Chris Cox Resigns from the National Rifle Association

Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA-ILA. (Photo: NRA)
Chris Cox, former executive director of the NRA-ILA. (Photo: NRA)

Fairfax, VA-( The National Rifle Association’s embattled chief lobbyist, Chris Cox, has resigned his position with the powerful gun rights organization.

Cox has been in a leadership position with the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action for 24 years. He was the chief lobbyist and principal political strategist for the organization at the time of his resignation.

To many members, he was the face of the NRA. Cox would announce the NRA’s endorsement of political candidates. In 2016 he would announce the NRA’s support of Donald Trump from President. He made YouTube videos on the NRA’s stances on issues.

NRA members have given Cox mixed marks in his tenure in power. In a YouTube video, he seems to have supported extreme risk protection orders (red flag laws). His supporters claim he has been instrumental in lobbying for gun rights.

Last week, the NRA suspended Cox from the NRA-ILA. In a lawsuit filed by the NRA contends that Cox was part of former NRA President Oliver North’s coup attempt against NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre. The coup failed, and North resigned from his post as NRA’s president.

Cox vehemently denied his role in the conspiracy. After the allegations came to light Cox stated to the New York Times he was loyal to the NRA and the membership base.

“The allegations against me are offensive and patently false. For over 24 years I have been a loyal and effective leader in this organization,” Cox said. “My efforts have always been focused on serving the members of the National Rifle Association, and I will continue to focus all of my energy on carrying out our core mission of defending the Second Amendment.”

North allegedly threatened to blackmail LaPierre unless he agreed to step down from his position. He said he would release “damning information” against LaPierre that would hurt him and the organization. According to courts records the threat came through public relations firm Ackerman McQueen.

Ackerman McQueen produces NRATV. The media company is currently in a legal battle with the NRA. The NRA accuses Ackerman McQueen of not full filling their contract. The NRA asked for analytics about traffic that NRATV was taking in. The NRA says Ackerman McQueen refused to supply this data. On Tuesday the NRA suspended all live programming on the NRATV platform.

LaPierre refused to step down and released a letter about the alleged attempt to oust him from his position. The NRA Board of Directors overwhelmingly backed LaPierre and North was forced to resign his position.

The internal fighting and external attacks against the association by anti-gun groups have hurt the NRA. NRA members have been calling for the gun rights group to refocus on protecting the Second Amendment. To many, the NRA was too focused on being an entertainment company pushing their NRATV stars and launching products such as “NRA Carry Guard.”

The NRA has not announced a permanent replacement for Cox. Cox, for his part, he has not stated what he plans for his next endeavor.

Neither Cox nor the NRA has given statements on the resignation.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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The bump stock ban would have been federal LAW, something that could only be overturned by the majority of Congress (ie, never). The NRA brokered a deal where they would be banned by an ATF regulation, something that any prez at any time can overturn. You bumpstockers got a much better deal than you would have without the NRA protecting you from something worse. In case you live on an island somewhere without news coverage, after Las Vegas there were no other realistic alternatives. Political reality does not always line up with your T-shirt slogans and FB memes. Sorry.

Ej harbet

If you’re tired of ignorance then stop being ignorant.
It was not about bumpstocks or most of us wouldn’t raise a was about altering acts of Congress without congress voting on presidential candidates are already stating they will do the same against semi autos!
If they do so I hope you enjoy your revolvers and repeaters however long they allow you to keep those,,,


no evidence that a b-stock was used in lv, although one was “present” – fbi precluded atf inspection? d-suckers in lawyer suits “decided” reality, so FU & the other anti-2a d-suckers in and out of goober-ment.

American Patriot

Too much F**king drama…..And the Swamps are rising higher!




It has always been about money. Greed was mentioned numerous times in the Bible. But here in the US, our revolution was about money (over taxation by a greedy British government), then in 1871 the US government sold out this country to foreign interests when they made the US a corporation under the Act of 1871. THE UNITED STATES (in capitals) isn’t a country; it’s a corporation! … The corporation was created for the District of Columbia, aka Washington, D.C. (not even a state), via the Act of 1871. THE UNITED STATES corporation operates under private international law with their… Read more »

Tim Andrews

I’m a benefactor member and regardless of the turmoil will always believe in the association. However, that said everyone, specifically LaPierre, Cox and North need to come clean with the membership. It’s amazing to me how silent these individuals have been since this all broke loose. I don’t know what to believe, I am appalled that apparently LaPierre feels a need to purchase his wardrobe in Beverly Hills, on our dime.

