Desert Tech HTI – The Most Compact Hard Target Rifle in the World

Desert Tech HTI -  The Most Compact Hard Target Rifle in the World
Desert Tech HTI – The Most Compact Hard Target Rifle in the World

U.S.A.-( The Hard Target Interdiction rifle was designed and built for a specific military request to provide extreme long-range accuracy and penetration. Easily convertible between multiple big-bore calibers, the HTI is accurate well beyond 2,000 yards in all of its chamberings. Whether a military sniper is stopping a vehicle or a marksman is looking to shoot an 18-inch group at 3,000 yards, the HTI provides extreme distance capability in the most compact, accurate and convertible package on Earth.


The HTI offers four powerful calibers to suit mission requirements; .50 BMG, .375CT, .408CT, and .416B. If those are not enough, custom kits are available to allow customers to install their own aftermarket barrels. These features combine to make the HTI the most versatile, extreme-range rifle in the world. Converting between calibers is simple, takes just sixty seconds and is guaranteed to return to zero when the same barrel is reinstalled.


The HTI's perfectly-balanced bullpup configuration is 11 inches shorter and 11 pounds lighter than the M107 in use by the U.S. Army.

The Desert Tech HTI is 11" shorter and 11lbs. lighter than the M107 of the same caliber.
The Desert Tech HTI is 11″ shorter and 11lbs. lighter than the M107 of the same caliber.


The HTI maintains exceptional accuracy because of its match grade free-floated barrel, patented return-to-zero barrel mounting system, and fully adjustable match grade trigger (1-6 lbs.).

Desert Tech provides a fully transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty for all Rifles.

A rifle is only as accurate as the ammunition you shoot through it. Desert Tech developed its own line of ammunition to guarantee exceptional precision and consistency from lot to lot that the military sniper, LE sniper, and long distance shooter can count on.

CaliberMax RangeWeightOverall LengthBarrel LengthTwist RateMagazine Capacity
.375 CheyTac3,007 yards19.5lbs45"29"1:10.5"5
.408 CheyTac2,788 yards20.35lbs45"29"1:13"5
.416 Barrett2,515 yards20.35lbs45.75"29"1:13"5
.50 BMG2,406 yards19.9lbs45.75"29"1:15"5

About Desert Tech:Desert Tech logo

Located in West Valley City, Utah, Desert Tech employs an amazing team of dedicated workers with strong values and ethics. We have a strong belief in the second amendment and strive to provide the best firearms, ammunition and training possible for military, law enforcement, and private gun owners. We are very passionate about the products we make and are extremely committed to being at the forefront in developing tomorrow's weapons technologies.

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    1. I wouldn’t mind shooting one as long as someone else humps it and all its parts for me. Actually, if I needed one gun with four different barrels and associated parts, I’d take in three other guys, one with each caliber rifle. No, still too much weight, too little ammo. The four of us would still need carbines and at least 5 full mags. Nope, This gun is only suited for an outpost. Then again, in that scenario I’d prefer a BMG; one shot turns into raining hell in less than a heartbeat. I guess if I were to deploy this thing, I wouldn’t. Too much unnecessary junk to hump and support. Tacticool, it is for sure, just not practical or efficient. The 50 is all that’s necessary and food is plentiful. Buy a Barrett instead! Your buddy and spotter can still handle your extra gear and you don’t have to sacrifice your carbine.

    2. If anybody would like to tutor me for an afternoon (2 hours?) on the use of the .338 Lapua Magnum, I’d love it. I’m old (60 years), and the only serious cartridge that I have ever really shot is the .308 Win. If I were younger, I’d buy a .338, but I have a few bucks into two bolt-action .308s, a Remington, and a Sako, both equipped with Nikon glass. No bipods; I’ll find something to put the rifles on without carrying that extra weight! But now this is all games for you younger guys; about all I can do is make a fool of myself at the range, and watch real snipers on History channel. Thanks,


