discharges from defending the United States against communists like you.
It is always funny when you uneducated and cowardly communists try to use religion against Christians.
Because you are ignorant of the Teachings of the Lord, you cannot understand, nor would you every try.
Be sure to get your communist democrat ‘antifa’ terrorist mask pressed fro your next riot.


You ever read the old testament?


Joyce Ferreira, Jesus Christ told his desciples that if they did not have a sword to sell their cloaks and buy one!
A sword would have been the assault weapon of the time. Why would Jesus tell them to buy assault weapons???

No Filter

“You people” There you have it. Look in the mirror to find your answer Joyce. You might want to sign up for English and Writing 101 at your local community college.


You are confusing murder with killing. There is a difference. Self defense is not murder. If it were you would have no right to self defense like the Progressive neo-Marxists are using to disarm the populace. This has deceit has played out over time over hundreds of years leading to the extermination of millions. Read “A Time to Kill” by Greg Hopkins. Would you trust your children to a child molester? No, you wouldn’t. Then why would you entrust yourself and family to surrender your means of self defense to politicians who could then violate your life, liberty and property?… Read more »

TSgt B

You obviously have not read the Bible. It is replete with His Commands to defend not only YOUR LIFE, but the lives of ALL INNOCENTS, from evil.

His Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Do MURDER” is a prohibition on unjust, unlawful, immoral killing. Not all killing is bad.


“Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.”
“Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”


I will remind all you morons that the only politician who proposed publicly on record to take guns away was Trump. If you read the hate filled comments by people in this thread, talking about blood flowing and shit like that, you can kinda understand why there needs to be sensible gun control measures. Nobody hurts the 2A community more than fumdamentalist foaming at the mouth pro-gun psychopaths.

Rocky Mountain

Gov hangs out on pro gun sites to quell the rebellion of free speech while declaring war upon it’s citizens. In the words of Nancy, “prepare for violence” and again in the words of Nancy, “millions will die” etc.
Go tell your leader we do not surrender.

Ansel Hazen

@2ALibtard A word of advice for you and others who don’t really get that all your “sensible” laws aren’t going to do jack towards prevention. Pretty much the stupidest thing that could be done is to back the people who own all the guns into a corner. You really need to get it through your heads that this country does not have a gun problem. It has a Justice System problem. Instead of focusing on responsible law abiding citizens that follow the law all that effort to disarm the population could be better spent making sure criminals don’t get a… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

You left out Antifa arming up with Cartel, MS13, ISIS and military units south of the border that openly threaten to attack police officers and citizens of the USA. Perhaps the US Corporation could go do something about those guys. It’s just a thought. Though since the US Corporation refuses to stop Antifa from attacking citizens here on the streets of America at what point are they complicit? Perhaps a little less time on our site and a little more effort where violent crime is being committed would go along way to quelling our concerns? Just another thought.

Clark Kent

Rational thought is not your strong point, amigo. Get some new tinfoil for your hat.

Rocky Mountain

Supermans alter ego strikes again.

Q psyop slow today?

DOD coffee good this morning?

Kenneth Clark

The Constitution is what made this country great.. this is why we fight against tyranny.. Americans must NEVER SURRENDER rights for any promise of safety.. it’s not the government’s job to protect and parent it’s citizens..It is their job to serve, they are our employees that swore to uphold the Constitution.. Not to change it to suit their agenda.. Stupid laws promote lawlessness, gun free zones invite violence.. with no armed resistance cowardly maniacs that don’t care about (common sense gun laws) call this open season.. hiding or calling police when seconds matter and police are minutes away is equal… Read more »

Dubi Loo

Lies, lies, and damnable lies!


Eric Swalwell said that if people did not turn in their guns he would nuke them!

Roland T. Gunner

Trump? Not hardly. Try Beta O’Rourke. Try Joe Shitweasel Biden.