I for one will cease contributing to the Association untill the issues are clarified and if necessary corrected.

Mark Rybeck

Good news for the leftist communist; they can forget about attacking The NRA and just sit back and watch The NRA self-destruct….

John Christensen

I’m disappointed I’m a five year member and would have switched to life member when all this came out. Yesterday I received a demand from the NRA to renew my membership. My membership expires in 2023. The demand in a red envelop seemed more like strong arming, Is the NRA thst desperate for money?

Wayne needs to resign, the damage is done, I don’t have faith that he can turn things around.

John Christensen,
Member of the Board of Directors
Mainstream Republicans of Washington Alliance.

Charlie Foxtrot

Please contact directly the NRA Board of Directors. Given that you are serving on a Board, you likely know how important it is to let the NRA Board of Directors directly know about this. We have to get the NRA Board of Directors to take their heads out of the sand and start acting like a Board. Here is how to contact the NRA Board of Directors:


Of course they are desperate for money. La Pierre has robbed the NRA through excessive salary and benefits, blowing over 40 million on an advertising firm, and paying Olie North millions (NRA President is an unpaid position) through a back door agreement. They have liquidated everything they can and mortgaged the rest because of this mismanagement. I washed my hand of them two decades ago because I saw the writing on the wall, when they refused to take on numerous anti-gun cases.


The problem with the NRA is the advertising firm which the NRA has contracted. They spend MILLIONS of OUR dues on crappola! Wayne doesn’t need a quarter-million dollar annual clothing allowance for his fine Italian suits! My gun club is almost 6K strong, most being NRA Life Members. Their major complaint is that the NRA, through the advertising firm is ALWAYS asking for MORE money!! After I became a life member, for MONTHS I received unsolicited phone calls, emails and snailmail advertising asking for what??…MO’ money! Geeeze, even the ‘Friends of the NRA’ local meetings charge to go, charge for… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Please inform yourself about what is really going on at the NRA. It is much bigger than your complaints. Yes, the NRA’s junk mail nonsense is rather disturbing. You can opt out from much of that: Ironically, you apparently also opt out from the NRA leadership announcements regarding who they just fired. LOL. Wayne LaPierre’s costs on clothing were also rather disturbing and possibly tax evasion. It was something like $30,000 per year not $250,000. That amount is still disturbing, though. Someone needs to tell Wayne LaPierre that he can wear those suits more than once. As for your… Read more »


When they changed the voting privileges from life members to 5 year members was their down fall, Enemies snuck in and I warned em

Charlie Foxtrot

What a bunch of nonsense! When were voting privileges actually changed from life members to 5 year members? Who snuck in and what did they do?

The NRA has been led by Wayne LaPierre & Co since 1991. His relationship with Ackerman McQueen is as long. The NRA is self destructing after decades of corruption resulted in legal and financial liabilities that eventually blew up with the NRA’s lack of oversight of Ackerman McQueen’s Carry Guard and NRATV programs.

David Florence

As a life member, all I can say is my disappointment with the leadership of the NRA. LaPierre needs to go, been in that position too long, holds absolute power. Have no issues with Chris Cox. Why the hate of Ollie North puzzles me. He took the fall for the Iran-Contra controversy and as far as I am concerned, he has redeemed henself, How about some Christian Forgiveness? Will not send them any more money until they clean house. Joined the GOA to bolster another 2A organization and will support others as well. You may not agree with me, but… Read more »


From one life member to another I agree 100% with you sir.
When I attended the annual meeting last year in Dallas, Wayne face plastered all over the place,
should have members faces on the walls instead.