      1. Good Buddy, you are only as old as you tell yourself. At first I thought you were way older than I. Seems I’m soon to have 3 years on you. Guess not having kids or mirrors keeps one younger. Hand loaded, hunted and trapped some 30 plus years ago. An old timer taught me everything I know. The tricks he knew. Sad this knowledge will go with me. Seems today kids do not have the desire. I stepped away for almost 30 years to support my wife and I. Never got rich but never needed much. Decided to get back into hand loading late last year. Took me almost 3 months reading up on all the new techniques, calibers, tools and tricks before I thought I was in over my head. To do it right, will take almost $5000 in equipment. Hell I use to have $500 worth of equipment and loaded for almost 30 people before hunting season began. Scott you have what seem to be 2 fine rifles in a very fine caliber. The .308 has been shooting over 1,000 yards for sometime now. What would help if you knew someone who could pillar and glass bed your stocks. See what twist the rifling is (for bullet weight). Then work on the triggers, by polishing and adding the proper springs for travel and pull weight. I like my target rifles between 10-14oz. trigger pull. A bipod on the front is a must. I recently bought 2 real nice one off Amazon from an ad on Ammoland. The optics you use and how it is mounted play another critical role in the unit. Then if you can’t, find someone who will work you up a load that will split hairs at 300 yards, then you will be able to reach out to 1,000 yards or more. A friend of mine has a Ruger 77 and he could only shoot 2″MOA @ 100 yards. He was using a scope that I would not put on a .22LR. I got him new ring mounts first, since the old scope tube was 1 inch and his new optics had a 34mm tube. He got use to the MIL reticle in FirstFocalPlane(FFP). His trigger was at 5.75lbs pull and with just polishing parts, I got it down to 2.25lb pull for him. I determined how far I could set the bullet out of the casing and just touch the lands. Backed of a hair from that and played with it a little. He can now shoot a 3″ steel ring at 750 yards all day long. But then I load like no other, maybe. I have eight steps I put my brass casings through before putting a primer, powder or bullet in them. Some my say over-kill but they have never failed me. I hope this winter I can start selling some of my extra casings to anyone in need of them. Only problem is, I am limited by the number of die sets of different calibers I have. Getting brass of different calibers (once shot) is never a problem. I do mic the necks and anneal the cases, check primer pocket depth and uniformity before going thru my ritual. Scott, stay with it and just enjoy putting one hole inside the other.

    3. Desert Tech is a gun company financed by dad’s money made from vending machines. They have tried for years to get gov. contracts for their somewhat innovative very high-dollar rifles. They might be better off going back to just the vending machine business.

      1. @james, Ohhh, the negative waves! Start up money has to come from somewhere. They could have turned to the fed small business bureaucrats and filed for bankruptcy protection. Or they could have gone into the “Gun Free Zone sign making business”.
        They have brought industry and jobs to beautiful Utah … financed by vending machines from the big rotten apple. You got to think righteous thoughts, baby!

          1. @GIJoe, The siege of Nancy. I did a Combat Analysis Report on the Siege of Nancy in OCS. Woof, woof, woof … Moriarity!

    4. I built my own on their website. For only about $27K I could have the long range rifle of my dreams. I’ll be placing my order as soon as I decide on the color for my next Lamborghini.

    5. At the end of World War One our military went to John Browning and begged him for something to use against the tanks and armored vehicles they had encountered during that conflict. Having recently delivered them the BAR in .30-06 he was quite familiar with that round so simply scaled it up to .50 caliber, sufficient for the inch or less of mild steel armor typical of WWI.
      I believe it was Carlos Hathcock who afixed a scope to a Ma Deuce during the Vietnam conflict to turn that weapon from a crewed machine gun into a sniper rifle.
      Keep in mind that ammunition for general use by the military is produced in job lots while rounds for snipers tend to be very carefully hand loaded by specialists. Still, it would be disappointing indeed to think that modern ballistics could not improve on a round that is just seeing 100 years of service.

    6. 11lbs shorter and lighter than a Barrett but not semi-auto. 50BMG is antimaterial. It was never meant to be superbly accurate. You want point target at 2000 yards? Try 408 Cheytac or 338 Lapua Magnum. If I need to shoot 50BMG at something I’m gonna want to option to shoot as much as I can without changing shooting positions to chamber another round. Come on DT, make it Semi.

        1. You are correct sir, your comment lacks the understanding between simi-auto and bolt action. Sit behind one of each for a day of shooting the outstanding 50 BMG round. Now on the third day tell me which action you’d prefer shoot. I’m thinking the simi-auto if you were able survive maybe 100 rounds behind that nice light weight Desert Tech bolt action.

      1. Hey all,just another personal opinion but take away all the gadgets and whizz bang gizmos from the chey-tek and (mind you they are top tier rifles and state of the art,superbly accurate)but still very little if any gain over the .50 BMG its simply a awesome proformer,ballistically coefficient and very much a devastatingly effective round no matter how you cut it,add in being able to buy surplus ammo anywhere in the world on demand,at will cheaper and not have to have a collage degree in electronics and engeneering to just use the gadget to use the rifle LMFAO! hands down,long live the 50 BMG ANS thing the 416 ct is deveatating check out what a roufus .50 BMG does to ensurgents behind cover at 1500 meters,may thier red spray grace the wind! Just saying dont kick it till you,ve tried it addage still holds trur today,thanks,Daniel Hoxit

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