Maybe you should look into what Olie did! He was receiving a salary as President of the NRA, when the President position is an UNPAID position. As well, he was being paid by the advertising firm to appear in commercials and other films for the NRA, which is part of the job of the “unpaid” President of the NRA! Those funds that the advertizng ferm was paying him was coming from the NRA! You really believe that North “took the fall” for the Iran-Contra fiasco? North was charged and convicted with/on 12 counts relating to conspiracy and making false statements.… Read more »

Kevin Donohue

Well I am a Lifetime Endowment level, I “was” a Golden Eagle, and frequent contributor to the ILA- BUt now I’m Done NOT another dime. Chris Cox was Always up to date/speed with Indiana legislation both pro and anti-gun. Spoke with our legislators, local TV and radio. He started the local reps getting out in public with tents at different events/functions to push OUR agenda. As a rated NRA Competitive High Power rifle shooter I am concerned about that function and system. I couldn’t care less about wine clubs and the like- he’s out I’m out. I’ll consider the future… Read more »

Patrick D Sperry

Welcome home! Check out AFC while you are at it.

Mike Noctor

Am member of GOA. What is AFC? Mike


I am with USCCA now as well.

Charlie Foxtrot

The USCCA doesn’t do 2A lawsuits and doesn’t do lobbying! I am a USCCA member for their self defense insurance. They also do better training and education than the NRA. However, they will not fight unjust laws in the courts, because that is not their stated mission. They also will not fight unjust laws in the legislature, because that is also not their stated mission. The Second Amendment Foundation is THE organization taking governments to court. Ever heard of the McDonald Supreme Court case? That was the Second Amendment Foundation! The Gun Owners of America (GOA) does 2A lawsuits as… Read more »


Just like congress, the NRA needs to have term limits. People have been in power for so long they believe they are irreplaceable, and they are not. Too many people with power going to their heads. This is not a good thing for the NRA, or its members.


I agree 100% with you Craig! AND I believe members need to SEE WHO is spending dues and donations on WHAT and HOW MUCH.


I’m very disappointed in the NRA. I have supported NRA for over 50 years and signed checks to them. Now I just throw their mail in the trash and continue to do so until the leader ship changes. I trusted the NRA. What’s that old saying absolute power absolutely corrupts? They need term limits and some kind of checks and balance to control where the donations go. I feel like a fool sending money to NRA so the leaders could take trips and cloths.


Jim, my sentiments exactly. The only really good guys they had were Chris Cox and Ollie North. The rest of them crooks, and Wayne Lapierre is like a crooked big city mayor. I’m done with NRA for good. I’ll look again at GOA, and I’ve sent money to SAF–but that organization has spent too much effort in my opinion on gun rights for resident aliens, so I’m having to walk away from them too. TSRA (Texas State Rifle Assn.) is lean and efficient and I feel good about my money going there, especially with liberals in Texas government attacking our… Read more »


At least you’re a Texan that admits to the “liberals in Texas government attacking (y)our rights. We need TSRA to help keep us from becoming another California.” Most Texans are under the delusion that Texas can’t be conquered by the left, yet ALL of your major cities are under leftist control already, and it won’t take much longer until they control the majority vote! Did you see where Austin just passed a law that prevents legal action against criminal theft under $750, and one that allows the homeless to camp out “San Fransisco” style on any public property in Austin?… Read more »

June Mccraw

I will not support the NRA any longer. I had no idea of the corruption going on or the attempts to ban our guns. These articles from Ammoland have owned my eyes. Like one person suggested the NRA needs a complete overhaul or lose many more members.


It’s all about money. The NRA isn’t any different than the the Red Cross other 501c corporations that are squandering the money coming in on the people running it! La Pierre’s salary is said to be around 1.4 million, not including the clothing, benefits, retirement, travel, etc. Just think of the programs that could have been financed with all of that wasted money!


Well, there goes Dana Loesch and Cam Edwards. In a recent exchange on Twitter I tried, for the better part of 30-45 minutes, to get Edwards to say he was for the repeal of all gun laws. He danced around it like a puppet on a string and absolutely would not. That should tell every single Constitutional Conservative where these people really stand. They’ll tell you that gun laws don’t work but when you ask them to make that logical nexus and say that they support repeal of all gun laws, nope, you just can’t get those words to come… Read more »


Dana Loesch is a FAKE 2nd Amendment supporter, she brags about going out of her way to find gun laws to bow down to.

Jeffery Sullivan

The NRA has managed to lose my trust and support over the last few years. That money now goes to GOA.

Michael Stuhr

I am, and we are the NRA. With or without them. It’s up to us to see that we retain our freedoms and abide by the constitution.
Anyone watch the DNC debates last night? Not many, if anyone who was on stage is worried about your rights or the constitution.
I look for La Pierre to make a lot of noise but resign in the end. I wish he would now and save everyone all the public drama and struggle.

Russell Hohl

I agree with you. It is up to us, the members of the NRA to protect and defend our freedoms from the liberal, hateful, liars that want to control us. I watched a few minutes of the DNC debates, but it appears as if the Demonrats are having a contest to see who can tell the biggest lie. It’s SAD that so many voters are taken in by their promises of free goodies for everyone. They MUST NOT win in 2020, and we conservatives must get out and vote to keep the Presidency, the Senate, and take back the House… Read more »


Pepi LaPeirre needs to go, not Chris Cox. Lapeirre has been there too damn long. Regardless of the malfeasance that recently, or maybe long term, has gone on under his reign, he needs to leave for the good of the NRA and the country. Wayne GET THE FU#K OUT. Take you golden parachute and retire.

Charlie Foxtrot

Chris Cox was along with Wayne LaPierre an architect of the bump stock ban. He also supports red flag laws. Yes, he needed to go, but so does Wayne LaPierre.


100% spot on. I left the NRA when my membership came due in 1986. When “The Defenders of the Second Amendment ” are lock step with gun control laws, it’s time to make a gut check. GOA is now my “Defenders of the Second Amendment ” God help us all.


I watched the DNC debates last night, and will again tonight. A kin to “can’t not look at a tragic accident”. Just can’t quit watching the clowns come out of the circus VW!!!! Front seaters last night; back seaters tonight!!!! Long live the circus clowns!!! Bring in the clowns.


My wife tends to feel the way you do, and like a wreck, just has to watch.;) Me, I check a few minutes of the wrap up by a few talking heads showing snippets of the best moments. Scary part of the trip to the 2020 election is, FAR too many support anything and everything these whacks want to change the country to! Just as in 2016, millions were lapping up and supporting a ‘convicted out of her own mouth’ criminal in Clinton and/or an avowed Socialist/Communist in Sanders. America is already NOT the country I grew up in, and… Read more »


Fire all of them and merge the NRA AND GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA..No more comprimises!!..All smaller aggressive pro gun groups need to merge with the NRA for one strong voice..



Phil in TX

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the NRA, GOA should hire Chris Cox ASAP. He is probably the most effective lobbyist with respect to firearms rights that there is and GOA could benefit from his expertise and knowledge as well as the associations he has formed in congress. Please don’t let his talents go to waste.

Phil in TX

Gregory Romeu

That would be like mixing all the paint on an artists’ palet… You merge all the colors and end up with a yucky grey…


Get rid of the corrupt and start protect the 2nd Amendment before it’s too late!


Yes Sir.


Finally, one of the two headed snake has been chopped off.


1) Time for Whiny LaPw to resign, too
2) Time for term limits or the Board of Directors’ members


NRA needs to get their Sheet together..


Some say the self destrruction of the NRA will be devastating to the preservation effort of Americans gun rights. They may be right. But the fact remains that as the NRA has helped the government write gun laws, retrictive gun laws, as it champions itself as standing to preserve the rights of all gun owners. Red Flag laws-The NRA pushed for these. The banning of bump stocks, the NRA also pushed for. The NRA on Machine guns-No American should have one.. The NRA hired a guy for its president who stated that the AR15 should not be in the hands… Read more »


Well stated, Jaque. How the crook Ollie North ever became involved with the NRA or got elected President, I will never understand. The NRA needs to quit compromising our gun rights away. LaPierre and Cox need to go. Both of them came out in favor of the bump stock ban. I am a lifer member of the NRA and donated monies throughtout the year but that is over with until I see some positive action from the BoD.


Good. Hammer and LaPierre next.

Dale owen

We will not give you liberal assholes our guns so go screw yourself

Jim Burgess

Who in this thread is a “liberal asshole” who wants to take guns? Surely, you’re not telling people who rightfully want LaPierre to step down a liberal gun grabber?